CAUSEBOX Fall 2018 SPOILER Product Change!

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FYI – There has been a change to the Fall 2018 CAUSEBOX. Instead of the cheese tray set, the box will include a S’well Iconic Wood Collection 25-ounce Bottle – $45 Value

(Colors will vary)

More info from CAUSEBOX on this change:

You may or may not have seen the full reveal of the Fall Box last week – but if you did, then you caught the first glimpse of the @badalaintl Olivewood Cheese Board and Kisu Knife. Unfortunately, over this past weekend as we were preparing the Fall Box for shipment we determined during an extensive and careful inspection that the Cheese Boards were water damaged during transit, to the the point of disrepair 😢 It was an extremely disheartening discovery and we’ve exhausted every option for trying to save the boards. Sadly the only way forward is to replace them with a different product. On a positive note, we have a replacement that we are absolutely crazy about. Every Fall Box will include a 25 oz. deluxe size @swellbottle from S’well’s iconic Wood Collection! 😍 It has a $45 retail value, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, and is equal parts sustainable and charitable. Not only does S’well keep plastic bottles out of landfill, but they have also pledged $800,000 to UNICEF USA to help provide clean and safe drinking water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. We had been hoping to partner with S’well since the very first CAUSEBOX, and four years later we’re SO excited to share them with you. We’re even more thrilled that we get to share a large bottle from from their Wood Collection. We thought that this would serve as an homage to the wood grain Cheese Boards that we will not be able to send, and it is the perfect introduction to one of our favorite brands in the world!

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The Fall box includes:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the spoiler update?

CAUSEBOX is regularly $54.95 a quarter. (Or $49.95 a quarter for annual subscribers.) Click here and use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have really tried with Causebox as I love the idea of what they are trying to do. After a very late summer box with an expired coupon code for Zoya that I actually would have used and yet another issue in this box, I am sad to say that I cancelled my subscription. This box is terribly underwhelming and if I hadn’t already have been charged, I would be cancelling this box too.

  2. Totally disappointed with the switch. Why a water bottle and a wooden one yet? The first box I got from Causebox something similar happened. They were offering a Mudcup and all off a sudden they replaced it with a boring candle and stationary. I understand things happen but it would have been nice if the replacement was comparable.

    • The water bottle isn’t wooden, it’s steel, but has a wooden print on it. I was looking at them on the S’well website, and they are really quite pretty. According to CauseBox’s instagram, there are two other patterns that could be included, which contain some color.

    • I don’t know for sure but it seemed to be a last minute switch and they may have had limited option on such short notice. I personally would prefer the water bottle.

  3. I really wanted that cheese board and knife set. It was super cute and something I don’t have. I’m not happy with the replacement. I have so many water bottles and we just got one in the summer Causebox. I wished the replacement item was similar.

  4. I am tempted to order just for the water bottle but I think I’ll just try to swap for it. I don’t see any listed yet for swap but if you are listing yours please let me know.

    • I caved and bought it, mostly for the water bottle and tote. Could have swapped just for the bottle, but that takes time + shipping costs. The selection has some items I can gift so it worked out.

    • SAME! Let me know if you plan to post the water bottle for swap.

  5. I was excited for the cheeseboard, but I understand their dilemma they were in and they made an understandable decision. I do hope they can get replacements and include the in the winter box, that would be a great solution for everyone!

  6. To everyone upset, they just found out on the weekend that all of the cheeseboards were *damaged*- this is not a bait and switch and is not their fault! I am just wondering if Canadians will also receive the S’well bottles as I know FFF was not allowed to ship them to Canada during summer add ons. I will be bummed if us Canadians end up shafted- again.

  7. I think the bottles look lovely, better than the cheese board imo

  8. I’m an annual subscriber. While I’m not necessarily excited about yet another water bottle (I already have a large collection), I do applaud them for being proactive – for catching the problem, not shipping out subpar items, and finding such a high quality replacement in such a short amount of time. This remains one of my favorite boxes.

    • Agreed! While I would have rather had the cheese board (would have made an excellent gift), this is a good substitute. Pretty close in value, and in my opinion, just as nice. I’m rather shocked at how fast they were able to turn that around. This will be my first causebox, and I’m rather impressed with both the box and the service.

    • Same,
      Sad about how “main stream” the replacement product is, but glad not to have weird moldy wood in the house! @CauseBox, Glad you all sent out a note ( and I dig the Wood-grain homage ^^)

  9. Wow, lots of issues with ‘local providers’ lately. I still have not received the kimono from my summer box that was not delivered with the box because of issues with local producers. It was supposed to be shipped separately ‘shortly after’ the box and still nothing. So happy I canceled.

  10. I lucked out! I almost got it because of the cheese board but held off until a review! I have several swell water bottles, sure they are good but they are a pain at the same time, special water bottle brushes to clean them and all. I end up switching back to refilling an empty disposable water bottle. So happy I did not order!

  11. I started to get upset, but then I realized I will get WAY more use out of this water bottle than I would have the cheese board, so I’m choosing to be happy about this 🙂

    • I agree. I have never once used the cheese board thing from April’s PSMH box, and I am not fancy enough to even require a cheese board. I don’t use wooden cutting boards much, and my boyfriend will probably like this. I just got a s’well bottle (my first!) in the Coastal Co fall box. It’s great, and we always need more water bottles.

  12. Would’ve preferred the cheese board but I’m glad they’re doing some quality control and subbing in as needed rather than sending a defective/damaged item. I still remember those stink-bomb paper boxes from Globein in late 2016 – I kept a set for a year airing out and couldn’t clear the stench!

  13. Great, a 3rd Swell bottle. I’m a lucky girl. I intentionally didn’t order the cheeseboard at GlobeIn bc Causebox was sending one. I’m not excited.

  14. I am really excited about this change. I was on the fence and my main hang up was the cheese board. While it is beautiful I have absolutely no need for it. I have been wanting a Swell bottle for ages. Order placed!

  15. If I were subbing to this box I would be pleased with the change up. I don’t entertain people so a cheese board would be a waste of space. At least the water bottle I could use or gift.

  16. I am sooooo upset about this. Really, another water bottle?!? I have at least 5 already. And I think they are overdone in subs by now. They should have at least tried to replace the cheese board with a similar item. This was my first time getting this sub, and may very well be my last. That was the one item I was looking forward to.

  17. Well, water v. cheese. Which one do I need more of? I’m not sad about this change. (Although it confirms to me that i shouldn’t get an annual subscription, as far as repeats go this is a pretty unfortunate one)

  18. Pissed!! The only thing I liked was the cheese board!! Plus we just got a water bottle in the last box!!!

  19. Hi…Is this subscription worth trying? I subscribe to FFF, PS, Allure, Macy’s, Ipsy, Boxycharm……..and the list goes on. Yes!!! I’m an addict!!!

    • I think it is. I’ve done PSMH, FFF, Happy Rebel, and Glossy Box. I feel like the items from CauseBox tend to be higher quality and more unique than what you get in the other boxes. I used to caution against going annual since their home decor items can be a little… eclectic? However, now that they are letting annual subscribers pick their variations, I’m less concerned. However, I think I’d still caution against going annual. The last box had some serious shipping issues that still aren’t fully resolved, and now it seems like there might be some issues with this box. It just makes me a little wary. But as long as you aren’t in a rush to get your box, give it a try.

    • I think it is. I also had subscribed to FFF and PSMH and ended up canceling those subscriptions and staying with Causebox.

  20. Were we supposed to have been sent an email about this? If it wasn’t for MSA I wouldn’t know anything concerning this switch…

    • It was also on their Instagram page. I don’t think there was an email though.

      • they sent an e-mail – i got one.

    • I wouldn’t have known either. No email I just happens to be looking at MSA and saw this. I’m definitely not impressed that they are switching this chess board with a water bottle that’s not what we signed up for 😭

      • Cheese board I meant 😂

  21. Are you kidding me? I should have known better when I read in their Terms and Conditions that no item is guaranteed. Yet I gave them a chance and subscribed. I have a gazillion water bottles and I don’t even use them! The cheese board was such a perfect item! I was hoping the palette got ditched.

    • But the palette didn’t get water damaged. Not much they can do last minute, unfortunately. It’s nice they were able to find a replacement item at all.

  22. I own one of those swell bottles (in a wood grain actually) and it’s my favorite thing ever. Almost want another one. The finish easily scratches though.

    • I just bought a blond wood one from Birchbox on sale last week. Lol. But that was 16 oz and this one is larger so I’m happy…

  23. This is actually really tempting – those water bottles look great! I love the wood look.

    • They are amazing. Since I got one in the Birchbox birthday box my water consumption has gone way up. I highly recommend them!

  24. Although I was looking forward to the cheeseboard, I applaud their quick solution to what must have been a heartbreaking realisation. I am very excited to receive the largest S’Well bottle, the others that I have only hold about 2 cups. This will get lots of use in the car in long drives!

  25. I have mixed feelings about Causebox. This is my second box, the first being the problematic kimono box. They communicated that there would be a slight delay, then a slightly longer delay. Then radio silence for an extended time. I have sympathy for the problems their supplier went through, however the lack of information and shipping delay left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Now they are having problems again. While I actually prefer the Swell water bottle, I am doubting whether this subscription box company is for me.

    • I JUST got my Kimono Yesterday. Well, the summer is over. I had to remind them twice.
      They should make sure they have the product in hand, before advertising the box.

  26. I ❤ that bottle. This box is so tempting.

  27. I don’t buy too many lifestyle sub boxes, just the occasional FFF. FFF is a little young for my taste , not my age, because many in their 40’s love them.

    Yet, I have never received a nice water bottle. Sounds like I’m the only one. So I would have been happy with the cheese board, but I need the water bottle more.

    I have been eyeing Cause box, because they seem to have higher quality items than FFF and are closer to my tastes.

    Sorry to all of those that were really looking forward to the cheese board. That could be super disappointing to some, so I understand the ire.

  28. I will be happy to swap for one of this unwanted bottles 🙂

  29. Well shoot – I just bought a nice water bottle this morning! But I can always use two, and this one looks pretty cool. I loved the look of the cheese board, but truthfully, I’d hardly ever have used it, so I’m okay with this substitution.

  30. It would be wonderful if they could do a cheese board in the winter box. It would be very fitting for holiday entertaining. I was really looking forward to the cheese board. The last thing I need is another water bottle. I literally just got one from their summer box. I do appreciate their transparency and clearly they are trying their best to do right by the subscribers.

    • I’m with you on that! Let’s cross our fingers that they are putting the cheese boards in the winter boxes. Would be nice to have for the holiday season, imo.

  31. Actually, I don’t serve cheese on a cheese board with a tiny knife, gifted all the ones I’ve gotten. But, a cool wooden water bottle? May not replace my fav one I always carry but will be an awesome Holiday gift for one of my earthy friends.
    I received the kimono 1.5 weeks after the announcement and again, my closet is not bereft of Clothing so no big deal. I have other things to wear n worry about than one item.
    Agree that it is good of the company to notify n make good on a decent replacement.

  32. It would be wonderful if they could do a cheese board in the winter box. It would be very fitting for holiday entertaining. I was really looking forward to the cheese board. The last thing I need is another water bottle. I literally just got one from their summer box.

  33. Disappointed we are not getting the cheese board, but I’m obsessed with the S’well bottles. They really hold the cold in and keep ice from melting all day when I’m at work.

  34. Well, I’m super bummed about the cheese board, since it was adorable. However, if you look at the Badala website, there is a cute set of Charcuterie boards on sale for $29.99. It doesn’t include the cute knife, but that’s ok. I might go ahead and order that now. That water bottle doesn’t have the “wow” factor of the cheese board, but it is certainly something I will use more often. I have a nice swell bottle, but it is the smaller size, a larger one will be nice to toss in my work bag. I just feel bad for those who received the Summer 1.0 box with the water bottles, as this is a total duplication.

    Ultimately though, it’s nice to see that they learned from the Summer 2.0 fiasco. They are making a reasonable substitution, communicated the issue well, and aren’t just holding the boxes for an unreasonable amount of time. However, I am also a little disappointed to realize that they aren’t even close to getting these boxes shipped out.

  35. I really think their intentions are good. I didnt sub for this box…..I did the summer box (the second one)….and they had issues with one of their distributors on that one…but they were honest and offered a full refund or you could opt to wait like another week or so and they refunded $10 to my form of payment….and my box showed up and all was good! I just chose not to sub the fall box….I already have too many others and its a little pricey, etc. But overall, I am impressed with Causebox for their honesty and integrity.

    • Another week or so?! Try months! With many people not even getting their kimono once the box did arrive. In fact, I think some people are still waiting on the kimonos, including people who bought their box in June.

  36. Darn it! I was looking forward to the cheeseboard! I am sick of water bottles.

  37. Seriously 😒 I was looking forward to cheese tray for my holiday parties 😩

  38. I love that they let members know as soon as they noticed the issue. That, to me, speaks volumes. They saw an issue, tried to fix it, couldn’t with the actual item, so found another wood themed replacement item. If they had postponed the boxes for replacement cheeseboards, people would be up in arms. While I’m a little bummed, I will get a ton more use out of the water bottle.

    • Like your attitude.

    • Except the only way I know is on MSA, no email.

  39. I definitely don’t need a water bottle.Everybody has been giving those things away. So disappointed. They need to get their products in house well before they announce these things. They have major supply chain issues.

  40. Too bad the palettes aren’t getting replaced!

    • So true! 🙃

    • That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I saw this announcement!

  41. I’m disappointed and don’t need another water bottle, but they tried to make things right.

  42. I was hoping the palettes were the replaced item…not the super cool cheese board!

    • Same here. Bummer.

  43. Yawn. Another water bottle. Glad I cancelled after the last fiasco. Nothing special in this box. Nothing.

  44. What did they give as the reason for subbing out the cheeseboard?

    • Um…read the post maybe?

      • No need to be rude.

        The cheeseboards had water damage.

      • Rude.

    • They said they were water damaged during shipping.

    • Becca- It’s towards the top of the post, It’s a statement from Causebox, it’s in a light gray box so it can be a hard to see, It said due to irreparable water damage during shipping.

  45. I’m disappointed about what happened to the cheese boards, but what can you do. On the positive side, I was looking at this type of water bottle over the weekend so now I don’t have to pick one up.

  46. Very disappointed with the replacement. The board and knife were the only original things I was looking forward to this box. Everything else (and now the bottles) I am on overload and are the same old things (scarves, beauty, bags) as every other box.

  47. This is a massive bummer! I was so looking forward to that cheese board. And I feel like at this point, everyone has their own personal “favorite water bottle” or at least they should (I feel like the demographic of the Causebox patrons would at least).

    Hugely sad about this because I DON’T need a new water bottle (I have my favorite and my second favorite AND my third favorite at home already) but I DID want that cheese plate for parties and get togethers. So sad!

  48. I’m disappointed but tbh the water bottle will probably get more use anyway.

  49. Another freaking water bottle. So wanted the cheeseboard. Such a disappointment. I will be canceling after this. Such a fiasco with the kimonos and now this.

    • We already got a water bottle in previous box, this is a duplicate item of last box.

    • I signed up at last minute because of the cheese board . It is very disappointing and I have enough water bottles in my life.

    • I agree. This is getting old quick. There are to many issues surrounding their boxes. I’m beyond disappointed. I have 4 of these bottles already. The cheeseboard was unique & interesting… The swell bottle is not, nor anything else in their box. It was such a great addition to the tote & scarf and rounded out the curation.

      • I’m with you

  50. I’m good with that. They can’t help what happened and are replacing with a nice item

    • agreed. i’m definitely disappointed but they were transparent about what happened – this is a box i sub to not only because i love the items but because of its charitable core, and i think they’ve done a good job of finding a suitable replacement.

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