CAUSEBOX Fall 2018 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Fall 2018 CAUSEBOX!

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The Fall box includes:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the spoilers?

CAUSEBOX is regularly $54.95 a quarter. (Or $49.95 a quarter for annual subscribers.) Click here and use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your first box!

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  1. I’d be willing to sell this entire box at cost, plus shipping. I got the gray scarf, hair mask, light tan bag, and a blue water bottle. I really wanted the cheese board and a darker color tote. Feel free to reply to this comment and I’ll send you my email address.

  2. I was so excited for this box and unlike others was happy about the swell bottle but I got the ugliest color. Not only that, I became an annual subscriber ( and money is right but I really wanted the Options because I only liked certain ones). Well idk what happened because I didn’t get ANY of my choices. Really upset. I will never use the light color bag or the hair mask. This is my second box and second bad experience with this box (kimono) 🙁

  3. Just a heads up. Just saw on IG that the cheese board will not be included in the box after all (water damage during shipment I believe) they are sending a swell bottle in the boxes in its place. Very disappointed as I was looking forward to the cheese board

    • I just came here to share this. So disappointed as I was looking forward to that lovely looking cheeseboard. It was the highlight of the box for me.Thankfully there are some other great items in the box!

    • Me too. I just subscribed to this box, because of the tote & cheese board. It’s a great water bottle, but I have tons of bottles. I hope they add it to the winter box.

    • How did you find that out??? I am so sad that I did not get the cheese board! The last thing I needed was another bottle…and I also got the WORST color EVER!!! YUCK! Makes the whole box a waste if the MAIN items are not at all what you want or need…no matter how “great” a price it is for it all. I now have enough bottles, eye shadow and notecards to choke a horse! Total bummer…why didn’t they notify us and give us a color choice for the bottle and or offer us to get to cheese boards at a later date! Total drag!

  4. I just got my Summer 2 box. And the kimono is missing. Seriously? You took all summer to send me the box and it’s not even all in there?! Yeah, I’m a little frustrated.

    • That is awful! I am so glad I asked for a refund on that box and didn’t keep waiting. I would be so upset.

    • My Kimono shipped later. Be sure to email the Causebox team, let them know how you feel and they will respond. The squeeky wheel gets greased ! I have had very good interaction with email responses.

      Best of luck,

  5. I just looked at the website FAQ & it looks like they changed their ship date to “throughout the month of September” & this bit about the artisans… I could swear it said September 1st & the last part wasn’t there. Anyone know if that’s a change?

    • I think it’s normally early September, but they are backed up because of what happened to one of the Summer box2 artisans.

      • How is that effecting this seasons box?

        • They haven’t shipped out everything from the summer, so they aren’t ready to ship out the Fall boxes.

          • I wish I had done more research before ordering this box then. Sorry that you haven’t shipped all the summer boxes yet, not my problem. This shouldn’t impact the fall box shipments. As a new customer, this looks bad and will probably hinder me from ordering in the future from a company that doesn’t seem to have it together. This is based on other comments I’ve read on here within the last few weeks too. Guess I should have combed through past comments and not gone off of products alone.

          • It isn’t their fault though. It’s because of a natural disaster, I believe, where the artisans live, so they were unable to manufacture the kimonos by the agreed upon date. This is no one’s fault.

          • I received my Kimono and box a long time ago, and the summer box shouldn’t affect the fall one at all, if anything they have had extra time on their hands from all the “Not shipping” of summer boxes. I’m glad i got mine but feel bad for other people still waiting. II’m actually stunned people are still waiting. And i thought it was a family emergency not a natural disaster.

          • It was something bad, and maybe a family emergency. I had read things, and you know how the telephone game works.

  6. The RealHer palette is indeed a downer – made in China overpriced item. I have just received an almost identical Laritzy palette in More Than Just Moms box. Both items are embarrassing even to gift.

  7. Realher is basically sooo under the suggested price range! I still have several items of theirs I can’t god rid of!! The worst and honestly the worst brand EVER!

    • Thank you for posting! RealHer is all about inspiring and empowering woman, which I am totally on board with. They also make some of my favorite lip liners and lip sticks. Cruelty free as well. 100% DISAGREE with those saying that it’s the worst brand ever…

      • I agree with you! I have another RealHer palette from my FFF sub & I love the colors, as well as the way that it wears. I use that palette more than my others and will probably use this one in the fall box as often.

  8. Oh my goodness. I NEED that cheeseboard!!! Hopefully I can swap for one because nothing else is exciting to me.

  9. This will be my first Causebox and I am excited about all of it. That olive board is beautiful and I hope it is my box too!

  10. What a fabulous box. The tote, the scarf, the cheeseboard & knife are gorgeous. Very classy looking. The cards & palette are not that special for me, personally. I’ll be gifting the RealHer to my sister, who will love it! Sharing parts of my boxes with others makes subbing even more fun. And I wish I were able to choose the moisturizer. I’m not annual. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

  11. I will only be getting this if I can think of someone to gift the chessboard to for xmas. Just doesn’t have enough useable items for me otherwise.

  12. Will be emailing cause box about the crap China cosmetics. I get the cause of real her but China’s human and animal practices fall far from cause box’s values. Mine will be trashed.

    • At least donate them. What’s wasting it going to do to fix the situation?

      • Research toxins and heavy metals in Chinese cosmetics. I don’t want someone else poisoned. Especially if they then hand it to a child.

  13. I am so excited for this box! I missed the cut-off date for the product selections, which had me bummed out, but honestly, I love 2 of the 3 totes, and still like the 3rd. While I’d prefer the moisturizer, I heat style my hair daily, so the hair mask might be great for me. And I had a tough time picking between the scarves anyway. Those products alone made this box worthwhile. The notecards don’t excite me, but I’ll use them. The eyeshadow palette looks great and will get a lot of use, though it feels off for this box (seriously though, i love it). But that cheeseboard! OMG, it’s so pretty, and classy, and I’ve been wanting to get one. It just became the hero item of this box for me!

    • You can still do product selections if you email them directly, they actually just mentioned that in response to a comment on one of their Facebook posts today. Just as long as you are an annual member. If you are a seasonal member, you can’t do any selections/customizations regardless of the date.

      Their customer support email address is [email protected]

    • You can still customize! I just bought an annual subscription today and was able to do it easily. If you are an annual, member, you can still do it—just login to your account online and do it there

  14. Beautiful box, but I don’t need anything. <3 Causebox though!

  15. Great box and looking forward to it all! That cheeseboard is lovely and perfect for holiday events.

  16. This is a great looking box. I’d be happy to swap my pallette with anyone that wants it. Plus the 2 I already have (those are pallette 2) and the 2 Doucce pallettes (smoky and nude)…I can’t wear eye makeup….a candle would have made this an outstanding box. But, over all this is a great box.

    • Yes for goodnes sakes a candle for fall would have made a lovely addition!!! But I guess I can’t be too picky considering all that is IN the !!!box

  17. Very excited for this! The only thing I won’t use is the palette but that will make a nice gift. Heart eyes for that cheese board:)

  18. I’d like more information about where RealHer cosmetics are manufactured and under which working conditions.

    I don’t care if a brand gives money to charity, if they exploit their workers otherwise.

    • Feel free to Google it then. There’s info to be found online, very easy to do!

    • Real Her is manufactured in China, though 20% goes to a charity for women here and he started it for his daughter (there’s an article about why he decided to do it after working in makeup industry). They are not marked as cruelty-free. I don’t know what type of labor is used in the manufacturing in China. That’s all the info I found while looking quickly.

      • The link to the palette actually says it is cruelty free. Hoping this is accurate?

        • I read somewhere that all cosmetics made in China are tested on animals. If that is true, there’s no way it’s cruelty free.

          And if that’s the case, I wish this wasn’t included in this box. I don’t care how much they’re giving back to charity.

          • No, cosmetics made in China can be cruelty free, but cosmetics sold in China are absolutely not cruelty free.

          • Becca is correct. If they are SOLD in China, they cannot be CF. RealHer is a cruelty free brand.

  19. Does a brush come with the RealHer shadow pallette? There’s a brush shown in the picture & the price for just the pallete on the RealHer website is $28.

    • The description of the items above says “…and Cream Brush” and the RV of the two is $38, which makes the brush $10 so it’s reasonable to assume that there will be a brush included.

    • I’m answering my own question. According to Causebox the brush is included in the box.

    • Yes, it comes with a brush as well!

  20. Love, I bought one for a 40th birthday present to me!

  21. So glad you posted this. I was on the fence but really don’t need any of it after seeing the contents.

  22. Really surprised to see RealHer makeup in this box.

    • If you look up the brand’s page and read their “about” section, maybe that would explain why it was chosen.

      • I just reread my comment and realized it may sound snarky, but it’s not intended to. There’s just too much info to copy/paste and I didn’t want it to get trapped in comment limbo

  23. Glad I cancelled. I like the scarves but that is about it.

  24. Love everything except the eyeshadow – but that’s not a complaint because without the shadow that box is still killer and worth the moulah! Two fashion items and a home item <3 if you switched that eyeshadow for a candle I may have fainted.

    • Right there with ya! Was SO hoping for a fall-scented candle!

    • Same here. I’m on overload with eye shadow palettes. They’re nice but guess I’ll gift it.
      Otherwise, it’s a great box for me!

  25. So excited!! This box never disappoints!! The cheese board!!

  26. I want the note cards.

  27. I love the cutting board set!! Not thrilled with the realher palette though.

    • Same.

  28. love! i could do without another shadow palette BUT i love the cheese board and knife. and i’m a notecard/stationary kinda girl so i’m happy to see those as well. super excited!!!

  29. I’m not familiar with RealHer so I’m curious about that but this is an all-around win regardless in my book.

  30. I’m so excited!!

  31. Bought an olive wood spoon years ago & it’s my favorite, so excited to get a cheeseboard & knife. The wood is so pretty & smooth. Not stoked about the palette, though. I’m just not into them…

  32. So happy I resisted!

  33. and I’m in!

  34. Nice items! The cheese board is really pretty, and I love the scarf and tote. Can always use cards. No complaints!

  35. Happy with everything! Can’t wait to get it!! I actually like the RealHer eyeshadows, and this looks like a good mix of fall neutrals, which are my favorite. Kinda really excited for that cheese board

    • I agree about RealHer eyeshadows. I’m not sure why so many people seem to dislike them. The only reason I’m not excited is because I already have this palette. Haha. I think the shimmer/glitter ones have excellent pigment and actually last all day on my oily eyelids. Some of the mattes aren’t very pigmented, but I don’t mind!

  36. I’m about to buy my first home and am excited about that cheese board!

    • Congrats! How exciting!

      • Thank you! I’m excited and terrified all at the same time.

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