Allure Beauty Box October FULL SPOILERS Box #2 + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for the other variation of the October Allure Beauty Box!

The October 2018 box – Version 1 will include:

Version 2/3 will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers? If you subscribe now, your first box will be the October box.

Use this link to save $5 off your first box and you will also receive this free bonus gift:

Galexie Glister Glitter Gel in Moon Dance -OR- NY Mornings

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers Allure leaked for the next few months. (Sizes, and if items are variants are still TBD unless noted.)

The November 2018 box:

Mask Month

Get ready for an at-home spa day in November’s Beauty Box—just in time for the holidays. Inside, you’ll find our favorite masks from Glamglow, Lapcos, Star Skin, Glow Recipe and more.

The only sneak peek we have for December is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We are SO excited to reveal our next collaboration (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth the wait.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Is the good genes a variation??

  2. I am not that wowed I don’t want samples. I just unsubbed I would like at least one or two items full size not excepting an expensive $60+ full size but maybe the first aid cream. Something right

  3. November is a bust for me–I don’t like masks, and especially not charcoal masks. (I prefer an electric facial brush.) When do the December and January spoilers usually come out? I’m thinking about taking a subscription break, but I’ve liked the “holiday” boxes in the past.

  4. I just got an email from Allure with the sneak peek of October, and in the picture is the Ysl lipstick.

  5. I received my September box a few days, and when I opened it, the coconut gel tube was mangled and the gel all over everything else in the box. I contacted CS and they said they would send me out another box. Does anyone have any experience with receiving a replacement and have any idea how long it usually takes to get it? Also do you get the exact same box? I liked everything I was getting, but the website says the September box is sold out.

    • Yes, I received a replacement box, but it will take a couple of weeks.

    • I received my replacement September box yesterday, just under two weeks from contacting customer service. I also got all the same items including the Drunk Elephant, so I’m very happy about that.

    • I had the exact same problem

  6. Lots of complaints here!! I on the other hand am very happy with Allure! The only issue I have had with them was taken care of by their CS. Yes, the shipping is a little wacky, but I always seem to get my box. I actually like getting it later in the month, because all of my other subs come early in the month. It gives me something to look forward to! As far as the variants go…..I am paying $15 a month for a box of great products. I did question if they were sending out products from last year that were leftover for this months variants, but I was able to confirm that wasn’t the case. If I wasn’t happy with them, I would be more than happy to take the $15 and put it towards a product that I really did want. Maybe that’s a great idea for most of the unhappy people here. I came to this thread to originally comment on the mask month coming up in November, but I got so frustrated with reading all of the complaints. I have learned to have patience and gratitude in my 37 years and I have been a much happier person since then.

    • Agreed!

  7. A long story here lol.

    I subbed in July and received the box plus a lippie as a new customer gift. I was happy with the box, and I only cancelled Allure to switch over to Amazon. Didn’t have problems cancelling, and I bought the August box through there. Even though the August box was meh I was generally happy about the sub.

    Late August I received a “come back” promotion which I took advantage of. Cancelled Amazon and switched back to Allure for the September box. I signed up at around Sept 2 or 3 and got the box around 24th. It took a while, but the box did arrive. I was surprised to get the Ole Henriksen scrub with it, which was advertised as a gift for new subscribers! Not only that, the come back gift also arrived a few days later. It was missing an item (packaging was in there but the product isn’t), but I wouldn’t fuzz about it at this point.

    I’m sorry to everyone who’s had problems, and I believe all your problems are legit. I too am uncomfortable with the way they leave us blind about billing and shipping. I cancelled Allure back then due to that, not because I disliked the sub.

    But credit is given where it’s due. I’ve had three boxes with no problems from Allure so far, got the gifts I was promised and then some. It’s a shame that Allure can’t seem to deliver the same service to all it’s subscribers, old or new. If only they’ll have that sorted out it really is a great sub.

  8. Allure Beauty Box Customer Service Number: 1-800-274-1603 Allure DOES want to hear from their subscribers about how we feel about the whole variation thing. Allure’s customer service system does not make any sense. I’ve been subscribed for a little over a year. So I should have gotten the bauble bar earrings. Apparently those were supposed to be an anniversary gift??? At least that’s what I was told when I called with a few questions. Left with some questions unanswered. I’m not getting any email responses from Allure. Sometimes I get the auto response, sometimes I don’t. When I first subscribed, emailing worked just fine but not now so I asked why? She didn’t know. They are basically two different departments. What?! Seriously?! Sooooooo, there’s the email part of CS and then the phone center CS and neither one knows what’s what or what’s going on and the 2 CS departments can’t see or know what’s going on with the other? They are not giving out any “deals” right now because some subscribers are getting away with a lot of freebies. Email CS is giving some people $10 boxes plus extra boxes and gifts. Then when that’s all done, phone CS ends up doing something similar for that subscriber or vise versa. Apparently people are aware that Allure basically has 2 different CS departments and people are taking advantage of that? There’s a pretty simple fix to that one Allure. I can see Allure losing subscribers over their CS and the box variations.

  9. Im a bit sad and frustrated with Aluure. I ordered a wnd box for my Mom and took the payment off of my cc, i xalled to see what was going on, they told me that they shipped the box out to me already which wasnt true. I got my box but not my Mom’s. I called them yesterday they lady confirmed that she would resend the box with no problem.. i went to their website this morning and it said all of the boxes were sold out, so i called customer service again and she said my cc didnt clear which aasnt true. I told her that i have the email of the receipt. Next she said that they will send my the october 2016 bo , i asked why not the oct. 2018. She said it would be 2017 and then she would have to check again. Next i was told they will refund me my koney and send me oct. 2018 box. Honestly im so disappointed in their service. They customer rep. From yesterday could have told me they were sold out instead of telling me they would ship my Mom’s lost box knowing that they were sold out, in which i was tild it would ship out yesterday. Its a huge disappointment that they are givng confusing information. So i cancelled my account. I honestly doubt that they will send me the october box after refunding my money. They honestly need to have a meeting updating everyone daily of what is going on in their company, becausebtheir customer service is suffering and its makingbtheir company look bad.

  10. I just called to ask about the variations and the YSL not even being shown as a variation on the Allure Beauty Box site. It was the worst customer service ever. First the guy told me that my subscription addiction knows more about what’s going on then he does because he has not even seen the YSL lip product (I didn’t even know what that was). Then I told him that I wanted to cancel since that doesn’t even seem to be an option. He said okay I’ll cancel your box. I asked why some people get offered a $10 rate when they cancelled he said no they don’t the $10 rate is only for the first box and then it’s 15 a month. I said know if you look at the comments you’ll see that when most people call to cancel their offer discounted rate of $10 either for a month or 3 months it happens all the time. He said no it doesn’t they don’t have a $10 rate and they haven’t for the last year-and-a-half!! so I guess everybody on here is lying when they say that they’re paying $10 a month?? Either way I wasn’t offered any discount to stay with them he didn’t seem to give a crap.

    • Actually, I don’t think anyone ever got the $10 offer when CALLING to cancel. But it definitely happens when you write an email to the CS. I think when you call they just say “OK, bye”, no offers on the table

      • I actually just e-mailed them about 4 days ago and just got a response yesterday basically saying ok bye! And I was hoping to get the $10 offer I hear about all the time

    • In CS they’re not supposed to reveal their tactics anyway so that it doesn’t get exploited like what you attempted. When I cancelled a few months ago, they offered a gift but not the $10. I wasn’t threatening to cancel, I sincerely wanted to cancel, so they offered it.

      • I actually wanted to cancel. I just explain to him that people don’t like variations and people don’t like to feel like they’re paying $15 a month when other people are only paying $10 a month for the same stuff.

      • When I called a few months back, I was frustrated with not receiving all the products and my box arriving extremely late. I wasn’t being short with them. I just explained what happened and my frustrations. They offered me a gift of a free extra box, and then gave me 4 months for $12.00 plus tax. I think I was only offered that because it was their fault for not shipping out all of the products. I didn’t threaten them to cancel, and I wasn’t trying to exploit the CS tactics that I hear about on here. In my experience, one might get more bees with honey. In other words, it pays to be nice to people in this world.

        • Just to be clear, if by “exploiting the CS tactics” you refer to what I said about writing the email to cancel, it was never my intention to stay subscribed but try to get the discount so pretending I want to cancel. I wrote cancellation emails twice – once because I was disappointed with couple of months of products in boxes and another time because I had many troubles with shipping so I wanted to switch to Amazon. Each time I got offered the 4 for $10 which I took as it is a good deal. I never however get the free extra products like many of the other people do so maybe that’s a perk reserved just for the long-time subscribers that consistently pay the full price.

    • I inderstand your frustration, i just called them twice because they never sent my mom’s gift box i got her for september, they said they would replace it, then i find out their sold out. I cancelled. Its so sad because their customer service is really bad. They should have a meeting in the morning updating the call center on what is going on. I worked in customer service call centeds when i was younger and it shouldnt operate that badly… where worked we had meetings every morning updating us on policy and new offers for customers.

    • I used to work in CS. I would never do anything special for people who were rude or just looking to get a cheaper rate. You are looking to cancel? Have a great day! But don’t waste my time and energy complaining about something just to get a cheaper rate 😂

  11. Man the swap side is difficult to navigate. I just want to buy/swap for people’s Drunk Elephant Baby Facial and it looks like I have to individually list every item I have before I can contact anyone to see what they want? I can’t even offer to just buy it.

    • You can see if anyone has listed their ebay number and buy it that way, but typically it is ‘swap’ site. You can check their follows and see if you have anything they are following and just list those items and then send a swap request.

    • It takes about 5 seconds to list a swap item. And yes, you have to list your swap items, otherwise no one will know what you have. Not sure how you expected it to work but it’s pretty straightforward.

      • Hey girls,

        I want to know how or where is thr swap website. Have products will not use from this and other boxes that will like to swap!

  12. Really don’t want the YSL. Tired of getting lipsticks I’ll never wear. Allure sends me a lot of those. I really want version 2. I actually REALLY want no variations tbh. Variations suck.

    • I’m with you in the variations. It was one of many reasons I canceled my Play box. I got tired of getting the crap box. If this keeps up with Allure, I’ll cancel this one too. Shame. I thoroughly enjoyed the boxes up until this.

  13. I truly think that Allure is trying to stay away from variants, but they end up having to use them if they don’t have enough of any one product. And I’m not surprised it is the YSL in this case. I don’t think they are trying to do a bait and switch, I think that the new subscribers that they had planned on have now exceeded what they anticipated. This happened way back with the Foreo inclusion and got a lot of ppl upset, some current subscribers, but mainly new. I would hope that for those that have had the sub delivered for at least 2 months, that they actually get the spoiled box. I highly suggest subbing at least a month ahead if you are trying to get a specific box/variation in the future. And I am surprised no one mentioned it, but almost all boxes ONLY give us spoilers one month at a time. I am happy all the way around with Allure for $10 or $15, including no shipping or tracking emails, crappy customer service, etc if it means that every once in a while I get a SINGLE product that is worth almost 6x the price of the box if you paid $15 and over 8x the price if you paid only $10 (here’s looking at you SR CEO serum). Of course I want better customer service, a better website design, etc, but we all have fairly high expectations of bang for your buck with beauty boxes, and I think Allure has been continuously bringing an A game when it comes to brands. We barely see drugstore brands included anymore!!!

  14. Does anyone know how to reach customer service? When I login to my account it keeps taking me to the magazine and not to the box. I never received my September box.

    • Try calling (800) 274-1603 This # was on the bottom of my email. I also just called cause I didn’t get my Sept box and was told the 1st box can take up to 20 days. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks!

      • I inderstand your frustration, i just called them twice because they never sent my mom’s gift box i got her for september, they said they would replace it, then i find out their sold out. I cancelled.

      • I just called – no on hold time – pleasant woman, she said they had a backorder so some September boxes were going out late. So hopefully I will get my box by end of next week.

    • i just received my box yesterday! it may still be coming.

  15. Just resub today, love it when allure gives you a ton of skincare! Even with the variations it’s still a best box like the July 2018 box.

  16. Even though I’m not dying over the YSL, I would still like to try it, and it was spoiled way back in June or July if I’m not mistaken. As well as the DE Babyfacial. I specifically subscribed to Allure last November because I was SO over variations and Allure rarely if ever had any. I wanted to try the “Too Cool for School” egg mellow cream and mask. That month was a complete disaster, I believe they had 4 completely different box variations. And I’m talking ALL products were different!!! It was just my freaking luck, the month I signed up, but of course! I ended up getting a bunch of random stuff, none of which was advertised. The silly thing is, from reading comments on all these threads from various subscriptions it seems people are pretty evenly split when it comes to what they prefer. Why not add an option to our account page where we can select the version we prefer or dont do variations at all!!!! ARE YOU HEARING US SUB COMPANIES? WE DONT WANT VARIANTS!

    • Janell, I think you need to take a break from the beauty boxes, if your not happy , you can buy these products by the piece, from time to time, with the money your putting out on beauty box, after all, its there companies, you join them and enjoy or go elsewhere..birchbox after one month, lets you pick out one product, or a completely different box, or a they pick out products for you…I know its hard, but put yourself in their places, you can’t please everyone…there are options in life and thankfully we can pick our own things that make us happy…be happy girl, life is short…

  17. I LOVE that Oribe hairspray, so I’d be happy with box 2. I received the same YSL lipstick few months ago in the Sephora Play lux Box, and was not impressed. Maybe if the color was more of a berry, but nope I always seem to get bright red or pale nudes, neither of which look good with my ginger self lol. Still loving Allure, IMO it’s the best box out there. I finally quit Boxycharm due to having too many eye pallets (and above mentioned lipstick colors) but I’ll never part with Allure!

  18. WTH Allure?! WTH?! I’m not going to be happy about this if I end up getting it. The fact that Allure didn’t have variations is one of the biggest reasons I decided to subscribe and stay after $10 a box deal was over. I’ve been subscribed for over a year and a half. I hardly ever get a shipping email and if I do, it’s the day of and sometimes actually after the box has arrived but I’m still here. Their CS emails never get returned. I have to call & their email CS and phone CS are separate. Allure needs to get it together quick. I need this sub for the skincare.

  19. This has happen before with Allure and it truely made many very upset. I’m guessing that they have so many subscribers and they don’t get enough of a product for all boxes. I try not looking at spoilers that way I’m surprised with whatever I get. I too am not a fan when everyone is not getting the same thing. That is one reason why I love this box, plus because they send out great products, and sweet sizes. Oh, and the extra surprises they sent out a few times a year, plus inside the boxes too. I get so excited to see that shiny red box in the mailbox. So again try not looking at spoilers…ha ha lol lol! Yea Right! 🤣

  20. Allure is about to be canceled just like boxycharm. Too many VARIATIONS! I don’t like feeling like I’m payong the same but getting less than other ppl 🙁

    • There a lot of deals at Sephora ULTA. And if you like tarte join the email and you get discounts. Subscription you will get more value, but with the different discounts you get to choose what you want.

      • Get boxycharm, ipsy plus, you get full size products. I love getting skin care but I don’t like getting sample size products, I’m not gonna spend $100 on skin care so I would love to get bigger sizes of something a little cheaper. So far I really don’t care for this. The prod yes but I just don’t want all samples. I just can’t say this is woth over $100.

  21. i want box # 1, please…

  22. I still like the box and even getting variation 2/3 is not awful, but something still don’t feel right. It reminds me of Sephora play where they spoil this luxe sample at the beginning of spoiler time, then end up with just a very few of their subscribers with that item.

    Granted Allure never said anything is guaranteed in any spoilers and they can run the sub however they want, but this is the reason I didn’t want to sub to Play in the first place. I’ll just do the sub and skip, i guess. I want to be loyal with this sub but not if the subscription model is like sephora play’s

  23. Allure needs to stop displaying pictures of the full sized ceramic slip cleanser! It suggests they are giving people the full sized item, which isn’t right.

    • Yep, especially since the SR vitamin C wad full-size we have expectations 😉

      Not only not full-size, it’s the new formula, goody. 😣

    • The top picture shows it’s clearly not full size. I feel most of the sizes allure sends are quite large for $15

      • What confuses me about the cleanser pictures is that they’re showing two different versions. SR just came out with a new version of the cleanser, and the old version is shown in box 1 and the new version is shown in boxes 2 & 3. I can’t tell if Allure is going to send out the old version or the new version in all the boxes, or if that is yet another variation depending on which box you get. Or maybe it’s just random. Idk.

        • They are not even showing the YSL as an option on their website.

          • That’s what makes me think the YSL will go to the ongoing subscribers. They usually advertise on the site what you will get if you are a new subscriber…in this case variations 2 and 3.

          • I have the October issue of Allure Magazine and the advertisement for the beauty box shows the YSL. Page 35.

  24. I got the YSL from somewhere else and it’s fantastic! Easy to apply, comfortable (not drying!), and lasts! I went out and ate all kinds of food and still looked great.

  25. Speaking of variations, did anyone recieve Ruby Woo that would have rather had Lusterling? I’ll be happy to trade. This is exactly why I don’t like variations, I will ALWAYS get stuck with the one I don’t want.

    • I will be happy to trade email me baebeelinlin at gmail

    • I’ll let you know if I ever get either of the two boxes that are supposedly on their way to me….

      • I got notification of two shipments a week apart? Did they send out Sept and Oct close together? Wondering why I have two boxes on the way

    • I got it..and it is awful! The formula is SOOOO dry–it’s like trying to color your lips in with an old dollar store crayon! I seen the facebook video where the ladies all tried each color and numerous people commented about their skills in applying lipstick…NOW I know why–it is SO horrible–no wonder they couldn’t make it look good. I am quite disappointed in it for such a high end brand.

    • Of all the colors I didn’t want in my box, got dang Ruby Woo. When are these boxes going to realize a lot of us do’t like or use bright red lipstick!

      • Same! I unfortunately got Ruby Woo, too. I know that some people prefer red, but I’m certainly not one of them. Somehow, though, I ALWAYS get the red option if there’s a box variation. I’d be pretty excited for the YSL spoiler above if it was a nice berry or mauve (or even coral, even though summer is gone) instead of yet another red.

        Did anyone else have a residue problem with the Oribe spray? I got it recently in another box and I can’t get all of the residue off of my hair, no matter how many times I wash it with a clarifying shampoo.

      • I got the other shade if you want to trade!

      • Hi – I got the mustering color and would be happy to trade for the Ruby Woo as well.


  26. My box hasn’t even shipped yet, why does it take Allure so long to ship out? Did they even send out tracking info this month?

    • I think them sending out tracking info is hit & miss. I got a tracking email this week, but I’ve also had boxes where they just show up with no tracking info ever having been received.

    • I got tracking and my package was delivered yesterday. Was so happy to see Ruby Woo!

    • I am still awaiting my Sept box. I contacted Customer Service 3days ago and am still awaiting a reply. I did notice t(he charged my bank account $181.50! I have been doing month to month for the last 9 months. I think they charged me for a whole year at once without even contacting me in any way. Im furious!

  27. Disappointed that Allure is doing variants again. Quit subbing to Allure before due to this. I’m pretty sure we’ve received the Oribe, Kenra, and Wander products already from Allure. The Kenra and Wander were just in May’s box, I believe. Not the end of the world, but I prefer to sub to boxes that don’t do variants.

    • I think the variants are to account for new subscribers so if you have been subscribed and received prior boxes with the Kenra or Wander products, you probably will get box #1. I’m not sure if this is 100% true, but I’ve been subscribed for a while and never received anything twice.

    • We absolutely have, I still have the Oribe which I literally haven’t touched but once to try it out and I have one of the Wander gold eye masks still. I really didn’t care for either of them the first time around and I’m not gonna be pleased if I end up with both AGAIN. I’m usually really happy with Allure, but this box is looking like a gamble…

  28. I read it as box #2 will contain both the eye masks and the hair spray since one of those alone does not equal the YSL value. I think “2/3” means 2 out of 3. If that’s the case, you’re getting 8 products for $15! Pretty awesome deal regardless!

  29. I love all of these boxes (even though I am dying to try the YSL lippie). Give it to me Allure 💋

  30. Longtime subscribers better get the YSL lip color before newbies!

    • see to me thats not always right though. i just learned about allure sunscription box 4 or 5 months so therefore i shouldnt be eligible to get the ysl lipstick? thats not right at all. if id known bout it years ago i would of been signed up but all because i didnt i should receive lesser quality item?

      • Long time subscribers have given Allure a lot more money, so yes I think it’s completely fair.

    • cause that’s how variations work

      • It’s how the KvD variation worked.

    • For me not if its that bright fuchsia color. Very few women can actually carry off off that color, don’t care how trendy it is, those bright fuchsia colors, nope.

    • Do you really think the people that pack these boxes have everyone’s history in front of them when they decide to put certain items in the boxes to determine who should get what? I doubt it. I’ve learned from other subscription boxes there is no loyalty, it’s all about the money and first-come-first-served in some situations.

  31. I have two Wander eye mask packets from previous boxes that I haven’t used. I mainly am avoiding them because I’ve never used just the eye kind before. Silly of me! If I can figure out a regular mask, I can surely do these!

    I might be bummed about not getting the YSL lip item if I end up liking the color. If it’s not a color I like, I won’t be concerned about getting box 2. Do we know the color?

    If I am reading correctly (and I might not be), there is still a box 3 variant to be revealed?

    And finally, I’ll say it again for the billionth time, I’m just not a fan of variations. Period. I quit Birchbox and Play and Ipsy over it. Now I find the items from those subs that I wanted and either swap or buy them off Ebay–no more FOMO!

    • The gold eyemasks are a gimmick for instagram-type selfies. If you use a decent eye cream it would work as well if not better than the formula here.

  32. Box 2 and 3 have a serum not acne product, anyone remember if we entered our age when signing up?

    • I think it might be the same in all the boxes, unless the picture for Box 1 is wrong– even though the description Liz typed up for box 1 says “Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Serum,” if you look at the picture, it is the “skin perfecting serum.”

  33. is it me or both boxes are the same, w/the exception of the new ceramic slip?

    • The variant items are the YSL lip in box 1 and the wander beauty pads and hair products in box 2, which is kindda crappy cuz those eye pads havr been overdone.

    • Box 2 would have the hairspray and box 3 would have the eye masks.

      I love those eyemasks and I’m really hoping for that box.

      • aahh i didnt notice it before, but didn’t Allure already send them out in previous boxes? i have both of these varient items.

      • Oh I thought box 2 was eye masks AND spray why would they replace $18 lipstick with eye masks? That does not seem fair . Plus their website says you get both. So I am wondering what box 3 is.

  34. It looks like 6 of the items are the same across all boxes. The last item is YSL, Oribe, or Wander. I would be happy with 2 of these, but I’d prefer all boxes be identical.

  35. I don’t understand why they don’t send everyone the same box(same items)…. especially if they advertise certain items then when it gets closer to the month they say the item is only for “Some boxes”. It’s not like we are well off in life and can just buy any item we want or feel like trying. I turned to beauty subscription box(s) since I thought they were the better deal to try beauty products for low cost. Sorry for the rant. It’s been one of those weeks.. 😣😖

  36. I know some people are going to be suuuper disappointed if they don’t get the YSL lippie, but I actually already have that sample and enjoy the Wander eye masks so I would prefer that variation. Either way it seems like a stellar box, IMO.

  37. Wouldn’t deal with Ipsy variants, gave up trying to tweek my Sephora profile to get the variants I wanted, and now I think maybe its time to let Allure go. I’ll still buy one time purchase boxes that I like (from any vendor), but I want to know what I’m getting. Maybe its just box burn out?

  38. I don’t have any subs for beauty products now as I am trying to use up what I have. However, there is so much wrong about having variant boxes and not knowing which one you will get. It is like taking a kid down a candy isle and not letting them get anything. I will not sub to any box that has variants.

  39. Wow. What a switcheroo.

    Dunno how to feel about this, probably disappointing would best sum it up. Debating if should cancel or not.

    3 variant boxes… The eye patches(1) are the worse… I’d feel duped getting that box. The YSL was advertised as a preview item months ago(!!!), not even cool.

  40. i better get variant one i was excited for the ysl and i already have the eye masks from another sub. already annoyed that i got lustering over ruby woo in my sept box. they better not screw me again lol.

  41. I’m looking forward to the YSL Tatouage the most so *cross fingers* I get variant 1

    • YSL Tatouage and Dior I have used both lip products and truthfully they bleed real bad off my kips I do not think you will be missing a wonderful product if you do not get it,cause they are not that good.

  42. I am so excited about these boxes! FAB cream and BKR balm are two of my favorite items that I use daily, and I’m always down for more glitter, especially in a gel!

  43. This really pisses me off. I was looking forward to the YSL lipstain more than anything. I hate those gold eye masks, and I don’t use hairspray. And you CANNOT tell me either of those items are worth the $18 the YSL is. Why show the YSL in spoilers for October if it’s not going to be in every box? Sick of Allure and their bait-and-switch tactics.

    • I have no proof of this, but I’m hoping that variant 1 would go to all “ongoing subscribers” since that was what was spoiled awhile back. Variant 2 and 3 would go to subscribers that are new this month due to the influx of people. They have followed that pattern before. So if you are a regular subscriber, hopefully you will still get the YSL!

      • I am thinking the same thing!

      • I don’t know. I was subscribed almost a year in January and I received a variant. Before then when there was a variant item, I didn’t receive it. It might be luck of the draw.

        • This happened to me too. I actually sent them an “unhappy customer” email about it and a mystery box from them showed up with no note that had a full size Molton Brown shower gel and full size Cover Fx face oil in it- I am just going to assume it was an apology. It was kind of awesome haha

      • I’ve subscribed for several years and I usually get Box 1.

        However today they suckered me into the annual price, and I’m hoping that won’t shift anything.

  44. my only reason to sub next month Good Genes SR product never tried before. If not in all boxes or majority of them , then Allure will not even be worth it to me.

  45. Not feeling this month. Appreciate the high end brands but prefer at least one full sized item personally, even if it is a lower end brand.

  46. I’m fine with whichever box variation I receive! They both look good to me.

  47. I’d be ok with box 2 or 3.

  48. I wish sub boxes would collaborate a little. Just got the eye masks in August Boxycharm, and I thought they were kind of dumb then. Either Ipsy Plus will come through, or I will save myself enough money for a few beers 🙂

    • I’m not sure if you just think they are dumb because of the gold color (I can buy that) but these are the only eye masks I’ve used where i can see immediate results! So I love them…lol.

      • Yeah, was referring to the gold instagram-y nature of the masks. They do feel nice haha

    • That Oribe hair spray and Hourglass mascara has been in a bunch of boxes lately, Birchbox had both the Good Genes and BKR balm a couple of months back, and I think even the YSL lippie was in another beauty box recently. Allure seems to be a bit behind the curve….

  49. I am confused ?? So the lipstick is still a variant because the Allure website does not list it and this spoiler list says 2/3 there is going to be a 3rd choice?? But this 2nd list is what Allure has. I get my box from Amazon so I am totally in dark what I will get

    • I just got off the phone with customer service and they have no idea what YSL lip product I’m even talking about. He was so rude and kept interrupting me. he told me he’s never seen that variation and that apparently my subscription addiction knows more about the Allure Beauty Box than he does. he also said everyone’s lying if they say that they’re only paying $10 a month after the first box because they haven’t offered that rate in over a year and a half.

  50. Super bummed that the variations won’t all have the YSL tatouage in them. I’m still going to sub to it though. I AM also sick of 24k gold eye patch mask things lol.

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