Allure Beauty Box October FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for the first variation of the October Allure Beauty Box – just for My Subscription Addiction readers!

The October 2018 box – Version 1 will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers? If you subscribe now, your first box will be the September box.

Use this link to save $5 off your first box and you will also receive one of the following three items:


And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers Allure leaked for the next few months. (Sizes, and if items are variants are still TBD unless noted.)

The November 2018 box:

Mask Month

Get ready for an at-home spa day in November’s Beauty Box—just in time for the holidays. Inside, you’ll find our favorite masks from Glamglow, Lapcos, Star Skin, Glow Recipe and more.

The only sneak peek we have for December is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We are SO excited to reveal our next collaboration (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth the wait.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the September Box.

Every September 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get a free mystery gift! (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. Is it normal for Allure to completely ignore emails for cancelling the subscription? I emailed them last week, haven’t heard anything back from them……….

    • I sub off & on all of the time, and I typically get a response from them regarding my cancellation request within a day or two. Actually, I was planning on emailing them tonight because I have to cancel my subscription now my box has shipped. Fingers crossed they reply!

      I think you can also call them to cancel too!

  2. Allure has really been stepping up! I’m hoping to get the mascara 🙂

  3. Does anyone know how to cancel this box? I haven’t even received my first and want to cancel. Absolutely no way to do it online from you account page and I’ve sent like 3 emails and they answered one and ignored that I wanted to cancel!!! What the? If they bill me for Oct I’m disputing the charge. I tried calling and it also has you on hold forever. Not feeling it at all.

  4. I still have not received my Sept. box. So I’m done with them. Sent them an email to cancel the subscription.

  5. They September box is sold out. Allure already posted the October box in their website, but it’s different of the spoilers that Liz showed us. I’m so sad about it.

    • The only difference I see is that they’re not showing the YSL item (which is mentioned as a variant) and are showing oribe or kenra hairspray and wander beauty eye masks.

      • Yes, I’m really sad because we already got those items in last boxes.

        • My guess is that current subscribers get the 1st version and new subscribers get that 2nd version. That is how they have posted about variations before… I have been subscribed for over 2 years now, so I normally get the 1st version.

    • I find MSA to always be right on the money whereas the Allure website can be off sometimes IMO….

      I personally only care about trying the mascara because I read such wonderful things about it although I have long eyelashes but I still like the dramatic look that certain mascaras can give 🙂

  6. Allure just released the items of the October box on their website, and there is no YSL lippie?! instead there are two other products, bummer!

  7. I cant wait to try the water balm and the ysl liquid lipstick. I hope that we get a really good curated December box… im so excited to see what is happening and the November mask seems like a great deal also.

  8. I don’t like to complain because we are trying new products but I really only signed up so I could try YSL and now I don’t know if I’m even going to get it :/ what a bummer! Why do they have the four month sneak peaks if it’s not what we’re all going to get ??

  9. Looks like the post was updated to show that the YSL lippie will be the variant item. I hope that just means the color will vary, not that some subscribers will be getting an entirely different item. I’ve wanted to try this lip stain for ages, and it was what I was most looking forward to out of the entire box….

  10. Looks good. I usually get Box 1, so rock on.

    Took me a minute to realize that the top items were new subscriber gifts.

    • Same thing happened to me! lol Must be getting tired.

    • Bahaha I didn’t realize about the top 3 either until you mentioned it so thank you 🙂

  11. i re-subbed for he 4 box for $10 special, but Im still waititn gon my september box, im not relaly interested in any of it, and I wish i’d wiated and gotten the ole henriksen instead 🙁

    • How did you get the 4 boxes for $10/each special?

  12. tbh, theres nothing in this box i actually would use except maybe the IGK but its such a small amount that id rather get the LP for swapping since it’s a better value.

  13. Seriously side-eyeing Allure over their sudden propensity for variations. Different colors are one thing, but entire products?! No. I would be okay if the variant item is the Cadaulie, as it’s the only thing we weren’t promised in the spoilers, but if Allure’s pulled another bait-and-switch like with the Sukari Babyfacial in the September box, then I’m cancelling.

    • I havnt got my September box yet. I Got email that babyfacial is in all of them… so what r we getting.

      • I received my September box yesterday..and it did not have babyfacial in it..soo upsetting…the box included only 4 items…i guess, time to cancel this subscription..

      • According to the booklet included in the box (that MSA showed during their review), some folks will be getting Lala Retro moisturizer instead of the Babyfacial.

  14. LIZ, you need to put the photo of the ” If you join now, you will receive one of these” at the bottom of the post.

    People are getting upset and annoyed that the ” GOTCHA” products are first in your post.

  15. Version 1?! I’m getting pretty tired of this whole variation thing with Allure. This version looks good excellent the lip color. The whole no variation in boxes was the biggest attraction for me. I got tired of box envy with Play by Sephora & Birchbox. If Allure keeps this up, it may be time to check out the Macy’s box and say goodbye to Allure.

  16. Nobody likes variations Allure. It’s just a really good way to disappoint people.

    • it’s why i quit ipsy, for real…

      • oh, and play!…omg, play! is just the worst!

        • Play and Birchbox. Got so much stuff that was just not me.

          And Ipsy you have to stay on top of.

          • With Ipsy it helps to narrow your profile to only what you will be happy with, then pitch a fit when they deviate on you. Really poor reviews and complaining to customer service every time I get a shade I haven’t asked for seems to help. My bags have been pretty good, but I’ve hounded them for 4 months. 😂😂😂

        • I did the same with Ipsy and Sephora. I hated being disappointed and having drawers full of product I can’t use. Nobody expects a grand slam with every box, but it’s nice to at least get to second or third base’ 😂

  17. WOW…this is an incredible box! These brands are beyond great and the selection is a fabulous curation for those of us who adore (and need) skincare. 💖💋💖 Thanks Allure!

  18. Will we get to see version 2 of the Allure October Box? In the post it says ‘in version 1’ before the picture of the box

  19. If I get off the Ipsy Pluss waitlist, I am canceling and I won’t miss it!

  20. Liz, could you reach out to Allure and ask for clarification on whether or not all subscribers are subject to the variants in the products? Their website does not make it clear, and the postings here are interpreting it various ways. I’d just like to know (and I think a lot of other subscribers would as well) whether Allure is now doing variant boxes for all their subscribers and if they are, if they plan on continuing to do this in the future. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Yes! I’d like to know what are confirmed spoilers for ALL boxes and what might be variations. Thanks!

  21. Does anyone know the color of the YSL liquid lip?

    • Me!

  22. The only item that looks good for next month is that bkr balm, and that is not worth the cost of the box. (It is basically aquaphor with a nice scent.) And November looks even worse. We all have a million sheet masks from other subs, I signed up for Allure for higher end brands. And lately they have not been delivering. The July box was the only one out of the last six months that I actually enjoyed. I just e-mailed Allure to cancel.

    • You don’t think Allure is delivering High Quality items/brands? WHAT? Sunday Riley is a premium (and very expensive) skin care line, YSL is a couture brand both in their fashion and makeup lines, as well as Caudalie and Hourglass. These are pricey and very high end products, so perhaps you may not be thrilled by skincare…but to make the accusation they aren’t providing premium items is just plain false.

      • Agree!

      • I agree! October is the best box ever. Caudalie and the Sunday Riley products are making me happy a month ahead of time. September box was kind of a miss for me, but I know someone who loves drink elephant, and they’ll be THRILLED to get it. I’ll use the mascara and hair cream, and eyelashes are great for upcoming holidays.

  23. Even though there are no full size items, these are good brands that I want to try so I’m happy. Also I’ve been with Allure about a year and have always paid $10 so it’s a great deal.

    • How have you paid $10 for a year? I thought it was $15.

    • You only pay $10? Am I reading that correctly? The subscription is $15/mo except for the first month sign on discount or a (usually) 3 month discount if you ask to unsubscribe and they want to keep you. Just curious if I’m reading your post correctly.

      • When I joined they had a 4 month deal at $10 each so I did that and then tried to cancel but they offered to extend it another four months which I accepted, and then again. Then I think the next time they said fine, goodbye, but I emailed and asked for the deal to be extended and they said ok. So I have never paid $15.

        • Well played!

    • How do you pay 10.00? Do you unsubscribe and the resubscribe?

    • Oh, for sure you won’t hear any argument from me that Allure doesn’t deliver a lot of a value for a $15 box (they are much better than Ipsy or Play! in that regard). I’m just annoyed that they seem to be moving towards a model of advertising that every subscriber is getting a certain premium product, and then hitting us with variations at the last moment.

  24. I just re-subbed but under another email(new) & it’s still saying I can’t log in-no acct found-NOW I REMEMBER WHY I CANCELLED! 3 days & no response! They NEED TO PULL IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have the same issue – no account, can`t log in.
      My 2 emails to support team are ignored.
      Disappointing service 🙁

  25. Am I missing something? I don’t see a FULL SIZE on next month’s box – what gives? not even the YSL lippie? This just looks like another box giving out samples, not cool Allure.

    • I mean it’s a $15 box. Chill.

      • $15 box that gives out full size product each month. Not to mention Allure raised the bar by giving out full size Sunday Riley CEO serum last winter. Clearly you are not aware.

        • The full size Sunday Riley was amazing. But, it’s not the norm. Allure has been dong an awesome job this year, supplying us with some high end products. In reality, it’s a $10-15 a month beauty box. Some are just expecting the really high end products all the time, instead of celebrating when they do. Expections have become out of whack. Paying $15 and expecting a $100+ in retail is not realistic every month. People yelling about canceling when their overblown expectations aren’t met is ridiculous. Aug’s box was worth just under $70, and people were pissed. That’s almost 5x what we pay for it! Oct ‘s box is worth $90+ and that’s incredible! I’ll happily pay my $15, as usual.

          • Me too! Especially to get get samples of Sunday Riley (that last for weeks!) and Caudalie. I can’t afford these brands at full price unless I drop all my sub boxes!!

    • The variations are full size.

      • Nevermind, I see what you’re saying.

  26. So, if you sign up now you will receive one of the three items in the first picture? Current subscribers will receive everything in the second picture? Meaning no variations for current subscribers. Am I understanding this correctly?

    • Yes and maybe? It makes it sound like there is another variant.

    • If I’m reading it correctly I thought current subscribers would receive everything in the second picture and one of the variants in the first picture. Can someone verify?

    • The first picture with the 3 items is the new subscriber bonus I believe.

      • Sorry, let me clarify, you get 1 of those 3 items as a sign up bonus if you are a new subscriber. I don’t think you get to pick either. I thought I saw a post on here about them.

  27. I’m most excited for the BKR water balm!

  28. It seems like they give out a lot of the same samples that Sephora has. I just got three of those items in the one off play boxes I bought. The lipstick is even the same color.

  29. No variations, please!!! I only signed up for the promised spoiler items. Now they want to have variations. I already have a ton of highlighter & lippies.

    • The variations is for people just signing up

      • Okay, I see that now. Although the heading about that being variation 1 is still unsettling.

      • No, it looks like variations are being introduced. The September box description (I haven’t rec’d mine yet) says:
        MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo OR Lustering – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18.50
        IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel (.5 oz) OR Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast (3 oz)
        The lipstick is just a color variation, but the hair care product is a total variation.

  30. I subbed with Allure cuz I don’t like variants–variants are what made me give up the Sephora sub (but I still shop at Sephora). I was going to keep the Allure sub until after New Years cuz I usually like holiday boxes, but the spoilers are just disappointing me.

  31. omg variations?! I would not mind if the variations is just the lipstick and the mascara. Please keep the skincare in all the boxes fixed

  32. I love both Sept and Oct boxes. I pay only $10, (since I *tried* to cancel and they reeled me back in…lol) so it’s amazing value for me!

    • Me too!!! I cancelled when I saw August (Meh) but then the spoilers came out for the fall and then they offered the $10 deal and i was reeled back in also…

  33. Please not another red lipstick! Last months MAC is up for swap.

    • Better red than the brown and nude lip shades so many beauty boxes seem obsessed with….

      • I have to agree with this. Even though I don’t always want a red, the zombie nude shades are just awful.

  34. I read about how terrible their CS can be so i decided to sub through Amazon.
    Sure i can’t get money off my first box but oh well. I can cancel with the click of a button on amazon and my box shipped within a day of ordering (last week).

    I’ll try it out for a few months and see how i like it! But i’d suggest signing up through Amazon if anyone is going to cancel for a bit.

    • I thought I read somewhere that you can get 2 allure subs this way. Sign up on allure + amazon. So if there’s a particular month you like, you can get another one via amazon.

  35. I’m actually quite happy with what we’ll be receiving for October. Last night I FINALLY received the KVD liquid lipstick that was promised to new subscribers back when the box was launched. Their customer service is beyond slow to respond (doesn’t matter if you email or call, they’re slow and indifferent), and I don’t think I will stick with the box past next month’s. However, I’m kinda curious about their December takeover box – it always turns out to be good. But I’m in a subscription rut and nothing has EXCITED me lately.
    I need a new lifestyle box that will make me smile again.

    • If you’re too young for the skincare (nobody is in my opinion, but I thought the same way until I turned 55 haha!), just give to your mom or an “older” friend. You’ll be a HERO!! 😎

  36. Ugh, there’s different versions/variations now? Not cool.

    • No, the variation items are a gift for new subscribers. The rest of us won’t be getting those.

      • on top of the picture of next months items it says “The October 2018 box – Version 1 will include:”

        • Liz did you need to put this because they give you spoilers and then end up throwing a variant in the box that we didn’t know about ? I understand it is NOT fair for them to give you spoilers then do that after the boxes are sent. And this way it puts the variant issue on them where it should be instead of MSA. So this seems a better way for you

  37. I was billed on 10th then again yesterday but nothing has shipped and no answer from customer service 2 payments no boxes

  38. Anyone who doesn’t want their Caudalie Blemish serum, please contact me. I have tons of stuff to swap for it.

    • If I get it, I’ll have to list it on the swap site then. I was approved, but I’ve never used it.

  39. Ugh I don’t like that they are doing the variations I really want the Sunday Riley stuff I already have the other stuff. They send out spoilers and get us all excited then bam oh you might get this or that 😒

  40. Version 1? i’m going to need to see Version 2 pretty quickly because I will be FURIOUS about a bait and switch on the main products. I hate variations.

  41. what about using Amazon Prime for Allure? That’s what I was going to do for re-subbing.. Someone suggested that a while ago.

    • You don’t even have to have Prime I just Sept with my regular Amazon account.

  42. This month’s box is going to be my last. The main reason for cancellation was their website in general (so outdated and if you want to do any changes or cancel your subscription, you have to email or call customer service, very inconvenient setup), billing (they bill at random) and inconsistent shipping schedule.
    Until they fix the above-mentioned issues, I am not going to re-subscribe.

    • Amen

    • You can get this sub through amazon now. Then you can cancel easy. I agree though. It’s 2018 – fix your website allure!

    • Same reason for me. Can I also add the code you type in instead of your own password. Argh!!! I dont know if I’m the only one who dislike it but I’d rather use my own password than the number/code they randomly give every time you log in. They really need to update thier site and the cancellation/pause setup.

    • Yeah, their website is really bad. I don’t get why such a visible company doesn’t hire a web designer for their beauty box subscribers.

  43. I love all these items, and I hope they don’t have a lot of variations on these end of the year boxes 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

    • Right? I Loved it back when everyone got the same things; I think the variations pisses a lot of people off. I would LOVE to get this box, the Sunday Riley products I’ve been wanting to try, but Cant pay that much unless they Really Work on my skin. The Caudalie product would be fun to try, also the lip balm. I don’t mind the sizes being what they are as I’ve read they’re very full. The First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream (in this size) is a staple for my nightstand. And I Just ran out of my current deluxe sample size so this will be used. I love this box I just HATE the idea that mine could show up totally different. Wish they’d stop with the variations they had a good thing going (as Least with me) for years and then late 2017, like November, since then I feel like it’s gone downhill. Slowly but if you’ve been a member since 2015 (or earlier) it’s noticeable

      • I agree with this. I *think* it was November last year they started with the variations. It just killed me. I hated that about Birchbox and Play and canceled those because of it. My other beauty sub is Macy’s, and I chose that mostly due to no variations. Thank goodness that’s still going strong.

  44. I cancelled last month. Tired of the crappy customer service, worthless website, no emails when it ships, never knowing when the money was coming out and variations.

  45. Version 1? I was about to get back in Allure starting Oct, but very disappointing seeing variations again. Will wait to see what the other variations are.

  46. My Sept box hasn’t even shipped yet. After next months box, I’m done with Allure!

    • Same here! I was billed on 10th. No shipping details yet.

      • I was billed on 10th then again yesterday but nothing has shipped and no answer from customer service 2 payments no boxes

      • Same here! So frustrating and unprofessional from a company as big as ALLURE/Conde Nast. I planned to email them today until I read all these comments about CS not responding.

      • I got shipping details today. It was also delivered today. smh

    • I just got my shipping email last night. So maybe you will get yours soon if they send one out. I know Allure doesnt always send their shipping emails. Good luck!

    • I get one through amazon and my account always tells me when it shipped, the tracking works, and.. I got my box yesterday !! I got the facial and not the cream which is good because I was ready to call and freak out on them for the bait and switch bull. Way better than through allure site.

    • Mine just shipped today, after being billed more than a week ago. OTOH, my Amazon subscription shipped within 24 hrs of having started it, and should be here before the regular box – same with July (my July box from Allure didn’t get here until August!). Not sure why Allure can’t get their shipping figured out. (I will say, they included an extra product in my July box – the CLE melting lipsticks, which I’d wanted to try – presumably as an apology for shipping so late. That was unexpected and nice.)

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