Margot Elena Discovery Box Fall 2018 – Exclusive Spoiler #1!

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We have the first spoiler for the Fall 2018 Margot Elena box – exclusively for MSA readers!

Each box will include:

TokyoMilk Rose with Bees Bubble Bath – $22

Featured Fragrance:
Gin & Rosewater No.12

Fragrance Notes:
A beautiful balance: Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa & Mandarin

Peer through the looking glass. Luxurious chattering bubbles boast a delightful surprise.

Key Ingredients:
Extract of Japanese Green Tea, hydrating Avocado and Olive Oils and Vitamin E.

What do you think of the spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

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  1. It’s here and TO DIE FOR

    • OMG Beth! I don’t know what the protocols are around spoilers – but share the details somehow!

      • Candle, lip scrub

    • Send Liz a pic and she may post it as Full Spoilers

      • I sent Liz the pic and product info! So, eye mask, journal, tote, soap, hand cream, body cream, shower gel, bubble bath, perfume roller ball, chapstick…

        • So excited!

          • It’s ridiculously good! Mainly Lollia and Tokyo milk. The variation of products is amazing. The tote is adorable. Eye mask is GORGEOUS. The candle smells so
            Good. I’m in heaven!!!! You guys will LOVE

        • Thanks million, Beth! Sounds fantastic! Very excited to receive mine!

    • Spoilers are on instagram if you search the hashtag #margotelena

    • Liz posted Beth’s spoilers and I’m even more excited now. THANK YOU BETH and LIZ!

    • Thank you Beth!!

  2. It’s out on the truck for delivery today! Yay!! I bet Liz will be posting spoilers soon

    • I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait for spoilers. Mine says tomorrow but FedEx always adds a day so it will be Monday.

  3. So excited my one box is due this Friday!! Hopefully someone will receive it earlier since I love spoilers.

  4. I’m so excited! I got a delivery notice in my email. It’s my first box! I don’t know what to expect because we only got one spoiler! It’s weight is 3.5 lbs. is that about average? The first box looked so full!

    • I think the dimensions and weight are pre-populated and the same every time, but don’t worry, it’s always a big beautiful box loaded with goodies.

  5. *SQUEE* I just received a shipping notification indicating that I might receive the fall box on Friday! I’ve been going through spoiler withdrawal so I can’t wait! Anyone receiving their boxes earlier?

    • I got my shipping notice too – it’s weird not having spoilers, but maybe I should let it be a surprise this time around.

      • I always say I’m going to let myself be surprised, but I can never wait. As soon as I see someone else post spoilers, I’m frantically loading the page. Sadly, mine has been updated to end of day Saturday now. The tease is agonizing.

  6. I have an annual sub as of spring; received the summer box as my first.

    No shipping notice yet, though, for this one. Should I ask them about it?

    • I only got my shipping notice last night. Also an annual subscriber. It’s still pretty early yet, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • I get 2 annual subs sent here. One for dil. Shipping notices arrived 8/10 Mon. and the second today 8/12.
      I think they may stagger shipping? If nothing by Friday a.m I would probably call but I’m impatient 😋

  7. Just got shipping notice with delivery date of tomorrow! I’m so excited!! (I live 40 minutes from their warehouse) This is awesome because last time it took forever to get here with smartpost

    • woooohoooo give us spoilers please 🙂

    • Yes pease post spoilers!

    • Yay! That’s awesome. Mine is due for delivery on Monday!! Still super excited since there’s only been one spoiler. I’m dying to find out what’s in it. The summer box was great! I absolutely love the turkish towel

    • I may be refreshing this thread every 2 minutes for your spoilers. 🙂

      • It hasn’t been delivered yet but I promise to keep everyone posted! Says end of day today….I will update as soon as I open it. Maybe someone else will get theirs too!! Lets all agree to share ASAP!

        • Mine is coming tomorrow too

        • Delivery on mine has changed from the 13th to the 14th boo

          • My tracking just updated. Mine is not due until 9/20….

          • Mine changed from today to tomorrow. The anticipation is killing me, I’m a front door stalker!

  8. Any coupon codes?

  9. This is my 1st box & I am so excited. I am familiar w/her products & love them. Hoping there is a candle in it. I was wondering when the fall box ships?

    • I just received my shipping notice today.

      • Me too, my first box….i can hardly wait!!! 🙂

    • I received shipping notice today also. This is my first Margot Elena box, I am so excited!

    • I got my shipping notification today! So, everyone should get theirs soon, is expect.

  10. I sprung for an annual subscription in mid-August based on this review and the awesome reader tip on the coupon code – thank you so much KatS! Unfortunately the Fall box was already sold out so I have to wait for the Winter box. Still psyched about it and planning to mine it for office Christmas gifts (assuming it gets to me in time). I so appreciate the detailed reviews on MSA and the helpful reader comments. This is an awesome little community.

  11. I pre ordered this fall box when the summer box sold out. I have not received any information yet from them but am SO excited for the box to arrive. I like only one spoiler was released to us!

  12. Any more spoilers???

    • The Margot Elena Instagram said no more spoilers 🙁 Good news is they are packing boxes and shipping shortly! In a way I’m happy because I’m forced into surprise for once

      • Good point. And I’m an annual subscriber so, I’m getting it spoilers or not!

  13. I love that we are finally getting a bubble bath, but I’m a little disappointed since the Gin/Rosewater is not one of my favorite scents. (I wasn’t a fan of either the candle or the perfume in that scent – I didn’t hate it, just didn’t like it that much.) So, I will probably be gifting it.

  14. Just got billing notice so I’m getting super excited! Hoping for one of those cute Tokyo milk totes, plus the new product line looks amazing!!

    • Darn, I haven’t received anything. Are you seasonal or annual?

      • I’m seasonal. Just emailed and asked to be bumped to annual. Email says payment comes out September 1 and box ships shortly thereafter. Would love another spoiler!

        • Oh! Customer service informed me that August 31 is the last day code 302018 will work. FYI!!! It’s such a great deal

          • I signed up for an annual subscription with the code a while back because it seemed like a good deal. And I’ve never subbed to this box before, so I’m hoping it is worth the hype!

      • I got a notice it will be billed on the 1st too. I also got my shipping notice from fff! Can’t wait for September and all my quarterly sub boxes!

      • I don’t think annual gets a billing statement since we’re charged one time for the year. Only a shipping notice.
        I’m dying for more spoilers. Would have purchased at the Labor Day sale if I knew what was in the box.
        My husband is very grateful I didn’t 😂

  15. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many Discovery Boxes are ordered/sent every season?

    • There are four per year total on the annual.

      With seasonal you receive a box for the season you ordered.

      Well worth it!

  16. Do you think that since this product can be used as a bubble bath/shower gel and hand wash, could I use it on my Chihuahua? She would smell so yummy! I am just not sure if there are certain ingredients that aren’t dog friendly I need to watch out for.

    • I wouldn’t use anything like this on dogs. The fragrances could irritate their skin, eyes, nose, be too strong of smell for a dog, etc. Their noses smell about 40 time greater than our noses.

    • I’m a dog groomer and I don’t think that would be a good idea. It could definitely cause a reaction to the skin or eyes. I would suggest only using products that are specific to pets.

  17. I just saw on website that the Fall boxes are sold out. Glad I ordered one.

    • oh no 🙁 i was waiting till payday, i knew i was pushing my luck and it might be sold though…bummer i really wanted to sign up in time for fall.

  18. Does anyone know how strong the scents in ME boxes are? The boxes look lovely but I am worried that the perfume will be too strong and cause migraines in me.

    • I love every scent… I personally do not think they are strong… I think that are soft notes.
      I love all ME products

    • I am worried about this too! I recently signed up, the fall box will be my first one. Hopefully I can handle most of the scents. If not, they will be really nice gifts!

      • Depends on the item. I recieved some bar soaps in the summer box and they said perfumed so they were pretty strong. Of the lotions I have used they didn’t seem too strong to me.

    • It varies. If you dislike strong perfume, MR might not be the box for you since her unique scents are a big part of the box.

      Some are far softer scents (Willow and Water, Cucumber and Honey, Gin and Rosewater, etc.) The Tokyomilk and Tokyomilk Dark lines seem to have the strongest perfumes. However, while I’m bugged by strong musky perfumes and sometimes get headaches from those, I’ve never had a problem with an ME perfume. Her perfume notes tend to be a lot more natural and so they don’t seem to have that synthetic smell problem that bugs me with many commercial perfumes.

      The Gin and Rosewater is a fairly soft scent, so you probably wouldn’t have trouble with the Bubble bath. And, every box comes with a wide variety of items. I tend to keep the items I like and pass the few I don’t care for as much off as gifts.

      • Thank you for all the information and taking the time to answer my question! 🙏🤗

  19. I’m desperately hoping for some jewelry or a beaded bag or clutch! Her items are so beautiful, unique and thoughtful….especially the necklaces.

    With the Turkish towel in the summer edition maybe ME sourced a piece from the Life + Home line, for the box again!! The beaded crossbody bags are stunning! The jewelry is a mix of contemporary elements with a boho theme. I’m in love with so many pieces…

    No matter what, I’m on beauty overload…it’s also so refreshing to see a successful woman entrepreneur who incorporates her own artistic value in the product line. Has anyone seen the “Fabric by the Yard” in the Library of Flowers category? I love the founder’s story…her success is 20 years in the making and inspirational!!

    • I also would love one of the beaded clutches. They are timeless and could be worn with anything! I al would love to have some of the fabrics they now offer.

  20. I bought the foaming soap dispensers to cut down on water usage when washing hands. Bubble baths are a luxury in this drought. This will be perfect mixed in them and smell so beautiful. I’ll keep the full bubbles by the shower to use as gel.
    In the Summer box the bath soak turned in to a foot soak for home pedi’s. Great with the foot scrub and cream. I don’t think ME could ever disappoint.

  21. I decided to sub to this box when FFF came out with their spoilers, because I didn’t want to miss out on this one again. I figured once ME released their spoilers it would sell out before I could get it. I use bubble bath for a body wash or I might give it to my mom. I can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers, I’m so excited to get it.

  22. I hope this box stays focused on its higher end lines!!!!

  23. Margot Elena is my favorite sub box ever, and I’m thrilled with everything they send. So much so that I bought 2 subs!
    There’s a use for things we might not all use regularly, as many have said, or gift the one bottle of bubble bath for Christmas. 🙂

    • LOL – I hear you. I’m up to 3 subscriptions. I finally went with the annual subscription thinking I’d drop one of my quarterly but decided to keep all 3. Tons of women in my family to share with.

  24. Sorry palette person. In case ME people are reading these comments: the last thing in the world your delightful box needs is a palette in it. Palettes are one of THE most overdone item in boxes.

    • Agreed. I so hope they don’t ever do make-up!

      • Totally agree ~ NO to eye shadow pallets!!! This box is awesome AS IS!!!! 😎👍🏻❤️

    • Agree, no make up!

    • I agree too! I really don’t care to see any make up in this box. There are enough other beauty boxes for that!

  25. PSA – just in case anyone missed it, it looks like the code 302018 still works to take 30% off your subscription, bringing an annual down to $126 before tax and shipping.

    • Yes! Thank you. I just used it!

    • Thank you!!! I wanted this box so bad but was trying to be financially responsible. But 30% off makes me feel much less guilty! Yay!

    • Thank you so much for the code! This pushed me over the edge and I finally gave in and subbed. Can’t wait!

    • thank you for the code – been waiting for one

    • Thank you for the code. I used it today.

    • Thank you so much! I’d been paying for mine each season in case I needed to cancel, but with this level of savings I went ahead and paid for a year. It’s like getting a whole box free! I’m so tempted to get another subscription for my mom or sister.

    • How does 30% off $200 come to $126?
      I paid $180 for an annual sub, plus $6.95 shipping, per box. I’d do better to cancel, and then resub!

      • I believe it’s $180 minus 30% = $126, plus shipping x 4.

  26. I love bubble bath! This made me pull the trigger on this box at last 🙂

  27. YAY!! I’m so excited!! I LOVE their bubble bath! What a nice treat. This will be my 2nd box, and I have to say the 1st box is my favorite of all the subscriptions I’ve ever tried. It was put together and packaged with so many nice little touches (the poem, the wrapping) and it was such a nice experience to open it. Most other boxes feel like I’m being marketed to. This box feels like opening a gift.

    I hope the next box will also include something with the cake scent!

  28. I’ve seen this box’s customer service reps commenting to MSA posts before, so just in case, let me say that I would LOVE to receive the TokyoMilk eye shadow palette in one of the boxes.

    I also agree with other commenters that I would enjoy receiving Love & Toast products mixed in with Margot Elena’s higher-end lines, too. Especially some of those delicious-sounding lip butters.

    • I like make up, too! Just keep mixing it up ME! All of your products are lovely and I’m happy to gift to my family and friends anything that is not a perfect match for me!

  29. This will be my first box, but I have had the Let Them Eat Cake Perfume, and loved it! Love the Love and Toast line, too! Margot Elena has such beautiful packaging! The Tokyo Milk Collection is wonderful!!

  30. Anyone know the ingredients?

    • Key Ingredients:
      Extract of Japanese Green Tea, hydrating Avocado and Olive Oils and Vitamin E.

      • do they only list the “Key” ingredients? That’s kinda scary, wonder what “All” the ingredients are.

        • Camelia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Paeonia Albiflora (Peony) Flower Extract, Lilium Candidum (White Lily) Bulb Extract, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Purified Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium (C14-16) Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl, Betaine, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Lauramide DEA, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium PCA, Allatoin, Glycerine, Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid.

  31. This is wonderful, I’m very happy with this first spoiler. For those complaining about not being able to use bubble bath, just use it as hand soap or shower gel. Same formulas just different names! If you don’t like the scent, it makes a luxurious gift!

  32. This will be my first box and I’m super excited for it! I can’t use bubble bath so I’ll use it as a body wash instead. 🙂

  33. Bubble bath is a BIG NO NO for me. I’d get so irritated in my girl parts it wouldn’t be funny. In all actuality this type of product should NEVER be in any sub boxes. The ingredients are too subjective to causing UTI’s and irritation for girls/women.

    • I think I am going to try and use mine as a body wash. I use a feminine wash that’s PH balancing for the lady parts. 🙂

    • I don’t think it should never be in boxes. There are plenty of people who enjoy a bubble bath, and don’t have issues. But I’ll probably use this as body wash instead.

    • I got one as a gift and I don’t do bubble baths either for the same reason. I used it as a body wash and it worked great. So it’s not a total loss if you don’t do baths.

    • I disagree. Try it as a hand soap or a body wash. 🙂

  34. Love this box! Everything is so beautiful in it. My only disappointment is that this particular Rose/Gin scent was given out in a spray two boxes ago (spring box) and it wasn’t a good scent for me. I wish she had picked another scent to feature. With this being said, her boxes are incredible and by far my favorite to get. If you are on the fence about getting this box then I highly recommend taking the plunge. The boxes are wonderful!

    • I love the scent. Do you want to unload your perfume? Maybe we can figure out a way I can take it off your hands?

      • I LOVE this scent as well and will gladly take any off of anyone’s hands as well.

  35. I love the bubble bath and will be keeping it for myself. I’m excited that this box comes out well timed before Christmas so I can start crossing people off my list. This will be my first box.

  36. Yes! I love bubble bath. Not sure I’ll use this one though because it makes a gorgeous display item, or even a great gift. My grandma loves all things rose so I may have to give it to her. She’s probably never used such a high end bath product.

  37. Yay!! I absolutely LOVE this sub, so excited for the fall box. Whatever I don’t use makes a wonderful gift.

  38. Hope we get more spoilers before the box sells out. Had to give up bubble bath years ago due to it causing chronic infections. 🙁

    • Ya, I agree on the infections. I’ll likely use this for body wash, or like someone else said, a foot soak. If you’re on the fence with this one, I’d definitely go for it. It’s worth it, and they sell out quickly! I’m actually surprised we got a spoiler before it sold out this time.

  39. I love that they keep coming up with new products. I hate rose but for some reason love gin and rosewater, so excited about this.

  40. This is as beautiful as it is functional to me. I love baths in cold weather.

  41. I don’t take baths but would make for a nice gift.

  42. I love bubble bath but not the scent. We were already given an item with it before, trying to find new ones. But I’ll probably use it since it’s too heavy to swap.

    • You can ship some heavy items in the flat rate bubble mailers you can order from USPS and they ship for $7.15.

      • That’s a lot considering the low rv of the item. Not worth it to me

  43. Just subscribed to this now! I don’t use bubble bath but am sure will use the rest of the box. I have loved all of the reviews so far and happy that Fall is still available! I am down to just FFF and Allure so this will be a nice addition. I am eyeing Crate Chef though, going through box withdrawal, lol.

  44. Nice!! And so pretty.

  45. I am such a bath person. I can’t wait!

  46. I don’t like bath foam, but this would make a beautiful gift.

  47. For those of us that don’t take baths, could bubble bath be used as body wash? What does everyone think?

    • I frequently use bubble bath as a body wash. I also use it as a foot soak.

      • True! I forgot i did that before as well with a bubble foam from Popsugar…

      • Ooooh, I love the foot soak idea. Thanks!

    • I’m planning on trying the same thing…

    • …..often use bubble bath as a body wash too!! Works well & bubbles are always welcome…..Love this box…. 🙂

    • Yes! I actually bought a bubble bath pump, and use it as hand soap. It is also great for a shower gel. Essentially the same thing!

    • The Tokyo Milk Instagram post with this spoiler says it can be used as a shower gel or a hand soap for those who are not able or interested in using it as a bubble bath item.

  48. I am excited about this box. Love the Gin & Rosewater scent and would love to try the bubble bath!

  49. Looks wonderful! Anything I can’t use is a appreciated gift for someone. Does it ship in September? Can’t wait! My favorite box.

  50. Pretty, but i live in city n dont take baths. Would love to see Love & Toast line in here…

    • Love and Toast is sold at my grocery store. I’m happy they’re sticking to the more expensive lines.

      • I’ve seen a few Love and Toast items on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx recently. Also I picked up a full sized Lollia Calm hand cream for $3.99!

        • This is as beautiful as it is functional to me. I love baths in cold weather.

        • Oh Really!! Thx u for the tip!!

          • The TJ Max’s in other areas must be nice compared to the one near me. Mine the beauty items look like they have been used, no seals, boxes are beat up looking, and the area is just a mess. When I see it like that my first thought is how many knockoffs are mixed in with this stuff. I can’t bring myself to buy any of their beauty items.

        • yea, i am sure a lot of the stores that carry these lines unload the older stuff at TJMaxx 😀 – I have seen Library of Flowers at TJMaxx too..

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