Ipsy September 2018 Spoilers Round #3!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have more spoilers for the September 2018 Ipsy glam bag!

Here are some of the items being sampled:

Here’s the first look at the glam bag design:

What do you think of the bag design?

What do you think of the spoilers?

Ipsy is $10 a month. If you sign up in August, your first month will be September. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

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  1. I’ve gotten two glam bags so far. My September bag had only the Wonder Woman brush. I believe everything else In my bag was from previous months. Is this typical?

  2. my spoiler has me very excited

    Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliant
    Steve Laurant Beauty blush in rose’ all day or I’m blushing
    Skone mini liner
    Bellapierre lipstick
    WW brush

  3. Diggin the Ipsy Glam Bag for September.

    Just checked the Spoiler for me. Wanna know what’s in the bag?

    Mini Lip Glaze in English Rose OR Mumbai Magenta

    Winkey LUX in Ursula

    Touch of Sol Primer

    Luxie Wonder Woman blender 140


    LXMI Cream Du Nil


    I think my year is up soon but I will probably renew again. I like the Ipsy experience. The spoilers are fun. I love the weekly deals and getting cash back on purchases is a big plus. Not to mention the discounts on brands I love and the new indie brands being introduced. My skin is never felt better and I am getting compliments daily on how good it looks. People are asking me what I use? That is a wonderful feeling at 50. LOL

  4. With all of the amazing skin care spoilers, I’m just a littleeee disappointed with my bag:
    *Hempz Body Cream (I buy this lotion in huge bottles from amazon, I wish this wasn’t included in 1 of my 5 picks)
    *Marc Anthony Miracle Treatment
    *Trust Fund Beauty nail polish (will be very happy if it’s the mermaid vibes shade)
    *Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer (again, a product I buy regularly with no need to sample)
    *Winky Lux eyeshadow

  5. Is it just me or is the Wonder Woman Luxie brush not the one they pictured in the spoilers? I just went on the Ipsy site to look at all the products they are featuring this month and it is a blender brush that people are getting instead of the one that was in the spoilers. With that being said, Ipsy hit it out of the park for me this month!! I just saw my glam bag for the month and I couldn’t of picked better products for myself!! The best five I would of picked out of what they are offering this month is exactly what they gave me. Thank you Ipsy!! Cannot wait for Ipsy Plus next month!!!

    • I don’t think you are wrong. It definitely is an eyeshadow blending brush. I’m getting one in my Glambag which really doesn’t make sense. Lol! I love Wonder Woman and I love ipsy but I don’t wear eyeshadow. But ipsy just keeps sending me at least one eyeshadow brush every other month at the very least. Got one last month too and I rate them all extremely low. I will be listening it on the swap page.

      • You can email ipsycare and opt out of 2 categories. I feel the same way about eyeshadow and brushes so I opted out of both.

    • That’s awesome!!! So what’d you end up receiving?

  6. Reveals are up now without the hack:

    I’ve cut back to one bag per month, and I’m getting:

    1) Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Cream( looks like lotion to me)

    2) HOURGLASS COSMETICS Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

    3) Pretty Woman nail polish in Nude Or Nothing

    4) Meech and Mia pressed eye shadow in Gunmetal ( this is gorgeous!)

    5) EVA NYC Satin Dream Leave-in Cream ( gonna try to opt out of hair stuff. This is my hated item right here).

  7. Pretty sure the other brush is a Harley Quinn inspired eyeshadow brush and I am DYING to have it!!

  8. Ipsy glitched yesterday and I saw what I am getting. Only one of my items are on spoilers .
    Smash box liquid lipstick in babe alert

    2 Botanic Farm natural energy avocado masks

    Evelyn Iona green tea primer full size!

    Doucce bronzer in Sunbeam

    Katherine cosmetics eyeshadow in expresso.

  9. Ipsy hack is live for me

    • Mine too! I’m so excited! Getting an amazing bag!

      -111skin space defence bright eye gel- So excited about trying this!
      -marc anthony true professional bye bye frizz miracle treatment
      -trestique mini lip glaze english rose or mumbai magenta
      -smashbox cosmetics photo finish primerizer
      -skone cosmetics tattooed eyeliner- I think this is full sized!

  10. OK Ipsy I’m intrigued I’m looking 👀 now, I might have to un-pause, but I might wait a month and see if they keep it up and what everyone else gets. Ipsy let me down for a couple months so I paused for awhile.

  11. If you go to Ipsy app or website and look under your beauty news you can see some things coming in Sept bag like baby blue eyeliner!!

  12. I might end up picking up this sub again. They sent me an email with a free gift option and one of the options is the Clinique ‘almost lipstick’ in black honey which I’ve tried before and loved – but my toddler played with it and it got ruined. A lot of the spoilers look very nice, so I’ll just have to double check my profile.

  13. I’d love to get a mascara in my September bag. My Benefit RollerLash from August Birchbox has gone missing and that was my first eyeliner from a sub. 🙁

  14. I was most excited about the bellapierre lipstick…. until I saw the picture. I’m so hoping there are more colors because that color looks like concealer on me (I actually have the color, so I know) and I am a pasty yet olive undertone vampire lady. I really like bellapierre stuff, but it just seems like there are no warm lipstick colors. Everything is either way too light or blue reds and purples. And that’s with a looot of the more natural makeup product companies. I want 90s browns and burgundies lipsticks. I wish that was an “opt in” option. hehe OOH, actually that should be in the quiz! “What decade do you most identify with makeup-wise.” IPSY PLEASE PUT THIS QUESTION IN OUR QUIZ!

    • Haha, I would definitely have to say 90s to that question, though I’d probably change it to 60s for some months too.

    • Ooh yes! I’d go for the sixties makeup look as this was the decade I got initiated into makeup. I am in a time warp, especially the Twiggie makeup look!

  15. I love my ipsy subscription box and I’m hoping for any brushes and foundations and fragrances and lippys. I can’t wait for the Ipsy plus because I’m on that and $25 for 5 full sizes is not bad and we’ll worth more than $100 value. Can’t wait, so excited.

    • They’re promising a value of $120, more than boxycharm and their $100 guarantee. It does look great. Too bad so many of us seem to have been left out of it 🙁

  16. Gotta say, if I wasn’t looking forward to possible offers that Ipsy gives daily, I may opt out of this month. There’s only select items I’d want to get so far based on spoilers and I only rarely get what I want. I better not get red lipstick. -.-

    • I have to agree. I love the Ipsy Offers, if not for the deals I get there I would cancel my glam bag. I hear Ipsy is going to be doing a more expensive Ipsy Plus option. I would hope that includes better personalization, because there is no way I am going to even consider giving Ipsy more money to send me items I don’t have marked on my profile. It’s one thing to get a lipstick in a shade that doesn’t work for me. It’s another when they send me another eyeliner that I don’t have chosen, because I have more than I will ever use. Work on personalization and follow the beauty profile for your normal glam bags Ipsy, then we’ll talk about your more expensive improvements.

  17. I’d be really happy with any of the brushes, smashbox lippie, nail polish(was in my improve bag), sheet masks and eye serum. Just please, no eyeliner or mascara. I’m drowning in both. Seems like another good month for Ipsy, I see lots I’d be happy to try!

    • If you haven’t done it already, you can email Ipsycare and request to opt out of mascara and eyeliner. I did that with blush and bronzer and haven’t received either since!

  18. WIshin and hopin for the Hourglass mascara, that purple eyeshadow and the Wonder Woman brush!

    • YES! I want that Wonder Women brush also!!! Fingers crossed

    • I really want that Wonder Woman brush too!!! I think a lot of people want that brush..

  19. Hoping for the lip glaze,nail polish and one of the mascaras. Cute bag!

  20. Hi Liz, is it true that Ipsy is creatung a luxe box also that will consist of 5 full sized products and a guess a different price that is supposed to start sometime next year. Im all fornthe full sizes hut jot a price increase… Ipsy does give some good products. I was just wondering if you knew anytjing about it
    I know they sent one of the influencers a new box with a bag inside and some full sized products.. i appre CV iate any information that you may have..Tha.ks so much

    • If you check out Leah janae’s you tube channel she opens the Ipsy Plus box! You get 5 Full sized products like: Tarte Blush, Morphe Palette, Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, Buxom Mascara, and a Sunday Riley Moisturizer! Don’t know price yet.

      • It comes out later this year

      • If you check out Madison Miller’s YouTube channel she opens the Ipsy Plus box and shows the items up close. Still don’t know the price though. She works for Ipsy too!

  21. I am so glad i have 5 ipsys! Cause they are killinv it with spoilers for September!

    • 5 Ipsys!??! That’s awesome 😀 I hope you get a nice variety of products between your bags!

  22. I’m loving September so far! I like the bag too!

  23. Do you have any information on the Ipsy glam bag plus yet?

    • For anyone wondering about what I’m talking about the box is in courtlundquistt story on instagram ❤️

  24. I’m still wishing for the Huda Lippie….

    • It’s not anything to be excited about. I had it in my bag, was excited to get it, I got the colour bombshell, and it’s kinda too orangey for my skin, also it doesn’t seem to dry? It’s very sticky, and also gets cakey looking after a bit of wearing it. Smells good, that’s about the only plus I’ll give it!

      • I have the Huda lippie in bombshell and it comes out as a light pink colour on me but looks medium pink in tube! However I recd the colour “Trophy Wife” from Ipsy last mth and fell in love with it! Not drying at all and feels comfortable on💖 Strange because i did not care for the bombshell one.

  25. Of course… I received Benefit Hoola Bronzer this month in my Sephora Bag and knowing my luck I will probably receive it again in my ipsy bag next month and I don’t even use Bronzers! I have noticed here lately that ipsy includes samples for the month that were in other brands of boxes the month before. Is ipsy a copy kat??

    • I think it’s more that the various cosmetics companies just give all the box companies the same samples. Eyeko and kat von d eyeliners and MUFE and that rosewood lipstick spring to mind.

    • Ipsy lines these months in advance, so they were probably late to the sign up partu

  26. Ipsy why is it whenever I think I’m going to be able to stay away for a while, you suck me back in with awesome spoilers! The bag, the Wonder Woman luxie brush! Smashbox primerizer! I cannot just not try out this month! Ohh I wish my luck would be such to get these *le sigh

  27. This month is full of so many awesome things! Seems impossible to get a bag with nothing I like at this point. (Still mostly hoping for that WW brush tho).

  28. That Winky Lux eye shadow and Trestique lippie 😍 Anyone know what kind of lip the Trestique is considered? A balm?

    • I was wondering that too! So I just made sure I had lipstick and lip balm only selected in my preferences. Surely it’s not considered a liquid lip or gloss. Hope we get it!

    • If you go to their website there is a video showing you. I think it’s more of a solid from what it looks like.

  29. I want both red brushes, foundation, cleanser, lotion, and Smashbox lippy. Basically almost everything looks pretty good though!

  30. Spoilers are good so far for September.
    I’d love the smash box primer water, MUFE foundation , that moisturizer and creme shop item. Even though I’m on blush and mascara over load I’d be OK with any of those mascaras or morphe blush….actually even the brushes and eye shadows being offered are nice.

    So actually based off these spoilers alone I’d be happy, but they always add additional items .

  31. I had played with profile to try and get WW brush but now that they added eye brush I am not taking chance . I hate getting brushes but thought WW was so cute. I really hope to get Smash box liquid lip maybe an eye shadow and Hempz lotion . I hope not to get skin care or mascara.

  32. I like the bag! I’d kill for the Morphe blush, Smashbox primerizer, and the Makeup Forever foundation but I know I’ll never get any of those 🙁

    • Are you aware under the membership tab on your account you can ‘select’ the specific products for the upcoming three months that you wSnt/don’t want? Just roll through the items provided under ‘I’m not hAppy with the personalization’. I’ve been doing this for about six months now and every month I’ve gotten three items I checked that I wanted and none of the items I checked I didn’t.

      • Ps my bags take a few days extra to arrive since I started doing this but it’s worth it

      • Not everyone has that option available. I’ve been subbed for years and still can’t see it. Some have suspected it was rolled out first to those who routinely rate their bags low.

        • I rate my stuff really high in general, and I had it on my account, but then I switched to an annual membership and suddenly it was gone from my profile. Still annoyed about that since I HAD it 🙁 It’s been ages, and I don’t get why everyone doesn’t have it still.

          • I have had mine for a year, monthly subscription , gave a few of my bags low rating, skipped January no survey only Subscription tab. Thought maybe it was given to new subscribers but daughter just got Ipsy and she does not have survey either.

          • I had the survey thing too and then yes all of a sudden it was gone! Don’t know why 😢.

      • I had to go hunting for it the first time. For me (on Android) it’s account > edit account settings > membership > improve glam bag products.

        • Yep. Where you see “membership” some of us have “subscription” and don’t have the same options…

        • Omg I found the survey!!! I have an iPhone it was under my account, edit account settings then membership and then improve glam bag products!! They moved it, everything on my survey was either eye liners, moisturizers or hair products. All three things I don’t like or want. I did have the Smashbox primerizer as an option so praying I get it!!

        • Thanks for posting this! I saw a lot of items I hope I don’t get. I didn’t know choosing items was an option.

      • Thanks so much, Courtney! I’ve looked for this before but thought I must not have it. After reading your instructions I gave it another go and found it! I don’t know if this matters to others that are searching for it, but I use the Ipsy app vs going to their website using a browser. I’m so excited to see how this works out! Although I did feel a little bad saying I was unhappy because I just resubbed after a year long break and so far I have been pretty pleased overall. Especially after reading the super helpful advice on here for tweaking your profile/preferences. I know that helped for sure.

        • As I said, I’ve done it for several months now and I’ve tweaked my profiles on all three of my accounts and it’s worked like a charm every month. Note… I only have the option available on two of my accounts and not on the third and I have no idea why this is… but if you update it every month after the first, we’ll all I can say is that my products have improved to the point I’ve kept all three accounts lol. Rarely do I not get something I’ve wanted now. Sometimes it’s not the exact product.. like I said yes to one brand of mascara and I didn’t get that one but I did get A mascara that month…

  33. I’ve been loving ipsy lately! A lot I haven’t seen in other sub boxes

  34. Hoping for either of the eyeshadows, they look so pretty!! Of course, I’ll never get them….

  35. The bag is so cute! I hope I get that blending brush!

  36. I’m really enjoying the spoilers for September. I’ll be happy with any of it.

  37. The bag looks pretty except for the white eyelashes on it. Other than that, it like like a pretty good mix of products.

  38. Really hoping for the Milk mascara and the Winky lux eyeshadow!

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