CAUSEBOX Flash Sale – Save $15 Off of the Summer Box #2!

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For a limited time, use coupon code LASTFEW to save $15 off your first box when you sign up for a new CAUSEBOX subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a quarter)

If you sign up now, Summer Box #2 will be your first box. Check out our review of the Summer Box #2 to see all the items!

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!

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  1. I wonder how this is going to impact the fall box if they are still shipping /trying to sell summer #2 boxes. It’s mid-August and so far their have been no fall spoilers. Fall box billing is Sept 1, will there be spoilers before that and will the shipping timeline be pushed back?

  2. I got my shipping notice today…stating there would be…no kimono. They didn’t want me to wait any longer. Really!? It’s been over 8+ weeks…now there’s a concern? The lies…the subscribers would be a priority. Nope. Expedited shipping. Nope. Now mid-August-no kimono. “We’ll ship it separately”

  3. Not happy at all. Haven’t received ANY SHIPPING information. I purchased July 13,2018. Very unacceptable. First time subscriber. I want a full refund instead.

    • It sounds as though other people have gotten emails explaining the delay and offering refunds or at least cancelling orders after they asked and getting refunded if it hasn’t shipped. I suggest contacting Causebox and asking.

      • A long apology for the delay was all over their instagram, it seems they finally are shipping out

  4. This was my first box with Causebox and I LOVED it. I mean, I have always liked the idea of sustainable goods, fair trade, women empowering etc but their previous boxes just weren’t up to par with FFF, for example. I’m really happy they killed it with both their spring and summer boxes and if they continue doing it they will become a really big player in the game – I mean… they have all these good causes, awesome quality and if they continue with the excellent selection, FFF has no chance! Way to go, Causebox!

  5. I also never received my box and canceled earlier in the week, used the money for popsugar fall box instead.

  6. I’ve got to say, that is kind of lame of them. I totally understand their product issue, but it took over a month and a half and about a million emails from the time I paid for me to get my box, and I didn’t get a discount. With people still waiting on receiving theirs, they really should have held off on the discount.

    That said, I do really love this box. I’m wearing the kimono right now and it is fantastic.

    • Were you able to pick your color? I’m still on the fence about getting this box as a second box.

      • From what I understand if you just buy a seasonal (box at a time) sub you cannot pick the color of the kimono. If you upgrade to an annual, you can choose.

      • I chose seasonal, so no. But I really would have been happy with either, and I ended up getting the one I liked the most, so win.

  7. I’m still waiting to get my summer box…

  8. How can they do a sale when most of us are still waiting on our boxes? I dont think that’s very cool at all!! Should of at least waited until all back orders shipped!!

    • I suspect they are trying to clear out inventory before the Fall box. I think they were a bit caught off guard that the original Summer box sold out so quickly. They had to replace it with the second version Summer box before they anticipated (they posted about that on social media) and then on top of it they had a delay with one of the products when there was a family emergency. So that messed up all of the scheduling and postponed being able to seamlessly transition between boxes. And now it’s almost time for the Fall box already. Bring on the spoilers! Hopefully you get your box soon…I would totally buy this version box eventhough I’m a regular subscriber that alread got the original if I could choose my kimono color.

    • Wow you are still waiting on your summer box?! I’m so sorry! I thought they would have all shipped by now. How long ago did you order? Makes me a little concerned for the fall box 🤔

      • I’m waiting on mine too. There was a family emergency with the kimonos maker. I ordered a month and a half ago. It won’t be summer anymore by the time I get it!

      • All their other boxes have been on time! I’ve been subscribed off and on for a year and a half.

      • They need to start talking about the fall box. Get everything shipped and move on to FALL!!

    • Stillllll waiting on my box…despite emails promising that I’d be included in the first batch of boxes sent. While I was completely, 100 percent, understanding of the situation of the vendor and family delaying and needing more time, THIS is uncool.

      • I canceled mine the 4th time they pushed my delivery date back, after promising I’d be in the first batch. While I was really excited about this box, the excitement is gone. I don’t want to open a box full of summer items in September. I took the refund and put it toward a nice fall box instead.

        It’s not the delay that bothers me though. It’s the horrible communication and constant promises that they didn’t follow through on. Deck of Scarlet had a similar issue where the mascaras were stuck in customs for a long time. In the interest of keeping their customers happy, they just sent the palette without the mascara, which then then sent at a later date with two nice bonus items that were totally unnecessary. I don’t see why CauseBox couldn’t do something similar and just sent the rest of the box when promised, then sent out the kimonos separately as they came in.

        • Because it costs money to do all that? Everyone has such easy answers for solutions to problems that really aren’t solved that easily. Just double up on your mailings and give us other, extra free stuff. Um, ok…….you know how expensive postage is so that is a huge cost to the equation.

          • I have to agree. I have no actual data as proof but I assume Causebox has lower profit margins than some others since they have to provide subscribers a good deal yet still pay the artisans, who often handmake the stuff, a fair wage. Not to mention, boxes that make their own products can more easily give stuff away or take a hit on their profit. Causebox has to pay 3rd parties regardless.

          • I’m sure they have less of a profit margin, but since they are now willing to give this box away at a discount, I can’t see how asking them to do right by their subscribers should be such a hardship. It’s not an easy answer, but there are a dozen different ways that they could have handled this fiasco better than what they did. They certainly have lost many customers due to the horrible customer service, which is going to damage profit margins as well.

          • Jennifer – I agree that at the least they should have been upfront with communication if they were not (I didn’t buy this particular box so I don’t have first hand experience). And it’s a good point that if they are now offering a discount they could also offer one to those still waiting. It sounds like some people already got theirs a few weeks ago so there must have been shipping waves.

          • Other sub boxes make mistakes and have issues , but they put their customers first. Finally received my box yesterday almost 6 weeks after I ordered, now that summer is over.

            The biggest issue I have is their LACK of ethics- they directly LIED to me, telling me that they would never send ANY boxes out to influencers or reviewers, before ALL of their paying customers had received theirs. I sent them a screenshot of the MSA review of a FREE box, showing them they are the idiots, and calling them out on their lie to me. What kind of company directly lies to their customers? And after not doing anything to show they were at least apologetic, they further lower the price for others. Dermstore had an issue with the size of one of their items. They sent gift card for the FULL price of the box to every customer, no questions asked. And you still received the box (with the smaller item, but still). That’s a company who values their customers, and does the right thing. Causebox should have done SOMETHING. Not impressed. Cancelled. Way too many reputable boxes that don’t lie to their customers. There’s no excuse for that. Seriously.

          • They are. The boxes are being sent out in “batches” as they call it. The problem is that after several delays from the start, when they did get the kimonos, those of us that have waited since June were assured that we would be in the “first batch of boxes sent out.” However many of us were eagerly waiting for shipping notifications that didn’t arrive. With each email to CS, we are told “you’ll be in the next batch sent out by ….” then we aren’t. I had four of those direct communications with CS, being promised I’d be sent out in the next batch, with no follow through before I said “I don’t trust what you are telling me anymore, so refund please.” That’s the behavior I find disheartening.

            To put it in perspective, I’m a social worker. I make a career out of sticking up for the under-dog and I love it. So I loved CauseBox because they are all about helping those who have had the cards stacked against them. But I’m also all about integrity, and the disingenuous interactions with their customer service get me fired up. I love that they were understanding and kind to their venders during a family emergency, that just warms my heart. But they also need to treat customers with that same level of integrity.

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