Allure Beauty Box September SPOILER #2 + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the latest confirmed spoiler for the September Allure Beauty Box – just for My Subscription Addiction readers!

Every September 2018 box will include:

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial – 15 ml Value $24


MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo OR Lustering – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $18.50

What do you think of the latest spoiler? 

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers Allure leaked for the next few months. (Sizes, and if items are variants are still TBD unless noted.)

The September box:


The Best of Beauty

Enjoy five Best of Beauty Award-winning products in September’s Beauty Box! Our top picks include Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial, Tarte lashes, MAC’s cult favorite lipstick, and more.

The October 2018 box:

Luxe Fall Favorites

Upgrade your skin-care routine with Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and Good Genes from Sunday Riley, Hourglass mascara, YSL Tatouage Couture, and more.

The November 2018 box:

Mask Month

Get ready for an at-home spa day in November’s Beauty Box—just in time for the holidays. Inside, you’ll find our favorite masks from Glamglow, Lapcos, Star Skin, Glow Recipe and more.

The only sneak peek we have for December is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We are SO excited to reveal our next collaboration (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth the wait.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the August Box.

The August box includes:

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. When is the last day to sign up for the September box? Also, when should I sign up for it if I do not want to get August’s box?

    • I would wait till the first week in September to sign up. The August box is so lackluster that if you sign up anytime in August, I’m afraid there will be plenty left and they will take the opportunity to send you one. I signed up for the June box on the 5th and got it just fine. They don’t bill till the 8th and they don’t usually ship anything till the third week of the month.

  2. The August box has arrived! Nothing damaged, and I appreciate that the whole box is wrapped in sealed plastic. The shampoo and conditioner made the box feel heavy, and even though I wasn’t really thrilled to sample them, it kinda tricks my mind into thinking I really received something. July’s box have weight to it too. The boxes in the $10 range have no weight to them.

    Good box to try for newbie subscribers who aren’t on product overload yet. Will keep a close eye on those black eyeliners though, lol. Haven’t tried the August products but my first two months with Allure has been smooth sailing so far. Fingers crossed!

    • Woah, you got the August box already? Did you order through Allure or Amazon? Mine was just billed yesterday. Hoping you got yours from Allure and they are finally figuring out that they really don’t have to wait till the 3rd week of the month to start thinking about shipping. 😂

      • I got mine today as well. 🙂

    • Sadly I haven’t even received my July box yet.

  3. I left Boxycharm after getting the same thing every month! I was bored! This box is really a great replacement!

  4. If I sign up today can I still receive Allures August box? Also do you recommend this box to new subscribers

    • Yes & yes

  5. Well, this post reminded me that I never got the July box. I checked my account and it’s still “awaiting shipment”. I’ve emailed them, so we’ll see.

  6. I am curious about their next collaboration! I wonder what company or influencer we will be getting products from.

  7. Has anyone ever had a problem with switching their shipping address? I know allure doesn’t always have the best track record with shipping, so I’m just nervous I’ll switch it and then never get my box. Thanks in advance!

    • I changed my address a few months ago on my account and I didn’t have any problems. I’ve actually moved twice with my Allure Box and it was fine.

      • That makes me feel better! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi. I recently switched my mailing address and had no problem at all.

  8. This is awesome! Thank you Allure! You guys are so on point almost every single month and you’ve got the skincare market cornered for sure. I always know to expect great things from you.

  9. Hi Liz, is this going to be the same size we got I think it was in Allure before either Allure no wait it was Beautyfix do u know if that’s the same size? I know that’s been awhile back lol thanks and thank you for all the great updates! I love My Subscription Addiction 😍

  10. Has anyone used the Babyfacial before SR Luna Oil and/or Good Genes? Is it a good combination? I’m a Luna Oil/Good Genes devotee, and I’m always a little nervous about using another chemical exfoliator with it. I’ll do a spot test of course and probably even skip the SR steps after my first couple of uses of the Babyfacial, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience using the products from both companies in their routine. Thanks!

    • Like you Samme, I’m a die hard Good genes/Luna oil user. It just works really well for my skin. I’ve never tried the Babyfacial and am looking forward to trying it. But I will say this, the DE Glycolic Night Serum did not do my face any favors and I quickly went back to my luna oil.

    • If you have sensitive skin you’ll want to pass on the babyfacial, one of my friends and I both have combo sensitive and this product stung very bad. Not just mild irritation, it was actually painful. This may also be overkill and dry out your skin if you’ll be using it along with good genes (lactic acid) and Luna (retinoid). Always try a patch test first to be safe.

  11. All the spoilers list the items and say “and more”, so there will definitely be more than 4 items each month.

  12. I love the Drunk Elephant peel and tried a couple of dupes but no comparison. I treated myself to a full sized and it’s worth it. Noticeable to me in one use. Is this sample larger than the one we received in an earlier box? No matter that is the sample that got me hooked. And we actually received a full sized bottle of Sunday Riley CEO Serum and Avene Retinal as well from Allure this year. I just bought a back up of CEO since goodbye hyper-pigmentation & texture on deep toned African American skin. I got a bomb skin care routine from samples and I just use this to sample and try new things.I do skip some months just due to product overload. I wish I could afford all the boxes I ever wanted every month.

    • This is the same size sample that came in a past Play! box… almost a third of a full size! 🙂

      • Thanks Luna. For me, it was either Alllure or Beauty Fix… just remember I having a “oh have mercy my skin looks amazing” loosely translated. I tried a couple dupes and told myself they were close but my skin was not having it.. lol. For the record, it was a small tube.

  13. Very excited for this box! ooopsy, you can’t have 2 subs at the same time….found out the hard way….double ooopsy…

    • Really? So Allure won’t let you buy more than one box? I guess when a box contains coveted, high end items for $10 – $15, that makes sense.

      • Their system auto merges your accounts if you use the same name and card I think. Someone said they called cs and they helped her set up more than one box though.

        • Ah, ok. Thanks for the information. It just occurred to me that both my mom and I have Prime memberships (and she only lives a few minutes away from me), so I’ll probably get a box on my account and ask my mom to order a box on her account. That sounds like a better option to me than dealing with Allure CS – especially since I plan on temporarily canceling in November.

          • I have two Allure subs through Amazon both sent to my home address.

          • I get 2 boxes with the same credit card and address, but I have to use 2 separate EMAIL addresses 🙂

          • I have two sent to my house from Amazon no problem.

          • You can order as many as you want from Amazon and easily cancel them as well.

    • You can if you sign up for one through allure and one through Amazon.😎

    • I order on Amazon when I want 2 boxes.

      • I am a Prime Member. What do I search for on Amazon to buy a box?

    • You can do a 2nd box if you have one on amazon prime. I have had a sub through allure and bought a 2nd Kat Von D box on Amazon, but you have to have prime to do so.

      • Do you get the same box when you buy on amazon? I was thinking about buying on amazon instead bc of cs, but I don’T know if those are the same boxes as their site?

      • Are the amazon boxes any different than the ones they sell on their website? I want to subscribe but I don’t Know if I will get the boxes pictured on this post,

  14. Yay! I can’t wait to try something from Drunk Elephant. The spoilers look really good. I’m glad they don’t do very many box variations.

  15. I havent tried the Allure box…..but I sorta feel your pain. I stopped my Sephora Play because my “samples” were hardly anything! I had a container of some type of Drunk Elephant….and it had enough to barely dab my pinky finger in and that was it. I guess I just expect a little more! The pics of the spoilers always make it look so inviting….and then I feel let down when my item doesnt have enough to even cover my one side of my face! Its all fun….but when I really start losing alot of money, I have to rethink what subs are worth it!!

    • I was one of the people who got this exact DE sample in a Play! box a few months ago – Play! is super hit and miss.

    • I have been really happy with the sizes Allure sends. The Sunday Riley Luna from last month is enough to last at least a month, maybe two. You might want to try it, I have found that when they send skincare, they make sure you have enough to really try it. I have discovered several holy grail products through my Allure box, can’t say the same for Ipsy or Play.

      • That is another a sample I am feeling… Wow! Sunday Riley..First, the CEO where I’m just about on bottle three, one from Allure, one for PSMH and I just bought one from Sephora. It looks like I am falling hard for Luna Night oil. The discoloration line not only has faded even more but now the “mask” starts above my lip. I am using 2 other products but only the Sleeping oil is the addition for a couple of weeks. I just put the bottle to light and I have more than 3/4 oil left in this sample. I would say I’m good on this until mid September at least. I hope everyone else who is trying is having a good experience as well. I wouldn’t have minded this month but I am trying two new boxes to up my skin care routine.

    • Allure sends out pretty good products and sizes. I have been happy with this sub, and I think for the money you can’t beat it. I would definitely recommend this one, it’s been well worth the $15.

    • It is soo worth it I’ve had it for two years and have never had an issue like that it is amazing never tried play but always thought it didn’t seem to have good value

  16. Wow this is so amazing! I’m loving all the boxes for the rest of the year! It woulda been pretty cool to get the earrings that some people got in the July box, but these upcoming boxes make me forget all about that lol

    • I called about the earrings and I was told they were an anniversary gift for subscribers that have been with them for a year. I was cool with that. Its nice they remember the loyal subs and not just new subscriber gifts. I’ve only been with them for 4 months so I didnt get them either. But, all the boxes look amazing coming up!! So excited!!

      • I got the earrings – been a loyal subscriber for over a year. What a nice gift. But the rest of you also got the $20 off baublebar coupon. I believe this is the 2nd time that has come in a box. Last time I bought AMARISE FLOWER RESIN STUD EARRINGS for $36 (which cost me $16). They were stunning! better than the picture. Very happy with them & the price I paid. I can’t find the earrings I received in the box on the website. I like them, but my daughter (22) & I share the box and she happily passed them over to me. I’m thinking with the $20 coupon I’ll buy a necklace or bracelet this time.

  17. Why do they keep posting the same Allure spoilers over and over again.

    • This post is informing you the size of the product and that everyone will be receiving it.

  18. The drunk elephant is 1/3 or 3.33333% of the full size version. After the full size lip pencil falsely advertised and the organic pharmacy lip product being falsely advertised, I’m going to be paying very close attention to how much product is in everything . The organic pharmacy lip product was less than 2 ml. I love some of the products Allure puts in but I don’t appreciate the fact that they continue to falsely advertise products as full size when they clearly are not. Not to mention the fact that Allure somehow deamed some subscribers worthy of getting bauble bar earrings in their July box but not others. That’s pretty $#!++¥ of them in my opinion. When I called to ask why, they deny it. I’m also trying to get them to stop charging me the insanely high local tax for the state,county & city I live in. That’s why I don’t shop in the city I live in. Allure does not have offices in my city so they should only be charging me federal & state tax like every other sub does. I’m paying almost $17 for this box. Hhhmmmm… I wonder if they are actually paying it after collecting it or are they pocketing it? They’ve been pretty shady lately…

    • You should probably just cancel….u seem extremely unhappy for a $17 A month subscription. Lol I’m pretty sure Allure is paying all of their taxes…🤔

    • 1/3 is closer to 33.3% … but yeah, you should probably cancel bc this box doesnt seem to be cut out for you. I hope they arent taking taxes that the government can be putting to good use like schools and streets and stuff…its better to avoid paying taxes all together if theyvare going to be pocketed by a private company!
      *sorry, couldnt help myslef 😔…shamefully goes hides in corner*

      • That’s…not how sales tax works. Allure doesn’t “pocket” state & local taxes, they collect them for the government, same as every other company because the law requires it. Sorry you live in a place with high taxes, OP, but that’s not Allure’s fault, and by not collecting tax they would be violation of the law.

    • A full-size baby facial is $80. It never crossed my mind that they would distribute that and other products for 10-15 dollars. One third of the full-size is extremely generous.

      • I didn’t expect it to be full size either. It makes more sense for the ‘lower value’ items to be full size. Still, i agree it’s pretty generous IF the 15 ml bottle is full. I got some 50 ml facial stuff i can’t even finish and it’s been months since i got them lol

      • Allure offered full size Sunday Reily C.E.O. Rapid Flash brightening serum last December, which is $85 on a $15 box, so I think it’s reasonable to think they would do it again with Drunk Elephant.

    • I called about the earrings too and just so you know they were for one year anniversary subscribers. So I was very understanding about that. I get charged taxes too and just some more f.y.i. you should have to pay taxes just like everyone else!! Its part of life. If you dont like where you live, thats not Allures fault. I think cancelling would be a great option for you so you can find all these products somewhere else cheaper.

    • 15/50= 30 percent.

    • I agree with organic pharmacy lip product there was nothing it.😕

      • Yeah, that was a disappointment.

      • Since asking Allure c/s is pointless I am email organic pharmacy directly to ask if this was a sample size amount put in a full sized bottle. I have the same product from a long time ago and it was very full. Still have some in it actually. So this was filled from them and I’m curious to know what deal they had with allure. Was it a manufacturing issues ? Or was it false advertising on allures part ?? I’m fine with them using the same container as long as it’s specified that it’s not the full amount

    • Well the earrings were actually a super cool thing Allure did for their LOYAL subscribers that have been with them a year or more…. not something shady, something very cool no one else does. You shouldn’t rush to judgement. Also you can always just cancel if you feel they are being “shady”

      • Well, sugar, I am one of those LOYAL customers but not all of their LOYAL customers got them. Bless your heart. You must know just about everything.

    • I don’t recall the lip pencil being advertised as full size, but I do remember the eyeliner being listed at full size and it was. It’s possible that I’m wrong, but maybe you confused the two products? The earrings were sent to subscribers who had Allure for a year, and maybe the customer service rep wasn’t aware of it, or maybe they were not clear about what you were asking. You are so angry with Allure over taxes, product sizes, and perceived slights that you’re wondering if they’re committing tax fraud. I think you should ask yourself if this box is worth the stress that you are feeling, and maybe consider unsubscribing. Good luck.

    • Hey Dawna-
      Do you think the people at Allure filled and packaged the lip product themselves in an attempt to cheat you? Maybe it’s part of the conspiracy along with charging you taxes! 😂

    • As a CPA, I can tell you that Allure is required to collect taxes from you based on where you live. And I highly doubt they’re pocketing the money because that can get them in a LOT of legal trouble. I’m in Florida and I pay Florida sales tax. But aside from the taxes, it does sound like you’re not happy with your box at all. There are lots of beauty subscriptions out there and many with full sized products only. Maybe one of those would work better for you.

      • I would be willing to bet that tax fraud is not a part of their business model.

    • Allure has been charging taxes on their boxes since it was part of Beauty Bar, it’s really not some nefarious scheme. The lip product was marked 5ml which is what the actual weight is. As far as the size of the lip pencil I actually prefer the smaller ones, I’ve never used an entire eyeliner or lip liner.

    • I would suggest you to really research how sales tax works before accusing a company in pocketing taxes. First of all, they would not collect federal and state (sounds like you are talking about income tax) since those are not transaction taxes. Companies pay those taxes on their profits. If you meant sales tax, there is no federal sales tax in the US. Second of all, there are multiple other reasons why the companies would collect and remit all applicable local taxes. Having an office is not the only way company establishes presence in the state/local jurisdiction: they could have an employee, promoter, or even economic nexus through certain sales volume. Finally, believe me, large companies get audit on schedule, like every 3 years, so tax evasion would be difficult to pull off.

  19. “Every box…..” magical words right there, 😂

    • Lol i have a severe case of box envy so i can’t handle subs where each box could be completely different to the next. I don’t mind variations like color

  20. Love it!! But are we only getting 4 items for Sept, Oct, & Nov? Or is there another item we don’t know about?

    • I bet we’ll be getting more products. I remember earlier this year when multiple months were spoiled, we received more than the initial spoilers. 🙂

    • The post above says 5 items for September, so there’s one more.


  22. So excited I love this peel it’s a ride or die one for sure so I love what we’re getting in all the months this year 😍

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