Allure Beauty Box September FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the full confirmed spoilers for the September Allure Beauty Box – just for My Subscription Addiction readers!

Every September 2018 box will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers? 

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers Allure leaked for the next few months. (Sizes, and if items are variants are still TBD unless noted.)

The October 2018 box:

Luxe Fall Favorites

Upgrade your skin-care routine with Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and Good Genes from Sunday Riley, Hourglass mascara, YSL Tatouage Couture, and more.

The November 2018 box:

Mask Month

Get ready for an at-home spa day in November’s Beauty Box—just in time for the holidays. Inside, you’ll find our favorite masks from Glamglow, Lapcos, Star Skin, Glow Recipe and more.

The only sneak peek we have for December is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We are SO excited to reveal our next collaboration (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth the wait.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the August Box.

The August box includes:

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For those that are curious about the bauble bar earrings that some chosen few were sent, I finally got an answer. It was an Anniversary gift/thanks for be subscribed for a year gift. I probably wouldn’t have said anything if I hadn’t noticed a free of mine wearing hers. We subscribed on the same day and live within walking distance of one another. I asked if she used her coupon for them. No, used the coupon for a necklace to go with. So I asked a couple of others I know that subscribed around the same time and it just seems so random. The 1st time I asked Allure, they denied sending anybody earrings to which I replied they shouldn’t lie. I know people that have received them and there’s a lot of people posting about it on the mysubscriptionaddiction site. I called again this morning to inquire about when this months box will ship and will I get a shipping email prior to the day the box actually arrives? Usually the email shows up the day of or later that evening after the box shows up. They have no idea. As politely as I possibly could be, I did state that it is 2018 and again, it should not be too much to ask to get a shipping email. As far as the FREE GIFT BAUBLE BAR EARRINGS go, they were a GIFT FOR LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS WHO HAD BEEN SUBSCRIBED FOR A YEAR. So anybody who subscribed last summer (June,July,August,), should have gotten them. My anniversary was July. The CSR said they still have a stockpile and they will send me out my pair ASAP. If you feel that you also missed out on a thank you gift from Allure, emailing won’t work. Call 1-800-274-1603 I will not be signing up to receive emails regarding responses to this post. I have already been absolutely ripped to shreds and bullied beyond belief on here by some of my fellow Allure subscribers here. I have also seen it done to others as well. Life is hard enough without all that. Hope this info helps someone. Blessings to all

    • I received the earrings too..

  2. According to someone on Reddit the baby facial is a variant and you may get lala retro whipped cream instead? Says this in booklet Allure sent in box.

    • Wait, what? 😦 😱

      I mean, not only would Lala Retro be a repeat (and I don’t care for the jar packaging), the only reason I even subscribed this month is the Sukari!

      I really hope that’s not the case, or if it is, that I still receive what was actually in the spoilers.

      • It is in the booklet saying you will get one or other someone posted a picture of it so most likely some people will get the LaLa but the few people who have got their bags have received baby facial one so far.

  3. Yes, I received my KVD Beauty liquid lipstick 3 or 4 days ago. You can see it on my Instagram @jessicalynnluna if you would like and IFB. They had told me in an email to give it until the 20th. I thought I would never see it.

  4. Has anyone received their tracking link email yet? This is my first-month subbing w/ Allure beauty box and I’ve read in the past that they don’t always send the tracking email. So now I am anxiously checking the mail every day due to the element of mystery lol

    • I haven’t even been billed yet. Last month I was billed on the 7th, in July it was the 9th. Given that we had a holiday and I’ve yet to be billed, I’m guessing they’ll run a bit later this month.
      As far as a shipping email goes, they aren’t too good about that. I’ve been with allure for almost a year and a half and I think I’ve gotten maybe 6 emails that I could actually track prior to the box showing up. Usually, it’s the day of its arrival and sometimes even after the box has arrived. That’s if you get one at all.

      • I got billed today.

        I’ve been with Allure for several years and I agree, the tracking e-mails are hit or miss. I’ve had them show up the day the box does, after, not at all, and a day or two after I get billed.

        In time, you’ll see a pattern of when it shows up versus when you get billed. Mine runs about six days, Iowa to Detroit.

        I’ve only ever had one box not show, and one took the scenic route to get to me.

        • Just got billed a little bit ago.

    • I actually got two different tracking numbers this month. Emailed customer service to see if I was going to get two boxes or billed twice. For some reason, I can’t acess Allure website for woek even on phone. Wouldn’t mind two of the DE…

  5. Hi girls. Any of you received the Kat Von D liquid lipstick? I called them today and they told me it was sent on August 3rd, but I never got it in the mail, and it’s more than over a month.

  6. When do I have to sign up to receive the September box?

    • I want the September box too! I saw the other comets said someone called, signing up today u would still get the Aug box! (They must have a ton leftover…)

  7. if I sign up for Allure BBox through Amazon Prime do I get the current box or at least September right away or this there any lag time? Does anyone have any experience with them?

  8. Does anyone know where to find the referral link? I cannot find it.

  9. I received my August box today and eyeliner and highlighter are missing. I contacted customer service by phone (crazy waiting time with horrendous music) and even though representative told me they will send a replacement I’m not so sure they gonna actually ship it. They promised me two replacements for the damaged items a couple months back and I still didn’t get anything. They DO NOT provide tracking numbers for replacements. I’m super excited about spoilers for the upcoming months, but I’m definitely gonna cancel if I didn’t get my replacement items.

  10. Did anyone ever receive the Kat Von D Liquid lipstick? I still haven’t received the one they promised to send out, that’s why i cancelled.

    • I got it with my Kat Von D box in June! That’s when I joined.

    • No, I’m still waiting. Liz, could you please help us with this? It’s almost a month since they promised to send the liquid lipstick.

    • Yes, I got mine with my June box. That was my 1st box and the reason I joined.

    • Hell I didn’t get my Sunday Reily Luna….. And they don’t respond to email, instagram nor FB… Called was put on hold got tired of waiting and they hung up 🙃😡😡😡😡😡😡

      • it’s ridiculous, They don’t respond to my emails either. You weren’t missing anything with the sunday riley luna, it was in my last box before i cancelled. The packaging was nice but the smell was horrendous and it was full of really bad ingredients and artificial dyes. I can’t even bring myself to put it on my face. But i would still be mad, you should have got the chance to try it for yourself, same as the rest of us and the liquid lip, and how can they just not respond to emails?? crazy

        • Yes! Why is it blue?! So unnecessary! Oh! The smell too! 🤢 So gross! I am happy to have the opportunity to try some high end products but I’m not at all a fan of Sunday Riley. Not at all. Aaaaand we are getting 2 of their products in October. As far as the nasty smelling blue oil, I’m using it on my feet at night.

          • Exactly! I am not a fan either at all, i really can’t wait until all the hype around it fades, I have never liked any of the products i tried, and all of them had bad ingredients. At first i thought the Luna was blue because of blue tansy the plant, but no it was all Artificial dyes..And i really almost gagged from the smell. Herbivore makes a much better face oil that is all natural and naturally blue,in a much prettier bottle and is cheaper. I just don’t understand what everybody loves so much about sunday riley. But Thank you, that is a great idea to use it on my feet…As far away from my nose as possible lol.

          • it’s blue because of the blue tansy oil – which is naturally blue!

          • No. Blue tansy oil is not THAT blue. Read the ingredients. They added color to it. Last 2 ingredients are green and violet. Completely unnecessary.

      • Unfortunately, you’re going to have to actually call them. Maybe more than once. They’re never going to send you the product though. They’ll tell you they don’t have it to send. This happened to my neighbor so they ended up refunding the box and letting her pick a past box that is still in stock. Good luck

    • I got it!

    • Same tging happen with my daughter’s box i contacted them july 8th and they said they would send it out tht they could not give me tracking ect 2 weeks went by they said the items where sent out on the 11th august came still nothing i finally sent another email last week she finally got a pakage in rhe mIl but it was not the item and the free get she did not get. They dis not respond to the enaul but ahe die get a full size makeup forever primer full size lumee eye fel md a mini kat von d trooper eyeliner. Atill cery disappointed how it played out for her and their customer service of course she wanted to cancel

    • We were supposed to get a liquid along w the studded bullet lipstick? Can anyone fill me in? Thanks!

    • I signed up and it said I’d get the lipstick but I got the mirror.. called and they said we actually still have some left so we will send you one. It took a long time but I just got it last week and they even sent me a sigma brush with it as a bonus! It’s not even the best color so your really not missing out, but hope this helps!!

    • I received mine last week.

  11. Im excited about all 3 months to come with allure. I can’t wait to get the Mac lipstick… its been awhile since i bought one…

  12. the Rich Kid Coconut Gel is the Bomb. I went to my favorite Beauty Store in NYC Sephora and I was given a small sample tube just like the one listed here and let me say that this product kept my wavy unruly curly hair in place. it had so much flexibility without drying my hair like other prodcuts that contain alcohol.

    the full size item i believe retails for $28.00 but a little goes a long way. and I can reactivate the products by just adding a little water to my hands and restyle.

    I made sure that after i towel dry my hair i saturated my hair left it alone without touching so that my curls can just set. I swear I will be buying this bad boy. I am happy to receive another one inside my Allure Beuty Box. these items are the Bomb. thank you Yvette

  13. The Living Proof Volume Spray is the best! After receiving it in a past Allure box, I purchased the full size b/c I was so impressed with it! September looks great…better than August. I did not like the Nexxus Keraphix shampoo at all. My hair did not feel clean after using it and I had to rewash with a clarifying shampoo….and yet to try the conditioner. I got the Skinny Eyeko Liner. All other items will be added to my stash of overload.

    • The Nexxus Keraphix Conditioner is FABULOUS!

      • I bought the Keraphix conditioner recently because I still had those coupons left over from the 4 Target beauty boxes they had back in spring, and there were expiring. It’s amazing at detangling! Smells kinda weird, but I was impressed with its performance overall.

        Will definitely swap for more of it.

  14. This will be my 3rd pair of lashes in 2 months. And no, I don’t wear them. I don’t need to. And it’s not something I can donate to the woman’s home!

    • Haha…exactly. Who do I donate my green gel nail polish, my fake lashes and all the funky nail adhesives to? That’s not something you donate to the shelter. I’m thinking of taking it all to my break room at work with a sign that says: Free Stuff, Please Take.

      • Is there a Christmas Bureau, Catholic Charity or any other organization in your area that helps families during the holidays? A lot of them have a sectional where the kids can pick out items for their parents and sometimes siblings.

      • They do have a exchange site for all the extras!

    • Same here.

    • Right? Iv got 4 pair and don’t wear them..I might go on fb seal site and see if anyone wants them,just send me $3 for shipping..

  15. I want the MAC in Lustering and the Living Proof Full Volume Blast!! I use the LP spray everyday and it would be great to have a small size for my purse or travel!! Allure has really been amazing all year!!

  16. If I get Ruby Woo it will be swapped. Can not do reds and trust me I have tried. I think they are stunning on others but I can’t pull it off.

    • I hope I get the pink. I can’t do Ruby Woo either.

      • I want ruby woo, only bc I have so many pinks already. So I will swap my pink if I get it. I am hoping for the Living Proof also, but I think this is a great box!

      • Looking at the MAC website, Lustering is described as “outspoken pink”.

        To my eye it’s deep enough that it might not be too bad, but we’ll see.

        (Still would rather get Ruby Woo).

    • plus, red is so high maintenance…

    • I am just the opposite, I have such a baby face and pinks make me look like a preteen.

    • Me neither… 😶😥 hope it’s not dookie brown like my flirty Huda ughhhhh dookie 💩👈😫🤢😭😭😭😢😤😤😤😤

      • I got that too! It was the same color as Julys smashboc lipstick too 😣 it’s such a nasty brown

    • I want the Ruby woo 😀

  17. My hair care routine is pretty set in stone. I already like the products I use. I really hope to get the Coconut Oil Gel and the Ruby Woo. I will never use the volume spray and can’t pull off pink lipstick. I don’t mind trading, but I would prefer to just get the stuff I’ll use.

  18. To all the folks hoping for the Ruby Woo to try it out: its a retro-matte formula, meaning its very dry and really needs smooth exfoliated lips. I caved and bought a mini ($10) and tho I love reds, the texture of this one is not very forgiving. You may need a lip liner as well. The MAC website lists the Lustering color as a sheer to medium formula with a lustrous finish. I’m not sure why they’re putting two different formulas into the boxes cuz they’ll wear differently even if they were the same color.

    • Good to know, thanks.

    • Thank you for this.
      Well, I also thought, it’s only $18.50, if I don’t get it I can simply buy one. Which I don’t even think I will because I have too many lipsticks as it is. 😉

      I really don’t need anything in this box except for the Drunk Elephant.

    • Hmmmm thank you for telling us that. Now I’m not sure if I want the ruby woo lol. I have a problem with dry lips. Always have and idk why? I drink plenty of water and take care of my skin maybe too well. I have yet to find anything to help my lips. Maybe the lip mask in this months box will help?

      • Use Laneige Lip Scrub and Sleep Mask for Lips. It’s the only scrub that really works and has enough oil in it that you can just scrub and go. I slatter the sleep mask on at night and it’s gone in the am. The sleep mask comes in 4 flavors (or smells?) Try, you’ll be in love!

        • I put on my husband last night and he woke up loving it. I just saw it launching at Sephora too

          • That’s great because right now I’m ordering it online. This will give me a reason to go to Sephora!

        • Awesome!! I really hope the Laneige helps! It’s been a lifelong search and I would be so happy if it helps my lips!

        • I love the hanalei lip scrub… I got turned into hanalei in an ipsy bag and I’m obsessed.. its tastes great.. it’s very scrubby but also has the oil that leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth.. smells great too.. like lemon and sugar..

      • omg, i felt the same way for soooo long, i bought this lipbalm from anthropology called * reaching for it* herbacin kamille camomile lip balm. its like 5 dollars and it’s super moisturizing, and it’s natural because the camomile. if that doesnt work i reccomend the bite beauty agave lip mask (also any scrub like the bite one or the beauty for real scrub or any diy sugar scrub (also honey helps alot)). I started using the bite mask last yr and it helped restore my lips and now i can just use any lip balm and it works fine, but I reach for the herbacin when I need a little extra hydration. Hope this helps!! <3

      • The lip mask is awesome. I have not had chapped lips since February. I use it every night and occasionally during the day. The little tub lasts me about 4 months with daily use, so it really lasts. I purchase a pack of 3 on Amazon for $10. It’s a different brand but it works the same. I can actually wear matte lipstick now and it looks good.

  19. Really hoping that at least one of my lipsticks (I get two boxes) is Ruby Woo; I don’t wear pink lipsticks.

    I’ve been wanting to try that hair gel for a while now, but the Living Proof spray also looks interesting – hoping to get one of each, but I’ll be happy with whichever I get.

    • I typically hate getting hair products in any box but I got that IGK oil in last months Play box and it is my new HG curly hair product for blow drying (with a diffuser). It’s really great. My curls were thick, defined, textured, and glossy, which almost never happens all at the same time and on the rare occasion my frizzy dry tresses do behave, it usually takes three or four products, never just one!

      Ps…I finally got the KVD liquid lipstick in the mail yesterday…for those still waiting…

      • Hi Courtney. Did you get an email tracking for the Kat Von D liquid lipstick?

        • I have gotten items that had to be sent out by themselves and there’s no tracking info for them. In my experience, they send single items in a bubble wrap postage envelope, so there’s no tracking number.

          • Thank you!

  20. Not crazy about either hair product, and hoping I’ll get the Ruby Woo because MAC pinks wash me out.

    We’ll see, I guess.

  21. I really only like the Drunk Elephant this month, but the box would be a win if I get the Living Proof.

  22. OR!!! I absolutely can’t stand it when they do variations! This box kinda sucks for me. Probably won’t keep any of it.

    • I thought I was the only one who wasn’t too excited now that the box is fully spoiled. I won’t say it sucked, i’m just not excited by it. The august box was a bore but i DID use the caudalie and lip mask. Heck i even used the bajillionth eyeliner and highlighter.

      I won’t be using the lashes anytime soon. I’m too much of a klutz and need more practice putting them on. It’s good to own a mac lippie for a change but i’m not snobby about makeup. I didn’t like that there’s a noticeable gap in value between the two variant items.

      The box is good i’m just not the right match for it. Still getting it for the drunk elephant though!

      • I hear ya. I’m definitely not canceling. It is a really good box, just not into a lot of what’s in the September box. My girls can’t wait for Christmas because they know they will be getting EVERYTHING I won’t use! Lol! There’s also the donation bin and thankfully, we 3 have different tastes and wants. So, even though it may be a box and/or a month that kinda sucks for me, in the long run, it doesn’t. I buy some of the Target boxes too including the baby boxes.

  23. Just take my money Allure!!

  24. September’s Box is looking way more exciting than August’s

  25. Finally a box realizes that if they send lashes, they need to send adhesive!

  26. Just got my August box & if anyone wants to order from bredawatch they can use my $30 off code ALL81830

    • Mine was the same code, so it might not be a limited use code like the bauble bar promotion.

  27. i want the gel so i’m sure to end up with the dry shampoo.

    • And I want the red lipstick, so that probably means I’ll get the pink. 😊

      • I want the Ruby Woo too. It’s one of their more popular reds. I’ve never ever tried it but it’s still one of their number one red Lipstick

  28. I’d like to try that gel, but the dry shampoo is great so I’ll be happy with either. I’m happy with the variations this month!

  29. I hope I get the living proof. I get two boxes so maybe I’ll get lucky.

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