Play! By Sephora – Play! Luxe Box Available Now!

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FYI –  the Play! Luxe Box is available for purchase! (Thanks for the heads up, TJ!)

Play! Luxe is $25 and a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

PLAY! LUXE by SEPHORA makes trying Sephora’s top luxury beauty fun. It’s your next beauty upgrade, delivered.

Get your fancy fix with a one-time delivery of six trial-size luxury products—a $110 value—inside of a special-edition beauty bag.

The Play! Luxe Box will include:

  • Giorgio Armani makeup product
  • Guerlain makeup product
  • Yves Saint Laurent makeup product
  • La Mer skincare product
  • SK-II Skincare product
  • Atelier Cologne fragrance
  • Special-edition beauty bag
  • Collectible set of cards

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Are you getting the Play! Luxe box?

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  1. SPOILER. I received mine Wed. afternoon. Contents: YSL Liquid Matte Lips Stain in Rouge Tatouage, Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara, Guerlain L’Or Radiance Primer, SK-II RNA Power face cream, La Mer Eye Concentrate and Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle

    • I really need to stop buying these things! Ugh…

  2. The spoilers:

    2.5 ml sk2
    3 ml lamer eye cream
    Giorgio Armani mascara sample
    Yves Saint Laurent lip sample.
    5ml Guerlain’s primer with pure gold (biggest)
    Altier cologne

    Everything is super small

    There is a picture of spoilers on Sephora site in reviews

  3. I went to Sephora with intentions to buy this such expensive Luxe products and then I read the reviews on all the products they were low scored products customers said they are way overpriced because of the names and many had zero results and skin irritations from from products .
    I am gonna pass just from the bad reviews many 1 star

  4. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow anyone have theirs coming today!?! I’m dying to know the contents. I’m assuming Liz already knows cause it seems like they’re sending her things early and she didn’t post the picture of the 3 products shown asking her sleuths for clues!

  5. Been waiting for this to happen! Couldn’t resist! They had me at La Mer and SK-II. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Nope I’m passing on this. Same Size Samples in a Nicer Bag?? Why not at least make them deluxe sample size???

  7. Although a la mer product is tempting, even if it’s a sample, I’m passing on this. The last time I got a la mer sample (Saks beauty event), the amount was embarrassingly microscopic. The deceivingly huge container had about half a teaspoon of cream—not even enough for one application.

    I hope those buying this box get more la mer and nice samples but I’m sitting this one out.

    • Oh no… it almost sounds like you got a bum sample, because even the tiny .12oz (or maybe it’s .17oz) jar samples have enough product for a few uses. But then again, I know that all depends on how much is used. I don’t feel like I ever skimp on my products (but I’m not heavy handed either), and I’ve gone through many of those tiny jar samples, and I usually get ~5-8 uses out of them.

      Last time they included a La Mer sample it was in a .25oz jar, which is their “large” sized sample, but I’ve read a lot of people are saying that they’re seeing a green tube this time around, so I’m thinking it’s either an eye product or a face serum sample. I’m not sure how much use the face sample would produce, but I know if it’s an eye sample, everyone should get quite a few uses out of it.

  8. Ordered-especially with le mer being in it. I’ve got to quit going to msa. This is the second surprise box I’ve ordered within a week.

  9. Has it officially launched on Sephora’s website? When i tried to go through the regular website, it still says ‘coming soon’. When I went through the link on this page, it took me straight to the page to buy it.

    I just want to make sure that I receive one. I can’t download the app on my phone (space issues) and I want to make sure that my order will be processed. I have FOMO and don’t want my order cancelled because it wasn’t live yet.

    • It’s officially launched and for sale on the app only. You can’t get it through the regular website. You could just delete another app, download Sephora, place your order, delete Sephora and reinstall your other app if you want it that badly 🙂

      • Thanks, everyone!

        That Sephora app takes up a lot of space. I have an older phone with pre loaded apps and I am still trying to get rid of some.

        I also want to thank Liz for her wonderful site and for helping us decide which boxes are best for us. We really appreciate all your hard work!

      • I ordered it through sephora’s website, not the app.

      • I bought 2 on the regular website. It is way faster than using their slow app.

        • Their app is pretty fast on my phone, but it seems the mobile website is allowing purchases of this also.

    • We posted about the Play! by Sephora Smarts Glitter Eyes when it was introduced first on the app, and there were no issues with orders shipping, so you should be fine to order online through our link! Hope that helps 🙂

    • I ordered through the MSA link on my computer, not the app, and my order went through.

    • I went into the app to load it then opened my account on my laptop and it was still in my cart. This way I was able to order it using PayPal. Hopefully we will both be fine.

    • I managed to buy it on my monile. And I didn’t use the app.

      • Mobile not monile and now my auto correct doesn’t work. Lol.

  10. I wasn’t intending to buy this. However since La Mer is in the box. I am in!!

  11. I just ordered mine!!! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  12. I think I am going to pass on this one… I got one last year and although the bag was nice I don’t think it was worth it. I mean I discovered Tatcha silk moisturizer from it that I loved, but the rest of stuff was blah… I’ll much rather buy the Norvina palette 😀

  13. Nope- I am going to get an extra Boxwalla Beauty box instead!

  14. Some things are really got downhill with this lux box. 25$ for a 110$ value when last year for this box we paid 20$ for a 140$ value..

    • Don’t let past boxes jade your perception of what’s a good deal (value-wise, which is what appears to be what you’re referencing), because getting products valued at more than 4x what you’re paying is still really good! (of course, it’s not a good deal if you won’t use most of it, but that’s a different type of “value”)

      • As you have said it’s not about the value but for 25$ samples should be a delux size not a regular tiny samples we can get for free with the purchase. They may have a greatest value but if I can’t get enough to test it than it should cost less. The increased price should follow with bigger sample amount imho

  15. I got one. I have a gift card that I won a month ago so I used that, got 2 100 point perks, got a FGWP of $25 and my 3 samples. I feel ok abt this. No real money spent 🙂

  16. Collectible cards!? Is that a joke? What adult would want that?

    • I agree. That is ridiculous. (my opinion of course)

    • What your friends don’t all share those?

  17. I bought. Does anyone know what they mean by volume 1?

    I went back and looked at the items in the previous versions of the ‘luxe’ boxes (the Beauty Remedy edition) and it seems like a mishmash of products from both boxes. Hopefully the products are different than what was in these boxes.

    • I suppose “volume 1” means there’s gonna be more of these boxes throughout the year.

  18. La mer? Yes please! Just grabbed one. Thanks Liz!

    • Haha “La mer? Yes please!” was literally my thought process, too! I bought immediately bought one for myself and one for a giveaway 🙂

  19. I can see on the spoiler from app that we will get L’Or make up primer, can’t tell what is the la mer green tube and can’t tell what’s sk ll product is but it’s in the red little jar and have a consistency of a cream. My guess for Armani would be lipstick or mascara and ysl lipstick or eyeliner..

    • That would be the Guerlain gold L’or concentrate primer. Also looksnlike a sk11 eye cream.

      • Would be good if it was an eye cream but they are known to stick face creams in the tiny jars as well..

        • I’m really hoping it’s the SKII eye cream, and not the face cream. I’ve used that sample face cream before, and while it was fine, I got only two or three uses out of it, and it felt a bit of a let down for a “deluxe” sample.

          However, there’s been speculation that the green La Mer tube is an eye product as well, and I don’t think they’d include two eye products, so I’m guessing that if the SKII product is an eye cream, then the La Mer product is a serum sample, and if the SKII product is face cream, then the La Mer product is an eye product. I’m sure spoilers will be coming out in the very near future (I’m thinking tomorrow), so I can’t wait to see!

          • I’ll have mine on Thursday so either way we will know by then!

          • Oh ya… I’ll have mine by Thursday too, so I guess the wait won’t be so long either way. 😀

      • I was so hoping the Guerlain product would NOT be this primer – I have one already and dislike it immensely. I also hope for no eyeliners.

        • Fingers crossed for no more eye liners. If they send another one and it’s a black one I’m going to lose my ever loving mind!

  20. I was able to order it through Liz’s link so I am assuming it will work for others.

  21. The product listing sounds pretty similar to a past luxe box, but eh… might as well! 😀

  22. I’m debating on ordering .. but the shipping is making me hesitate lol

  23. Thanks MSA for the info. I just ordered it with the addition of $10 flash ship. Plus 4 free gifts. Heck, if $5.95 is the shipping price I might as well upgrade. I bought it because 1) I’m sick (virus) 2) I needed a pick me up. It sure is cheaper than going to a therapist! I feel a lot better now and will probably find a great new product. Shopping therapy can’t be beat, within your budget of course!

  24. Got one! I really wanted one last year, but they sold out very quickly. I am super interested in the La Mer product!

    • Yeah, I didn’t even bother to check what might be in it. Just ordered it in case it runs out.

  25. My order is in- I like these type of boxes. Not expecting to be overwhelmed by huge samples- those days are long gone.

  26. I got one as I hadn’t bought last year’s and really wanted to.

  27. Sold out

    • It is available on my app:))

    • Also still available on the website…

    • It’s not…I can’t get it on my app either. I just bought one off Liz’s link!!

      • So weird, I tried again and it worked this time

    • I just got it through the website.

  28. I wasn’t going to get it, but then I saw a Peter Thomas Roth sulfur mask was one of the Weekly Wows and my angry skin in the middle of a nasty breakout was screaming to try it so I ended up adding this on too. I missed out on the last luxe boxes because of the chaos and drama (canceled order) so I figured why not see what’s in this one….one more chance Sephora….

  29. The items look similar to the last year’s luxe box where they gave that link box type bag and that box was 20$, so are we getting same items at a higher price this year?

    • *Pink bix type bag (not link)

  30. Sounds good, but I’m going to need spoilers to make sure I won’t get any stuff I already have.

    • Me too Shawna.

    • Exactly

      • For $25, I am hoping they upgraded it from the original $20 boxes….but the PLAY! boxes, in general, have really fallen off….

  31. I think the bag looks amazing! I loved the box from the first Luxe Limited kit. Any guesses about what’s inside!?

    • My guess is a Gucci lipstick, a primer, a mascara, a la mer moisturizer, and I’m not sure on the SK-II but it will be tiny. Hoping for a little more variety this time but every single luxe box has had the same basic formula. Oh well, I ordered still. If I don’t like things I can always swap.

    • I read that people were able to see a green La Mer tube, and someone had guessed the eye concentrate. While that would be nice, I’m personally hoping for the eye serum. The sample looks miniscule, but since it’s a light gel consistency the tiniest dab goes the longest way, and I got at least 20 uses out of it.

    • I like the bag, too.

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