Ipsy August 2018 Glam Bag Reveal + Spoilers!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the August 2018 Ipsy (Thanks for the heads up, Heather!)

Here’s the first look at the bag design:

Here are some of the items being sampled in August:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. got my ipsy today, thank you ipsy, I love everything I got…..

  2. Ipsy seems to have gone down hill. I’ve been with them from the start and am thinking of canceling. I’ve been sent about a dozen eye brushes or more in the past 2 years and the colors they send to me look like only a 5 year old should use. I’m 50 and think they should factor that in and my profile has me more classic makeup-no gaudy stuff. Sizes seem to be shrinking too.

    • I agree! I’ve been with ipsy for two years and my bags have been arriving later and later. My last bag was not only late, but I was sent the wrong color eyeline. (Bright green. Who the hell wants bright green eyeline!?) I also redeemed points for a product which I NEVER RECIEVED! When I contacted customer service, I felt they were very dismissive of me and even tried to lie and tell me they gave me my points back. (They did not.) After I threatened to cancel my subscription, they finally agreed to send me my product in the following bag.
      Whether or not it comes, I’m still cancelling my subscription after this month. There are several other companies that offer the same services.

  3. Does it matter in your ipsy beauty profile where you shop? Do they pick products based on that?

    • I changed up my Ipsy profile and have gotten different items. I rate everything I get only because this tells them what I love and what I don’t like.. maybe this comment will help!

  4. I tried joining the swap group but it’s not possible. It’s closed due to all the nastiness. I have quite a few expensive items that I don’t want like $30 fluorescent purple lipstick from ipsy and some expensive items from allure as well. Makeup brushes out the ting yang! My 16 year old won’t use some of these items and neither will my niece.
    Some items I simply can’t even give away! Not do I want to spend my money on shipping expenses and get nothing in return.
    Is there another swap page somewhere? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Dawn, my subscription sister I believe, from when I commented how much I love my Allure and Ipsy? 🙂 I am starting to gather some stuff I would like to trade out as well. There are some facebook groups that are private for makeup sales and trades. I can’t remember the one I joined, I would have to go check, but they have moderators and seem pretty good. I haven’t posted anything for trade yet because I only have 4-5 items. I’ll find out the name for you. If you would be interested in sharing e-mails, I wouldn’t mind a trading buddy. I just don’t have a lot of subs, so it might take me a minute to have anything you might want. I know for this month I will be looking for a home for the bablebar $20 gift code, I just don’t wear a lot of jewelry. In August I’ll probably let go of the lip treatment, as I have another that I already love. I know you already get Allure, but I thought I saw you mention in the comments that it was your favorite thing from August. 😉

      • I am ALWAYS down to buy makeup! I usually buy stuff of Mercari – I don’t use Poshmark because the shipping is ridiculous. Sometimes on Reddit they have beauty exchanges… if you guys post stuff for sale let me know!

  5. I absolutely LOVE brighter eyeshadows! I’ll take the colorful shadows over the boring neutrals any day.

  6. WOW!!! That’s one effing opinion you have there! Guess what sweetie?! We are all aloud ours too. I do not know who you think you are, but you might want check yourself pretty quick. Demanding that we stop this right now?! You’re the one that needs to go back and read everything over again particularly your comments, April JK. I’m sorry if you’re offended but that’s kinda part of life pumpkin. Move on. Or maybe you should’ve just scrolled on instead of spewing a bunch of hatred. Your post is filled with much more hatred and nastiness than all of the others combined.

  7. Looking forward to this box. Love the spoilers and the bag! Summertime Fun Look.

  8. Pixi by Petra Bronzer/Blush AGAIN????? Ugggghhh….

    • Too many Bronzer/Blush~ agreed!!

  9. Not all men who wear makeup are trying to look like drag queens….some guys just want to conceal zits and maybe highlight their cheekbones, like the rest of us. Makeup isn’t limited to women and color aren’t limited to queens.

  10. Thank you! No kidding! They’re sending me that lipstick in Vibrate! WTH?! I don’t wear lipstick much less one that color! I asked not be sent lipstick, I’m opted out of it actually but there it is! It’s not even in a color category I have in my profile either! It’s a pretty expensive lipstick too! So why would they send it to a middle aged woman and not a younger person?

    • I just put in my profile that I wear gloss and didn’t check the lipstick. See a comment above about how to tweak your profile (it’s really helpful!)

  11. I’d die to get the Huda lipstick or Kat Von D, but I already know I won’t be so lucky. Do I hold out a tiny shred of hope that I *might* get them?

    • Your best chance at the kvd would be first to uncheck every other make-up brand except kvd in your profile. Then, make sure you limit the categories of make-up you are interested in recieving. If it’s the concealer then only check concealer and not foundation, tinted moisturizer or powder. For the huda, only have liquid lip selected and only select the shade category it falls under. Uncheck every other lip product and shade range. If you are not concerned with eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner then don’t check them. It’s a computer program that ultimately does the selection and it works based on the parameters of your profile. You need to limit it’s results if you want a chance at specific products and you can’t leave it openings to send you stuff you don’t want. For example, mine stated no blush but I specified blush colors in case they sent it anyway, I recieved blush because I left the program an opening by selecting shades. Hope this makes sense. Good luck!

      • Great advice!! Thank you!!

        • You are welcome. I hope this helps everyone. The system isn’t always perfect but this has really improved my bags. I would like to add, for anyone who is consistently having the same problems, I highly recommend emailing Ipsy Customer Care. I don’t think people realize how good they are. Be respectful, talk to them the way you would want to be spoken to. They didn’t choose your items, but if you are friendly they will bend over backwards to help you. I contacted them about the blush I recieved and got a prompt response. Your profile does not always guarantee that you won’t recieve a catagory that you haven’t asked for. Customer service told me that they can completely opt me out of 2 categories and have done so with blush. Told me to contact them again with details if I would like to opt out of my second category. Now, everyone get out there, work your profiles to your advantage and report back with your results when you get your August spoilers! Lol

          • Thank you so much for this awesome and in-depth explanation!! I have been getting lip products and I couldn’t figure out why! Now I realize Its because i had neutral selected under the color options. So, thanks to you I have completely unchecked all colors regarding lip (as well as all lip stuff in the product type section). This makes me super hopeful for my next bag!!! <3<3<3

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I get 2 Ipsy bags and I try to have different things on my profile, but I think this will definitely help me get products I want. I’m off to tweak my profiles! 💕

      • Thanks Nicole

        I did this for nail polish (unchecked Essie, a nail polish brand) but also left all color preferences for that category blank. Did this months ago, haven’t received any nail polish since.
        Of course the system isn’t foolproof but the more you narrow your preferences/profile especially once spoilers start coming out, the better chance you have to get the products you want. I also dropped my age by 20 years (not every 40 something woman wants only neutral shades.) I love the way people are helpful on this site, offering tips & hacks to help us all get the products we want.

      • Yesss this is great advice, thank you!

    • I know right, I always seem to get the opposite of what I hope to get… smh so I try to not get too hopeful… lol

  12. That tube is the KVD concealer… and it’s awesome! If I get that in my shade I’ll be so happy!

  13. HUDA and Thrive! I have a full size thrive mascara. And love it. So this means I will get another brush. Lippies in colors that don’t work for me. Eyeshadows that suck. I’m not optimistic about getting the great products they show.

  14. What on earth are you talking about lmfao
    The red shadow?? Because women use red shadows all the time

    • They keep sending me purple and blue lipsticks, no matter how often I give feedback that I hate those colors. I’m 57 years old, for Heaven’s sake! And my profile hasn’t changed – I’m still pale as a ghost, with blue eyes and greying brown hair.

      Every month they send me more and more things that don’t match my profile, and I don’t know how to keep that from happening. At least their bags are usually cute, which is one reason that I haven’t cancelled.

    • No, I like the red shadow – would love to get it, actually. Which means that I will be getting yet another black mascara or a lipstick in bright purple or electric blue. Doesn’t matter how many times I tweak my profile or give a product no stars, I just keep getting duds of products.

      At least they used to have cute bags – but even those have started to be less than exciting most months.

  15. I read this, thought I’d missed something, looked back at the spoilers again, and I still have no idea what you’re referring to. If anything, their items are – as usual – boringly tame.

  16. So glad I cancelled a few months ago! I check in every month to see if I regret not getting it….never!
    The products are no name off brand and the bags are usually ugly. Spend the 10 dollars more and go get Boxycharm!! Always 5 full size items….

    • I don’t even know why I’m still subbed. I agree with you about the bags lately they’ve been terrible

    • Same here. I get a lot of sub boxes and 2 Ipsy. I like them. Especially since it’s only $10 and I feel like I always get my money’s worth. The bags have come in handy for my daughter’s hair accessories and for organizing my makeup too. I’m looking forward to receiving my July and August bags, I like the colors.

  17. So, I don’t subscribe to Ipsy. I subscribe to other boxes. I don’t understand how it works. Can you get the items shown next to the bag, or do you only get one of those and then some of the items shown below? It looks like the items nezt to the bag are the best items.

    • Hi
      You subscribe then you fill out a quiz about preferences and things you do and don’t want to get inyour bag. Then it’s kind of a crapshoot from there. Some people get what they want and some get nothing like they asked for in their quiz.

      • They are still mostly samples with a few full size products though.

    • These are just spoilers of what could be in your bag. Usually you end up getting 1-2 things pictured here then 3 more items not shown yet based on your profile. Ipsy usually has a selection of around 30 products every month so this is just a taste.

    • You get 5 samples. You don’t get to pick any. You do a “quiz”, which is just a series of questions that will match samples to your personality. I personally switch up my preferences every month according to these spoliers (you have to do it before the 2nd of the month because that’s when they will match you). Then when it’s assembled you can either see your products or just wait until you get them.

    • In July, they featured 60 different products. They make a variety of bag versions/curations with 5 of those 60 products, and based on your beauty profile/preferences, match you to a bag with a curation they think you will like. You can take the beauty quiz before subscribing to get an idea of how they match you to a bag curation. The spoilers every month are just a sampling of the ~50-60ish products they feature per month. I usually don’t receive any of the spoilers in a given month. The IpsyMatch system is highly imperfect imo, but it’s always a good deal ($10 bag for $40-$70 worth of product).

    • There’s really no saying what you’ll receive. It could be all of the items you see in front of the bag to none at all. I know it’s debateable, but supposedly they take your profile into consideration. I both agree & disagree with this as when I subbed the first 4 or 5 months this year, I got nail polish in every bag but one, which is what I marked as something I want, but yet I continued to receive shadows and/or eyeliners in each bag too, which I always marked as “does not work for me” (or whatever their survey says).

      Also, I believe you can email Ipsy to opt out of one or two product types. For example, you can opt out of eyeliners as a whole, but not a specific color of eyeliner. Clearly, this wasn’t a feature I utilized. 🙂

  18. Hi all, would someone mind describing the bag to me?

    • Do you mean the texture of the bag or just how it looks? If the latter, it’s posted at the beginning of this post (the orange bag with the yellow tassle… oh wait, I just described it. haha). 🙂

      • Hi Luna, I meant how it looks. I am actually blind, so the pictures posted here aren’t super helpful. I am gathering it is yellow/orange with a tassle though 🙂

        • Hi
          It’s orange with yellow edging and a yellow zipper with a yellow tassel on the zipper pull. It looks almost like a beach towel texture. That’s the hardest part to describe. Hope that is helpful!

        • Hi L,

          The bag is bright orange with yellow trim and a yellow tassel. The zipper is yellow and at the top of the bag. The fabric is woven and looks kind of coarse. The texture reminds me of a rustic tote bag or the type of fabric used on patio furniture. It’s not my favorite bag but it looks like it’s capable of holding things!

          I hope this is helpful!

        • It’s rectangle-shaped (horizontal orientation) with rounded off corners on the bottom, square on top. The bag is orange but it has yellow piping around the edges, a yellow zipper, and what looks like maybe a faux leather tassel, also yellow. The zipper runs across the top seam. There’s a small ipsy logo printed towards the bottom edge.

    • Hi L! The August Glambag looks like it is a very vibrant orange just like the fruit. It appears to be fabric but that could just be textured plastic. We will have to wait on that. It looks like the zipper and tassel handle are a vibrant lemon yellow. It looks like there is also piping around the sides and bottom of the bag in yellow. The tassel zipper handle isn’t a soft or frilly tassel. It looks like the same type of tassel they put on a bag last year. Plastic cut in strips. Hope this helps.

    • The picture appears to be a fairly bright orange bag. It has bright yellow piping around the seams, a yellow zipper, and tassel. The tassel is more like a thick cut vinyl or leather instead of fine strings. The word ipsy is printed in yellow at the bottom center of the bag.

      Is that helpful L? Is there anything else you would love to know about the bag?

      • You are all so awesome! Can I hire you for the rest of my life? 🙂 thanks so much for your very detailed descriptions!

  19. I really like the bag but the spoilers are kind of meh. I would like Huda lipstick , KVD if it is concealer and maybe burgandy eyeshadow .

  20. Oh, wow…that bag is almost as ugly as you could make a bag for my tastes. I hate orange, yellow, and tassles. Oof. Hope I can swap it.

  21. Ipsy is always going on and on about skincare and haircare but they don’t seem to send much out.
    After 2 1/2 years with ipsy, I found myself following my own advice and writing to ipsycare about being unhappy with my Glambag contents. I can clearly see all the products available for the month. So, why in the world am I getting a very expensive lipstick in the shade vibrate? It makes zero sense. Actually, only 1 thing makes sense this month. I’m getting some skincare but it’s skincare for a 20-30 something??? I’ll still use them but then the other cosmetics I’m getting are for someone with different skin color and hair color. My email was polite and I was perfectly clear that I’m not asking for anything extra and no, I don’t want to cancel. Just please help me figure out how to get a better match next month maybe?
    IMO- that bag is hideous.

    • OH MY GOD, I literally did the same thing today. E-mailed them politely asking HOW IN THE F the “ipsyMatch” algorithm is supposed to work, because I’m thinking it needs adjusting. I had even mentioned in my e-mail that it becomes that much more disappointing when we’re able to see the full months products (like you said), and we notice that roughly 50%-75% of the items are better profile matches than what we actually received! I don’t want to cancel, but I’m giving them August and then I’m making a decision.

      • Exactly! At the very beginning of the year, January & February, I got those 2 bags & they were both completely off for me. The response I got back then from an ipsycare rep was that they do several variations each month, we can’t please everyone , maybe this sub isn’t for me or a woman of my age. What?! I’m 42 and as we’ve already said, we can see all the products for the month and there were plenty of items I could have been sent that would’ve been a perfect match. I almost can not believe that they are sending me THAT lipstick! There are so many ipsters that would love to have this over $30 bright AF lipstick! But I’m actually opted out of lipstick.

        • What a woman of your age? How rude.I’m thirty-nine and i am definitely rethinking ipsy. Even boxy. Dont try and take my beauty fix though or Allure!

    • The picture appears to be a fairly bright orange bag. It has bright yellow piping around the seams, a yellow zipper, and tassel. The tassel is more like a thick cut vinyl or leather instead of fine strings. The word ipsy is printed in yellow at the bottom center of the bag.

      Is that helpful L? Is there anything else you would love to know about the bag?

  22. Man that bag is ugly was my first thought. They should really work on their bags. Last Summer there were so many cute ones and this year they are so unmemorable.

  23. Something has gone very wrong with Ipsy’s personalization process… they use to be pretty good at it, now I am actually receiving products for oily skin (like charcoal masks and cleansers for acne), I am almost 50 years old and have on my profile I need anti-aging, dry ski products… I have no idea what is going on with them – when you could pick a product, I never would have dreamed of canceling when they were on target with our skincare and I could pick a product – I think this will be my last month, after 4 years unless they change back to how they use to be…

    • I cancelled a few days ago. My bags content has also gone downhill with barely anything I like and clearly little regard for reviews and personalization. After I saw the reveal of my July items, it was enough is enough. How many times can you say brown just looks bad on me, please give me eye shadow colors like, aqua, teal, plum. Nope. More brown and then a purple lipstick too. I asked myself, why am I doing this?

    • I think they don’t have that many anti-aging products in Ipsy. It’s demographic seems much younger, like under 35. If you look at their creators, you don’t see anyone who would be using products appropriate for the average 50 year old.

      It just is what it is. Yes, I know many of you will respond by telling me you love Ipsy and then telling me how old you are, but those of you who do that have a younger style and appreciate the younger bag. Myself, I lied on my profile and shaved 10 years off so I would still get cool trendy stuff in my bag, but that was 4 years ago and now I think my age – 10 is still old for their demographic! But I still love it and will keep it.

    • Same is happening to me. I am 61 and continuously getting masks for skin with acne when there are more appropriate choices available for the month. Also getting an orange eye shadow from The Balm this month. Not sure why they think I would want that. Seems like in the last 6 months or so, they could care less about our profiles.

    • Give the Allure Beauty box a try.

      • Don’t do it! I subscribed for the kat von d box and it was a huge mistake. I subscribed for the second edition box, which came with a full sized liquid lip color instead of the mirror. I still got the mirror. I called customer service. They pretty much laughed at me and said there was only one box. From this site, we know there were two boxes. Several of us had the exact same issue. Then they refuse to let you cancel until your current box has shipped, which is often after you’ve been charged for the next month.

        If you want to try an awesome box with full size items, check out boxy charm. If you sign up now, you’ll be an active subscriber and be eligible for the new upgraded box rolling out this fall. Check out the reviews on MSA. We’re also going to be getting items from kat von d, benefit, tarte, hank and henry, laura lee, smashbox, etc.

      • Agrred Allure is awesome ! I haven’t had a bad box yet!

  24. Am I the only one who noticed these bags designs are going from bad to worse?
    I skipped July because of the horrible design. Ipsy has run out of ideas for the bags. May’s was yellow and orange, on top of that I received the June yellow one and now this… August is guess what: orange AND yellow. Not to mention the zipper pull is eerily similar to last year’s August bag.
    Been with Ipsy since 2014 and definitely the company has changed a lot since. Skipping August also because products had been very off lately (even after changing prefs frequently)

    • Exactly my thoughts! I keep waiting for a great design; but instead, the disappointment continues! I feel like there are so many other colors and shades that could be explored, but they seem to be sticking with the same colors, and the underwhelming designs just make it that much worse.

      • Totally agree. That bag fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch.

  25. I just emailed Ipsy and requested the Huda lippie for August. I have done this once before in the past and they were happy to accommodate my request. This was several years ago, though….

    • Let us know what they say, please. I think they have stopped doing that (after everyone started emailing requests), so I’ll be interested to know what their response is!

  26. I haven’t tried Huda beauty yet and I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t! I really hope I get a Huda product!

    • Haha… you’re not alone 😉

  27. Really really Hoping for a mask and some hair products. I’ve been subbed for 5 months now and haven’t received any. And those are the things I love the most. I’ve gotten 3 nail polishes which I don’t mind if I get that in every bag. Ugly lipstick yuck that I don’t wear. And eyeliner twice when I reviewed the first time I don’t wear eyeliner. So I’m really hoping for a great bag this month that actually fits my profile completely.

  28. I just emailed ipsy telling them im not happy with the personalizations! And that i want more foundations and concealors so i hope they listen take it into effect for next month cause i want that kat von d so badly and the huda lipgloss or any of the lipglosses!

  29. hmmm just may unpause for august!

  30. Thrive and Huda, please and thank you!

    • Exactly my thoughts!

  31. I’ll take the samples up top Ipsy!!!!

  32. Oooh! I love this bag design! And the products look good too. Definitely has me excited for my birthday month 😊

    • We’re birthday sisters, mine is on the 9th.

  33. 🤓💟looking good💟🤓

  34. I want the Thrive Mascara which means I will get some crappy bronzy / gold eyeshadow again instead lol.

    • Or another darn Eyeko Eyeliner. Please no!

      • Same. I’ve gotten it twice this year. Boo.

        • Between birchbox and ipsy, I have gotten the Eyeko Eyeliner six times since January. I don’t even wear eyeliner. Ugh!

          • That’s so funny, that is why I re-subbed to ipsy, hoping I would get it, and I haven’t gotten it yet.

      • I have seven eyelids eyeliner 🙁

    • 😂🤣Ain’t that the truth!🤣😂
      In my beauty profile I chose adventurous colors….simple enough🤔..I have gotten 3 golden/brown eyeshadows…annndd those brown concealer colored lip glosses. It also looks like I’m getting yet another golden eyeshadow this month from Ofra.. wtffffff😣😑

      • The Ofra this month comes in three shades. We won’t know which we will get until our bags come.

      • My subscription also. There’s such color lately but I’ve gotten none of it.

  35. The mascara! Either mascara. With very sensitive eyes I would take a mascara in every subscription box because I have to throw them away so often.

  36. I like the bag! Cute for summer.

  37. I really want the Thrive mascara! Oh and I like that bag.

  38. oooh, i just want the huda matte lipstick!

    • Agreed!

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