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Today Only! LuxePineapple Flash Sale – 40% Off The Pineapple Shop!

Today only, use the coupon code JUNE save 40% off everything in the Pineapple Shop! (Thanks for the heads up, C!) This coupon does not apply to LuxePineapple Post or LuxePineapple Home.

Are you grabbing anything from the sale?

Luxe Pineapple Post

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  1. I an still waiting, the site is still down, and no answer to my e-mail. I guess I need to dispute as well. So disappointing.

    • Does anybody know for certain if they went out of business? I know their site has been down for weeks, yet I keep seeing spoilers (nothing since mid July though). I will also need to dispute charges on my credit card, but it would be nice to know. I can’t find any reference to the company since Mid July when I google them and their social media presence seems to end there as well.

  2. I feel so stupid! I guess the people that call me naive are right. Now, I’ve lost over a $100. It’s a lot for me. I only allow that much every 3 months for extras for myself-
    I’m a single mother and have to watch what I spend carefully. Because I used my debit card my bank said chances on me getting my money back were very slim. Oh well, an expensive lesson for me. I’m sorry for those of you who trusted these awful people too. I really thought I looked into them thoroughly. They weren’t a new company. I read other reviews etc., ho hum : (

  3. Both their facebook and internet sites are down for several days and I’ve sent several emails with no response. I just put in a claim with my credit card. Doesn’t look good.

    • Well, from the *one* e-mail I got from the business owner, her real name is Elisabeth Ranny and she lives in Austin, Texas. She still has a Twitter account up, but the account is protected. I, like other people, disputed with my credit card.

    • They have screwed us! I have set up a dispute as well. I feel like this 40% off sale was a com to get money out of us!!

      • I got a credit back from my credit card for both the 40% sale purchase I made and the subscription I purchased. Just FYI.

        Yea, it’s completely junky that LuxePineapple just shut everything down. Way to steal everyone’s money and hightail it.

      • Because I used debit I lost my money. Its different if you use debit vs credit. I am really upset with this company. I even emailed them before I made my purchases. The response I got back was so nice. That’s what gets me- I know now that it was all a scam!

  4. Anyone know what’s going on with LuxePineapple? Their sites down for setveral days I checked and can’t find them on Facebook!

    • Not sure but I’m concerned too. I emailed them today. Hopefully they’ll respond soon…

  5. Neither of my two orders have been shipped. My email inquiry was never returned. Their website is defunct. I’ve disputed the charges with my bank.

    • I contested the charges with my credit card too. I placed my order on June 15, and while it included the July post, it’s August and it seems unlikely that they are going to ship out. I wonder what the whole 40% off sale thing was even about– a cash grab before going out of business?

  6. I’ve sent 3 emails no response. Received what everyone else did on box but nothing on the rest of the order. Disputed one charge and will dispute the other if i don’t hear back by next week.

    • I am so upset with this company! I contacted them before I placed the order and was assured that they would be filling them. I ordered items from their shop as well as a subscription. What a disappointment! Is there anyway to call these people?

  7. Did anyone else buy other stuff besides the subscription during this sale? I bought the July Post Farmer’s Market box, and when I asked about fulfillment of the order a few weeks ago, they said it would ship around the 20th (took a couple e-mails to get a response). Now it’s the last day of the month, and no tracking, no response to my follow-up e-mail. Curious if anyone else received their orders aside from the subscription?

    • I purchased the same box and more from their shop. Nothing has shipped. No response to my email inquiry. Facebook is inaccessible. I’m really hoping this isn’t another LLB or BB5 situation.

      • Ok, well I set up a dispute with my credit card. Will let y’all know what happens. I did get the June box, but with the communication problems, I feel dubious/suspicious moving forward with the rest of the year that I signed up for with LuxePineapple. I ordered the July Farmer’s Market box and two other things on June 15, and haven’t gotten them yet, and just… kinda want my money back. I wish that MSA would flag suspect boxes a bit more explicitly when posting updates.

    • I ordered things from there shop and a 6 month subscription and I have received nothing! They answered 1 email but they have not responded to any others.

  8. I just got my first box, and it’s kind of disappointing.

    – SopranoLabs Facial Turmeric Soap
    – Sorme brush (seems kinda poor quality)
    – Sorme Cool Hues Eyeshadow Collection (I do like the purple shade)
    – and a really ugly scarf (that also seems kinda poor quality)

    *shrug* I guess thank goodness I didn’t pay that much for all of it?

    • I still haven’t received my box. I have emailed them twice and no response.

      • I ordered the July box. Does anyone know when it is expected to ship?

  9. I just got my first box from the flash sale. I’m not home, but my dear husband sent me a picture. Looks like a large powder brush, 8 pan eyeshadow palette (sorme maybe?), tumeric bar soap, and perhaps a pretty floral scarf. For $12, I’m pretty happy so far (and from afar, ha).

    • I got my box today and got the same as you except I got a Sorme lipstick instead of the brush. I’m pretty happy! I’ve never tried Sorme before, but I’m hoping it’s good because I love the colors! It feels like a great deal for the price.

  10. Anyone know when we will get our first box?

  11. I am very tempted by the 40% of the 6-month deal, but is not clear to me that Luxe Pineapple Post is a functioning subscription and that they will have 6-months of boxes to offer. I’ve looked for reviews of recent boxes to no avail. I saw that they started a promotion in May 2018 of 6 months for $100, but I can’t find any reviews of their May or June boxes. Did they actually issue them?

    • I’ve gotten mine each month. I just reupped with their last deal. For a breakdown of less than $20 a month (about$16), I can’t complain!

  12. I am sad about peachy box ending/cancelling my subscription with only 2 out of 6 boxes fulfilled – so I had to get this 6-month luxepineapple post one to make up for it! LOL.

  13. I looked through the past boxes and they are really beauty heavy. Even for $12/box if I want beauty I think ipsy would be a better fit. Trying not to get smthg just to get smthg because of a deal. The reality is the items would end up on swap or eBay with postage charges. Discipline for me- work in progress.

    • I am totally with you! If there is a deal with the LP Home box I’ll totally jump in, but with the LP Post box? Maybe not.

  14. OK, according to the text on this, neither LuxePineapple Post or Home are included in this 40% off deal. However, it does work when signing up on the six month, non-renewable sub option.

    Which leaves me to wonder, if it’s a computer glitch which is giving the 40% off on LP-Post, and, if so, if the subs entered with it will be honored.

    I guess they’ll be letting us know, one way or the other.

    • I tried it on the Home one just to see, and it didn’t work on that one. But it did work on the Post one. *shrug*

    • I have a feeling they will be canceling all the orders.

      • They might. Or, they might honor the deal for those who signed up. After all, a happy subscriber is valuable.

        Personally, I think they should assess their software people for the difference for the six-month sub ($48/order!). Their code didn’t work at all on Thursday, and it worked “better” (or worse!) than it should have on Friday. Whose responsibility was that?

    • The discounted boxes are listed for sale in the Pineapple shop. I’ve received notices from the company already for my purchases. This company has never disappointed me-just saying. Sorry for double posts earlier but my battery died.

    • I’ve gotten the non-recurring 6-month (the extra discount was honored too) and loved it! The owner is responsive and helpful, although not everything was 100% perfect as we wish. I personally think it’s a wonderful deal!

    • This no code no longer works on the prepaid subs.

      • I just used the code. I bought 3 for gifts. I called Customer Service and they will definitely be honored.

      • Thank you for doing this! And, letting us know! Happy Friyay!

      • I just tried it and it is working fine. It is now 1640 EST.

  15. Wow! Grabbed this deal too. I was just congratulating myself on my self discipline. Oh, well.

  16. Is it weird that I’m really excited to have a bunch of fish bowls? Whenever we host we always have a bunch of little bowls for olives and cheese and stuff. These are perfect!
    I also got the 6 month sub. For 40% off, I’m willing to take a little bit of a risk there.

    • I don’t think the code applies to the subscription (even though the computer allows it).

      • By all accounts it does. Not on any subscription, but the specific one in the shop (6 month, non-recurring). Others have called CS to confirm and I’ve gotten emails confirming my order.

  17. Wow, 6 months of luxe pineapple for $72-amazing deal!

    • I got that too! Works out to $12 a month for 6 months, non renewing. yippee!

      • Exactly, non renewing is the magic word.

      • I grabbed that too! Seems like a pretty amazing deal. I wonder why the box stopped being reviewed here months ago, though?

        Does anyone have a sense of what the “Farmer’s Market LPPost Single purchase / Pre-Order Ships in JULY” thing is? I’d like to at least know some of what’s expected in the box before purchasing it.

      • I ordered that too. The only spoiler I’ve seen so far is this really cute box of what appears to be chocolates, but are actually seed bombs you can grow in little containers. Very cute hostess gift.

      • where’d you see the spoiler? Not on MSA!

      • I think that seed bomb spoiler is for LP Home. This “Farmer’s Market LPPost Single purchase / Pre-Order Ships in JULY” is for the LP Post, so it probably won’t contain that seed bomb thing.

      • I grabbed that box too. The only spoiler I’ve have seen so far is what looks like a cute, wrapped box of chocolates but it is actually a set of “seed balls” that you plant in little containers. It is a cute hostess gift.

      • The seed bomb spoiler is on MSA. Just search Luxe Pineapple and it comes up. They look super cute.

    • How did you do that!? Its saying the code doesnt work for me 🙁

  18. Wow 6 months of luxe pineapple for $72-amazing!!!

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