POPSUGAR Must Have Summer Sale – 50% Off Past Items!

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The POPSUGAR Must Have Summer Sale has started! (Thanks Amy, Jessica, and Svetlana for the heads up!)

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Pick your favorites from past Must Have boxes and add two or more items to your cart.
  2. Take 50% off all orders over $100 using code SUMMER at checkout.

Are you grabbing anything in the sale?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. @LIz – I doubt you will see this but I am wondering if you ended up truly LOVING the Pehr throw that was in the winter limited edition box 2016 for her – that was once a unicorn for me ……… do you recommend it? 🙂 I remember Buckles loving it as well………. 🙂

    • I’m not Liz but I loved mine so much when I first received the box that I bought a second box just for this throw. I keep one on my bed for super cold nights in the winter and one on the couch. It’s not super plush so if you like the super soft throws this won’t be like that but it is a soft flannel and very warm. I received throws in other boxes after this one but I used both of my pehr throws again this past winter. Still my fave.

      • I appreciate that Zo!!!! Thank YOU……very helpful – off to buy one NOW…… have plenty of the super soft ones and they are nice but there’s just something “special” about this one….. 🙂

        • I love my Pehr throw too – I actually swapped for 2 and am keeping my 2nd as a spare right now…. I was tempted to buy another one and wanted to maybe have the 2 “new” ones stitched together as a large blanket for my bed, that’s how much I like it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good size for a throw while I’m sitting on the couch, but I like it on my bed 🙂

          I actually love the cotton better than the faux fur ones that everyone raves about, because those just seem decorative and aren’t very practical (for ME). Glad you are getting one!

          • Thanks CB!! …….. can’t beat cotton…… very excited to finally be getting it!!!! 🙂

  2. Ok, after deciding to sleep on it I got 2 packs of birthday candles because they are amazing and I got 5 flour sack tea towels. My own personal unicorn. I was eyeballing the makeup/skincare/farmacy hard but ekkk I don’t want to get stuck with old stuff. $55 out the door

  3. I didn’t think a lot of these items were worth it at 75% off, much less 50% off. Easy pass for me, but I’m happy folks are finding things they love.

  4. Ok.. who can resist those trucker hats? Couldn’t find a taker for mine and cant imagine any guy I know wearing the lightning version.. oh well someone loves these!! Let me know.. mine is free just pay to ship!! Lol

    • i’ll take the lightning trucker hat if you are serious!

    • Me too! I’ll even find something you want to swap!

      • Sorry I only have the blue one.. Aloha or whatever!! Really just sarcasm for old stuff at 50% off.. had to buy a few things but I can’t imagine some of this stuff selling at these prices. Its been around too long and marked lower on Gilt.

  5. When they run these sales it always seems like some of the items are already sold out! I ended up with the Loeffler wallet (had it years ago and foolishly swaped it), a Pehr throw (I forgot that I already have one), and a pair of silver earrings.

    But everyone is right, all the prior sales were 75% off. What gives?

  6. I would have ordered a good bit of not for the $100 price cap to use coupon. If they removed that they could get rid of lots more. I mean come on, how much of this stuff did they get?

    • It’s not a cap. It’s a minimum order of $100 before the discount. I think it makes sense to have a minimum since shipping is free.

      • That’s what I meant, minimum not cap. Used wrong wording, sorry.

  7. Got the Loeffler Randall python clutch from ages ago, more of my favorite Lollia shower gel and the Lalicious scrub to try. And the Patchology eye patches which should be great for some long flights I have coming up. Excited!

  8. One of the products which has sold out is not quite the beneficial item it was marketed as being.
    It’s the “satin” pillowcase. Satin can be either polyester or silk. Since this one had a RV of $38, and it’s not listed as 100% silk, it’s likely polyester.

    SILK pillowcases are the ones which might have some benefits as far as not creasing the facial skin when sleeping and especially the breathability. Silk and other natural fibers allow the flow of air very well. Polyester does not, being an artificially produced fiber with different properties.

    Amazon has some great mummiweight silk pillowcases at about the price of the PSMH one. I always choose the natural undyed ones, and make sure they have a hidden side zipper. The envelope style doesn’t stay on the pillow well. I wash mine on ultra delicate and air dry then fluff just a few minutes on low to remove any small wrinkles.

    • Most helpful comment ever! Thank you so much!! I’ve always wondered about silk pillowcases and if they would make me sweat. 😅

      • Thank you so very much. Silk and cotton have never made me perspire during the night, and I used silk pillowcases during a time when I had hormonal issues.
        I have had satin sheets before I realized my mistake, and they are the hottest feeling sheets on the planet to me. I loved the look of them, but hated the heat retention.

        The silk pillowcases being sold are not silk satin but silk charmeuse, which is a much softer weave with less silk used. The Momme weight, which is basically the thread count, for silk pillowcases and bedding should be around 20 mm.
        More or less within a few numbers is just fine too, but I consider 18-20 mm to be easy to find, and affordable.

  9. I took 3 days and cleaned out all my beauty products- hair, skin, face, nails, and cosmetics.
    Some of the products being sold currently are WAY too old to use, and some are just fine, of course. There’s lots of very old nail polish. To their credit, I didn’t see any old stock sunscreen products, which lose their protective properties if they are too old.
    I store my items in cool, dry cabinets and most still had the safety seals on, but when products get to the age of being past the normal use date it is not a random thing.

    There was ONE item which had a discount before the code and it was a silver piggy bank for a child, I’d think.

    One last thing: Wasn’t the Free Spirit journal/ notebook in rose gold a box FREEBIE sponsored by Jeep? How can they sell something that they gave away in a box? I’m thinking that’s not so great, but I do love mine. 🙂

    • The 2018 wall calendar that will probably only have < 6 months left on it by the time it arrives was also on "sale" for $2.00 ($1.00 after the discount).

      The piggy bank was from the special edition baby box from way back when… it was in these sales previously but even at 75% off the RV was too high for me. I'm still considering it at the sale price for a potential baby gift. At $14.50 it's a great price, but I wish I knew if it comes in a box or just loose?? Link to original boxes:

      • It comes in a box. I gave it as a baby gift and it was really well received.

        • Thank you!! Now I need to see if I can find enough to make a 2nd order 🙂

  10. These sales used to be 75% off, but this sale includes some nice items that are a great buy at 50% off. I’m still hoping for further discounts once the inventory thins out 🤞And please don’t let me get an OOS email on my Kendra Scott!!

    • I hear ya! The Baggu weekender sold out right after I bought it, so I hope I actually get it! I also ordered a pair of the KS earrings… the silver ones that I felt were an urban swapping legend, since I never actually saw them available, only listed as an elaborate taunt, lol 😂

      • I bought the Baggu weekend bag about 5 minutes after I got the email about the sale and just now received a note from PopSugar that they oversold it. The sale, at that point, couldn’t have been active for more than 30 minutes. I think they used it as bait.

        • I agree! I got the OOS email for the weekender as well – I would have just canceled the full order, but since there were a couple other items I really wanted, I left it. But if the other items I added were “extra” to make up the $100 minimum, I’d be super angry and would have just told them to cancel all of it. That was really unfair for them to do that on these popular and harder-to-find items.

          That weekender is still full price on most sites, and I have the matching backpack, so I was way too excited!

  11. Oh well, all the things I would want are sold out. Guess that’s for the best since we’re about to start the Dave Ramsey finance plan.

  12. Anyone notice these mostly are all the same items they have had each sale for the past 2 years? I’m too worried the beauty products would be expired by now.

    • Yep, which is why I didn’t bother going past the first page. And didn’t these sales use to be 75% off?

      • Totally!
        Ans smart move, I actually thought….hey it can’t be allllll the same old stuff then up came the swan drink holder and those pineapple pins we all have 20 of!!! hahahahaha!!

    • I emailed customer service, and received a reply in less than an hour.

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for reaching out. All the inventory in our summer sale is original inventory, however all the items are still within their expiration date so you don’t have to worry about anything being expired if you purchase. We hope you enjoy receiving 50% off! Let us know if you have any other questions.


      Andy D.
      Member Services Assistant

      • I’ve noticed that the Briogeo product has shown up in many/maybe all of these warehouse sales and they’d always sell out, but then have it for sale again the next time. So I was guessing that they were buying new items for these sales. If it is all original inventory, it just seems weird that they are only releasing a certain amount of Briogeo for each sale so they can save part of their inventory of it for the next time when it will be even older.

  13. I am weak and got;

    – Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oil
    – Hampton Sun Bronze Shimmer Cooling Spray
    – Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (love this stuff)
    – Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath
    – Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Kiss Sugar Scrub (I literally used the last of the one I have this morning). It’s a sign.

    I spent $86, which is high when you think about how much this stuff actually costs to make, but good deal considering RSV.

    • I love everything you picked! Totally worth it in my opinion 🙂

  14. Yay – I’ve been waiting for this sale! But what happened to the 75% off of days yore? I’m a little less inclined to hit ‘buy’ at only 50% off. Although, I guess that’s a good thing since I’ll be less inclined to buy random items I don’t really need.

  15. I got a Mela Artisan Tray and Pehr Throw that I tried FOREVER to swap for, so I am one happy camper. They had some seriously good items (unicorns) for this sale that have not been available in the past.

  16. Excited!! Got Kendra Scott earring, scrub stuff, new travel toothbrush, and nest candle for $63!!

  17. No one mentioned getting a baggu and they are all sold out 🙁 I will swap at double value for them if you click myname! !

    • Baggu sells on Amazon for $10 and I think most of the colors are Prime eligible.

      • Yes and these would be $5 each making them a great deal. BUT doesnt look like anyone was able to get them

        • Never mind the comment below me got some. Jealous.

        • But if the $5 ones are sold out and you’re willing to swap for twice the value… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Yeah but swapping means I get rid of items I dont need and also get items I do need! It’s a win win! And still cheaper for the most part

  18. I managed to snag two of the Pehr bins and a couple of the Baggu reusable bags. Happy with my purchase, and didn’t pick up anything I didn’t REALLY want….

  19. After having multiple site issues, the one thing I really wanted sold out as I was trying to check out. ARGH! Oh well, it happens 😉 I still did place an order since there were some things in addition that I wanted, but other posters here are right – I remember it being 75% off. In a way, it’s almost better that it’s not – I used to go a bit overboard when the discount was that high! 😉

    • That happened to me too – a couple of things ended up being sold out, but I still got a few goodies I’ve been wanting! I knew I had to look fast since they absolutely don NOT save your cart!! I learned that the hard way last time!
      Even though last time was 75% & this time was only 50%, the stuff was way better! More HTF and Ltd box items. I’m guessing after a few days they might “sale” out the remaining albatrosses or put out another later sale at 75% with the typical stuff we see in these….

  20. I am so happy the Lalicious sugar scrub was included in this sale! I have been trying to swap for it for so long I was about to buy it at full price. Now I have three coming and can’t wait!

  21. YAY!!! I am FINALLY able to get a few things that I have never been able to swap for! *happy dance*

  22. That lalicious body scrub is my favorite so I grabbed that, patchology eye masks and the herbivore body oil.

  23. I didn’t go crazy but I bought THE wallet that I was never able to swap (from the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition box 2016) for and have been coveting for a year and a half……………. still over a hundred out the door….. 🙁 wish they would have had their usual 75% off…………………… still fun, but bought 1 item instead of many ………..

    • I purchased that wallet as well I too had been coveting I also purchased the I Phone wallet I plan on using in my laptop bag for work It was fun

      • YES to chic and FUN wallets……. glad to know I am not the only one who was coveting the little beauty 🙂 …….. I never saw the iPhone wallet in my excitement to check out!!!

      • Melissa – you may never see this but I’m hoping you signed up for follow up comments – 🙂 ……….. I received my wallet and LOVE IT as much as I thought I would – my only issue is that the back which is solid black leather has very deep indentations of the “glasses of the wallet it was sitting on” ……. now I’ve researched how to get rid of indentations and it says to stuff the wallet full, heat up the dents with a hair dryer …. some went so far as to say put a towel on it and use an iron……. just wondering if they all come they way, since they would have likely been stacked for a long time, or if it’s worth my reaching out to them……..

      • Melissa – did you get your wallet yet?? I’m curious to see if yours had indentations on the solid black leather part??……. the wallets must have been piled on top of each other… mine has a full sunglass indentation from it….. ??? I haven’t checked with PS yet to find out if this is something they may be able to correct….

  24. I agree that prices seem high. Anybody else wondering just how old these cosmetics items are?

  25. The Kendra Scott cuff has been my swap unicorn. Yay!!!!!

    • Just got an OOS email on the cuff. I ordered well before you posted, but they never process in the order they were placed.

  26. I was excited to see the satin pillowcase since I had one from a box years ago and I wanted another so I would have a set, because no one only uses one pillow. By the time I got to checkout after trying to sign in for ages only to be told I don’t have an account, which I do, it was sold out. So I will buy nothing.

    • That happened to me too! It kept telling me I don’t have an account. As much as I wanted the Pehr Throw, guess I’m keeping $80 (after taxes) instead.

    • Have you bought from the mhboutique sale before? You have to set up a different login/pw than your sub box login (I learned that during the last one of these and I missed out on some stuff too).

      • Ahhh! Now that you metion it, I remember that. It’s dumb. 🙂
        I bought a satin pillowcase from Amazon, got what I wanted and saved some money.

  27. Loaded 4 items in cart totaling $112 then remembered I have enough crap. Lisa would honor subscribers a good deal if she didn’t have that $100 minimum on there! Oh wait, I would have spent money so maybe it’s good she does have minimum spending..lol

    • Well, it’s a $100 minimum before the 50% off, so it’s *technically* a $50 minimum, Lol 😂

  28. Bought farmacy – been wanting to try that, Lalicious, Tokyo Milk, Cottage Greenhouse, spent $93 taxes included – 🙂

  29. I grabbed both Kendra Scott earrings and both LAlicious items. I’ll keep the silver earrings and gift the rest. Those items were good deals.

  30. Serious website issues, I’ve been trying to prove to it I’m not a robot for like 20 minutes. Guys, I might be a robot.

    • Lol😂😂

  31. I love that heart scarf from the February 2017(?) box, but even at half off it’s not worth it. 50% just isn’t enough to get me to fill up a cart with these items, a lot of them are still pretty pricey.

    • I agree. Seems like a good deal for some but a lot of them not. Like that scarf… it was in a regular popsugar box and just that item 50% off is more than the cost of one of the boxes itself… that doesn’t make sense… I feel like they should have adjusted for that. But who knows

  32. I bought 3 items that I do not have and are nearly impossiple to swap for:

    – Turkish-T Diamond Throw
    – White Corkcicle Canteen
    – Mela Artisans Congo in India Photo Frame

    All 3 of which I’d readily pay the price of 50% off so I didn’t go crazy.

    • I don’t think I went too crazy either… I got a few things that were impossible for me to swap for and made sure to check out right away…. only to go back again & realize I missed that Turkish-T throw on the first go-round! Oh well, i got 2 things I really wanted, 3 things I’ve wanted to try for a while, all of which are super hard to swap for!! Now that swaps seem to have slowed dramatically, this was a great deal for me!
      I also added a few cute “gift-y” things as well, so I have no regrets other than being too slow for the small baggus (got the weekender though!) and too fast for the Turkish-T throw!! Glad you got one!! Oh, and I also got a Corksicle too, so great minds…. lol 😂

  33. I’ve been really wanting to try a fruit infuser bottle, jump rope, and lalicious sugar scrub so I went for it. Also got the melamine dessert plates and cheers serving tray because they are too cute! Not too terrible for $56. Was hoping for the diffuser instead of the plates but it sold out when it was in my cart.

  34. Loaded up my cart, the site crashed & it was the jolt I needed to remember that I have most of this stuff & truly don’t need it.

    Am going to go make a donation to an organization that is important to me instead.

  35. Website isnt working for me at all……..but i remember this sale used to be WAY better.

  36. The Pehr bins and the Luna Foreo are sold out already, even though they let me add them to my cart. Sigh. These prices are too high anyway, so I killed the rest of my $96 transaction, and I was waiting years to get another of those bins.

  37. There’s definitely stuff I’d want in there, but even with the code, it’s just too pricey. I’ll wait for the FFF edit and hope I like some things there.

  38. 50% off? Is that a joke?! They are charging full price on most of the items.

    • Yeah, that’s what jolted me out of the purchase. I was only getting 1/2 off for items that I could definitely live without.

  39. Even at 50% off, some of these things are really pricey! I think I’ll pass. I don’t need anything anyway.

  40. Ugh by the time I checked out, one of the things I really wanted was sold out….

  41. Site isn’t working for me. Maybe it’s a sign that I don’t need anything from here.

  42. Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder

    $ 18.00

    I’m dead.

    • Swans are love. Swans are lyfe. Lord popsugar taught me so.

    • Even worse is the pineapple pin.

      • They put one in every order for free forever. Should have put 2 in!

    • you didn’t get a swan yet?!? you better hurry before it sells out!! haha!

    • If anyone has a swan, I’d love one! I’d be happy to pay for shipping!

  43. Question: Are all of the beauty products for sure not expired? Some of those products were in boxes from quite a while back. Are they clearing out old stock from these original boxes? Or did they arrange new stock of these items from the manufacturers?

    • I wondered the same thing – I stayed away from products that could expire/beauty products except for the R + Co hair oil & Lalicious sugar kiss scrub because they were both in relatively newer boxes and don’t go on my face : )

      • Hi Amy,

        Thanks for reaching out. All the inventory in our summer sale is original inventory, however all the items are still within their expiration date so you don’t have to worry about anything being expired if you purchase. We hope you enjoy receiving 50% off! Let us know if you have any other questions.


        Andy D.
        Member Services Assistant

    • I would assume it’s all old stock…I don’t think it would make sense for them to order new stuff and then drop it to half off! I stayed away from the older stuff, as well.

      • Good point!

      • Oh no. Wish l read this before I ordered.

  44. The site’s crashed for me…

  45. I have item I really want but won’t pay $99 for. 😔

    • It just has to total 100$ before discount.

      • The items is priced $198. So that would be half off

  46. Email received at 12:18 PM central time and order placed by 12:25 PM. I think I have a problem LOL. I have been wanting more of those “best day ever” mugs for YEARS and could never find them. Couldn’t be happier to see them in the boutique.

  47. Didn’t it used to be 75% off and sometimes a bunch of the stuff was also on sale?

    • I think you’re right — I remember it being a much better deal.

    • Yes, use to be a better deal. I think I’ll pass 🙂

      • Same. It’s a bummer the sale isn’t as good as it used to be.

    • Oh, good- so I’m not crazy. Some of the stuff in my cart was sold out by the time I got to checkout and I decided to chuck the whole thing. Not fomo here.

  48. IM SO EXCITED. I just got the farmacy honey drop moisturizer and KENDRA SCOTT EARRINGS for $50!!!!

    • I also got the honey drop but selected the Kendra Scott cuff. I’ve never been able to swap for it!

      • I got the Kendra Scott cuff also. I’ve been wanting it for so long. The ear rings were already sold out or I would’ve grabbed those too!

  49. Wasn’t this type of sale normally more? Like, 70%? Or, am I remembering incorrectly?

    • yeah, it used to be like 75% off and that justified them selling everything for retail.

      • oh right. now i feel duped

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