Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2018 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Summer 2018 Margot Elena box! (Thanks Val!!)

Each box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m so exicted to receive this box! Everything was amazing especially that towel, such a nice size to use. Only issue was the cover to my foot scrub came broken ;( hopefully they will be able to send a cover replacement. Otherwise can’t wait for fall box!

    • My cover came broken as well! I emailed them the same request for a replacement cap.

      Has anyone opened the lip balm? It states “Dark” on it so I am wondering how dark is dark. Don’t want to open it before knowing in case it won’t work on my pale face.

      • It’s an opaque white, so goes on clear.

    • The top to mine was shattered, too; lots of tiny pieces, but at least it hadn’t leaked! I wish it was some kind of a standard size so I could replace it easily. Anyway, love the contents of the box!

      • Mine was shattered, too. I called and they quickly offered to send a replacement. It is so nice that they have an actual customer service phone number!

  2. This box is amazing!! I am so happy with this subscription. I am also glad I did not peek at the spoilers and everything in this box was an actual surprise. Absolutely outstanding and a wonderful gift to myself after a not so great day at work. Thank you Margot Elena for such a great box! I absolutely loved it!

  3. A first for me.. I’ve been just opening my box and looking at all the beautiful colors and prints, and smelling the glorious fragrances. Like a kid on Christmas morning!

    I am seriously thinking of getting a second subscription- this box is exactly my style, and apparently many of you agree. 🙂

    • I was thinking the same. However, I do feel like it’s more special to get one. Like having one nice Turkish towel instead of having duplicates of everything just to have it…still thinking about it. I just took a bath in the soaking salts and used the foot scrub and foot lotion after a long work day. I can’t tell you what a treat it is! Can’t say enough good things about this company.

      • I stock up on everything. I’m not a hoarder, but if you really like something and it’s on sale, why not not? My boyfriend would love to have the towel, and we’d have a matching set.

        • Sarah, I’m not a hoarder either. I’ve cut out 4 subscription boxes this month, and if I see a box with great appeal to me personally, and with items I can also gift, it’s fun to have duplicates for ” later’. These are products with a good shelf life when stored properly as the creams have foil seals.

          Thank you.

  4. I’ve subscribed since the beginning and I think this box is my favorite so far! I love bath items so I was happy to see the bath soak and beautiful towel. The soaps smell so good and the foot items are a treat! It’s great that this box is exposing me to things I may not have tried but will end up buying. I’ve spent a bunch of $ on their website and am hooked for life, so this box is doing its job! Looking forward to seeing what Fall brings 🙂

  5. I just got my box and I’m floored! It’s beautiful and I love everything. I have such sensitive skin so I’m glad there’s only the face mask. I’ll use up everything else while I’m all wrapped up in my towel!

  6. Another homerun! This box is amazing for….value, variety, luxury, fragrances. This is my 3rd one and I love each and every one. This is the only sub box that I end up keeping all of the items and I had to order a 2nd box to gift. That’s how amazing it is.

    For nail polish, I received the blue which I will end up giving away but it’s such a pretty color.

  7. THIS is what a Sub should look like!!! LOVE it!!
    AND—-BONUS-they say they are Listening to us!! (I have enough soap!!) Everything else-no gifting-no swapping-MINE!! 🙂 💗

    • I love the soaps! Keep ’em coming!

      • I agree, I love the soaps… and they are adorable in a little apothecary jar in the bathroom.. A perfect pop of color. Keep the coming! This box is seriously amazing 🙂

    • I agree, I have enough hand soaps; I would be happy if they took a season or two break from those, but they are small a giftable, if not.

  8. This box!! This. Box. Everything about it is so darn satisfying. The packaging, the product, the unboxing experience. Just the best. I always think I’m going to use some of it for gifts, but i can’t make myself part with it.

  9. Just signed up! I’ve been sub-box-free for the past year or so, but this seems like a worthwhile quarterly splurge. If I don’t love whatever comes in the fall box, I can tell the packaging alone will make the contents perfectly giftable! Would love to see a more detailed review.

  10. This is my first box. Just got it today and I can’t stop opening the box and just SMELLING it!! This is officially my favorite sub box now. WHY did I wait so long?
    I think it’s so fab that they curate the box with exclusive or pre-release items. :).

    I want some bath milk for apres’ pool skin soothing. I’ve been window shopping on the site. Love it.

  11. There are items specially made for the summer box, as there were for the spring and winter boxes. None of the Turkish towel, nail color, bath soak, postcard set, clay masque, or Lollia soap trio are available on their site. Maybe this is a way for them to test new products. I have never tried a Turkish towel (had to Google it) so I am excited to try it.

  12. Finally got my box today. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    Question for anyone- Does this box always ship Fed Ex Smart Post? I’m asking because the website says ” Ships Fed Ex” which isn’t exactly what I’d call accurate since it’s so slow, and we know the USPS delivers these boxes.

    I would pay more for regular Fed Ex Home Delivery or UPS Second Day.. Some of the products are on this side of fragile and I am not thrilled with the very long shipping time in the heat and getting shoved around and all.

    Thanks to anyone who has more experience with the subscription.

    • This is my first box. It has been traveling since the 12th; scheduled to arrive the 25th. I receive 7 other subscription boxes and they usually arrive within a week. I would also pay extra to get the box faster.

  13. Was really hoping for some jewelry….

  14. love this! Though I was hoping for a candle!

    • Candles may have melted in the triple digit heat some of us get. Glad to see a variety of things 🙂

  15. Got a tracking number on the 13th. My box is stuck in Kansas for some strange reason. Fed Ex is at 0 this month with my box deliveries. 2 very late and one was delivered to the wrong house about a mile away.

  16. I received a tracking number on 6/13. On 6/14, I received the generic ” She’s on her way” email.

    My box seems to be stuck in, of all places, Kansas. I live about as far away from Kansas as possible. I don’t know what route the box is taking, but it’s apparently ” the long way home”.

    This month, Fed Ex Smart Post delayed my Boxycharm box, as it was in transit ( not label created or waiting but in shipment) for 14 days.
    Then, Fed Ex home delivery delivered my RZ BOS to another homeowner here.
    Now, I have this box on a very long and circuitous route to my state.

    I am starting to not like Fed Ex!

  17. I received an email confirming my order last month but that is it. I really hope there in not an issue with my order 😕

  18. I got my tracking email on 6/13, another that said “She’s on her way!” on 6/14 and received my box on 6/16.
    I love everything in it except the nail color (a dark grayish purple) and the bath soak (no tub). This is my favorite sub by far! Everything looks and smells lovely.

  19. I was billed on May 1 and have not gotten anything. It says on for filled in my account. I’ve emailed twice with no response.

    This is driving me crazy. If I have time during the week I guess I’m going to have to call.

  20. I received an email that just says it’s on its way and that I should receive it in a few days, but there is no tracking number. I looked at my account online and it says fulfilled, but again I don’t see a tracking number. Where are you guys going to track your boxes? This isy first ME box and I’m eager to find out when it will be delivered!

    • I received my email with tracking before the email that said it’s on its way. You could create a fedex account and see it that way

  21. I agree with the previous comments. @Liz, could you please review this box soon? I know I would personally enjoy it much more than some of the other/newer boxes being reviewed these days. Thanks!

  22. There’s not a single MSA review of a M.E. Discovery box, and I think it’s one of the nicest subscription boxes out there right now.

    I’d REALLY love to see Liz’s review of the box. Baffling as to how this one keeps getting skipped every single time it ships.

    • I am too. Not sure why. It is my favorite. Shoot I will review it. 😉

    • I feel the same way and didn’t even realize it cuz since I heard about this box on this site I just overlooked that it hasn’t been in a review. I’d love to see Liz’s thoughts of each product!

      • Agreed! It’s one of my favorites!

    • I didn’t realize there hadn’t been any reviews! I’ve loved my boxes so far – every box has been over $200 in value with a nice mix of items (though the first box was a little heavy on the hand cream with three different ones, lol.) Currently this is my favorite sub.

      In the future it would be awesome if she could incorporate some minor customization (e.g. pick bath items or shower items, dry skin or oily) but that’s probably wishful thinking at this price-to-value point. 🙂 Fortunately anything I can’t/won’t use from one of her boxes is very easy to gift, and they are pretty popular on the swap side as well.

  23. Anyone else still waiting for confirmation email and shipping notice?

    I bought 1 annual and 1 quarterly back in March. I called to confirm I’d be getting 2 summer boxes and they said yes BUT I’ve only received confirmation and tracking from 1 order. Knowing that they are sold out makes me nervous esp since the other box is suppose to be a gift that the person already knows about 😑

    • When you look at the staus in your account online, what does it say? I hope everything works out. If there is an issue, they most likely have extra boxes for situations like this.

      • Just says order # and lists March 8 as date. Paid and Unfulfilled. The other order I received tracking for says same with the exception of being fulfilled instead. Guess I’m just being impatient? Its been 5 days since they shipped my 1st package tho

    • Hi, I was in the same boat as you but I did get two separate tracking numbers. They came separately and shipped about a day apart. I also did double check with cs to make sure I would get both.

      • Thanks, hopefully I’ll get tracking soon on the other box. It’s been 5 days since they shipped first one so I’m getting antsy. I guess I’ll call again on Tuesday if tracking doesn’t come by Monday evening

    • I have not gotten tracking info or email yet…I’m an annual. My account says “paid” on June 8 (I purchased the annual a few months ago) and “unfulfilled”…

      • Thanks, it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one without tracking. Hopefully we will both get our tracking emails and packages soon. This is my first box with them and I’m waiting anxiously to receive it

      • If you purchased June 8th, then that’s after the date this summer Box sold out….

        • JS said she purchased the annual a few months ago, not June 8. But I did purchase two annuals on June 4 and didn’t think I would get a summer box under them so I kept my quarterly boxes and they say they have printed labels for the June 4 subs and they are fulfilled. It will be interesting to see how many boxes I get. Some people who purchased annual boxes recently may get a surprise box.

          • I read what she said, but billing occurred for seasonal on June 1st, so the only sense I can make of her reference to June 8th is that is when she subscribed, either seasonally or annually.

    • **Update**

      I just received an email that says my order was refunded even tho they assured me when I called that I was going to receive both summer boxes that I paid for in March 😑

  24. I live in Denver, the base for M.E., there was an outlet sale 2 or so weeks ago. 85% off, etc. I wasn’t able to to go, kinda kicking myself now

    • Me too..and it was when that sub conference was in town also! It started at 9am and I wasn’t willing to drive to tech center at that time….plus I’ve heard some negative feedback from their fulfillment employees…I have a hard time with companies that take advantage of immigrants…low low wages, no opportunity for advancement, no raises, keeping people ignorant…they pretty much don’t have English speakers on the line…

  25. So excited to get this!! I think this may be my favorite sub.

  26. I think this looks stunning, and I’m really looking forward to receiving my first box!

    What bothers me, though, is that their record of my account says that two shipments have been sent, and two remain to be sent (are Scheduled). I hope that I haven’t prepaid for an annual sub and will have to get involved in negotiations to get all four of them.

    I’ve emailed their customer service, and am hoping to be hearing from them about this issue soon. Otherwise, I’m really, really looking forward to this. (Unfulfilled!)

    • I saw exactly the same thing on my account and emailed them. They said there was something wrong or some kind of glitch but not worry that I will receive all of my boxes.

  27. Love this box..🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️

  28. Wow! My box is supposed to be here Monday- everything in it is so pretty. I love how diverse the offerings are- it looks like there are lots of products to revive skin after winter. I love the Turkish towel, and I can’t wait to smell everything.

  29. This is my first box because i waited too long the last couple boxes.. Anyway, I have been excited to see the spoilers, and I could not be happier. The price of the box including shipping far surpasses the content. I am very very happy. Honestly, I do not understand why people complain. It’s an awesome box. Bring on FALL Box. 🙂

  30. Awesome as always! I do love the lotions, creams, shower gels, and candles! Love, love, love you Margot Elena! You are phenomenal!!! You NEVER disappoint! 🙄🤗😄😇😚😘💙💟💙💙💟💙💙💟💙💙💟💙💙🖐🖑👀💙

  31. This box is still amazing! This is my treat to me!

  32. I like this box. I wish there was more hand lotion though. I really love the cottage greenhouse lotions the best. I think this box is better than spring box and it’s full of stuff you can’t get in the site, like the towel and nail polish.

  33. Omg!!! 3rd box and thought id be all lotioned out but might have to thunk about renewing come winter… 🙄🙄🙄🙄😍😍😍😍😍

  34. I love this box. I’m so happy it is totally different than the last one. I am overwhelmed with shower gels and lotions, and am pretty psyched about the foot products. I was hoping for a lip balm.

    I don’t have a bath, so will gift that along with the soaps.

    Great box!

    • Lol!!! I shower daily and it’s so good I’ve still got a third of a tube of shower gel left, so I always welcome more! It’s absolutely luscious! Heck, anything M.E. is welcome for me, I adore her stuff! One commenter said it could be skunk scented, and we’d love /buy it! Hahaha!!! That was great! Love it

  35. Gah! I’m so excited! I think I need to get an annual sub.

  36. Not a bad box, although I’ll swap most of my items once I receive them. I also don’t like TokyoMilk line. I hope those items are reasonably swappable.

    • I’d be happy to do some swapping for this stuff!

  37. It’s sold out

    • It has been for quite awhile.

  38. I have sooo many Turkish towels that I never use :-\ Not the beautiful ME aesthetic that drew me in…
    First time I’m subscribing and was hoping for all those shower gels and lotions and candles.
    Don’t use nail polish.
    Not unhappy, just not… thrilled. Ok, I’m disappointed. Spoiled, perhaps, but disappointment still.

    • The same here! We are probably the odds though. Everyone else seems to be pretty excited, but the content is just very different from what I was hoping for. I really regret not buying the previous two boxes. Loved the hand creams and candles and fragrances. So I signed up for summer but never imagined this one to be anywhere near foot creams and nail polish and bath soak. Not disappointed, just not excited. Hope they would switch back to previous contents in fall.

    • Happy to take some or all items off your hands. Email at sil_olbear at hotmail dot com.

    • Shana, If you would like to swap some of your turkish towels check out my listings…I love the thinner style of these towels b/c my kiddos (even the 2 adult kiddos) don’t evahhh remember to hang up their towels:/ I love that the thinner towels dry so fast & I can always find them before they mildew:D:D:D

  39. Love this box. I usually share with my sisters and friends anything that doesn’t work for me. My poor feet are always happt to receive pampering

  40. I’ve been signed up since the original and each box is an such an amazing gift! Mine won’t arrive until the end of the week and I can’t wait to unwrap each item. I love trying the different products and am already looking forward to what she will offer in the Fall.

    • Do you feel like each box has been pretty different? I’m thinking I’ll go annual. This is my first box and I’m so excited to get it.

      • Yes, definitely. I think there’s a really good variety and they mix it up really well. The towel is so interesting this time around (secretly I’m hoping a jewelry item makes it in the next one). I’ve changed to an annual and have a separate quarterly running at the same time. These are such great gifts.

        • Thanks! I just signed up for annual. The 302018 code still works, so I got 30% off which was awesome.

  41. The last 2 boxes had candles, shower gel, and perfume. I would have preferred those to the foot products and bath soak. I’m mostly a shower girl. I know that’s subjective.

    The value is still off the charts, and everything is stunningly beautiful!

    I’m getting a Turkish towel in Causebox too. I’ve never had one before so I hope they’re good!

    • Those were the three products I was hoping for too!

    • I understand the curation, nail polish, foot scrub and lotion for sandal ready feet and toes! I think it’s great, wish I got the box!

  42. I don’t have a tracking number yet. Has this box shipped yet?

    • Yes, I got shipping notification last Wednesday

  43. Thank you Adele!!! Feel better now…. 😎👍🏻😊

  44. LOVE it!!! My only concern is that my shipping document says .3 lbs …. 5 ozs? …. not possible!!! 😱

    • Mine too!Is this a mini box?

  45. This is my 1st Margot Elena box! 😍 Love it! There are 4 different nail polish colors you can get. I got the hot pink called Love is All.

    • Did you happen to notice the weight on your shipping doc??

      • Hi Judy, mine says the same shipping weight as yours and it said it for my last box too. Sometimes they don’t put in the correct weights.

        • Thank you Adele!!! Feel better now…. 😎👍🏻😊

      • Mine also says .3lbs ? Hmmm??

    • Wow~~!! I love the Turkish towel! I’d hoped one of the rosemary foot products would be in the summer box – and we are getting both! Yay! Everything in the box looks really good. It sounds like the polish comes in multiple colors, so I am hoping for a non-red, but will like to try the formula either way!

    • Where did you se the color options?

      • There’s a note that comes with the box that explained there are 4 different colors. It didn’t say what the others are.

        • So you’ve already gotten your box! Sigh, so lucky! Mine won’t be here until next week! 😢

  46. Wow! I’ll use everything but the mask. The Turkish towel is such a nice surprise!

  47. Wow! Wish I had signed up. Might have to break down and subscribe for Fall.

  48. Love this box! Only items I probably gift are the nail color, bath soak and clay mask.

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