Macy’s Beauty Box June 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the June Macy’s Beauty Box!

The theme for June is Summer Friyay:

Ready for sunny days at the beach and weekend getaways, this month’s box is filled with the best in suncare. The serum, moisturizer and more will be your new go-tos for sun-soaked days.

The June box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the June 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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  1. I cancelled sephora because all I ever got was primer, highlighter and red lipstick and perfume. I don’t wear perfume because it gives me migraines so it is useless to me. I haven’t gotten lipstick in the Macy’s box and I’M SO HAPPY! I don’t ever wear it and when I do its a light gloss NEVER lipstick and NEVER ugly red. I have pale skin and dark hair which Sephora knows and I got one every stinking month. It looks awful on me! I always got the worst box each month from them and always hated that the variations they sent other people were sooo much better than mine. Loving macys so far!!

  2. Received my box today – unfortunately can’t use the body blur because it’s in medium/dark.

    On the plus side, the perfume is not bad, and I’ll use all the other items in the box.

  3. I’m being double and triple charged for this box. I am not happy at all. I see that it’s happening to others, not sure how many others or why it’s happening to any of us.

    They just lost a customer, because when I called them about it, they told me to call my card issuer. That’s just not helpful and it’s wrong on their part!

    • I saw three *pending* charges on my credit card, but only one went through, and I didn’t have to get involved.

      • Mine did that too.

  4. This bag looks great. I just went to sign up and unfortunately I have to start with the July bag.

  5. Ugh Macy’s cancelled me and refunded the money they charged me. Why? Because I changed my mailing address. They did the same thing to me when they first started the box because I changed my payment method. Seems like anytime I make a change to my info they cancel my account and I have to physically cancel and restart, resulting in a missed box.

  6. Is anyone else having a problem with being double billed by Macy’s??? I get two boxes and my card was charged 4x. When I called I got the answer that they couldn’t see the double charge but if “if it was charged” it would be released when the box shipped. So basically they are holding thirty dollars of mine hostage! I tried to cancel one of the boxes because I haven’t cared for it lately but my daughter still wanted hers. I did it on the 14th of the month and you have to do it by the 10tg or you still get charged!!!! I’m cancelling this whole sub. They just list my business.

    • I’m so pissed. They lost my business. My damn spell correct keeps putting list. Now when I type list it puts lust. I want to throw things 😟😟

      • Michelle, I know exactly those days. I am sending a hug your way. They double charged me too and I disputed the 2nd charge with my bank. I also am canceling
        Allure is much better! Stupid spell checks I say!! Have a better day ❤

    • Wow, 4x’s?! They should drop off but you should call your bank or card and make sure.

  7. Brace yourself…sort of long post…sorry for any grammatical error, which are likely LOL.

    I really love this months items! For me none of the items are dups. for me (thank God no Benefit primer).
    I love that the bag is also useful, and not just another makeup bag. It’s water resistant and perfect for the beach or water park. Ooh body bronzer, perfect for summer and it’s for the body this time!

    Comparing Macy’s to my Sephora Play sub. the Macy’s one has been way better for me because I’ve enjoyed just about everything I have received. I have used majority of the products from Macy’s than I do from Play- (I don’t always wear red or pink lipstick or liquid eyeliner daily).

    My opinion-

    Macy’s Pro’s:
    I loved almost every product so far.
    Love that I can get $5 off even sometimes $10 off of cosmetics items. (I have redeemed all but one of my coupons). Not to mention Free cosmetics shipping.
    Bags have been cute, always different & useful.
    When shipped I receive very fast, within just a few days.
    Rarely receive foil card samples, I think just once or twice since Dec. launch.
    Sample sizes have been decent sizes.
    Love that there is one variation that everyone receives.

    Macy’s cons:
    At this moment none I can think of.

    Sephora Play Pro’s:
    Some items I’ve really liked and were new for me.
    I have purchase a few full sized products because of liking the sample.

    Sephora Play Con’s:
    Lots of repeat items
    Themes seem to be lacking
    Way too many box variations – I feel like I usually get the uuugghh ‘boring’ variations out of the several different ones they have.
    I never use the 50 points because my Sephora is far away and I dont feel like driving…lol
    Foil samples/ really small samples.
    Shipping it out seems slow and once shipped takes almost two weeks to arrive. I receive almost the end of the month.
    The bags – I have no use for them and they get tossed in a drawer (suggestions appreciated).

    IMHO – I feel like Sephora needs to really step their game up, for me they have been going downhill and I’ve been subscribed since shortly after they launched. Seems like since they opened the ability for everyone to sign up they’ve cheapened out. Yes, I know it’s only $10 but I think they should either –

    A. Give better perks instead of the in store only 50 points, not everyone has a store nearby – like if I buy something full size from my box I should get 50 extra points or Play subscribers should be able to get the full size products at like 10-15% off for the month or even at least free shipping for the full size Play box items.

    B. a really good product that is the same for everyone or a deluxe size – doesn’t have to every month, just sometimes…and for the deluxe it could be a Sephora product (I liked their mask in May’s box).

    C. I would be ok from time to time if they switched it up and sent like makeup brushes, sponges, body glitter, body lotion… shoot even hair ties.

    D. Different brands than who they always seem to cater too. I’d love to try more brands even newer ones but I would like to sample them first before I fork out like $40 bucks.

    I would even be willing to pay a little more monthly for a better box/perks.

    Just my two cents : 0

    Sorry for the long post…I’ve been dying to give my little rant for a while.

    • Agree! Have been with Macy’s since they started. Just recently cancelled Sephora. Could not take another red lipstick or black eyeliner! Ran out of friends to give them to!

    • I have heart eyes for most of the subscription boxes this month. This Macy box is awesome and all the boxes are really varied this month. Sephora play is doing the theme of Too faced or Cover fx, depending on which box you get. Ipsy has some amazing spoilers and all look very good. Boxy charm is just blowing it out of the water for me as well with their Caribe palette, brushes, and a sol de janeiro product.. I just could not help myself and signed up for all!

  8. Starting to get really bored with this sub.

  9. I am excited for this months, it looks fun. I personally love the Macy’s Box/Bag Subscription. It has a bag I actually would use or gift every month vs a box I can’t really do much with. Great brand samples and with the $5 card (sometimes $10). I order online (which is free shipping with no minimum purchase required). So, every month I get a face mask or full size face spray with my card and pay $0 EXTRA the card covers it all!!! To me that is freaking awesome because I get to choose what I want as the freebie/extra item. That is why I am keeping Macy’s and dropped Sephora and Birchbox. But that is just me…

    • That makes this box sound more worth it…I just feel like it’s not worth the full $15 to just get samples. But I didn’t know about the free shipping. I also always assumed it was a “$5 off” and certain amount

    • Omg that sounds so awesome! What face spray do you get?

      • Hey Carrot, I got the Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea 4oz. The options for masks (I also like the Burts Bees Facial Wipes) are plenty. I just sort the beauty skin care from low to high and am excited also when items are on sale and fall in that $5 range. You can also do that with the makeup and get like a lip pencil or etc. Again, I pay nothing extra and they usually send a “goody bag” with extra perfume or foil samples. Lol, I love it!

  10. Ehhh. I guess summertime and Coola go hand in hand but we just got Coola from them I think bag before last. And another bronzer after last month’s bronzer and highlight themed bag feels repetitive. Also, no lippies at all since February (and that was a sample card).
    I am okay with the mask, mascara, and perfume.
    Not a fan of bags with words on them. But I know they’re everywhere.

  11. This is a Sephora Play! Box but $5 more expensive. 5 deluxe samples and a fragrance (I’ve received EVERY one from Sephora including the mascara) and a bag. Same as Sephora. Plus 5 bucks. Nope.

    • Whoa I never though of it like that… I just canceled my sephora play sub because they always sucked and were not worth the money. I was gonna sign up for the macys box but now im second guessing…. are the macys sizes the same as sephora play sizes (soo super small) or bigger? Because that could sway my opinion. Also the combo of these products are 100% better than any sephora play combo I’ve ever received.

      • Sometimes the samples are bigger or sometimes the same. I personally feel that the macys box gets better but I’m a makeup & skincare junkie. But I also keep in mind that some months are better than others. As for sephora, last month I got 4 repeats in June I only get one. But I only have these two and look fantastic and it keeps myself and my hair stylist supplied with skin care as I prefer indie color makeup brands such as Darling Girl Cosmetics, Notoriously Morbid, and Ammo Cosmetix which is on Etsy.

    • Hit the nail on the head. The only thing different, is I guess we’re paying $5 for the makeup bag. 🙁

      • Interesting, I always felt that the Macy’s beauty box is far superior to Sephora Play, especially with that coupon that can be used twice. My experience with Sephora Play was completely disappointing, with all those numerous variations, and never receiving the items I wanted or could use.

        If Macy’s didn’t implement a minimum on beauty purchases for free shipping, I’d probably still be a subscriber.

  12. I like this variety. And the bag is cute. And I still like this sub better than Allure, ispy and birchbox.

    • Oh, man! That says a lot to me because I really like Allure! I do like that they put a $5 beauty coupon in there…I may just have to order this one now!

    • Feel the same way.

  13. Wow I wish I could’ve gotten this box but it looks like the earliest you can sign up for is July’s box 🙁

  14. Looks so tempting,!!’ but for the $15 price tag I’m just not sure because I know the sizes are so tiny…At $10 I love my Ipsy and Birchbox has been “eh” but still worth it to me .If the sizes were a little bigger or even just 1 or 2 of them, then I think it would be worth it….i added Allure instead for $15 to my growing list of sub boxes lol only because I know June and July are awesome and I got May for $10,… I would love to see spoilers for Macy’s ahead of time because then maybe I’d sign up

  15. I like, but still on product overload. Going to remain cancelled for now…

  16. I was just charged during the night… June looks better than almost all of my Sephora Play boxes.
    I like everything but the Smashbox ( I won’t use the brand) and the Sunday Riley CEO because I have 5-6 unopened full sizes of this serum from sub boxes, maybe 7.
    People who aren’t on overload with Vitamin C serum will likely be happy to see a sample, though.

    Macy’s seems to be getting better. Still not sourcing brand new products but there’s not a clunker in the mix, IMO.

  17. YES!!!!!!!

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