Luxor Box Subscriptions On Sale at Gilt City! Over 50% Off!

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Luxor Box

For the first time ever, Luxor Box is on sale at Gilt City – and the discount is incredible! You can get an annual subscription for $269! (Regularly $695 a year!) And you can use Gilt City coupon WELCOME20 to get an additional discount! UPDATE You can also try coupon SHOP20 or SHOP25 or coupon GIVE25 ($25 off orders of $75 or more) FYI – you may need to make a new Gilt City account to use any of thee coupons.

Click here to go to the Luxor Box Gilt City Sale page.

  • 1 Luxor Box: $55 (Regularly $139)
  • 3-Month Luxor Box subscription (2 boxes): $99 (Regularly $278)
  • 6-Month Luxor Box subscription (3 boxes): $149 (Regularly $447)
  • 12-Month Luxor Box subscription (6 boxes): $269 (Regularly $695)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ok, so it’s July 2… And I have no idea of how to redeem the voucher. They added a promo code part, BUT… I got the 3 month voucher and don’t know if I need to subscribe month to month and then hope I remember to cancel on time after my second box, or to get the 1 box option and add two boxes (the amount of boxes is confusing)… If I add two boxes will I get 2 July boxes or 1 now and 1 in September? There’s also an add a quantity for the month to month sub, which I don’t get why is there since it’s not necessary? I’m kinda confused in here, help?!

    • I can’t figure it out either and am feeling very skeptical! You’d think they would have a clear outlet to redeem this by said date. The website has been very glitchy too.

    • I am confused by that as well. So I tried it many ways and my promo code didn’t work no matter how I did it.

    • They responded quickly!!! In process of adding promo codes and hope to have down by end of day. Not a scam. I feel better. Just wanted to relay in case you guys were having same issue.

      • Thanks! I hope they clarify on the site how to redeem it. Like do we do the one box subscription and add two boxes or what?

      • They hope to have it done by the end of the day, that’s not what the banner says, I’m imagining they hope Gilt doesn’t refund a lot of orders but I think it will happen.

    • There is a message on Luxor’s homepage posted just now. Says we can’t redeem untill this evening.

    • WOW & the message says we will get September’s box not July ;( Guess they are going to edit their site where it says join today and receive July

      • Aw no! I really wanted July’s box. Boo. Oh well, I guess.

        How did you end up redeeming it? Or was that in an email?

        • I’m bummed too really wanted July but can’t justify full price for one box :/ I wasn’t able to redeem yet. Their homepage has a message in red that says you won’t be able to redeem your Gilt voucher till tonight but they look forward to us receiving our September boxes.

  2. Has anyone been able to do this yet? Just tried to do it and it takes you through to a Paypal payment screen where you’re asked to log in with Paypal or pay with a card through paypal. I don’t want to do this as the button says “confirm and pay” and there’s nowhere to put the voucher code so I’m really reluctant to do this in case it charges me.

    I’ve emailed them about it but just wanted to check in here in case any of you have had a different experience.

  3. I purchased a 6 month voucher on June 30. I received an email from GILT confirming the purchase, and it indicated I would receive the voucher in a separate email shortly. It’s been 24 hours and I have yet to receive anything. I logged in to my GILT account and see it’s among my orders. There is a link to click on the voucher, however, when I do, it just circles back to my orders page. I know redemption begins July 2. Does anyone know if that’s also when the vouchers will be sent, or is something amiss with mine and I should have already received it?

    • I got my voucher about an hour or so after ordering, so I don’t know. Try using a different browser maybe?

  4. I did it and got the 3 month/2 box subscription as I’ve always wanted this box but couldn’t justify the expense. I am debating whether I want to “push it” as I saw someone mention that if you redeem after the 7th you get the next box instead of July and I would rather get the September and November boxes HOWEVER, I do get the same shaky vibes everyone else is having. My hope is that they are in fact in trouble financially, they would rely on discounting in intervals (now, holidays, post holiday, ect.) to keep it going at least long enough to run through early next year. I would rather think its due to the customers they lost over the the past year and that they are just trying to build up their subscribers but I watched all the issues they had and do think something is a little off.

    • I put in cc code and it keeps blanking our promo code. However since I put in cc number wrong I got a email saying payment didn’t go through. I don’t know what to do now?

  5. The 1 yr sub is sold out!!!

  6. Please help! Its my first time with Luxor subscription – and I do not have an account. I purchased a voucher but when I selected the “subscription” I enter my data ( including my credit card) and the final button says: CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND PAY NOW

    So in what area I need to write the code of the voucher? It’s safe to click the bottom? Because I have the doubt if they will charged me at my credit card.

    Thank you

    • You can’t redeem it until tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, they will begin updating the site and will add a place for vouchers.

      • Thank you!

  7. Thanks! The annual subs are all sold out, but I was able to sign up for a 6 month sub and used GIVE25 to get $25 off $75. I had to create a new account to get any discounts to appear. I entered all of the ones in the post above. All were recognized, but it only allowed me to use one. GIVE25 was the best discount.

    Also, as another person mentioned, the offer doesn’t come up in Gilt’s search function. I had to click on the link in this post to get to the box.

  8. The recent late shipping issues and now the steep discount, give me a really cautious vibe. This type of behaviors have occurred right before a subscription box shutters it’s doors. LLB comes to mind….

    • I didn’t fall for this deal and I won’t be buying any more boxes at regular sub. price either because I think the quality of products ( if shipped) will be extremely poor with low values until this deal runs out.

      IMO, it’s likely an attempt to regain their subscriber numbers after the travel and holiday voucher issues. I wasn’t involved, but I know a lot of subscribers on this site were very disappointed and more…

  9. I’ve never been that tempted to sub to Luxor, it’s a little fancy for my tastes. There have been some items I liked and tried to swap for though and I love and cannot resist a good sale. Sale brain tells me I have to get the most out of this and get the year but I agree with everyone who expressed worry about how good this deal is. Luckily the 3 month (2 box) was the best price per box so I went with that. For the sake of all their current subscribers, I really hope they don’t drastically lower the quality because of this discount.

  10. Is anyone able to tell me if this is still available? I have tried clicking the link above as well as going directly to gilt and cannot find the deal. I’ve searched it and viewed all the national city offers . Seems weird but I’m wondering if it’s only available to certain subscribers. I tried last night and several times today. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!

    • Weird. It’s showing up for me under national, and when I search Luxor. So it’s still available!

    • I was annoyed last night(2330 EST) when I attempted to use the give25 code and it wouldn’t accept. I could’ve pulled the new account deal, but I was just happy getting such a great deal. I purchased 2 boxes for $99. The code didn’t go through ,but Gilt fixed it as soon as I contacted them today. I must admit that potential “delivery charge” worries me a bit, but we all need to take photos of Gilts receipt that states free delivery . Safety in numbers,right?

    • The above link still works for me. Maybe try a different browser, or a laptop instead of a mobile device?

      • Thank you both so much! I finally just figured I’d try it on my laptop and it worked. Interestingly enough it still wouldn’t pull up in the search and I couldn’t find it under National but I did find it in LA. I usually don’t have these problems with gilt city. I’ve never tried this sub seems you either love or hate it but I figure what I can’t use, I can gift or donate.

  11. Last year I purchased a total of 4 boxes at the cost of about $2,000 (travel, LE & monthly full price) and they were not worth it.

    While this deal is terrific and I may bite the bullet for up to 6 months (@ about 25 per box), I fully expect that these boxes will not be like prior ones. I expect true value to be in the 25-50 range so I won’t be disappointed but people should keep expectations in check.

    • **for some reason I thought it was 6 boxes for the 6-month.**

  12. Did anyone ask if we will be able to get the July box with these certificates or if we have to buy that one now because it will be closed?

  13. I always drool over there jewelry and home items and love to swap for those. Made a new account on gilt and finally bought it for one year with 10% discount. I used PayPal so I can pay in installments without any interest. I hope they keep there regular brands and offer us the July box, coz I love the bracelet.

  14. I opened a new Gilt acct and got 6 months for $119 with the $25 off code. That’s less than I’m going to pay for my 2nd Breo box, just 1. The bracelet is gorgeous and I would spend that on a pair of jeans, and a couple tops so, I’m a winner lol

  15. Looks like the gilt deal was one day only, it’s no longer on their website?! Glad I got it yesterday.

    • Although if you click on the link above you can find it in case anyone is still wanting it.

  16. I really enjoy Luxor and I have been a subscriber for a few years now. I just bought the year deal (6 boxes) through gilt, and got it for $249, which is the cost of only 2 boxes at my current rate! The last box they sent out was amazing in May, I hope they can keep up that level of value! I’m elated to get this sub at this price!

    I should note that I didn’t buy the travel box last year, and I don’t hold the voucher against them. I figured it was one of those extra coupons, like when you get a hellofresh voucher or wine coupons in a box that would just throw away anyway and don’t assign any value to.

  17. So I do I redeem this offer? I don’t see a place on the luxor box website for us to enter the code we got from Gilt City. It either ask my credit card number or paypal account, and then ask me to pay. Am I missing something? Or would the website be changed on July 2nd? Thank you!

    • I don’t think Luxor has ever done a promo before, so the site will change.

    • I emailed Luxor to ask how to redeem. I received a fast reply saying they will update their site beginning on July 2. After July 2, when we click the link to redeem voucher from the Gilt site, it will take us to the Luxor site with a place to enter the voucher number.

      • Thank you!

      • Ohh thank you so much for posting this because I was looking around and going back and forth trying to understand how to do this even though it said it wouldn’t start until July 2…I was worried….but you just helped me be able to get sleep tonight I swear…lol but true.

  18. The link is not working for me, is this special over?

  19. I went through and looked at the reviews through Sept. of last year and I don’t see the value in this box. Not even for $55 a box. It seems to be over inflated RSV.

  20. I’m sorry some people had issues getting refunded with PayPal. I’ve had them since day 1 as as used to be a seller with eBay. I have never had any issues getting full refunds for anything and I sub to almost every box out there, you name it I sub to it. The bracelet in the July box is more than the sub for the entire year so I’m thrilled to get it for the price I did. It stinks that a lot of subscribers had an issue with the travel voucher but I work in the travel industry and would never have used it anyway so that for me was no big deal. This is the only box I haven’t tried yet and with this deal I couldn’t pass it up.

  21. Thanks for the warnings. I was teetering but decided not. Too reminiscent of QP.

  22. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to try this box at such a discounted price for the year. Just one beautiful lux item in each box will justify the price.

  23. THIS ^^^^ I have had 3 items arrive grossly bad (2 leaked out over the other contents, one was cracked) and they were AWFUL in trying to remedy. They basically insisted it wasn’t on them once it left their hands and must be a vendor issue, so contact ad work out with vendor. By then, it was a month later and of course it turned into a headache, so I gave up. Ended up not being worth the aggravation having to go back and forth, keep providing the same pic proof, then being told I could return the broken items fully insured at my expense and they’d determine then whether they’d replace. I have never had such an uncomfortable and difficult time trying to resolve an issue. And I’ve worked in customer service, so the whole time I was gobsmacked at the treatment. I got the strong feeling that there is a big weird disconnect between the Luxor people and whoever handles or negotiates their vendor deals, because both vendors basically said their responsibility was to Luxor/the reseller, and not to me, the final recipient.

    I ended up so frustrated and upset, I cancelled after being a member for years, even tho I had the discounted rate! It just wasnt worth being treated so poorly and feel like I did something wrong.

    Anyways, hope no one else has to go thru such poor customer service.

  24. I but the bullet and signed up for a year. After the 10% off it comes out to about $40 a box, so even if quality diminishes I’m ok with it. Especially since I gave up on PSMH…

  25. Well I am a sucker for deals so I got the 3 month for $74, I sure hope it goes down ok and I don’t have trouble cancelling.

  26. .

  27. I have no concerns whatsoever. Use PayPal. If something happens and ordered aren’t fulfilled PayPal gives a full refund. If something is too good to be true alwys use PayPal. Never had any issues getting a refund

    • True, they only accept PayPal as direct payment, so there is a measure of protection built in.. Still, things have happened which aren’t exactly covered by PayPal like the travel vouchers ( I wasn’t involved, knew better) which I think a lot of people were really hurt with promise vs. fulfillment.

      There are instances when I was a subscriber which I can only describe as lack of some honesty on their part and also no trust or belief in their customers. They may have offered some resolution but sub- par take it or leave it wording vs. no resolution at all. PayPal usually won’t investigate a lower value totally different substitution.

    • I wouldn’t actually be so sure about PayPal. I thought they had good user protections but when it came down to it, they don’t protect customers. For months I only used my PP account for receiving money, then I was suddenly hit with fraudulent charges (someone charged over $450 to my paypal account for products I never ordered!) and I went to dispute but they just auto-declined it and refused to discuss further.

      • Yup yup….I even had Paypal double charge me for things and they charge me fraudulent as have many people I know and it’s impossible to get your money back. You have to go thru the bank and sign an affidavit.

  28. I purchased the annual. The bracelet alone in the July box is valued at $290 more than the annual. I’m a happy camper

  29. I have three concerns with this almost too good to be true deal. First, because they will have many subscribers at about 1/3rd the cost of a regular sub (assuming$139 each box), the quality of the items may go down and those of use who pay more will not get good value. I am box to box, so if that happens I can just dump my subscription. I am not sure if someone that buys an annual can cancel the sub if the box did not live up to expectations. Even if you can cancel, they may have it so that for each box you would be charged the current box price. So an annual subscription that was cancelled would yield you 2 boxes and some change under this scenario. Go to the Luxor site and read the FAQs and any conditions provided for on Gilt City to make sure this is not the case.

    Second, I lived through LLB. This has the same sort of vibe as LLB. Slashing prices to get cash flow and then going out of business. Although I think the Gilt city deal is a great deal, I am cautious.

    Third, they are liable to anger long time customers when they slash prices for new customers but not for long term existing customers. (Yea BREO box who is actually rewarding long time customers with discounts). I am a founding member there from the beginning and I am locked in at the $95 price. Loyalty works both ways. This will be the next box on the chopping block for me, particularly if I see a decrease in quality and an increase in beauty items.

    • Yeah, I am a long time subscriber too. Here’s to hoping our boxes are still worth $95!

  30. Those considering a long term commitment to this company might want to have a look at the rating chart below the review and above the comments.

    I got their first box and subsequent boxes until a few.. not great… things happened.
    IMO, the ratings are very accurate, maybe a bit generous in the CS section.

    Also, if something in your box arrives damaged, or if a product or products are missing., you might want to read their very limited return policy for damage or missing items only. It’s not set up to be equitable for the customer.

    • THIS ^^^^ I have had 3 items arrive grossly bad (2 leaked out over the other contents, one was cracked) and they were AWFUL in trying to remedy. They basically insisted it wasn’t on them once it left their hands and must be a vendor issue, so contact ad work out with vendor. By then, it was a month later and of course it turned into a headache, so I gave up. Ended up not being worth the aggravation having to go back and forth, keep providing the same pic proof, then being told I could return the broken items fully insured at my expense and they’d determine then whether they’d replace. I have never had such an uncomfortable and difficult time trying to resolve an issue. And I’ve worked in customer service, so the whole time I was gobsmacked at the treatment. I got the strong feeling that there is a big weird disconnect between the Luxor people and whoever handles or negotiates their vendor deals, because both vendors basically said their responsibility was to Luxor/the reseller, and not to me, the final recipient.

      I ended up so frustrated and upset, I cancelled after being a member for years, even tho I had the discounted rate! It just wasnt worth being treated so poorly and feel like I did something wrong.

      Anyways, hope no one else has to go thru such poor customer service.

  31. No way I would sign up for a year because I don’t trust them and their past shipping issues. But tempted to get one box just to try them out, if I never get the box the worst is I would be out the price of a FFF box. The only thing giving me pause is it doesn’t look like you can redeem in time for the July box and last September’s box had that preposterous pumpkin. Also, if you redeem the voucher, will they try to get you to give them your CC info for a subscription anyway, or will they just not renew it unless you give them your CC after you’ve gotten that first box?

    • I just checked regarding cut off times for the July box. It looks like we SHOULD be able to get July as long as we order before the 6th of the month. Here is what Luxor says on its site:

      If you purchase your box after the 6th of the month of the current box, you will recieve the next month’s box (for example a box purchased on January 7th will recieve the March box).

  32. Good luck to all you lovely ladies who purchased this sub. My year is ending and I am not resigning back up. Items are iffy and some fast moves regarding the last couple of LE boxes, non communication at times.

  33. Did you guys receive the voucher right away? I purchased 3 month sub more then an hour ago, and still no e-mail with the voucher. I did get an order confirmation email right away.

    • i didnt get the voucher yet either. just the confirmation

      • You can access the voucher from the gilt website if you login to your account. My question is how do I redeem my voucher? They only offer PayPal payment. I can’t find anywhere to provide the voucher info. Anyone know where to go?

        • You can redeem it on July 2, but not sooner.
          I was sent my voucher hours ago.

  34. Liz, If we purchase the annual through Gilt, do you know if Luxor’s current offer of a free box with an annual would also apply?

    • No, the fine print states that this voucher cannot be combined with other offers. It’s on the voucher email I got.

    • No, the voucher email I got states the following: “May not be combined with any other offer, promotion, coupon or discount or certificate and must be used in a single visit.”

    • I don’t think you can combine offers.

  35. I’m so bummed. NONE of the coupon codes are working for me. I’ve lusted after this box for over a year but just can’t do it without getting the price down some more. I’m entering the codes at checkout under promo code. Is there another place to enter them?

    • Refer yourself to a new email (created by you) with that link in your account and then use GIVE25 under the new account to purchase. You have to do at least $75 though.

      • Thanks! I finally gave in and just created a new account and got the $25 off.

  36. I can’t believe I just bought a 12-month subscription. I’ve been lusting after this box for so long but couldn’t justify the price. This was too good to pass up. I hope it doesn’t disappoint! I plan to wait until September to redeem it though. I’m generally not a fan of most summer boxes.

    • Happy for you and good luck with it!

  37. If we redeem the voucher on 7/2, will we be able to get the July box?

    • I am wondering if they are having us redeem on July 2, so we can’t or so they know by then how many subscribers are skipping that box, so they will know how many they will have available?

    • I sent an email to ask. No answer yet m.

  38. @lizcadman many of my comments are not posting and I am not breaking any rules….help please? It’s weird because some are and some aren’t.

    • Sorry not sure why that happened. All your comments should be visible now. Sorry again!

      • No problem, things happen! Thanks for fixing it!

        • @lizcadman….it’s happening again. lol

          • It happens to most of us. Sometimes, you just have to wait a few. Sometimes, it never shows up, though rarely for me. I have no idea why it happens. I just shrug it off, and keep track, if I need to repost.

  39. It says “Tax and shipping are not included and will be charged upon redemption” does anybody know how much those will be?

    • I saw that in the more detailed print, but if they do try to pull a fast one, you can reference the main sectio where you add the box to your cart a and it says “free shipping”.

    • Well, since the voucher says free shipping on it, then it’s free. If there’s tax, then that depends on what state you’re in, so for me 7.25%, but the fine print doesn’t indicate tax on my voucher. I could’ve missed it but I’m okay with paying it too.

    • All the vouchers say this but I’ve never been charged additional unless I’ve gotten things above the voucher price.

  40. Where do you enter the voucher code? I don’t see a place to do it.

    • It says “redemption begins July 2”

  41. I’m hoping for something wonderful. For $44 dollars I had to try a box …. glad I didn’t buy those shoes … In my head I’m thinking a luxury PopSugar… I’m sure I will get my $44 dollars worth. Thanks Liz! What a nice treat and reward for handling my meeting with directors well today!!! Woohoo! Lean in sister

    • So I redeem the voucher … I guess there is a box in July ? And September ? Excitement .. I get to choose …

      • Tanya, how did you redeem the voucher? Did you go to the Luxor site, select a sub, link to PayPal for checkout? Where did you enter the voucher code?

        • You can’t redeem it until July 2

          • Yeah I read that, too, but was curious as she said she was able to redeem. Honestly was hoping that if it let you redeem now, might be a higher probability of getting a July box.

        • She didn’t actually redeem it yet. I took her post to be her thinking on it and she gets to choose when to redeem so if she doesn’t want the July box she could wait.

      • I don’t think she said she had redeemed it. Just asking IF she did redeem now, would she get July & September.

        As if I said “If I did this, what’s going to happen, what/when do I get?”

  42. Ugh…… This sucks hell for a current subber who just renewed for a year back in Feb………
    Guess I won’t be renewing again when the time comes…
    This kind of huge price difference def aggravates me………
    But grats to ppl who got a great deal on this expensive box.

    • Second that! I just renewed my annual with them earlier this month! Very very upset now. 🙁

  43. Yay! This made my summer! You can use code shop20 if you don’t want to make a new account. If you make a new account with welcome20 gilt gives you an additional one time 10% off to use at any time so you could potentially get 30% off! I got mine for $40/box!

    • I got two for $37/box. Found a $25 off coupon.

      • The give25 code didn’t work for me 🙁

        • I was a new account, so not sure if that mattered? I used all caps as well, so again, not sure if that mattered? Sorry you didn’t get it, but you still got a great deal!

          • Yes I’m so so excited! I was selfishly debating getting two at this price, haha. But I don’t need tons of excess skincare just in case so I’m trying to talk myself out of it 😉

    • Please explain how you did this lol WELCOME20 is only taking 20 off while Welcome10 is taking off 26 :/ I’d love to get the 30% off

      • If she got the two boxes (3 months), then she only got 20% off since she’d paid $80 net which is $40/Box. I couldn’t stack any coupons so I’m thinking she’s mistaken?

      • I think she only got 20%, assuming she got the 3 month option at $99, then 20% is $80, which is $40/box, which is what she said she paid. I could not stack any coupons when I paid on a new account and the 10% she’s talking about was in there with the 20%, but it was one or the other, and it took the best one for me, which ended up being GIVE25. So, you can get 25% in the 3 month option.

        • Ok thank you ladies haha this was driving me crazy

        • Uggh, you are so right. I went back and am mad at myself as it applied the 10% only instead of the 20% irrr. No going back to correct it now that it’s gone through. I do have to still be happy at getting a deal on this though and not agonize over how much more I could’ve saved. Don’t want them going out of business!

      • You actually cannot stack the coupons. I believe she is mistaken.

        • The 10 percent off is automatic with a new account and the shop25 code takes $25 off $75. So I did the same thing and got 2 boxes for $74. The July spoiler is gorgeous!

          • The max discount is $25 for either coupon so it doesn’t matter for the 6 month or 12 month. I opened a new account and have the 3 month 2 box in my cart now for $74 which is $37 a box. (after the -$25) I HAD the 6 month 3 box in their and it was $124 (after the $25) so 41.33 a box.
            Not sure which one I want to get, lol. I’m doing it through paypal so I have some protection BUT it only goes out 6 months for a chargeback so I don’t want the sub to be a full year cause you know, this HUGE sale isn’t a good sign. lol

        • I did welcome20 and when I signed up for a gilt account it gave me the additional 10%; it did allow me to use both. I got an annual at $40.33 per box.

          • Pudgecat, I’m sorry, but if you do the math, $40.33 x 6 boxes = $241.98. That amount means you got a $27.02 discount, which is only 10% off the annual $269. Always do the math!

          • Jennifer you are right, the welcome20 even though it says 20% off has a disclaimer max of $20 discount. Guess I need to read the fine print 🙂

  44. Right now Luxor has a free box with an annual sub. I’m going to try to stack the gilt sub onto it. Hopefully it works!

    • Please let us k ow if it does and how you did it 🙂

    • Yes please. I have a years voucher but can’t find a place on PayPal to enter it before I click to pay. I’ve never used PayPal with a coupon or voucher before. Can someone please help? Thanks

      • You can’t redeem this voucher until 7/2/2018. It’s in the information in the post.

        • Thank you so much. Missed that part 🙄

  45. Too good to resist. Worth noting you don’t have to redeem until 9/25. That works for me since I have a couple of boxes left on my existing sub with them. I won’t have overlap if I wait until September to redeem.

    • Me too! I bought a full price one time box at $150 since I liked the July spoiler so I’m looking forward to this deal for future boxes.

  46. I was just patting myself on the back for not spending a lot on subs this month…then I saw this. Oh well. I bought the two-box option. Hoping for some good stuff!

  47. Hey Liz, there is a typo for the Guilt price for a 12 month sub

    • Oops! Thank you! Fixed!

      • I dont understand what the voucher is for or how to redeem it. I bought a 3 month (2 boxes). When will my 1st box come?

  48. FYI you don’t have to make a new account to get 20% off use SHOP20

  49. Anybody else getting LLB vibes from this…?

    • Yes! LLB/Serendipity and BB5 vibes, either that or they are just trying to increase their customers base after losing so many.

      • Lol, you mean after the Travel box?

        • Yep, that was my first thought.

    • Yes I started to buy a 12 month sub and couldn’t make myself do it. It smells of LLB. I think the vendor only gets around 50% of any purchases made through sites like Gilt (it may be a bit more or less) so it seems to be that there is a faint whiff of desperation about this offer.

    • Absolutely, but was fearful of stating so. So glad I’m not the only ones. Caveat emptor definitely applies. Look at the ratings, everyone. They are valid ratings, IMO.

  50. Wow thanks so much! I was going to subscribe for June later this afternoon. I was able to get a years subscription through Guilt. So excited!

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