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Allure x Kat Von D box

FYI –  Allure Beauty Box just let us know that the Kat Von D June boxes are expected to sell out by mid-week if not sooner. I recommend signing up now if you want to get this box.

The Kat Von D June box will include:

Also, if you sign up with this link, you’ll get a free gift that will be one of the following samples:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I really enjoyed this box..i signed up the very end if Mau so also received that box. They’ve come a long way since i cancelled my sub a year ago and Just now rejoined

  2. As far as new subscriber gift…. I got a pur-lisse lip nourisher .38 oz which was not anywhere close to what was offered. I did however receive the liquid lip instead of the mirror. I was actually more concerned with why the scrub had a “g” carved into the back of it.

    • I subscribed on the 10th of June shipped 27th of june arrived July 1st

    • Same here; just received my box and got the purlisse, no Tatcha or tata Harper, again the bait and switch.. but I did receive the liquid lipstick so I’m happy about that!

      • Same, i received the purlisse. Its full size tho, and retails for $16…it was definitely bait and switch, but i doubt they are going to do anything.

        I subscribed june 19th, and just received my box today july 9th.

        I received the kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Bow n Arrow.

        Did anyone else receive bow n arrow? I thought we were getting lovesick 🙁 oh well, i guess i will be gifting it.

        I paid $10.60, and the over all value of the box for us new subscribers was $97.59….not tol shabby!


        • I just got mine today, Bow N Arrow… I’ll probably use it, but I am disappointed that it wasn’t the shade they advertised. They didn’t mention there would be shade variations of this item. Maybe they ran out and could only get us these? I’m looking forward to the September-November boxes so I will be re-signing up. I guess I never learn or I’m just willing to risk it again… 😛

  3. You won’t get the liquid lip if you signed up after the 11th, the postings were all wrong, the liquid lip was in the first batch of boxes NOT the second one. Several people subscribed because of a lie, $15 dollars or not, I’m P*ssed about it. I set aside 200 dollars a year on my birthday for myself, it’s actually my birthday and Christmas present to myself as a single mother with not a lot of money It’s what i get for the whole year, so yeah, when i am told spend this and you WILL get this, and then I don’t…It’s a pretty big hit, Really annoyed and apparently there is no plan to fix it, But msa I’m sure got paid for all the new Subs using the link advertised with false information.

    • Hi Jess,

      So sorry about this. I’ve reached out to Allure, and they’ve told me that there might have been some orders that were sent the mirror instead of the liquid lipstick. They said to tell anyone who didn’t receive the liquid lipstick to contact customer care so they can fix it. Hope that helps! Sorry again.

      • I subscribed on the 14th trying to get the liquid lipstick also. I received the mirror. I called the customer service number online and was basically told there was no guarantee on which box I would receive since they had 2 different versions going out. They really could care less about my complaint about the picture online not matching the product I received. Someone on another comment provided the phone number below. I called that number this evening and was offered a random item from their inventory as an apology for my disappointment. I guess that’s better than nothing.


      • Thank you, and I’m sorry to be so sour, I was having a rough day yesterday, I know it’s not your fault, you can only post the information they give you.. Thank you for replying and contacting allure for us. And I do love your sight 🙂

        • I subscribed june 19th, and just received my box today july 9th.

          I received the kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Bow n Arrow.

          I wanted the mirror…i gifted the liquid lippie to my friend…

      • I contacted customer service and was told I was out of luck getting the liquid lipstick, but they have supposedly sent me a sunscreen sample that is worth less than half of the liquid lipstick to make up for it. When I mentioned that I didn’t want sunscreen they told me that not everyone likes what they send and to gift it to someone. I won’t be purchasing this box again due to the bait and switch practices and poor customer service.

    • I signed up on the 11th and got the liquid lip. I know it wasn’t in every box, but that was on allure, not MSA.

  4. Well I got my box today and I was very disappointed to find the mirror in my box. I signed up on the 16th all because I wanted that liquid lipstick. I emailed them because I feel like I’ve been deceived. Not a good first impression and I might just cancel after this month.

  5. I received my box on Saturday and I got the liquid lip. The strange thing is that I placed my order on the 5th of June. As a new subscriber, I got the Tata Harper, too. Maybe they randomized it?

    • Hi! What shade of the liquid lip did you get? It was never specified and I’m curious. I’m supposed to get the liquid lip as well but we shall see.

      • I got Bow N Arrow.

      • It was Bow and Arrow

  6. I signed up for the 2nd version. My box arrived today with the mirror instead of the liquid lipstick. But I did get the new sub gift of the Tata Harper mask.

  7. I ordered the 13th and recieved my box today with the mirror. I think the liquid lipstick was a lie because my neighbors all got the mirror too

  8. GREAT apparently my box has arrived at and departed jacksonville fl, 3 TIMES NOW?? Yesterday the tracking said it was expected today and now today it says it has departed jacksonville….again. Which is several hours away from me…WTH, i have never seen this on any of my USPS tracking..Anyone else having similar problems?

  9. I am not a happy camper, I never received an email saying it shipped, I had to email them to get that info….

    Today it arrived with NO LIQUID LIPSTICK

    and my bonus item was …. lotion not mascara or perfume…..

    I emailed them let’s hope for a good resolution

    I also canceled my Subscription because I don’t like to be deceived….

    • I still haven’t received my box and they took out the money on the 10th!!!! I have emailed them and then I finally got an email saying it shipped on the 26th! So disappointed bc I have been getting the beauty box since December and have NEVER had to wait this long!!!

    • Me too!! So disapointed.

  10. Did anyone ACTUALLY receive the liquid lip? Has anyone who was supposed to receive it and didn’t contacted Allure?

    • I ordered after the date posted thinking i would get the full sized liquid lipstick and it was also a mirror. I am still happy with the box but i am surprised it wasnt the liquid lipstick.

  11. I ordered a second June box via Amazon the night of this post that said they were running out of stock. Since it was well after the other post that said all boxes would now be getting the second variant with the liquid lipstick instead of the mirror, I thought that’s what I would get. Just got my box today (pretty fast turnaround for Allure since I got my regular subscription box this past Monday)… and it has the MIRROR. Womp womp. :/

  12. I ordered on the 12th right after I read your article about the new box variant. I haven’t received tracking from Allure but I did get a welcome email from them. Is there a chance those of us who ordered the new box won’t receive it? I ordered based off the assumption that your site got its info directly from Allure, but based off of the fact that my Allure account shows no history of my order, past experiences with Allure, and the fact that it’s 6/22 and many of us haven’t had any info from Allure- I’m worried we were promised this box but aren’t going to get it 🙁

    • Same here 🙁 I ordered on the 13th and haven’t received anything but a welcome email and a bunch of spam 🙁 I just emailed Allure, asking pretty much the same thing and that i am worried since this box could be sold out, and to confirm that it is actually coming and an estimate of when it will ship…hopefully they actually write me back.

    • Hi there! I just subscribed as well on the 15th.. I read their faq section which states if you are a new subscriber like we are you can expect to receive your first box shipped (June for us) approximately 15 business days after date of order. You can read more on the faq page of Their subscription page 🙂

  13. I ordered on the 11th and still haven’t received a shipping notification. Is anyone else still waiting?

    • Yup, still waiting. I also ordered on the 11th but when I checked my account today it said my order date is the 19th. I take that to mean it’ll be shipping soon and we’ll most likely be getting the second version. But, you know, it’s allure, sooooo….

      • I just looked at my account and it says my order date is the 19th as well. I hope we both get these soon!

        • Weird mine says my order date is the 19th now too, even though i ordered on the 13th…Strange. Have either of you received yours yet?

  14. I got my second box from Amazon today, ordered after the 11th, and it’s the 1st version of the box. I’m sad because I wanted the liquid lip!

  15. Looking forward to receiving Allure beauty boxes from now on. I just cancelled my Sephora Play & replaced with this one. Sephora has sent me way too many repeat items and foundation samples that are 3 shades too dark. For $5 more it seems like I’ll be receiving a good assortment of skincare makeup and hair care items and even full size?! I’m in! I feel lucky too that I subscribed today before it was too late for the KVD box. Her liquid lips are some of my favorites.

  16. Okay I’m not a happy camper. I just received my box and upon opening the box I noticed that one of the items is missing. The full size lip liner in Lolita is missing. I emailed Allure’s fulfillment customer service and I know this is a special box so I don’t know if they can send a replacement but I am crossing my fingers that they can otherwise I just got screwed out of a full size item. Will be mad if they can’t fix this. Anyone else missing anything in their box? BTW I received box #1

    • Oops ignore my comment. I was expecting the lip liner to just be wrapped up the same way as the eyeliner. Lol emailed customer service about my mistake too. :/

  17. I’ve been really happy with allure lately. Last month my CLE powder lipstick was half full and melted and they sent a replacement which I got today and it’s completely full. This was the fastest i have ever received a replacement from them!

    • I thought they were supposed to be half full? I got two boxes and both of mine are like that. Hmmm

  18. Does the allure box usually ship from DHL to the local post office? I signed up but haven’t received any tracking email, which sounds common lol, But my informed delivery from USPS shows something being delivered today the tracking started as DHL. I already got my birchbox and ipsy this month and am not expecting anything else, Maybe i can assume it’s my allure box?? 🙂 🙂

    • I haven’t gotten my Birchbox yet. I just received a refund for the add on that’s no longer available a couple of days ago. Did you get the curated box? I’ve never had to wait this long for Birchbox!

      • yes I did get the curated box this month, it wasn’t that great lol. But yeah its pretty late in the month i’ve always gotten my Birchbox pretty early in the month. Hopefully it reaches you soon. If not i would email them.

  19. I havent received my box either. Im still waiting for my tracking information… allure has been shipping the boxes late

  20. I finally got my box and the products are eyeliner is not my thing but this gives me a chance to try and then hope I can buy a aqua blue or teal something else .
    the lip products are perfect for me and look good on both my girls

  21. I re-subbed around the 6th, and I just got my box today (shipping email was sent on the 13th). I received the mirror (as earlier spoilers stated I should since I re-subbed prior to the 11th), and I got the Tarte mascara as the welcome gift.

    • I got the sinner perfume. I prefer the Saint c’est la vie

  22. I got my box today. The lip liner was empty…kept twisting and nothing. Then realize the crayon had slipped out and was in the cap. I was able to push the main part back in and most of the color slid back into it, but a lot got smooshed in the cap. Not sure if I want to hassle Allure over it but it seems that a $17 lip liner shouldn’t slip out of its case.

    The lipstick is a decent color (for me) and seems to have some staying power. The box just seems like it is missing something though. Even though there were the normal amount of items it seemed like it was missing at least one more item.

    • The same thing happened to my lip liner. I think it was a combination of the heat and it being tossed around inside a mostly empty box. I hope Allure will start putting in some crinkle filling to help prevent this in the future.

      • Mine too!! I threw it away there was no saving it. I would have put it up for swap so I am not going to contact Allure.

  23. I am so confused. When I click on the link it says june box is sold out. When I signed up for a second box on the 14th it said sold out as well but this post was posted today. Am I missing something? Do you think I might still get the second variation?

    • The first page says “If” it sells out you will get the July, but when you go to the actual sign-up page, it still says that you will get the June box.

  24. The box contents listed are wrong here, I believe. Just received mine today:
    Studded Kiss lipstick mini in Double Dare, Tattoo Eyeliner, lipliner in Lolita, Wax Seal KVD hand mirror, Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub. The perfume would be a new subscriber gift option and I think the liquid lippie is only for new subscribers as well.

    • Sorry for any confusion, this is the box subscribers will receive if they sign up today. The box you received is the first version of the box they shipped. Hope that helps clarify!

      • Thank you for clearing that up. Didn’t want to disappoint anyone if the liquid lippie was a main selling point.

      • I signed up after June 11 and got the mirror. It’s hit or miss.

        • What day did you sign up, i signed up on the 13th. Hoping for the liquid lipstick.

          • I signed up for a third box by mistake and this month and there was no liquid lip. I have my box up for sale on eBay. So funny all the boxes up for sale are missing the Walnut scrub

        • I signed up 6/9 and was supposed to get the first version box and got the liquid lipstick. Who knows what they’re doing at this point!

  25. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the box shipped? I ordered on the 10th, and I haven’t even received shipping info yet.

  26. I ordered a box off Amazon for the lipstick on the 12th for the second version but received the first version. I already had a subscription and they both came together today. If that’s the version you want I’d recommend doing that.

  27. Somehow, Amazon sent me 2 of these boxes today… I am only subscribed to 1.
    I think there’s a glitch.

  28. I have been a subscriber for over a year and I STILL haven’t received my box!?!? Any other monthly subscribers still waiting for their box??

    • I just got mine today, original box. I was hoping since it came late I’d get version 2 but I’m not that lucky.

    • Still waiting, I got charged on the 8th or 9th, no tracking , nothing yet!!!

    • Did anyone else not get the liquid lipstick? I got the lip liner and small lipstick but no liquid lipstick and that’s what I wanted most….sigh.

      • Me too 🙁

    • Yes they told me my card couldn’t be charged then they double charged me and still waiting it’s bs

    • mine is supposed to get here thursday. so says the tacking. it’s been sitting around, in my state for a looonnnggg time. so, i’m still waiting, but it’s supposed to be on the way. 🙂

    • I havent received my box either. Im still waiting for my tracking information… allire has been shopping the boxed late

  29. Well I am P’d off…ordered a 2nd box on the 12th in a separate account, my daughters, & for my daughter’s birthday & NOW they’re telling is she won’t get this box , she’ll get the next box!! I think they did this on purpose!!!! Not a happy customer!!!

    • You mean you won’t get a June box but July’s first? That can’t be right, the 12th was when these new, second variant of KatVon D’s boxes started… I also ordered a second box for my daughter on the 12th 😊

    • Maybe the rep means she’ll be getting the second version of the June box?

      • That’s what I think too, or hope at least..she can’t be stealing my scrub 😆

    • Try ordering the Allure box through I had the same problem. My daughter and I both wanted the June box. I received one through my regular Allure account and one through Allure at Amazon

    • I tried to create a second account many months ago and found out they link and just overwrite your old one if you don’t change enough things. I think you need different name, email address, and credit card number at least. I did different email and credit card only thinking that was enough. It wasn’t. FYI.

      • At what point did you realize it wasn’t enough? I got a thanks for your order email on my daughters account.

        • I actually get two boxes, but my on-line account appears as though there is only one. I had to call customer service to confirm…they can evidently see both subscriptions on their end.

          • I really don’t think that’s right. I signed up for four extra boxes this month, all using the same card and address but different emails. They all have their own separate accounts.

        • I got a welcome email but no tracking or shipping notice with the second account. I emailed and they asked me to call. I called and they were confused because they said 2 accounts should be ok but it didn’t work. It basically just overwrote my old email and cancelled my old account. They sent me a 2nd box that one month as a courtesy but were never able to correct it and I’ve just kept my new account only since. I’ve heard others with the same problem before but maybe they fixed it now. Or it’s random. All I know is after 3 calls mine was never fixed. Hopefully you have better luck. The other loophole is ordering through Amazon for a second account.

      • Same thing happened to me.

        • This has not happened to me. I’ve had two subs since December. They always charge my card on different days. I signed up for a second box later than my first.

  30. I caved and signed up for a 2nd box via amazon. I really liked the box I got, and I know I’ll use the duplicates. Hopefully amazon will send me the right box!

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