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For a limited time, coupon code MAY18 to save $10 off of the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have box when you sign up for a new subscription!

Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Are you going to sign up? What do you want to see in the fall box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wanted a larger reyobe because I like it to wrap around with extra room.. However, when I went to choose my size, they only had the next size down and then smaller.. THEN I find out they got more of the larger size in but only sent them to people who complained.. I chose the next size down because in previous experience, they ran out and too bad so sad.. Nothing they will do for you.. THIS time they ordered more.. So I contacted them about it and ask why they didn’t send a notice out that they were getting more product so I could have changed it before it was sent? They sent basically the same email to me and said they would try to find the size I want.. I had to pay to send it back but had they told everyone that the sizes would be replenished this would not have happened.. I had to pay 6.50 to send it back so my box cost me 86.00 + for my box.. NOT fair.. I am canceling and sticking with FabFitFun. I loved it better when they had the MONTHLY box! It was affordable.. even though you are actually paying more, you get more product in the long run.. Plus the first seasonal box I thought had more fillers then ever!!!

  2. I emailed pop sugar and even though this post as well as their website indicate a “fall box preorder ” they cannot guarantee you will NOT get the summer box. They replied saying that anyone who subscribes now may be “promoted” to the summer box . and they can’t prevent that from happening. 🙁 Maybe this post needs to updated to say that the first box may end up the summer box .

    their reply :
    HI Karen,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Please know that all new subscriptions are auto enrolled in the wait list, and if an earlier box becomes available, you’ll be sent that box. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that your new subscription will for sure be for the Fall as you could be promoted to receive the Summer box via the wait list.

    Ann P.

  3. I would say “buyer beware” if the summer box is not what you want – they have suddenly found more after being out for months – this coupon will get you the summer box!!!! 😕😕😕

    • Thank you for the warning…your comment stopped me from pre-ordering Fall.

      • I just read this AFTER I purchased it!

  4. Looks like my first comment didn’t post so I’m reposting. I’d leave it on the forum, but it’s down and people really need to know how they treat their long term customers who are paying $80+(w tax) for a box. Reply shows first, then my query, because I didn’t want to alter or exaggerate. This is after at least 6, SIX, polite emails for help:

    Hi Taren,

    Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry that you received the wrong sized robe, however we’ll allow you to make an exchange. Please send the robe you received to the following address:

    PopSugar Inc.
    6600 Sillaci Way
    Gilroy, CA 95020
    Once it’s on the way, provide us with a tracking number and we will send out the correct size for you. We appreciate your cooperation.


    Ann P.

    Have more questions? Check out our FAQs

    Taren, May 15, 11:00 PM PDT:
    Hello, I still have my unopened robe, that was sent in the wrong size. I also have my correspondence where I tried to order the small in plenty of time. I simply want to exchange my XL (unopened, etc.) for a small. Please help. Thank you.

    So, basically they are making me pay to send it back, send them tracking, then HOPE they send the correct one, although it was their mistake to begin with! Very poor service in my opinion.

    • Wow, Taren! This is nuts! I can forgive an error when a company makes it right. But this is ridiculous. The whole issue really shouldn’t even have happened. I keep asking myself how they didn’t just make sure they had enough stock. Now that the box is quarterly, they should have plenty of lead time to handle these things correctly.

      • Yes. Exactly!
        And they have enough stock. They are just making me pay to make it right which isn’t fair but I’m already out so much money that I have no choice.

        • Did you already send it back? How much did it cost for shipping? They also just sent me whatever size they felt. I’m guessing they don’t even have my size. But I guess we’ll see. I’d rather swap with someone on the forum who wants to swap sizes.

  5. I would post this on the forum, but it is down. This is at least my 6th email to them. Everyone keeps bragging about their CS, and I have been with them at least 6 years, and this is a terrible way to treat people when it was they who messed up:

    Hi Taren,

    Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry that you received the wrong sized robe, however we’ll allow you to make an exchange. Please send the robe you received to the following address:

    PopSugar Inc.
    6600 Sillaci Way
    Gilroy, CA 95020
    Once it’s on the way, provide us with a tracking number and we will send out the correct size for you. We appreciate your cooperation.


    Ann P.

    Have more questions? Check out our FAQs

    Taren, May 15, 11:00 PM PDT:
    Hello, I still have my unopened robe, that was sent in the wrong size. I also have my correspondence where I tried to order the small in plenty of time. I simply want to exchange my XL (unopened, etc.) for a small. Please help. Thank you.

    This is after NO help from previous emails, and I am on my own to pay for shipping and contacting them with tracking. Rather than them sending a return label, etc. It’s THEIR fault, and at this price point this is the best they can do for a long standing customer?! Wow.

  6. Their website says preorder your summer box which makes me think they had a bunch of cancellations. Not sure if ppl sign up with this code that they’d be getting the fall box if their website still says preorder your summer box.

    • Yes. I signed up like a month ago and thought I was getting the summer box but was in fact preordering the fall box. I just emailed CS yesterday because I was going to ask for a refund because I didn’t want to pay for the fall box before seeing any spoilers. They just emailed me and said a spot opened on the waitlist and that I was now being sent the summer box. I’m not mad about it because I’ve been using Sunday Riley products for 2 years now and am used to paying full price anyway. Those earrings tho…

    • I just went in to see my account because of your comment – OMIGOD – I ordered the summer box with one email address – since I was not as wowed as I thought I would be, I cancelled – then thought about how fall is usually my favorite and decided to not risk it selling out – I have two accounts and “pre-ordered fall” with the 2nd account – I just went in and summer is shipping – I am so so so so bummed…………. 🙁 🙁 I emailed trying to see if they could stop that box from shipping but I doubt I would hear back in time…….. this coupon is not meant for fall at all………. 🙁 🙁

      • Go in and see what size robe they are sending you! I am SO annoyed they didn’t even ask me and are shipping the L-XL! I’m a sIze 6 at most!!

        • They are sending me L-XL as well – I just put it up for swap!!! Their response to my email was short and “customer – couldn’t care less” ….. wow …… I’ve been supportive for a long time but we are now parting ways…….. the l/xl is big – it will never fit you Jenny!!!

          • …….it’s become quite obvious this 10$ coupon was NEVER for the fall box – it’s just to clear out their summer box – “after all, it’s in the fine print and in their Terms of Service” ……. WOW

          • Boo pop sugar that is SO not fair. I hope they read these comments! I know I definitely read product reviews of things that I’ve designed to learn how I can improve fit/comfort/etc.

          • Hi guys. I’m also a size 4/6 and got the L/XL so I machine washed it and it seems to have shrunk a bit. It’s definitely not perfect (there’s too much fabric at the shoulders so the lapel bunches up and the navy piping gets lost) but it’s better than it was.

            It certainly doesn’t make all these size screw ups ok, but maybe it will help make things a little less awful.

            I’m so sorry for everyone who was disappointed with this box. I really thought PS was going to knock it out of the park considering it was their first quarterly box….Sigh….

          • Yup. I posted their reply to me above. Terrible service.

        • Read my comment about emailing for help. Terrible CS.

          • Ugh. Popsugar are you reading this????

  7. After washing my robe, it appears to have shrunk a bit. I confess I did not read a tag as to washing instructions.

    My suggestion would be if you don’t want your robe to shrink, hand wash it and if you want to shrink it, throw it in the washer 😀. I still love the softness of the Jersey robe!!

    • The lipgloss smells delicious and great for just moistening your lips with a little pop of color. Waiting for the right time to wear the earrings. My husband likes bar soap so that’s a win for him. I take the propel to my step class. The rest I have already posted about. I agree, the box is not what I thought it would be but I appreciate everything that’s in it!

  8. When I saw the spoilers for this box I was not happy. After receiving it, my opinion changed. Granted, there is zero wow factor to this box…I mean, zero. At least for me. Within a day I was falling in love with Sunday Riley, wrapped in a very soft robe, becoming a lip gloss addict, using watermelon water flavor packets, and loving the box on my vanity for cotton balls. The soap is in full use. Anti bacterial in my bag. Razor will be heading to Cuba with me on Friday. So-my summation of the box is, it’s not exciting but it’s actually pretty darn useful. I also find summer boxes to be the most underwhelming, so fall will be the true test of this box IMO. Here’s hoping for better spoilers next round.

    • I was underwhelmed as well. And I received the WRONG size robe! They are sending me the correct size, though. The curation was off. They set the thene.- spa weekend! They could have done so much more. Candles, bath bombs etc. There was no wow factor. But I am using every item.

      • Yes, I really didn’t get a spa theme off of this. It was sort of all over the place. I’m using the stuff, but it’s the the stuff I thought may be coming

        • It’s not* the stuff I saw coming

      • I just posted about getting the wrong robe but it doesn’t look like it’s showing up. They are making ME pay to ship it back which is frustrating.

    • We need to look at all boxes the way you just described. We take a risk with money hoping to get a great deal on something we like but even better when we can use and like too. If I can just give up Boxy for a couple months I would try this one or the one with home decor in it but I guess I have fomo on makeup. LOL

    • This is so true lol! 🙂

  9. I am really happy with my box. I have no problem waiting for the robe even though I also picked my size asap. Not a biggie.

  10. Very tempting

  11. This is the first time (in over 4+ years of subscribing) that I would tell anyone considering this box NOT to get it. POPSUGAR had months and months to plan the Summer Box. What we received was poorly conceived in value and concept. And they lied to me and countless others that ordered a size XXL robe. Many of us opened the box to find that there was no robe. However, there was a note saying that since we picked in the 2nd round, we have to wait until sometime in June to get ours. Well … we picked within the first day, some within hours of receiving the email telling us to do so. I was willing (but still upset) to accept the fact that thIs was a quirk that just happened to me. Upon contacting POPSUGAR, they stated that it was a warehouse mistake. Yet, upon reading the comments from the reviews, it wasn’t just me. They lied to us when they placed that note in the box instead of a robe. It was an out and out lie. I think we deserve better than that as customers, loyal of old, or new. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Wow! I haven’t received my box yet but I picked on the first day. I wonder if my robe will be missing. That’s infuriating.

      • The xxl is huge! It goes way past my knees and I could fit 3 of me in it! I could have fit in a large easily.

        • What size are you normally?

        • I got the XXL to compensate for my 44F top. I’m usually a 16/18 in clothes but for something I want to close over my chest, I definitely size up. Hope mine fits.

    • I also needed XXL, but was sent a S/M. When I complained they said to gift it to someone. 😡

      • Omg me too! I need a small, which I ORDERED, they sent XL and are making ME pay to ship it back if I want an exchange! Terrible Customer Service L

        • That is ridiculous! They can’t expect customers to pay for their mistakes. Oh my goodness I am not regretting canceling at all.

          • Read my post above. I posted their reply to me in its entirety!

      • Wow, really? They sent you the wrong size and instead of correcting it they just want you to take a loss? Not regretting canceling at all. My box isn’t even here yet and I’m not excited for it at all. Usually there’s at least one item that I’m pleased to be receiving but this whole box is just MEH to me. The FabFitFun summer box on the other hand… I love it so much I bought a second.

    • I picked within the first ten minutes of selections opening and I got a note too. I wish they would have filled them in the order they were selected to be a little more fair. Oh well

      • I am curious if anyone got the XXL robe in their package

        • Yes, I did. I picked the xxl in the second go round too. It did state on the site that anyone changing the size to xxl would have to wait til June to get the robe. But mine came in my box.

  12. This is a $50 box at best.. not going there again. Totally disenchanted with PSMH.. they lost it

    • I completely agree. Although I’m happy for those who liked the summer box, it was a huuuuuge letdown for me. I cancelled immediately after receiving it. 👎

      • Me too. It’s a $50 box not up to their LE standards. They might want to consider going bimonthly regular boxes and go back to the seasonal LEs they are more lux instead of doing half regular box half LE and charging $75. I’d rather have a straight LE box for $75.

  13. Was that the summer or spring box? The pamphlet said spring?

  14. As soon as I saw full spoilers for the summer box, I cancelled my subscription. I haven’t even gotten my box yet and I’m not excited about it at all. Maybe at $50 I’d be willing to stick around but I’m not here for a $75 quarterly box ($81 after tax in my state) that I like less than FabFitFun, which is $25 cheaper.

  15. I pretty much only kept the lipgloss and shell box. To me that’s not worth the $80ish I paid. Maybe at $49 they’d get more ppl interested.

  16. Wow, people are harsh! I liked their summer box.

  17. HAHA!!! Damage control at its finest. It’s just a reminder to me to cancel. #terribad

  18. After seeing the items in their last box, i’m not getting this one unless they show some good spoilers.

  19. Here’s an idea…what if a sub box offered $10 off to current members to stay subscribed? As it is what’s the motivation not to cancel since the company obviously thinks it’s initial offering of $75 is too expensive. I’m off to cancel…I’m not going to be the sucker that pays $75 for a $65 box.

    • I didn’t think of that. Why not give current subscribers a discount too? Couldn’t of said it better Meg!

    • I completely agree..I too as a long time suscriber will cancel and resub for that discount. It makes me so angry when companies value new clients more then existing! I hate playing the cancel and suscribe game but I will if you force me too.

      • Hey can you cancel if you’re a new subscriber and already paid for the box? I signed up thinking I would be getting the summer box but turns out I was too late and got signed up for the Fall box and have already paid. I didn’t know they would be taking the money out right away and I don’t feel very good about dropping that’s kind of money without a spoiler. Would love my money refunded and I’ll sign up again once I see a spoiler!

        • Jen-go to your pop sugar account & cancel. From my experience this spring you have time to cancel. I got the summer box and canceled my subscription.

        • If you want a refund for what is unfulfilled, you will have to contact them and not just cancel.

    • I don’t think it’s any different than FFF doing the same promo for new customers, but I have heard people give the same argument.

    • Meg, yessss. My thoughts exactly. Especially subscribers like myself who never cancel and resubscribe. I’ve been with them every single box for years now. No perks for me! Only missed discounts and receiving earrings when they know I don’t have pierced ears! I said to my husband, I’ll see how the fall box goes, but it might end up being my very last PSMH box. Fab Fit Fun is looking better and better to me.

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