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Boxycharm Overview and Tutorial – May 2018

Desiree Queen
ByDesiree QueenMay 31, 2018 | 53 comments

BoxyCharm box

4.3 overall rating
1976 Ratings | 222 Reviews

BoxyCharm is a popular full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. (Check out our full review of the May 2018 Boxycharm box to learn more about each of the items this month.)

Today, I’ll be showing you how I used some of the items in my May BoxyCharm box! I’d love if you shared what products and techniques worked for you in the comments as well! What items were your favorites? Which products have you been reaching for all month? Let’s talk about all things May BoxyCharm.

But first, here are the box basics:

About BoxCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The US and Canada

In May’s box, I received the following:

Now, let’s talk products and how I used them!

This months box is called Boxy Bash and has all kinds of interesting products. I started with a bare face and from peeking at the spoilers, I cannot wait to jump in.

Before we even get started, I have a small confession. I am primer obsessed, so when I saw we were getting a new primer this month I was super excited to add this to my collection. (Especially one I have never tried before). I’m very familiar with the Cover FX brand and have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, when I broke out last summer it was their products who came to the rescue! The Cover FX Blurring Primer has many good claims and I plan to put them ALL to the test.

The first thing I notice is the texture. It goes on very smooth and thick which feels good so far.

While waiting on the Cover FX Blurring Primer to set into my skin, I filled in my eyebrows. Instead of jumping to the next thing, I always wait at least ten minutes to allow my primer to settle into the skin. Depending on the primer they all dry down differently and this one surprised me when it dried down into a silky powder. Since we didn’t get an Eyeshadow Palette this month, I decided that this will be a very simple and light makeup look. Something you can wear to the grocery store or run a few short errands. So far it’s claims of being lightweight and smooth are pretty accurate. It went onto my skin in a nice silky way and instantly blurred my pores. As far as its claims to give me an ” airbrushed” look, we’ll have to wait and see. However, I simply love the fact of it being vegan and without Parabens and other harmful things. So far I love the way it looks and feels and could even see myself wearing it alone some days. But as for now, my skin is super smooth and ready to go.

This is how my go-to foundation looks on top of the Cover FX Blurring Primer and I love how smooth it went on. Since the primer blurred my pores I didn’t see a need for concealer. Now that we have a light layer of foundation on let’s move onto the next item.

I was super disappointed that my Aesthetica Pro Series 3-Piece Eye and Brow Brush Set was missing from my box. I had to use a brush I already owned to use our next product. I grabbed a tiny angled brush and went into the Pretty Vulgar Ink Gel Eyeliner. First, let’s talk about the packaging. Pretty Vulgar has always had pretty adorable packaging but this cute little ink pot takes the cake. It reminds me of those old-fashioned ink jars that everyone loves to look at but scared to use. There seems to be a lot of product in this Pretty Vulgar the Ink Gel Eyeliner, almost makes me forget that I can’t do a winged eyeliner. (LOL) However, it’s in our box so let’s do this!

Using a small angled brush I added some of this product to my waterline and then attempted to do a small winged eyeliner look.

This simple eye look of only a black waterline and small wing to the outer corners of my eye is more than enough for a simple makeup look. I feel it brings just enough attention to my eyes without being extra dramatic. What do you guys think?

Here is how it looks with my eyes closed and as you can see it transferred a bit. This is such a rich and wet product, that it transfers very easy if you’re not careful. I’m going to clean it up with a small dab of concealer and move on to our next product.

As soon as I opened up my Pur Cosmetics Sculptor Highlight & Contour Palette, I went right to work on applying these four beautiful shades. I used the Aesthetica P12 Face brush to apply all four shades. I set my entire face with “INVENTOR” which turned out to be the perfect color for my skin tone. I did a very light Contour with “FOUNDER”. I bronzed with “TRAILBLAZER” which has a beautiful hint of gold. I placed on a nice highlight with “ORIGINATOR”  on the highs of my cheekbones and the tip of my nose. This palette was very creamy, light, and super bendable making it very easy to use. I have tried many items from PUR cosmetics before and I have yet to be disappointed. For the future, I probably would not use the Aesthetica P12 Face brush to contour or bronze with. The brush is very large and soft, and would be perfect for applying blush or a loose powder product.

I like how the PUR Cosmetics Sculptor Palette went on very lightweight and breathable, and since I’m going for a soft makeup look I used a very light hand.

Last but not least, I added the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics all natural lip gloss in the color “ Nude Rose”. It turned out to be just the light touch of color this simple makeup look needed. It’s a light pink mauve color that didn’t look appealing to me at first, but now that it’s on I’m in love with it! It’s very smooth and sheer with just a hint of color. I don’t wear lip gloss too often. However, I think that will change after today.

Verdict: I absolutely loved this months box, and if I had to pick a favorite item it would have to be the Cover FX Blurring Primer. I loved how it made my foundation go on really smooth and easy. I was also surprised at how it lasted me all day. I would love to know what your favorite item in this months box was, and why. I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s products as much as I did!

Check out all of our BoxyCharm reviews and the Beauty Subscription Box Directory!

What’s your favorite item from the May Boxycharm Box? 

BoxyCharm ($25 per month) is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes that we review, with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both indie and established brands, with a total retail value of over $100 in every box. The beauty item... read more.
Desiree Queen
Desiree Queen
I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!

Desiree Queen
Desiree Queen
I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!
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Girl, your skin with the primer alone looked fabulous! I often do my primer and then a powder when I’m running late (I sat often and mean it) but my set up never looks this good. Next time I’m going to try the Cover FX primer! I was sticking to my Laura Geller bc it helped with my discoloration, but bc the Cover FX is tinted I hope it does the same. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the review 💖💖💖


What a great review!! You’re making me want to jump on the Boxycharm bandwagon again LOL. Thank you! 🙂


Jump on I have yet to be disappointed with Boxycharm!


Great job Desiree getting that eyeliner on with the brush you had to use. It goes on so much easier without all the transfer using that tiny tipped brush in the 3 piece set. I hope you’re able to get them to send you the brushes. I couldn’t have pulled that off using the brush you had LOL 😉 Fabulous tutorial.

I have to agree….that primer is fantastic with great all day staying power. I love everything that came in this box. The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the large brush. The bristles are far too loose and sparce to control where the product goes for contouring or applying blush. It worked ok tho for applying loose finishing powder.


My point exactly!!!! Lol


Love your tutorial and writing style! 🙂


Thank you Vy!


This was my favorite Boxycharm box and also my favorite box charm review!! While I have white skin with freckles, I learned so MUCH from you.

I’ve never let my primer dry before foundation. Will do this tomorrow!! Thanks! Your tips on the palette were also amazing. (I admit I don’t like watching YouTube beauty instructional videos. They’re all too long and talkative!). Your description was perfect and I’ll give it a try, adjusting for skin tone.

My favorite item was the eyeliner by far!! With the small brush it was so smooth to apply, and I could get a thin line. I’ve used on my waterline also, and it has great staying power, even wearing contacts and touching my eyes WAY too much!!

All in all – what a great review!!


Thank you so much for your comment, it’s constructive comments like yours that makes me want to give it my best!


In that first bare face shot, your skin is beautiful, it glows! If I had that face, all I’d do is eyebrows and lashes, maybe a little lip gloss.

Christine G

I’m so glad to see a review from someone who has the skin tone for the face palette! I wanted to know how the product felt and if it seemed to be a good formula, but all reviews I saw were mainly fair skinned (like me) but mainly focused on it being way too dark or only about the highlight shades. Great review, you look great!

And I too love the twists! Gorgeous hairstyle!


Thank you so much and I’m glad you enjoyed it!


This was a great tutorial and I’m so glad that you were willing to try the eyeliner even if it’s not something you’ve mastered.
Your skin looks amazing with just the primer btw.


Thanks and I have gotten so many eyeliner tips from you guys so I’m not gonna give up on it! Lol


Great tutorial! The primer looks nice (primer is becoming one of my favorite makeup items) and the box looks very well-rounded. It’s a shame the 3-piece brush set didn’t get included, though!


I know right? Someone said I wasn’t missing anything by not getting it, they mentioned it was too small to even use.


However, I can’t use the products in the same way and get the same results and likely, most subscribers of the box can’t.

Could someone fair skinned and also very talented like Haley do a tutorial of the products on ivory skin? I’d like to learn how to use them on ivory skin.


Hey Mandy, first off I want to say how sorry I am that you could not learn anything from this review and believe me when I say I take you guys comments to heart & try to do my best each and every month. However, I can definitely agree with you of how frustrating it is to try and learn makeup tutorials from a person that looks nothing like you. Lol like some of the other comments suggested , try to tweak the color selection according to your skin tone and maybe play around with it and see how that works for you. Most of the time it’s usually a hit or miss when it comes to many of these Beauty boxes And I just try to make it work with whatever I am given. It’s both fun & frustrating lol .
MSA is awesome and are always open to hear you guys suggestions on how to make this site even better. You can suggest to them how you would like to see a person of a fairer skin tone to also do the Boxycharm tutorial. Also, don’t forget to mention Haley because as you said she is very talented when it comes to doing makeup tutorials and reviews. I am however still very new here and have so much to learn. That’s why I’m so grateful to MSA for giving me the opportunity . Im just like you guys, I learn from doing diffrent things and also from hearing you guys constructive criticism so please keep them coming.


If you have access to this website, you have access to a host of tutorials all over the web. I have fair skin. My suggestion is to use these with an extremely light hand, or use the darker colors as eye shadow. The rule of contour for fair & light skinned people is to use cool shades, and these are slightly warm. Think of a shadow. It does not have a warm tone, it has a cool, greyish tone. You place the contour shade where you would have (or want to have) definition, as in under the cheekbone in the hollow of your cheek coming from your ear’s opening running toward your mouth… don’t take it all the way to your mouth though. Lightly on the sides of your nose and along your jawbone; blending well so you don’t look like you have dirt on your face.

Dezi, you say you can’t wear a winged liner, but I don’t think you need one. Your eye shape is beautiful and the liner accentuates that.


Thank you RoguesEn3d, and your suggestions are always right on point! I always learn a lot from your comments as I’m sure other do as well. Please keep them coming!


There are tutorials of fair skinned people monthly here and all over online. I didn’t have a problem knowing that I could use different shades that match my skin as Desiree did here.


Thank you Anna!


I’m guessing it would be very similar save using the contour palette, as contour needs vary by skin tone and face shape. If you google contour face-shape you’ll find lots of tutorials by Cosmopolitan and other places. For shade, pick a matte shade a couple shades darker than your skin tone for contour. For highlighter, you can use a shade or concealer two shades lighter or go with a shimmery highlighter. (I like to use concealer on my nose bridge, forehead, and under eye while saving the shimmer for the brow bone and cheeks.) For pale skin with yellow undertones, then a champagne, lavender, or pale gold highlighter can be great. For pink undertones, a pinky champagne highlighter or opting for matte concealer would be best.

Also, I find that when I end up with a contour palette that has shades I can’t use, they often make great eyeshadows or brow fill. (And in a pinch, a matte eyeshadow of the right shade can double as a contour or brow fill as well!)


Awesome suggestions girl!


What is your go to foundation, Dezi? It looks really good. And foundation doesn’t seem to be talked about much. Maybe it’s because it’s so individual.
Just wanted to know 🙂


Hey DonnaG , No I have no problem letting you know, it’s just when we do our reviews we have to focus on the items in the box. For the last few months I have been enjoying the No. 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in the color Ebony. Word of advice, if you try this Foundation you will notice that it looks sort of sticky or wet. I found that a nice loose setting powder like the RCMA no color powder ( or whatever you prefer , just make sure it’s very light) right on top makes it settle in amazingly. I like this Foundation because it looks so natural once settled into the skin and pretty much last all day! Please let me know how this worked for you sweety.

Tommie Lynne

Thanks for the review. Very helpful and you look great!!!


Thank you!


I love the primer and the eyeliner. I didn’t love the contour palette on xmy face at all so I tried it as eyeshadow and I really liked it on my eyes. Very pretty


Really Katy? How did you like it as a Eyeshadow just curious . Did it last you all day or did the colors start to fade? In case your interested wet n wild has an awesome Eyeshadow Primer ( from their photo focus line) and I found that using this before adding any color to my eyes has a major effect not to mention is super cheap!

Michelle Bross

Great tutorial and demo! You look stunning as usual.


Thank you so much!


Nicely done Desiree! I love your hair, it’s so intricate that it must have taken forever to do. I would have gotten antsy waiting for that to be finally done. Thanks for the tutorial, it’s always a pleasure to see what you and others do with the same makeup products that I get. 🌸🌼🌺


I know, right?! I couldn’t stop thinking, “Damn, that hair is gorgeous — every single braid is perfection!” You’re so beautiful, Desiree!


Thanks Eve! ( so sweet )


Thanks I appreciate you guys comments !


Love the review and that you took pictures between products!

If you want an easy cat eye you could try angling a little piece of scotch tape angled up where your eye ends. Works pretty great.


Tape? Ok I’ll definitely give this a shot because I love the formula and just need extra pratice, maybe one day I’ll surprise everyone with a perfect winged liner!


I use a key tag store card for my liner.


Wow lol


Great tutorial! I haven’t tried the primer yet. My brushes were missing, too, but I don’t have a brush that will work so I have to wait until next month to try the eyeliner. So bummed, because that was the item I was most looking forward to. Wish I received the HAN gloss. I always end up with matte items, and I hate them.


Yes I know I hate that those items were missing, but while you wait for it to arrive try the one from E.L.F cosmetics, they work perfect and are super affordable.


Great review. It all looks fantastic on you!


Thank you


Great review! Thanks 😊


Wonderful review. Love the new hairstyle, Desiree!
The eyeliner does transfer a bit, but you really do have to give it a few seconds to dry down. From there, that stuff DOES NOT MOVE.


Thank you, yes I need to have a bit more patience lol


I love this review and tutorial! You look amazing. I really love the contour palette on you.


Wow, thanks. To be honest I wasn’t sure this tutorial would do as well . I’m doing my best to take you guys advice and be more creative, however I also want to create looks that are easy to follow.


I loved this review and you look absolutely stunning 😊❤️


All thanks a lot!

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