Allure Beauty Swag Box May 2018 – Available Now!

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The May Beauty Swag Box is available now! The cost is $49.99 + $10 shipping.

Allure Beauty Thrills has been rebranded to Beauty Swag with several Conde Nast magazines! The first box will be with Allure, second July box with Brides and third box with Glamour in September.

Here’s the Allure, May Beauty Swag Box:

  • CERAVE® Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen
  • CHAPSTICK® Total Hydration Vitamin Enriched Lip Oil
  • DEGREE WOMEN® Dry Spray Antiperspirant In Shower Clean
  • DOVE Refresh + Care Volume + Fullness Dry Shampoo
  • FREEMAN BEAUTY Feeling Beautiful Glacier Water + Pink Peony Gel Cream Mask
  • THE GRANDPA SOAP CO. Thylox Acne Treatment Soap
  • HASK Charcoal Purifying Dry Shampoo
  • INVISIBOBBLE® Original – The Traceless Hair Ring
  • LE CHAT*** Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer
  • LOBE MIRACLE Ear Lobe Support Patches
  • MILANI® Amore Shine Liquid Lip Color in Delight, Tenderness, and Crush
  • NEXXUS Keraphix Damage Healing Hair Reconstructing Treatment
  • NEXXUS Keraphix Damage Healing Masque
  • OGX Smoothing + Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray
  • TOM’S OF MAINE® Orange Blossom Natural Beauty Bar
  • WET N WILD Glo™ Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN Saw-Cut Shower Comb
  • WEN BY CHAZ DEAN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment
  • MUSELY Hydrogel Eye Mask – Bye Bye Eye Bags
  • OLAY EYES Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment
  • PALMERS COCOA BUTTER FORMULA Skin Therapy Oil for Face – Rosehip

FYI – thiss box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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  1. Any info on Allure Beauty Swag for 2019? The boxes usually start in May. Thanks.

  2. My first swag box and the Wen shampoo was missing but I did receive the pump for it, but after reading all these posts saying their hair fell out (gasp) and so sorry, I guess I am very lucky to have not received it. Lots mentioning drugstore brands, but the total price with shipping and tax was $64, so assuming you received all of your items (22), it comes to $2.90 per item, so not so bad drugstore brands or not.

    • i am not a huge Wen fan but i do use it as an “in between” shampoo since I shower daily.
      I alternate between Wen and my regular shampoo since the WEN alone makes my hair clumpy looking. works fine for me that way. never had any problem with it.

    • The Wen which I will not use because of all the issues has a date of 2015 on the bottle of the bottle, what is up with that? It is almost three years old!

    • How much dry shampoo and non-shampoo shampoo do they need to include?! what about face wash or moisturizer? Half the stuff in here is stuff I will never use. Pretty disappointing considering it came a month late. But at least they didnt include the toothpaste again.I already had 3 of those

  3. Received my box today but the Wet and Wild Hello Halo Highlighter was broken and completely covering everything in the box. 🙁

  4. my box has not made it to the usps yet. tracking shows it left the York PA fulfillment center but has not reached the USPS. of course they COULD have missed a scan at the post office. hope my order has everything since both posts from recipients have one thing that is MIA.
    i hate following up on missing items even though i have lucked out with more expensive replacements from Allure when that has happened

    • got my box and nothing is missing or broken.
      THANK GOD! sorry to hear that others have trouble.

      lots of stuff to regift. the nail polish is really pretty but too light for me; one of my nieces will love it. it’s hard to give away the wen conditioning cleanser this time because the bottle is all “sucked in’ so i will use it myself.

      IMHO this box is not terribly exciting but it does have stuff i will use or regift. these used to be such a fun and memorable branding event for Allure…now i look forward to fabfitfun instead.

      anyone know when the 2nd of the 3 boxes is scheduled?
      is it August with the 3rd box in December ? Those are usually the big promo times;
      i can’t remember what the initial email for all 3 said.

      • The original email said May, July and September. I save every email until I have my products in hand.

        • thanks! i have the confirmation but can’t find the original email.

  5. I got my box today! The Invisibobble hair rings were missing but everything else was there. Only received one Musely’s eye mask package not the 10 shown in the photo. I got the pink nail polish and it’s really pretty. Both of the Wen cleansing conditioners are from 2015 but it’s still good. Overall I’m quite satisfied with this box.

  6. Just received an email that my box shipped and will be delivered Wednesday! So excited!

    • yay! i got that email too. my box hasn’t gotten to the post office by long island is usually 1 day by ground from York, PA

      Allure Beauty Swag
      Your May Beauty Swag box is on the way!
      Your May Beauty Swag Box Has Shipped!

      Have a question about your order? Contact customer service at 1-877-356-9904. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (your CA Privacy Rights).

  7. Anyone receive their May Swag box yet?

    • Way too early. We will be lucky to get it this month. They used to send them fast when they sold out but now they wait until they have a bunch to send.

      • Why call it a may box then?

        • These posts are for the Allure Beauty SWAG that is offered 3 times a year. Are you thinking about the Allure Beauty BOX that is monthly? That is a different forum than this one.

        • couldn’t agree more. i saw something(can’t find it now) that said fulfillment was mid to late June.

          so why not call it a June box and avoid all of the emails from people looking for their stuff

          • Exactly.

  8. I did the presale 2 years in a row. Not biting this time.

    This box is a decent value but I just started “cataloging” my stash and I’m embarrassed by the amount of things I have that are unused. And, I just opened by FFF edit sale box and have no recollection of buying the things I bought. I still can’t figure out why I bought an eye palette when I have a tone of unused shadows. Serious product overload!

    • I feel the same way, i was going to buy this box but talked myself out if when I still have the last box sitting in my spare room with half of the products unused, It’s an addiction, I don’t need the stuff but feel like I will miss out if I don’t have it, this time I’m going to save the $70 and wait until I actually need something. Product overload is an understatement!!

    • You can regift some of those things … or you can give them to a shelter where they help women , who are getting back on their feet

  9. Nope!

  10. This is still a great deal! If you subscribe to the monthly, check your email. A presale price of $154.31 (includes shipping and sales tax) ALL IN.

    Even without the Wen products it’s still a great value. A box this size is bound to have some “donation pile” items. We’re still getting through our past boxes, but I found several new items we love out from them. I find drugstore brands super expensive and harder to return if I don’t like them. Besides, I’d rather open a box than hit the pavement and deal with sorting through sale items.

    • The price I listed above is for all 3 boxes

    • Yeah, but everyone says most times they discount boxes after and they haven’t been “thrilled” with the quality of boxes

      • Allure spoils the entire box each season, so customers know exactly what to expect. 😆
        This presale price is lowest I’ve seen for “thrills” boxes but I’ve only been buying since mid last year. ❤️ I bought several past boxes at $50 plus $10 shipping. That may have been the discounted price.

        • The presale box is only lower because there’s only 3 boxes. The $200+ shipping and tax price of years past was for 4. Still a good value though.

    • What’s the link to the pre-sale for three? Thanks!

      • Agree. I never got one emailed to me and I’ve ordered them for several years.

  11. They should just start calling this the WEN box. And TWO dry shampoos??

    • I just saw 2 wen products (not counting the comb since it’s a generic product anyhow)…am I missing something…

  12. The only duplicate I see here is the invisibobble hair thing. I purchased a complete subscription of the Allure THRILLS last year and there were a total of 4 boxes that were shipped.

    I purchased the Swag because it’s still an awesome value even if I only keep half the boxes for my own use and donate the rest to the homeless shelters.

  13. Dang – I had to check back to make sure this wasn’t a Walmart box. No thanks!

    • Walmart sends better boxes — for $5, lol.

      • Agreed!

  14. My wallet is safe.

    • Sadly mine is NOT. I ordered the Dec + mystery box at end of Feb, they said they received order Mar 2– and guess what after about 10 CS inquiries I still have NO BOX and am out $!00. I am beginning to think they are shady and a don’t– no matter what is in the box. I am getting ready to contact BB and file a complaint. Even if I get it after 12+ weeks thats ridiculous.

      • Contact your bank to do a chargeback on your card. BBB can’t help you with that, they’re just basically Yelp (a review site).

  15. Lame.

  16. $60 for wet n wild and mostly other drugstore brands? Plus $10 shipping?

  17. Well guess I’ll be passing again. Was hoping for some value but this pretty much just evens out and that’s IF you use all the items.

  18. No thank you, next…

  19. Grandpa Soap Co. That name tickles me

  20. No thank u. I don’t trust any wen product after the lawsuit so that being said it’s a sad no for me .

    • I feel the same…and to top it off…You can spend that money in TJMAXX or Roess and come out with more products and better deals…

    • Yeah, don’t! My hair is still falling out!

      • What’s so bad about wen? What happened?

        • Everyone’s hair started falling out from WEN products. Mine went in the trash immediately. It made my hair really oily anyways

          • I still use Wen, and they still sell pretty well, so not everyone’s hair was falling out. I do use the seasonals instead of the regular formulas and they did change their formulas a while back…the hair loss thing scared me a lot too when it was in the news but I think some people were having allergic reactions to it, and I do also use regular shampoo once a week to remove build up in case that was why hair was falling out.

  21. Is there any way to find out the sizes of the Wen products? If they are the larger sizes, it’s worth it…..

    • ive gotton wen products before in my box and they are normal size that you would buy from wen

    • I have the Cranberry Mint Cleansing Conditioner up for swap. I received it last month from Bless Box.

  22. If you have fine hair, may I suggest staying away from invisi-bobble? With everybody talking about how awesome they are, I was really looking forward to trying them. That thing tore my hair apart when I tried to remove it.

    • Thank you for sharing about the Bobbi Pins. I too have fine hair and after reading your review my head actually started hurting. lol I hate tangles!!!

  23. I can go to Walgreens or CVS, and pick out exactly the items I want, and still pay less than $60. Pass. Try again, Allure (and what’s with the L’Oreal hairspray in the May box?)!

    • Omg THANK you for saying that! They replaced my St.Tropez sunless tanner with that! I am so mad because as a Ky resident, I pay $17 for this box and it was mostly free Walmart samples! That was LITERALLY the one thing I was looking forward to, especially after last months Terrible box!

      • You’re supposed to get a St. Tropez item in addition to the L’Oreal — I would definitely contact them and let them know something important was missing.

      • Did you get the St. Tropez Finishing Gloss instead?

        The May box only comes with one St. Tropez item. You would receive either a tube of the Finishing Gloss or a can of the Purity Mousse.
        Then there is also a L’Oréal hair product. You would receive either the hair spray or a hair mask.

        Hope that helped!

  24. Really I expected more from Allure. The items in this swag bag don’t seem very swag.

  25. Wow not a single hero item. You really do have to like a good chunk of the box to make it work it but even then you could buy all of those on sale at the drug store for about the same price plus rewards except for wen but many of us had issues with that.

  26. I bought it. Anybody who uses Wen will see the value in this box. There are always products I won’t use but will either gift or donate those.

    • Yes and before when people were posting about the issues with Wen stuff I thought that was because of fake products that were sold and he had addressed that . Fake items can really ruin a reputation which is why the companies themselves are addressing the tribe box fiasco. I ne er had any issues with them myself. But I’m also wondering if you get all three milani lipsticks because it’s says “and” instead of “or”. anyone know ??

      • I bought Wen directly from them and had issues with my hair falling out (I have curly, fine consistency hair).

        My hairdresser said he had several clients with the same problem. He said the product is essentially co-washing (the trend of “washing” with conditioner) and works well for coarser hair consistency.

        A year later (blue light treatments at a derm’s office), lots of biotin, and some Rogaine my hair is finally rebounding.

        When I contacted Wen they gave me a shipping label and had me return all of the product that I purchased directly from them via the monthly subscription service….my point, the product issues weren’t due to “counterfeits” .

        • Agreed. I also purchased directly from them and refused to believe it till my friends and family started to comment that my hair seemed to be thinning. I had thick hair and it’s only now starting to come back to normal after over a year of giving up their products.

          • Oh no. Thanks for telling me !! I thought it was the counterfeit product that did it. 😳

          • Plus my hair is thin enough I do NOT need help to make it worse

        • I bought directly from the site and lost more than half my hair. I had to wear a wig for a year. I sued Chas Dean and won a settlement. My hair has never gotten back to how it was. It is thin, brittle and I still have half spots.

          • Oh that’s horrible I’m so sorry

        • Yeah, don’t! My hair is still falling out! I bought directly from Wen. After I canceled, because my fine curly hair was falling out, they continued to charge me.

        • Does the Wen clog hair follicles? Have you tried Nioxin shampoo? It is meant for unclogging hair follicles of toxins and hormones. They market it for hair loss, alopecia, and even chemo patients. I worked at a nice salon in college and learned about it from the Nioxin reps. You can buy it at Ulta.

      • Um, people buying from wen and svc are having issues. Many say it didn’t start right away, but after using for a while

        • Wasn’t there a class action suit? I think thatproves that it wasn’t JUST fake product.

      • Um, people buying from wen and svc are having issues. Many say it didn’t start right away, but after using for a while these issues became awful. Not sure why. But thousands have issues after a while and some on the first try. Some parents used it on their kids hair and the girl had long blonde hair to her butt, and as the mom was using wen (she bought from conpany) this kids hair was pulling away from scalp and she was bald. I believe if you Google it, there are videos people have taken that once their hair started coming out in chunks, they grabbed the phone and started filming it and you can see the hair just coming out with them just running fingers through it when it’s wet with the product still in it and a few even showed screen shots of them buying it from the company, and the company tried refunding them and that was it. Some felt so bad they felt the need to buy a wig to cover it and some people’s hair never did grow back as it was.

        So I’d be careful using it just in case because some it was right away and others it happened out of the blue of using it for a couple years even.

  27. As others have stated, for my money, it’s too expensive for drug store brands. Personally, I’d rather spend the money elsewhere. Pass for me.

  28. Most of these products are from the past year of Allure Thrills boxes! I mean, they added a few new items, but it’s mostly old inventory. Easy pass!

  29. I think if it was 49.99 with free shipping I’d purchase it. The fact that it’s also 10.00 shipping just makes the bag not worth it for mostly drug store brands. I get the value is pretty good , but most bags/boxes that charge for shipping I tend to not jump the gun.

  30. This looks like they just emptied their Allure Thrills leftover boxes and repackaged it’s contents and said “Hey, let’s call this a Swag Box/bag and charge the same, they’ll never know the difference!!”
    No thanks!

  31. Too much $$$ for drugstore brands. But…if you love many of these products it’s probably a good deal.

  32. Wen lost a lot of its hype for me when the company got hit with a class action suit because people were having their hair fall out in chunks. I have bottles of the stuff I paid for through QVC that I wouldn’t give to my worst enemy!!

    • See the above comment on the poor lady that sued the owner. I used to use it also it all went straight to the garbage

  33. Agree! But I like this box better than the last one.

  34. I have gotten these boxes before(called a different name). A lot of items are full size. It is a good deal even with shipping.

  35. Does anyone know if these are mostly sample sizes or full sizes? I know the foil packets would be samples but I’m wondering about the other items…specifically the OLAY Eye treatment.

    • Almost all products are full size. Ive ordered about 3 (thrills/now swag) boxes this past year.

      • Thank you Laura!

        • Sure! The box is a great value, but be prepared for possible mailing or customer service issues w this box. It is pretty slow to get sometimes, and they seem to mail them on the longest routes ever. This past December box took about 8+ weeks to receive because of shipping or product delays. BUT…once you get this huge box of full size products, you get amnesia about the terribly long wait. 😀 Hopefully this year they corrected these problems! One of my other boxes was stuck in tracking, and never moved…so then I had to wait another 3 weeks to get it after customer service answered by email. Anything I don’t use i collect and add to gifts or use as stocking stuffers. 🙂 I will probably cave and buy them all anyway… addictions 😀

    • full size products!!~! worth it. Ive gotton about 7 and I love them all

  36. $60 can get you much better items. Most of these are drugstore brands. Pass!

  37. For $60 total, no thanks.

    • I agree!!!

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