$20 PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag – Available Now!

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The Pur Minerals Mystery Grab Bag is available now!

Are you ready for your surprise? We heard your feedback and have created our best Mystery Bag yet! Each bag includes an all-new assortment — never before seen in a Mystery Bag. Picture indicates actual items in Mystery Bag – you could even receive a brand new palette! Overall, 5 full-size products – a minimum $100 value for only $20!

The Box: PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag

The Cost: $20

The Products: Six full-size items

Good to know: Please note this item is not eligible for discounts or promotions.

FYI – These mystery grab bags are typically composed of older stock. Check out our reviews of previous mystery bags to see what you can expect.

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  1. How frustrating is it to get the same eyeshadow palette that they sent us in March’s Boxycharm. I wish PUR would have thought this thru when sending out these grab bags. I get it that the value is there but total repeat offender. 🙁

    • I also have Boxycharm so this is a dupe for me (going to put on swap when I get it) but I think they just had a lot extra and I would guess the majority of their customers are not Boxy subscribers so that’s why it’s not an issue..

  2. I received my bag today. It’s $111 RV.

    12 piece Eyeshadow Palette RV $36

    Volume Vixen 4-in-1 Mascara RV $21

    Blending Crease Brush RV $18

    Chrome Glaze High Shine Lip Gloss in “Heart Breaker” RV $18

    Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fever” RV $18

    • Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I got the exact same thing… except I ordered 3 and they only sent 1…. :/ Says order complete too. -_-;

    • Mine arrived today also, same exact contents.

    • Thanks for letting us know. I was planning on getting but was waiting for a spoiler. I already have that palette, so I’m going to pass this time.

    • I’m pleased with the choices, not so much the colors of the lip products with my skin tone, but I’ll see what I got when I pick it up from the post office today. I sold my Boxy/Pur palette and then decided I wanted it, so I do hope I get it. I’ll update later.

    • Mine just arrived today and I got the same exact one, as well. Pur also gave me the option of choosing a deluxe size add-on item and I picked shine control powder, but there was also a primer and a cleanser to choose from.

  3. I got the last Mystery Bag and did not get the 5 MLP toppers bag that everyone else seemed to get. It was actually a really decent bag. I got the Quick Pro Portable Daydream set, a Hello Bright Eyes eye pencil, a single MLP topper in Rainbow Dash, a full size Volume Vixen mascara and a brush. (I think that there was something else I’m missing but can’t remember.) It was a good enough bag to tempt me to give it a go this time. The main reason I’m hesitant is shipping.

  4. These comments are hilarious, it’s a mystery purchase, and only $20.00 even if it’s something you don’t like, if you can afford it then please just gift the products! There’s always someone who’s a beginner who would like to make them. Also the MLP, products was actually cute, I didn’t care did them all but my friend loved them! So all I’m saying is please don’t bash the company bc you didn’t line a $20.00 mystery gift, we have paid way more and got some really bad items! like the PS boxes that were on sale! Those were a mess! So what it that being said! Let’s all agree to disagree without being so negative towards those who may love their mystery bags! Hugs to all (*_*)

  5. NOPE! The last time I fell for this I got 5 MLP lip toppers and some crappy highlighter palette.

  6. Wow, gave a pretty thorough review of my last 3 mystery boxes on here yesterday, and just came back to read comments and it’s not on here….l MSA, is there some reason my comments aren’t posting? This is the 3rd time this has happened in the past week. And yes, for the record, they’re perfectly PC.

    • I am having the same problem, just wrote a review for Ricky’s cult crushes that did not violate any rules was respectful and disappeared. It takes time to write comments and is very frustrating. I am wondering if they are throwing away our posts, not very professional.

      • Agreed. Although once I complained it is now back up. Not sure what is going on.

        • I dont think it has anything to do with you complaining. Comments don’t show up right away especially if you are not logged in to your regular account when you post. It has to go through moderation. I posted once without logging in first and my comment didnt show until the next day.

    • If you’re talking about your comment from yesterday about makeup being dried out and bad brushes, I see that comment here.

    • Your comment from yesterday afternoon is right here on this page. You talked about dried out eyeliners and fallout from eyeshadow. Nobody deleted your post.

      • Thanks, I wasn’t on here when I checked, but I see it now. Weird how they disappear and then show up!

  7. Any coupons available?

    • It’s not eligible for any coupons or codes

      • I used code BOXYMAY and received $3 off. I just purchased it on the 5/22 and it’s already fulfilled and shipped! Wish me luck that I get something awesome. I’m actually excited. I didn’t get the last one (kind of glad due to the MLP theme).

        • BOXYMAY does work. I found that out later on. Originally tjere were no known working codes.

    • They sent me a coupon freepolish after the box had sat in my cart awhile. It is for an eye polish. I also tried the other coupon mentioned here boxymay. It also worked but couldn’t use both so I went for the free item coupon.

  8. Argh, I’m temped, but the first two mystery boxes had dried out, flaky product (eyeliners and mascara) and the eye shadows had so much fallout I found them impossible to use even with their primer. The brushes I’ve received have been terrible. Then I got the MLP set, which at first I was angry about, but since I have them, I find that I do actually use them sometimes. I’m thinking I’ll pass since it’s $27 with shipping and looks like there’s another brush in this set.

  9. Whenever there are spoilers for this it would be nice to know.

  10. I’m one of the few that loved the MLP, I went back on their BOGO sale and got the last MLP gloss, the brushes and eyeshadow. Gotta say, they might be MLP but the quality is great.

    I’ll be jumping on this one too 🙂

    • I loved the MLP too! I went back and bought the palette too!💜

    • I loved the whole MLP line!!!! Just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I can’t love being a kid at heart 🙂 I thought the quality was great and the colors!!!

      • It’s not that the MLP product line isn’t good or that MLP as a brand isn’t fun, it’s that the last bag was advertised with a pic showing a variety of items and they sent out 5 of the same thing – a glittery lip gloss that’s now on sale on their own site for just $8 plus a mini highlight palette that was really powdery. I hadn’t planned on using that palette, but bc it was so dry I couldn’t gift it either. Many ppl, myself included, felt ripped off. PUR issued me a full refund and told me to keep the bag anyways. I gave it all to my 11 yr old who was just WOWED by the utter awesomeness of 5 MLP glosses and that glittery highlight palette, powdery or not bc she didn’t know the difference, and bc of that many ppl are now gun-shy abt their mystery bags.

        • According to the site, this time the picture is supposed to represent what will be in the box. I caved, and used BOXYMAY and saved $3. Total came to a little under $26 with shipping and tax.

  11. Five My Little Pony lip glosses… Enough said!

    • bahahahaha. That is why I will not jump on this.

  12. Last yearwas great! I loved my box. This was before mlp

    • My last mystery bag was pre-MLP and I absolutely loved it, but after reading this I’m scared lol. I don’t want to risk getting an entire bag of MLP stuff for $27.

      • PUR claims all new never before been in mystery bag stuff should be included. I guess I’ll find out. I have really liked the PUR items I’ve received to date.

        • Correction – “Never seen before”

  13. Last yearwas great!

  14. Not again. Not agaiiiiinnnnnn. My order got double submitted. I had 10. 10. My. Little. Pony. Lip. Glosses. Nope. Nopeeeeee.

  15. So, based on photos and matching them to items on the site. One of the blurring brushes. Powder, concealer, or blending. The lippies are probably two of the Chateau Kisses lippies, and the pallet is most likely the blush book, the highlight and contour pallet or the MLP (based on it being square alone). Lowest price with the lippies being counted as original price of $18 is $99, highest is $116.

    • I’m good with that mix. 🙂

    • the last mystery had used same pic as above the multi items and people got 5 My Little Pony lip glosses many upset customers it was only a few months ago so the burn is still real for some. FYI just wanting to tell you the carton pic could be misleading .
      A mystery is a surprise but many felt it was a bait and switch
      the Reviewer here got the MLP lip gloss i think

  16. I didnt get the MLP one because the one prior to that had old makeup and multiples of the exact same product. They suck.

  17. Is this the one that sent out all of the MLP lippies?

    • Yep

  18. At least this time, people who order this won’t receive 5 of the exact same lip toppers like the last mystery bag. I just ordered one, shipping is $6.95 if < $50 and you also get a Fully Charged Mascara Mini with your order.

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