New Subscription Box from Luxe Provence – Luxe Provence Artisanal Candle Subscription + Spoilers!

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Luxe Provence has just released a new subscription – Luxe Provence Artisanal Candle Subscription!

Discover the ultimate in artisanal Provence design combining heirloom quality porcelain and luxury fragrance from Grasse, delivered to your doorstep six times per year. We’ve teamed up with the region’s finest Artisans of Provence™ to create the ultimate luxury candle line, Made in Provence. 

We have spoilers for the first box!

Each box will include:

Our Annual Luxe Provence Candle Subscription will feature the finest artisans of the region beginning with Valérie Casado‘s heirloom porcelain vessels and luxury Grasse Fragrance from Artisan Parfumer, Stéphanie Bakouche of Sensaba.


Stéphanie Bakouche is an active member of Versaille’s Osmothèque and Accords & Parfums, and is the talented young nose behind luxury niche fragrances: Rose Privée by L’Artisan Parfumeur; Jul et Mad’s Fugit Amor and Mon Seul Desir; and Cloon Keen Atelier’s Bataille de Fleurs.

Bakouche spent seven years in fragrance development for brand, l’Artisan Parfumer, and as a student and colleague of nose, Bertrand Duchaufour.  She is also an independent member of Accords & Parfums, the acclaimed perfume center located on the historic Domaine Sainte Blanche, with direct access to the highest quality fragrance ingredients and latest technology innovations in the world of perfumery. We are thrilled to collaborate together on our first Luxe Provence fragrance.

The prestigious Accords & Parfums was founded by Olivier Maure, well-known for passionately protecting Grasse’s perfume heritage for decades, alongside Edmond Roudnitska, the French Master Perfumer and founder of Art & Parfum. Roudnitska is the nose behind many of today’s bestselling fragrances of all-time, such as: Dior’s Eau Sauvage, Diorissimo, and Rochas’s Femme, which were created on the same historic property as our fragrance.


The first Luxe Provence candle design will be presented in a handmade porcelain vessel created exclusively by Artisan of Provence, Valérie Casado. The first release will be this June, featuring a green, woody fig fragrance created exclusively for Founder, Tarik Koivisto based upon memories of her family’s first seaside summer moments spent in the region’s calanques. We will release a new seasonal fragrances and coordinating vessel designs throughout the year, so that each subscriber will receive a collection from our featured artisan that may be reused around the home, or refilled with fragrance.

The Box: Luxe Provence Artisanal Candle Subscription

The Cost: $845 + free shipping for six boxes

The Products: ” Each year you will receive a 4-piece artisanal series (4 pieces in porcelain from Valérie Casado… followed by a new artisan) with changing vessels throughout the year. Candles will be presented in handmade and unique designs that may be reused in your home (porcelain, glass…)”

2018-19 Shipping Schedule: June, September, November, Dec/January, February and March/April

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What do you think of Luxe Provence Artisanal Candle Subscription!

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  1. This is the sub which introduced me to some quality products I never would have found on my own– which showed me I am not as much of a snob as I thought I was-and reminded me you can write paragraphs on something building it up so much the actual receipt of an item can just make you a bit sad. (One of the dresses they are showcasing–I swear the checked pattern is the same as the inside of the tote I received!)

  2. Wow! Put the $845. in a candle dish and set it on fire. Same thing and no waiting.

  3. It doesn’t say 4 candles per shipment. It says that each year, you get six deliveries and each year, you get 4 vessels from a single artisan, so it’s unclear what the other two vessels are. It says that the size of the candles is roughly 4 inches x 4 inches x 4.75 inches. I think it’s 6 candles a year, 4 of which have containers from a single artisan, and it says the vessels can be used for other purposes around the house or refilled w fragrance. It also says that the estimated retail value of the first year’s porcelain vessels is $159, so that’s a lot of money for the candles. This is not targeted to ordinary people w ordinary incomes. I can’t imagine spending that much on any candle.

  4. Not sure why my comments are not posting. If they show up later, I apologize for the repeats. I purchased and am happy with Luxe Provence and love everything I get from them. Getting rid of Luxor and Robb Vices.

  5. I wish they gave more info. I think I’ll wait for the next diptyque advent calendar. I card more about the scent that the vase.

  6. This sounds SHADY. Reminds me of the Little Lace Box blanket subscription that they started right before they went under. Pass.

  7. I just signed up and am very excited for the first candle. I purchase Byredo and other candles now so this it not much more and to also get an artist vessel to keep is nice. Initial investment is a bit but I believe the owner is honest and truly has a passion for bringing quality items, promoting artists and delivering something you can not just get anywhere. I am going to cancel Luxor and Robb Vices (both I have at the grandfathered price) and stick with Luxe Provence as I know I will love and appreciate everything. I did not realize how much I was spending monthly and quarterly and giving away quite a bit.

  8. I wish! Of course once it’s broken down to 35$ per candle it doesn’t seem as bad because luxe candles do go for around that much but what sucks is we have no idea of the sizes and I tend to base my candle buying on oz.’s. I am very curious though and I’m wondering if they’ll send MSA a free box for review?!?

  9. Lol …. wouldn’t it be cheaper to FLY to Paris and buy your own candles? Crazy

  10. Wowzers!

  11. I like candles too, but 845$ for something I’m literally going to set on fire is a “no thank you”

    • when you put it that way😂

    • right! lol

  12. I am sure the candles are nice. But with new and old boxes going out of business that is a big upfront risk.

  13. I read it as 4 candles per shipment, so 24 candles in total. Still $35 per candle, which isn’t so bad compared to other fancy candles, I guess. Weird that they want it all upfront. $845 for a thing that trickles in over a year, yeah no. And no anyway. I’ll stick with my sale priced yankee’s.

  14. Wait… so is it 4 candles per box? Or is it an unknown number of candles per box + one set of 4 extremely fancy candles?

  15. So this is $845 for FOUR candles?! I can’t stop laughing. Way too much!

    • It says 4 candles 6 times a year– still too much , especially since they want it upfront.

  16. Ha!!!

  17. I certainly must have missed the size ( oz. and height) of the candle and its ” vessel”.

  18. I understand, they are artisanal and they are luxe, but the price has me laughing just about like the Oreo cookie box. Absurd to spend that much money on candles that will be— burned.

    • Haha, let’s see for that price you can have a few candles…or a truckload of Oreos!

  19. Ack they totally had me until I saw the price. Nope

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