Macy’s Beauty Box April 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the April Macy’s Beauty Box!

The theme for April is Natural Wonders:

Treat yourself to our natural beauty picks, free of potentially harmful parabens and sulfates. From moisturizers to masks & more, these plant-based formulas refresh, protect, and hydrate the skin.

The April box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the April 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

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  1. @Liz……or anyone of our other handy dandy leaders here on MSA (haha) ….are spoilers out for May for macys?!?!

    Is something going on with this sub or any info since it seems to be hit or miss for some regulars not getting charged or boxes…and spoilers seem to be later and later..

    • I was never charged for April’s. I figured it was for the best as I am seriously overloaded.

  2. Liz or whoever posted this article,
    Can you find out why some of the Macy’s boxes have not been billed and of course not shipped? I online chatted with them and they said they don’t know. They usually bill me around the 3rd and so far nothing for April.

    • Odd…mine always bills on end of the month like the 28th to the 30th (depending on months) and now it’s charging the 4th to 8th and I always get it middle of the month toward the end of the month.

      I Wonder if this sub isn’t going so well?!?! I thought I’ve read Macy’s did a sub before and then just randomly stopped it without telling anybody they were and then started this one up a year or so later I believe.

      Wonder what’s going on?!?! Also “spoilers” are getting later and later as well.

      • I just canceled, I have too much product anyways.

  3. Has anyone been getting their boxes, btw?

    I haven’t even been charged, and am wondering if it’s just me.

    • I was charged on the 8th and then got my box last week. You might want to get a hold of them and ask what’s going on by now. I would have thought you would have got it

      • Well, considering that I really didn’t want this box (seriously, the coupon would have been the only thing to look forward to for me this time), I am kinda glad they messed up 🙂 , but I do wonder what happened.

        • Lol, yeah it wasn’t extra amazing for me this month either. I’m curious about spoilers for may. Seems to be coming later and later. I wonder if it isn’t doing so well?!

    • I have not received by box or shipping information. Nor have I been charged. Weird!

      • *my

  4. If anyone is interested in selling me their box for this month, I’ll gladly buy it.
    Macy’s customer service screwed me yet again!

  5. Why is everyone allowed to post their email address but me? My comment from ten days ago was never published.

  6. Ha ha, on my shipping notice it says Color: No Color.

    They got that part right. Just skincare. I don’t even bother with foundation ” bubble” samples.

  7. Yikes. This is the worst box from them ever. Sucks theybwomt throw out spoilers for a few months in advanced, or even hints…..this one is starting to go downhill for me.

    • I’ll buy it from you if you don’t want it. I’m not getting mine because if your credit card Denys it, Macy’s won’t try again, even if u call them. Their customer service is absolutely terrible!
      But email me if you want to sell. [email protected] dot com

      • Try using a different email address and open a new subscription. I agree the customer service for Macy’s is really bad. I tried calling and using the chat. I think they are not very forthright in their interactions with customers and it all sounds like a bunch of goobly gob trying to speak with them. They outsource too to foreign countries and so they can transfer you anywhere and hope you hang up if you persist in asking them questions. Total BS. None the less I want to check out the box so I opened one up with a different email and it worked.

  8. I’ve tried the Korres sleeping facial and really like it. If it turns out to be the deluxe sample then the value will be approximately $10 for that item alone. I bought a deluxe trial set of the sleeping facial and a face wash was $20. So that adds value to this box. I got quite a few uses out of the slepping facial also. I do like the Ginseng eye cream and am glad to be getting some more. Box isn’t very exciting but I feel it has some good products in it. I’m all about skin care vs makeup anyway.

  9. Some months the coupon is $10. I hope this is one of those months! I hope they consider raising the coupon value to make the box worth it every time.

  10. This is my first box and I’m disappointed. The makeup bags and perfume samples were deciding factors in choosing this sub. This box failed on both counts. I will see what the May box brings before I cancel.

    • I’m in that same mindset with you. I dropped Allure and signed up for Macy’s after seeing March’s bag, but this?! wow! I could actually buy all of the full size of these items for $15.00, except the depuff cream. Yea, not happy about this bag, but hopefully May looks like March’s bag. If not, this one is a buh-bye goner for me.

    • Thanks for your input ladies. I wanted to try this one because it looked interesting to me. Seeing some of the reviews here I and after I get my first box, I may stick with just the Ipsy sub. I like it. On their website they have special offers with some full size products that are incredible.

  11. Love the Macy’s box, please let’s not forget the $5 (sometimes $10) coupon they give you. Beauty items ship free from Macy’s so think of it as a $10 box or you get a bonus item of something you really like – they have travel size items on the site.

  12. I’m new to the Beauty box game, but have play! & allure but Macy’s has been my favorite so far. I like that it is mostly skin care & products & brands I am interested in. Like the natural beauty theme of this box!

  13. Not diggin it, seems pretty cheap for Macy’s and the bare minerals foil sample? Really!? I was going to sign up looking for higher end samples but, I will not.

  14. I thought that after last month’s skin care-heavy bag, this month’s would go back to more of a makeup and skin care format. Nope! Man, I don’t know what to think about this! I signed up in January because I loved that bag. The first bag I received was March’s, and while it was a decent bag imo, it was almost entirely skin care. Next month? More skincare. I think May is the decision maker.

    How often do you sign up for something on the strength of that month’s bag but by the time you get your first delivered bag, those bags suck? (Or at least don’t live up to the one you signed up for.) Sigh.

    • Very well said!!!! I agree.

  15. I like the Macys beauty box. I feel like it’s more practical and I actually use the products.

  16. SO not with the price and it’s such a boring box I just can’t understand why anyone would want this when there’s better out there

    • Ditto.

  17. I just got that Bare Minerals item in my Ulta “skincare” gift. It is a card with 4 colors of a tinted moisturizer to test (each color in it’s own foil “poof”). The size of the foil is pretty decent, but it’s really a 1 shot deal.

    And, if one of the colors doesn’t work for you, it’s just a “try the formula in the house so no one thinks you are crazy for wearing super pale makeup out on the streets” type of thing

    • Good point – I’m pretty fair, usually do ok with most brands’ 2nd-lightest shade so I figured I could use the #2 Vanilla now and the next one up mid-summer, and was surprised to find the #2 is too dark for me. Oh well.

      I don’t agree with most people otherwise though. I like this box.

  18. These Macy bags look awful always… it is the same cost as Allure Beauty and we get full size Sunday Riley stuff.

  19. The FAQ on the Macy’s site says that if you sign up from 12/16-1/15, you would get the February box, but if you sign up from 1/16-2/15, you would get the March box, and from 2/16-3/21, you would get the April box. So it looks like they have extended the time to the 21st of the month to order to get the following month’s box. If you cancel after the 10th of the month, you will still get the following month’s box. If you cancel before the 10th, you won’t. It doesn’t say what happens if you cancel on the 10th.

    I wanted January and signed up at the end of December and didn’t get January, and cancelled after January 10, so I got February, which I didn’t want. That was the end of the Macy’s box for me.

  20. I don’t like this box at all…….i love the regular makeup bags (like Ipsy) not this one that is more like Sephora….I subscribed to this box to get high end product samples, not deodorant, cheap boxs like Walmart send deodorant, I don’t like the green tea mask, also something the cheaper box’s send. And where’s the fragrance sample?…..I loved last months box so I will wait and see if next months box goes back to their regular format before I cancel

    • Agree!!! Lame box!

    • I think they are counting the deodorant as a “fragrance sample”. 🙄

  21. I canceled after 2 months wait (signed up mid-Feb after the amazing spoilers for March box but got waitlisted for April).
    I love the natural theme of this box, but NOT the actual items. Tiny samples of products I already tried from other boxes and didn’t like. Schmitd’s and Tony Moly products are great but $3 retail. Not worth the $15 box price.

  22. Looking forward to this month, looks like a great box. Glad they are changing things up!

  23. I’d love to try a few items in this box. Everything sounds interesting since I dont use make-up (except for the Ginzing eye-just does not work for me) but Im too late to sign up for it. I wish macys would send out maybe 1 or 2 spoilers beforehand so we know if we want to subscribe. Anyone want to trade for make-upy stuff let me know at bindis79athotmail (I have a few mascaras n stuff i wanted to put up on the swap site but Im too lazy).

  24. So the second times the charm with this comment. Not sure why the first one never went through.

    I like this month’s items except the Schmidt Deodorant. That stuff breaks me out like crazy; including a rash, itching, burning, and discomfort. I spoke with them and they gave me some possible solutions, but nothing worked.

  25. I LOVE this box (or bag for this month). I get so much make-up in my other boxes that it is fun to switch it up for a change. I love the brands – i am a big fan of this box – plus so far NO crazy fluorescent colors I will never use!

  26. I really like the bag and think its really fitting for the theme. The deodorant is different. I do like when there is more of a mix of makeup and skin care but at least it is not conditioner. I have a ton of tiny bottle of shampoo and conditioner laying around.

  27. Huh. What’s up with so the deodorant showing up in beauty boxes all of a sudden?

  28. I just don’t see how this is worth $5 more than Sephora Play.

  29. Darn. Wanted to sign up for this box but it says sign up for your may box 🙁

    • You can have mine.
      I just really don’t care for this box at all.

    • Yeah, I signed up and it signed me up for May. But that’s a good thing in light of this box spoiler. This one’s a dud! All skin care! Not a single makeup or hair item! Let’s hope May is better!

    • Elise I will trade you the whole box if you would like, nothing interests me. email me if you would like mjw215 at gmail dot com

  30. And what’s with the bag this month? Ew.

  31. I’m happy with this. I’ve sampled all these products except the coola before and I like them. I’m also a fan of skincare and like how they’ve sent both skincare and makeup in previous bags.

  32. Looks like a good box, with the exception of the Origins GinZing cream. The only thing that product does is leave a white peeling residue around your eyes.

  33. Hmm, not a fan of this box at all. I was hoping this month will be all makeup since last month was all skincare.

    This month’s box will be my last.

  34. I r-e-a-l-l-y wanted last months box, it seems like once the spoilers come out you are on the waitlist for the next month. I really am not thrilled with this selection but I do find it to be pretty awesome how they totally mix it up. Also,I think its smart to make the products so different each month because it makes you want to stay subscribed for FOMO.

  35. This box is awesome! I love that there are some different types of products this month – and I’ll use them all!

  36. I just cancelled after seeing this month’s box. I signed up in December. Too much skin care and the purfume never smells goods. I liked the bigger size makeup bags but not worth the $15.

  37. Is this box available?

    • No…new sign ups start with next month. 🙁

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