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Best Subscription Boxes for Home & Household – 2018 Award Winners!

Best Home Subscription Boxes


Our readers nominated their favorite subscription boxes, then voted on which of those boxes they loved most. Here’s what they chose as the Best Subscription Boxes for Home!

Do you love refreshing your space? Keep your house happy with help from these monthly subscription boxes for home decor and other household essentials!

We asked our readers to name their favorite home picks in our 2018 Subscription Box Awards, and these 20 boxes topped the list.

Whether you’re searching for unique barware, statement-making decor, home fragrances, small electronics, or even high-quality cleaning supplies, there’s a subscription box to suit your needs. Many of these boxes also make great housewarming gifts!

Best Home Subscription Boxes for Home Decor, Candles, Household Supplies & More

If wandering the aisles of the home store is your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon, then you’ll swoon for these boxes! These are the best subscription boxes for your home, as picked by our readers:

1. Honest Box (Formerly Honest Essentials Bundle)

honest company detergent and body care products

The Cost: Varies; you’ll pick the items in this subscription and get discounts, so you can spend as much or as little as you want. Sign up here!

The Products: Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is the super popular source for premium, natural, and effective home essentials. With this subscription, you’ll get to pick as many products as you want, from laundry and cleaning products to shower goods and more. You can subscribe to a single product or as many as you want, and savings is based on how much you buy: Save 10% on orders $25+, 15% on orders $50+, and 25% on orders $100+. Check out all of our Honest Company reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada


2. Globein Artisan Box

globein artisan box coffee cream and sugar ceramics and basket

The Cost: $40 per month + free shipping for the first month ($10 shipping for future months). Sign up here!

COUPON: Use coupon code MSAWELCOME to save $10 off a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription

The Products: Experience a new collection of ethically made, fair-trade home accessories and gifts with Globein’s beautifully curated subscription box! Each box contains artisan-made products related to a different monthly theme, plus a booklet of information about the people and companies behind each product. Check out all of our Globein Artisan Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US (Free shipping for the first month. $10 shipping for future months.)


3. Bombay & Cedar

bombay and cedar snacks and home fragrance items

The Cost: $49.95 per month + $6.95 US shipping, or save with longer subscriptions. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use MSA10 to save 10% off for life on their recurring subscription box!

The Products: This box is a treat for your home, your body, and your spirit! Each box comes with 2 essential oils and 6-7 full-size products such as home decor and fragrance items, plus skincare, books, healthy snacks, and other surprises with a retail value of $100+. Check out all of our Bombay & Cedar reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US for $6.95, Canada for $19.00, and internationally for $35.00


4. Inspire Me! Home Decor Box

inspire me home decor glass jars and silver plate

The Cost: $99.99 per month. Sign up here!

The Products: This subscription curates hand-picked, unique decor items that can be styled together or separately. Each month, the pieces will center around one room in your home, but you can use them however your imagination sees fit! Check out all of our Inspire Me! reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only


5. NStyle Box by At Home with Nikki

nstyle box from at home with nikki essential oils kit

The Cost: $35.00 every other month. Sign up here!

The Products: NStyle Box is curated by YouTube sensation At Home with Nikki! Each bi-monthly box contains home decor must-haves, DIY projects, cooking necessities, home organization inspiration, and lifestyle picks.  Check out all of our NStyle by At Home with Nikki reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US (with free shipping) and worldwide


6. Posh Home Box

posh home box cocktail napkins and barware

The Cost: $54.95 + $14.95 shipping to the US. Sign up here! 

The Products: This box comes packed with gifts, decor, and other household finds curated for different areas of your home. The items make great additions to your home, but they’d also make amazing gifts! Check out all of our Posh Home Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US and Canada


7. Bespoke Post

bespoke post barware

The Cost: $45 a month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Save 25% off your first box! with coupon code ADDICT25

The Products: Each month of Bespoke Post is curated around a monthly theme. From home goods (think barware, treats for coffee geeks, fragrances, and even electronics) to broader lifestyle items, this subscription box is always full of surprises– but you’re in total control and can choose which box you want every month, or skip altogether. Check out all of our Bespoke Post reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US and Canada


8. Third & Main

third and main plant vase and cute dish towel

The Cost: $54.95/box (available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) plus $10 flat rate shipping for most of the continental US. $15 to California. Sign up here!

The Products: Third & Main brings the charm of small-town main street boutiques to your door. Each carefully curated box will include home and self-care items from “mission-minded” vendors right here in the US. Check out all of our Third & Main reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only


9. Grove Collaborative

grove collective cleaning products

The Cost: Just pay a $2.99 shipping fee plus the cost of whatever items you buy! Or pay $19.99/year for a VIP membership (which includes gifts and price matching). Sign up here!

The Products: Grove Collaborative handpicks the best in natural home supplies, including kitchen products, face and body, laundry, and oral care and makes sure you never run out! They’ll auto-replenish your favorite items each month—you can edit your shipments to make sure you’re getting the items you need most!

Ships to: Contiguous US


10. Breo Box

breo box puzzle and small electronics

The Cost: $139.00 per quarter. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off your first box!

The Products: Breo Box delivers you a high-quality assortment of health, fitness, and everyday lifestyle essentials inside a handsome wooden box! Each quarter you’ll receive 6-9 essential products carefully curated to fit the season. You can expect games, organizational items, accessories, decor, and even electronics! Check out all of our Breo Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: Worldwide. Shipping costs vary.

11. Luxor Box

luxor box upscale housewares and accessories

The Cost: $139 to the US, $169 to Canada (every other month). Sign up here! 

The Products: Every-other-month, Luxor Box curates 5-7 full-size, hand-picked home products with a total value of $250+. Expect a wide range of chic surprises, including high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories, and unique treasures from around the world! Check out all of our Luxor Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US and Canada


12. D.L. Box by D.L. & Co.

dl and co dl box candles and home fragrance products

The Cost: $84.15 per season (or $99 per box if you don’t want a subscription). Sign up here!

The Products: D.L. & Co. is a candle company whose quarterly subscription box features a gorgeous assortment of home items in an elegant box. Expect a collection of candles, home fragrance, and other home goods in each beautifully packaged shipment. Check out all of our DL Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: Worldwide. (Outside of the US, the shipping cost is $55)


13. Hygge Box

hygge box chocolate and cozy treats

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $28.00 per month. (Shipping is $10.) Sign up here!

The Products: Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is the Scandinavian concept of coziness. It’s about cherishing the simple things, from the feeling of a warm blanket to the company of good friends. This subscription sends you monthly goodies to inspire those hygge vibes, including a candle, a hot drink, and a “sweet indulgence”. Check out all of our Hygge Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only


14. MightyFix

mighty fix orange reusable water bottle

The Cost: $10 a month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MIGHTY7 to get your first box for $3 plus free shipping!

The Products: MightyFix from MightyNest helps you discover safe, healthy alternatives for home products you use every day. Each box includes one home essential that’s not only better for you and your family, but the environment, too! Check out all of our MightyFix reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US (free for 48 continental states), Canada, and Australia (for an additional shipping cost).


15. Mostess Box

mostess box palm frond drinking glasses and stirrer set

The Cost: $125 with a quarterly subscription, $120 a box with an annual subscription. Sign up here!

The Products: Each season, Mostess sends subscribers curated, coordinated full-size home decor and hosting products all thoughtfully packaged in a beautiful box. Think cocktail ingredients, glassware tableware, linen, stationery, bar cart items, and more! Check out all of our Mostess Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only (with free shipping)


16. VellaBox

vella box candle and bonus item

The Cost: The Lucerna VellaBox is $10/month with $2 shipping; the Ignis VellaBox is $20/month with $2 shipping, and the Vivere Vellabox is $30/month with free shipping and handling. Sign up here!

COUPON: Save $5 off gift subscriptions! with coupon code GIFTINGADDICT

The Products: VellaBox is a subscription just for unique scented candles! The Lucerna box gets you one 4 oz. candle/month, the Ignis box gets you one 8 oz. candle/month, and the Vivere box which sends you 1-2 candles totaling about 12 oz./month. Check out all of our VellaBox reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only


17. Next by Nest Fragrances

scented candles from nest fragrances next subscription box

The Cost: $56 per box (available in 3 or 6 month options). Sign up here!

The Products: Nest Fragrances has curated its exquisite home products into a beautifully packaged monthly subscription box! Each month, you’ll receive a classic candle, a votive, a special surprise gift, and a note from founder Laura Slatkin on the month’s curated scent. Keep them for your own home or share these gift-ready items with someone you love! Check out all of our Next by Nest Fragrances reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only


18. The Bouqs

white flower bouquets from the bouqs

The Cost: Choose from 3 different sizes of bouquets starting at $40.00. Subscribe to save up to 25%! Sign up here!

The Products: These fresh flowers come from sustainable, eco-friendly farms and are are cut-to-order, which means no flowers go to waste. When you sign up, you can choose the style that fits your needs, and pick a frequency for receiving your bouquets (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, every two months, or every four months). You can always pause or change your subscription settings, and even include a note (if for instance, you’re sending your subscription flowers to a friend or loved one). Check out all of our The Bouqs reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US only via UPS


19. Parabo Box

parabo box framed photo print, art, and ceramic decor

The Cost: $29 per month (with free shipping). Sign up here!

COUPON: Use referral code MYSUBADDICT to get a free bonus item in your first box!

The Products: Parabo Box is a bi-monthly subscription box from Parabo Press. Each month, you’ll receive unique home decor and personalized photo products featuring one of your actual Instagram photos! (Pick which photo you want to feature by using their hashtag, #printmeplease, or let Parabo choose.) One month you might receive a framed photo, while others, you might get your photo transformed into a home product, like coasters or stationery. Check out all of our Parabo Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US, Australia, Canada, India, and UK


20. The Heima Box

heima box bowl and towel

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $29 per month. Sign up here!

The Products: Heima means “at home” in Icelandic. Each month of this subscription, you’ll get a carefully curated selection of Nordic-inspired home and garden goods to fit your chosen style (minimalist, boho, or modern). Check out all of our The Heima Box reviews to learn more.

Ships to: US for free and internationally for $9.99

And one more MSA reader favorite:

Sundae Home – $52.24 a box

“Each Sundae Home subscription box will deliver over $100+ in retail value of season appropriate home items right to your door in a new, contemporary and fresh way.”


Best Subscription Boxes for Home & Housewares

That wraps up our list of the 20 best home subscription boxes! Did your favorite box make the list?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (21)

  1. The Hygge box reviews link send you to the candle box subscriptions page.

    • Oops! Fixed. Thank you!

  2. Is there any reason that my Sundae Home question did not post?

  3. When the most popular home box on the Forum isn’t even a choice in the awards, you’ve got to question the result… Sundae Home should at least have been up for consideration. Disappointing.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      It didn’t make the cut in final votes, but I’ve added it to the list as a reader favorite as I know it is popular on the forum. Thanks!

  4. No Sundae Home?

  5. I don’t get this list; neither did the beauty box list make a lot of sense to me. Honest is number one for home? I don’t even know anyone who subs to it – and I know a lot of people with a lot of subs. And it is not really a true sub – it is an autodelivery program more than a sub.

    • I think MSA has special relationship with Honest company, that’s why it is listed there.

      • No. That’s not the case. Honest Company was nominated by many readers in the first round of the award process, and got the most votes in the final voting. Sorry for any confusion!

    • A lot of the lists seemed rather odd. I would have done the top 5 in each category and then “honorable mentions” for 5 more. It would also be nice if they came out with a list of new sub boxes every month and get rid of sub boxes from their directory list that are now defunct.

  6. These boxes were the top 20? I find that hard to believe. What about Sundae Home? This looks like an ad, especially with The Honest Co bundle being the top box. Am I the only one who doesn’t like them?

    • These are the results based on reader votes. To be honest, I have been surprised by a lot of the results in several categories. It’s been very interesting to see that sometimes my favorite boxes aren’t the same as a lot of people!

  7. I tried the Vivere Vella Box when there was an offer to get your first box at a deep discount. It was very nice! Even if you don’t like the scent, the candles they include are very giftable.

  8. I found GlobeIn to be sketchy. They keep changing the types of subs they offer. I canceled the one I was subscribed to, but then couldn’t access the credits my account had. I got a response that I should not have canceled before using the credits, and was linked to a FAQ page saying this… only that FAQ page did not exist before I had canceled. She totally just made the FAQ page before responding to me, then acted like it had been there all along. I will not do business with them again.

  9. Any plans to review Sundae Home?

  10. The Bombay & Cedar and Posh Home Box have links to reviews of other boxes.

    • Sorry about! Thanks for letting us know. The links should now be going to the right reviews! 🙂

  11. I’m impressed with Parabo box. They are,by far, one of the best boxes for such a great price.

    • I agree. I was so happy with my box this month. It is was great. The pictures and prints are phenomenal. Best box Ive had since I began subbing period.

  12. The Honest company link goes to the diaper subscription, not the essentials bundle?

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