BeautyFIX April 2018 Box BACK IN STOCK + Full Spoilers!

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We have full spoilers for the April 2018 BeautyFIX subscription box!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the April BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. Sign-ups are open now! If you subscribe today, this will be your first box!

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone have a good current coupon code for signing up for the monthly BeautyFix box? I was hoping the recent code for the Kevyn Aucoin lip stain still worked, but it’s showing up as invalid. The Replenix code works though.

    I already have this box, but I love that Juice Beauty moisturizer so much that I want a second one.

  2. I emailed Dermstore CS about JB expiration date. I don’t mind smell as it works well for me. These are brands I will use and can use my code and pay $2 for a second box., I’m on board until October no matter. Another JB and TF would be just fine.

    • Forgot the M.

    • I gave them the lot numbers for JB and they emailed me back today to say within 48 hours so by Friday I hope to order my 2nd box… It will be nice to have two JB Stem Cellular and what would amount to an ounce of Tammy Fender. I have the balm but even the antioxidant cream Regular sizes are 1.7 ounces so good deal .. looks like the Antioxidant cream has been replaced by spontaneous recovery cream which I bet someone else noted. I feel like a squirrel gathering up for the winter. It’s nice to get the good stuff in a way where you can see results like I did with CEO…

      • I’ve emailed them 3 times and still don’t have a response. Hmmm…

        • That is hmmnnn. It took them two days to respond though. Hope you get a response today!

      • Boy Tammy fender ca is fast. Shirt is light medicinal smell is normal so I am good on that one. Now just waiting for DErmstoee to respond.

        • Typing in a hurry … ugh… Tammy Fender CS is fast… says light medicinal smell …

  3. Just subscribed to this box this morning and they already sent me a tracking number. Loving this company so far. This looks like a really great box! Can’t wait to get it.

  4. Just a warning about Pacifica sea foam, gave me pretty bad rash. Read some reviews and I definitely wasn’t alone.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t going to use it, but sometimes I do weird things in my sleep and my skin is very sensitive. hee hee

  5. I was disappointed by the tiny sample sizes but the juice beauty moisturizer WOW it’s amazing it smells wonderful and feels just as good on my skin!

  6. That Tammy Fender antioxidant creme stinks! It says it’s neroli and orange, but it’s nothing like either of those. I’m wondering if it’s gone bad or something?

    • My balm smells the same way. Not like herbs or essential oils but like kitchen oil that’s gone bad. I love strong scents-even medicinal smells-but this doesn’t smell right at all. I got a second box with my coupon from last month’s mask debaucle because I was so excited to try Tammy Fender. Pretty disappointed. I wonder if these are just old samples they had laying around. I might call CS tomorrow if I have time.

      • Please post any info you get, if you can.

        • I called CS yesterday and they credited me $10 per box. The man I spoke to was nice but didn’t have any info about how old the samples are. I really wanted to try this product but I’m happy to get some $ back. At $130 retail price, I don’t think I’ll ever be trying it unless I hit the lotto!

          • I went ahead and emailed them. No response. Hmmm…

          • I’m gonna try reaching them via Twitter. I’m pretty disappointed! They get us to sign up, then they drop us.

          • I hada debacle with them one month about a buy one box, get one free offer I responded to…for Cyber Monday I think. I kept wIting, but the second box never arrived, so I called them. At first…they tried to blame it on Subscription addiction. And said they were out of extra boxes. They finally said they would credit me $10. They confirmed that with an email. They have never credited my credit card!!!!!

      • I just opened mine to see how mine smelled, and I looooove the scent, so I think something is wrong with yours 🙁

        • Thank you for that info. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not.

          • Mine is fine as well. No weird smell. Smells like oranges. I got creme.

        • Good to know! I just received my box yesterday, and the Tammy Fender smells really bad. I will reach out to customer service.

          The Juice Beauty smells amazing! I’m loving it, and totally agree with whoever it was who said it smelled like Froot Loops.

          • I keep thinking I am crazy and that there is something wrong with me since I love the smell, so I asked my two kids to smell it and they said “yummy!” I will get my husband to smell it later. I just keep worrying after reading these comments!

    • I thought it was just me! Truly, not neroli and not orange. It went in the trash.

      • I actually had my husband ask me to check if the dog got sick on my side of the bed but no it was the TF on my face!! I can’t imagine that is the scent they were going for.

  7. Received my box just now…and I do love it because there is a full size $70 moisturizer, but the hum beauty is a one time use packet..shouldn’t really count as a sample…I’m standing here looking at this box and it just fell a bit flat due to the sizes alone… oh well, I still love beautyfix and won’t cancel.. we’ll see what next month is like!

    • The organic pharmacy peel mask sample…more empty than full …had to squeeze the tube allllll the way to the top, there is MAYBE one use

      • Yeah, most things were a lot smaller than what I envisioned. Are these considered deluxe samples? (serious question, because I haven’t subscribed to many boxes)

        • For me the hum, thisworks, and the face peel are definetly NOT deluxe…. you get bigger sizes in Ipsy! I subscribe to like 10 boxes (addicted much lol) BeautyFix is one of my favs because it’s skincare based. They are not typically like this tho.. I hope next month is better

      • I just got my box and the peel is missing…dont know if I should reach out to customer service or just let it go

        • I would contact them anyway! Even tho it’s almost empty you should be getting everything you’re promised!

        • I emailed them last week for same thing. I haven’t heard a peep. It is my first time reaching out to them so don’t know how well their customer service is.

          • They haven’t responded to my email either!

          • They also have not responded to me (I ended up emailing them) I have contacted them in the past and they were much more responsive. I don’t know what going on with them…

          • I was missing the Tammy Fender product! I know were only suppose to get one of the 2, but I didn’t get either. I emailed them over a week ago and no response. Usually they respond by the next day, so I’m a little confused at whats going on?

        • Mine was missing too. Since it is so small a sample I want sure if I would contact

    • I agree. The sizes of other products are just too small.

      • I love skincare based boxes and since this is really the only one that I know of, I was so disappointed…. Birchbox was my first ever sub (it has become the worst one for me, the sizes in beautyfix were like the sizes in birch) I get 2 Ipsys, Sephora play, Cult Crushes (which is AMAZING.. I was getting them before it became really popular) Vellabox (candles) I recently cancelled MissTutii (kbeauty) and Macy’s (i didn’t even get a bag and I cancelled lolll) just so I could get Boxycharm lol

    • That Juice Beauty is one of the best products I have ever experienced. I feel like the fact that you get one thing for an extreme fraction of the cost of it alone with other things makes the boxes carry on. Picking apart a box that gives you this many products by blowing itself out of the water by 1 just seems crazy to me. But if ppl didn’t complain, companies wouldn’t get challenged either. I’m just going to say again… that juice beauty anti-wrinkle is amazing. Smells great, feels great, and I’m glad I didn’t pay a great deal 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I am so pleasantly surprised by the Juice Beauty cream! My skin feels hydrated like never before. I agree with your comments about the products in the box, too. I think one full size product at a deep discount and several luxury brand samples are more than worth the price!

  8. I got my box the other day. I was missing my face wash but it is still a really good deal. The Sunday Riley product is 8 grams or 0.3 oz and the Tammy Fender is 0.5 oz. The Organic Pharmacy mask is 0.16 oz but with the full size product being $79 I am not surprised. Not sure if it is worth it to say anything about the face wash since the full size wash is only $10. I ordered a second box so I will be stocked up for awhile on face creams. This box is a great value. The Tammy Fender is worth the cost by itself.

  9. Available again.

  10. I got this box mainly for the Juice Beauty moisturizer. I used up maybe 3-4 jars as it agrees with my skin. Decent moisturizer but I was kind of hesitant to purchase another jar after my last one because of the price, and the packaging. I know that it’s more sanitary and whatnot but I don’t like how I have to keep pumping and the fact that I can’t really tell when I’m running out. (well the pump kind of gives away but still..I’d like to see the amount). but at ~$25? I don’t mind 🙂 The rest of the items are just a bonus for me 🙂

    • It’s very easy to remove the pump and peek inside. I know because I didn’t realize there was a pump before I grabbed the jar and twisted it off! I’m chalking it up as a rookie mistake 🤷‍♀️

  11. I think this is a great box with a very good variety of products/brands for most to enjoy.

    I’ve been on product overload for probably a solid 4 months. I love to get great deals on skincare/haircare products and I love my beauty boxes from Boxwalla (consistently stay with them) and Beauty Heroes (since you have to sign up for 3 months at a time, I wait to make sure the next month is something I’m eager to try before signing up again…they have been killing it since February though) and I pickup up between 4-6 beautyfix boxes every year depending on the items. I subscribe to Sephora because I just want the points and I like at least 2 to 3 items in my boxes (usually).

    I use my leftover Boxwalla boxes to fill them with my product overloads and give to my mother in law, my mom, sister for Mothers Day gifts/Birthday Gifts/Christmas gifts and of course throw in anything they requested. All of them love to receive these boxes from me and I enjoy putting them together. So I give a gift that makes others happy (Score) and I get rid of product overloads that make me feel guilty for not using (Double score) and I don’t feel so bad about purchasing more beauty box deals since its for future gifts (Triple score)

    I also give A LOT of products to my nieces to use so they def. love my addiction

    I Understand why a good amount of people aren’t impressed with this box because if you go back two years or more BeautyFix had A LOT of FULL sized skincare/hair care items in the box and the value was crazy high.

    I’m more into quality than quantity these days and I like the direction BeautyFix is heading (if this continues to be the norm).

    • I agree…quality over quantity. My drawers, cabinets, and closets are bursting with excess products!! I literally filled 12 Glossyboxes with masks, serums, cleansers, scrubs, eye creams, etc. I LOVE skincare!! I’m always looking for “the best” of whatever. I would love a post where everyone lists their “best” serum, cleanser, eye cream… We have certainly tried a lot! I do give away lots of things to my mom, nieces, and my son’s fiancé.

      • Great idea TK! I have very dry skin…Ladies, any serum suggestions?

  12. Excited to try the Tammy Fender! DermStore just had 20% off sale that included most of their skincare products … Don’t know if Tammy Fender was an included brand. BeautyFix is always hit or miss for me in the sense that it’s rare that I don’t like and use at least two or three of the products included. Also on product overload!

  13. I bought last night and already have a tracking number. So excited!!!

  14. I love the It Works and Skyn Iceland items as well as the Organic Pharmacy brand and would like to try the Fender item, so I signed up again. Why? I don’t know because i have several cabinets FULL to bursting of items waiting to be used…..

  15. Just got an email saying mine has shipped.

  16. I mostly resubbed for the Tammy Fender. I really like the brand (which doesn’t go on sale or wind up in boxes very often) and that small sample will be worth more than the cost of the box. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling the Tammy Fender samples will be .85 oz, half of full size, since that is a size they commonly include in kits or as gifts with purchase and I’ve never seen one of their products come in a half ounce jar. Those products in full size cost $95-$130 so for me it’s worth the sign up for that alone. I’ve tried and love the balm and have never tried the other product so either way will be a win for me. Just my two cents. I’m not a fan of Juice Beauty either.

    • I thought about the size thing because the containers look bigger than the 0.5oz Sunday Riley ones, but they say 0.5oz on them, and the BF site says they are 0.5oz. Maybe they are in larger containers, but are 0.5oz?

      • I just got my box and the Sunday Riley is 8ml and Tammy Fender is 15ml (0.5oz).

        • Yes, apparently they said the ad saying it was going to be .5 oz was a mistake, it’s only .3 oz

  17. I considered getting this box and then the Test Tube Beauty Report box came out. I’m happy I was still debating the Beautiful Fix box. The Test Tube box is only $5 more but had about twice the product, about half are full size, and is mostly skin and hair related items. And they are all products I’m excited to to try!

    • *Beauty* Fix

  18. I am shocked that it actually went out of stock. I don’t understand the love this box is getting. It is the worst box I have seen from them in a while. I would rather sleep standing up then spray my pillow with fragrance. I’ve tried the eye gels and they aren’t the best. I can’t tolerate the smell of Juice Beauty products. The other skin care also appears to have fragrance ingredients and the Hum Nutrition is a repeat. I really think they could do better, a lot better. Obviously I am in the minority on this one.

    • I agree! I’m holding off.

    • I’ve reviewed the last 6 months and LOVED all of them, so I was for sure signing up this month…but I’m with you..I don’t know why people are going crazy for this one. Guess Ill wait till next month.

    • I thought I was the only one who disliked this box.

    • I think this is the best box in 12 months. I only get a box with products I really want, and I haven’t gotten a box since last April. Can’t stand receiving hair products, masks that are not sheet, or nonsensical-claims products. This box is solid for me. Irish mud? Whatever.

    • I guess you haven’t tried Tammy Fender? If you had, you probably be buying two or three boxes 💋

    • agreed!

    • I forgot “it’s works” has a smell, i love it because I fall asleep so fast!

    • I can’t even imagine that they went of stock because it sold out.. perhaps they noticed something wrong, or a problem with one of their vendors? It seems as though people are excited over the sunday riley, but I can’t see people buying this box just for a deluxe sample. Otherwise.. I don’t think this box is any better or worse than any other month.

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