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The 2018 Subscription Box Awards Are Here – Vote Now!

2018 Subscription Box Awards

A big thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2018 Subscription Box Awards in February– your response was even better than we expected!

We narrowed the results down to the top 20 nominees in each category, and we’re very pleased to announce that the final voting round is now open. Which boxes will come out on top? It’s totally up to you. 🙂

Cast Your Vote Now!

If the above widget isn’t loading for you, please visit the awards landing page.

Voting will be open through March 21st, and winners will be announced in April. Can’t wait to see the results? You can browse the 2017 best subscription box winners here!

As always, we can’t thank you enough for being a part of the MSA community!

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Comments (30)

  1. Where is Doki Doki crate! I cant believe you included yumetwins and not doki doki crate. It is more affordable and was the original kawaii crate from Japan 🙁

  2. Is there somewhere we can see a list of the nominees? I already voted but as I was scrolling through a few boxes piqued my interest that I’d like to check out but don’t remember all of them!

  3. Seems like lot of categories are missing!! What about voting on stationery subs, outdoors boxes, or Kaiwai (sp)??

    Also I wish there was a way to vote for our top Box (or even better, top 3 boxes!) regardless of category. Those results would be great to see.

    Sad to see that Xoxkit was not on the craft list. That one is the best!

  4. I would have liked a best stationary questions.

  5. Popsugar is actually campaigning for votes! They emailed. Sorry popsugar, but I didn’t vote for you because I have no idea how your new direction go.

    • I got that email, it cracked me up. Made me think of the “For Your Consideration” ads that pop up in magazines and around LA during awards season.

  6. Oh, these were hard to answer! Some categories I wanted to list more than one, and other categories I didn’t have an opinion at all (for example, I don’t have pets or small children).

    I can’t wait to see the results, since I currently don’t subscribe to all these boxes. I wonder if I’ll be picking a new over $50 splurge box!

  7. This category: Best Specialty Beauty Box (Ingredient-Conscious, Organic, Vegan, Haircare, and other special interest beauty boxes) is missing a ton of stuff featured here on MSA.

    I like Terra Bella, GlowingBeetsand Klover Box

  8. Sundae Home is the best home box but it was not on the list.

  9. Where is the Nina Garcia box? The big white bow was a miss for me last time, but it is the box I look forward to the most! And Adidas…will it ever come back??

  10. where is lola beauty box ??

  11. I don’t understand why Emma and Chloe are in so many categories, and Penny and Grace (for example), in only one. Especially since in every way the latter is probably the subscription I’ve been most happy with on a consistent basis, while the first is a complete mess, disrespectful of their customers, and even the quality of their items is questionable!

  12. This was so fun!!

  13. I’m not sure how the new quarterly Popsugar box can even be in the running since we have no idea what it’s going to be like?!

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • I thought that was so weird!

  14. Am I crazy or was Margot Elena not on any lists?! It’s my favorite by far!

  15. I remember when nominations were out I got a few emails from different subs asking me (and assuming other subscribers) to nominate them with a link to MSA’s nomination page (again I’m assuming… I never clicked on the link since I voted through MSA’s email). I wonder if I’ll be getting another wave of emails asking me to vote for them as my favorite box too! 😀

  16. I humbly object to Robb Vices being listed as only a Men’s sub. Or maybe I object to distinguishing male/female boxes at all…..

  17. What fun! And the results will be useful for narrowing down different boxes to try

  18. It would have been nice to see Bookish Box as an option for the book box categories.

  19. It would have been nice if LitJoy had been included in any of the book box options. Ditto the Target Book Club. I feel like the lack of inclusion of specific boxes lends to bias on the part of the poll creator, skewing the results.

    • Sorry, those should have been on the list, but for some reason didn’t copy over. The list has been updated. Thanks for catching that!

  20. I definitely left more than half unanswered because a lot I don’t know about. But fun poll, I liked it! 🙂

  21. Thank you for doing this! It will be interesting to see if some maintain their spots from last year, like Play. Still sad about Avenue A, they did well last year.

    • I get downright angry about Avenue A. All the people that complained…so cancel your sub! Not fair to those of us who loved. Even my worst box still made me happy!

      Adidas did accomplish one thing though…I have purchased many more Adidas products and the girls on my VB team know I ALWAYS wear Adidas! 🙂

      • Yeah, I remember the a lot of the negative comments were not constructive criticism, which would have been fine, but were more entitled. I loved all the shoes we received and the outfits I don’t feel comfortable wearing in public, I work out in at home. Loved the hoodies too (even the Banned From Normal – always get compliments on it). Plus, the fact that they told us to keep/share items that were too big/small while sending replacements was amazing.

      • One of my favorite subs and I get compliments on my hoodies all the time! Friends still ask if they are back so they can subscribe. Hope they come back!

      • I met a rep who worked with them in corporate sales marketing and she indicated it was hard to keep up with the number of people trying to scam the system in an afford to keep allegedly defective items, while seeing a lot of their product end up on eBay, returned to stores, etc. I asked why they couldn’t just tighten the ropes in terms of returns and such but she has said it was too hard with blogs and social posts giving people a sense that others were able to be afforded a return or exchange, while others may not be. I got the feeling it was a situation if too many people bandwagoning to game the system, but she didn’t want to say it.
        Whatever the case, it sucks that greed ruined something so many honest folks truly did enjoy.

      • People always have to ruin it for the rest of us. If Avenue A comes back, I would be fine with them requiring us to ship items back before they sent us replacements. Nordstrom already changed their amazing return policy because of abuse. It’s still one of the best, but I wonder how long it will last before they get tired of people taking adavantage.

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