Pusheen Box Spring 2018 Spoiler!

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We have our first spoiler for the the Spring 2018 Pusheen Box!

Each Spring box will include:

Pusheen Box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US and ships mid-April

Check out Pusheen Box reviews to see what you can expect from the cutest subscription box ever!

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  1. Omg I want this box so bad also the blanket. I LOVE PUSHEEN!!!!!_🐱🐈💓😍

  2. I don’t know why so many people are being mean about this blanket. I think it is really cute. 😻😎😍😍😻❤️❤️

    • Katharine – I think it is really cute too! My son wants one and so do I!

    • True!

    • Omg yes girl😍😍😍🐈🐱

  3. The blanket texture does not look like a high quality item. I am waiting for the next sneak peak before I cancel this box. Sorry Pusheen box, I was expecting better.

    • Looks more like a towel to me but other then that I love this but could I please have another sneak peek 🙏🏻

  4. It’s completely true that shipping on these boxes tends to run months late! Therefore, you’ll receive Halloween items after Halloween, Christmas items after Christmas, and I’m just now going to give my child the Easter Pusheen Bunny that arrived AFTER Easter last year. However, kids do love the items that arrive in this box and for the price, I think it’s worth it… if you can hang in there for the long haul. I literally save the items in these boxes for several months . That way, I can time the gifts more seasonally. Everything Pusheen is really expensive online and since so many of the products sent out are exclusive to the box, I’m willing to put up with the delayed shipping. Also, overall I feel that the quality of the products is pretty good. Not going to name names here, but I’d rather wait on a box that have one sent out with items that don’t work/are the result of shoddy production. This box reminds me of Oui Please, another box I don’t mind waiting on – as long as the quality is there in the end. Definitely both boxes you have to adjust your expectations on, however :).

  5. This blanket is a bit boring compared to the pusheen blankets bought from primark. Probably might pass on this box :/

    • Primark has Pusheen blankets?! Do you know if they still have them? I need to take my 11 year-old there immediately!

      • Yes! They are called blankets or throws on ebay 🙂 There are two patterns mermaid pusheen and pink! (i boguht both). I know some primarks sells the mermaid version now – i dont know if they still sell the pink one – but ebay does i think. The blankets are soooooooo soft and super cheap if you can find them in your local primark.

  6. Somenbody just commented on Pusheen Box facebook page that the blanket will be 50×56. I guess we will wait and see. I’m still waiting on full spoilers because I’m not paying for party banners/balloons which were in last year’s box.

    • Still waiting on more spoilers………The way this box is run is REALLY disappointing. The Nick box, which I think is also CultureFly, already has 2 spoilers.

  7. This throw blanket is a regular size one at 50×65 inches! or so I’ve been told but can’t reveal my sources…

  8. I subscribe for my 11-year-old and she is going to love this!! I love the balloons! Pusheen is the best!

  9. Be careful when you subscribe. I have subscribed to pusheenbox since 2016, and still received every single box LATE after the holidays.

    ie. “Spring box from 2017” with easter decor arrived AFTER easter.
    Summer box in 2017, arrive end of August.
    Fall box in 2017, arrived beginning of November.
    Winter box in 2017, arrived January 9. 2018!! Many people did not even GET their Winter boxes because they deleted some subscriptions.

    Their customer service is horrible and completely inept. There is no accountability at all with this company if they keep delivering these boxes late.

    Just a warning.

    Yes, Pusheen is the cutest ever, but Culturefly, is a poorly run business, and sadly, after several years, still cannot get their business model right and deliver on their promises.

    • This box won’t be on time for Easter (April 1st)

      • I just got tracking for mine today, I guess we’ll see.


          • Meanwhile my tracking is still in transit and has yet to leave the facility -_-. That is annoying

  10. It was posted that the size was only 2 ft x 3 ft. Can this be confirmed?

    • The throw blanket is actually a normal size, 50×65 inches, or so I’ve been told… can’t reveal my sources….

  11. I saw this and immediately got the box. I was waiting to see how it was before ordering. I have had the seasonal and this will be my third box.

    I was literally waiting for surgery when I saw this and jumped on my phone to re-sub. The fact that I was cold and miserable when I saw this had nothing to do with it LOL. Psychologically it’s good pitch when it’s icy and snowing out.
    They caught me at a weak moment.

  12. Super cute! Just as a heads up, someone on the forum emailed Pusheen Box to ask about the size of the blanket, and they responded that it was “about 2 ft by 3 ft.” So if that’s correct, it seems more pet or kid sized…but still so cute!

  13. Just resubbed. The blanket is adorable! I’ll use it to cover the couch so it will be a cat couch blanket =v=


    That is all.

  15. I wish I could split this box with someone. My favorite things that I need to have are the vinyl figure and maybe one or two other items.

    • Would love to split. I’d love to have this throw, and I don’t collect the vinyl figures. 🙂

  16. Love this. I’m going to have to get a second box b/c my kids always what to steal my Pusheen stuff. I love that they keep the pale green color from season to season so everything is coordinating. I’ve been waiting for a blanket.

  17. Cute! And yay for the throw. They sent out a survey asking what we’d like to see in the box, and a throw/blanket was my first choice, so I’m happy to get this.

  18. Love, love, love. I just can’t quit you, Pusheen Box.

  19. Daughter is getting this box she’s going to be so happy!

  20. Ugh!! I caved. It’s mine!

  21. I’ve been thinking about cancelling either this one or my Sanrio one, but I MUST HAVE THAT BLANKET!

  22. THIS….IS…..ADORABLE…….

    Now if they’d just release ALL the spoilers.

  23. I subscribe for my child, he will love this!

  24. Oh. NO. Cancelled ’cause I can’t afford it anymore. Now have to re-sub. *** sigh ***

  25. Any idea what the dimensions of the throw are?? I seriously don’t want another lap blanket!

    • Would love to know this as well!

    • Wrote to them, they say about 2 feet by 3 feet.

      • That’s really small. Baby blanket maybe… lol I think to use the term through there should be standards for the size, actually I thought there was.

        • Yeah that seems really small, i was going to sub but that changed my mind!

      • The photo looks like it would be longer than baby blanket size…..

        • Maybe the lady was misinformed?

          • Well I’ve subbed to this box now, only because on the Facebook page they’re saying it’s 53 x 40.. Hope that’s right.

  26. Yay! We finally get a blanket!

  27. I’d love a Pusheen throw but I’m not loving this design.

  28. Arghhhh! So cute. Such temptation. If I buy it though I’ll need to buy 2 because my kids will each want one!

    • I was thinking the same! I have 3! Eeek.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I wanted to cancel this box but I just can’t.

  30. That is just adorable. Great first spoiler.

  31. I WANT THIS SUB!!!! I may cave. I am so pathetic. 🙂

    • No Redhed36, not pathetic just a soft heart! I feel the same way. I just spent all my money in FabFitFun and now want this too!!

      • FFF got me too. They got me for an annual sub and over $100 in add-ons.

        • I’m in the same boat! I signed up for annual in January and $165 in add ons! Thankfully I had $20 in credits so it wasn’t $185!! And my box shipped yesterday, phew.

  32. That blanket is super cute!! Now I may have to get this box!
    Liz & MSA-do you know how quickly they sell out?

    • I’d say it varies. Typically the box will be sold out before we get full spoilers, though. Hope that helps a bit!

      • It does, thanks Liz. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it next Friday when I’ll be a little bit more financially stable!!
        Can you take down the spoiler so others don’t see it, LOL!!

  33. As always, Pusheen is a beacon of pure joy. And the box continues to include items that are both adorable and useful!

  34. I *need* this box!!!;) the blanket is really cute😍

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