New QVC TILI Beauty Box Available Now! Plus $5 Coupon!

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There’s a new Try It Love It (TILI) Beauty Box from QVC available now!

The Box: QVC TILI Box

The Cost: $20 + $3 shipping

COUPON: New customers can use coupon code FIVE4U to save $5!

The Products:

  • 4-oz Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection + Heat Protectant Creme
  • 0.03-oz BrowGal Eyebrow Pencil
  • Three Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels
  • 1-oz First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
  • 0.237-fl oz IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream
  • 0.14-fl oz Julep Boost Your Radiance Facial Oil
  • 1.69-fl oz Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan Mousse

What do you think of the QVC TILI Box?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with this box or QVC in general? I have yet to receive any emails confirming my order, even though I got an order number on the screen (i.e. they took my money then went silent).

    • I shop at QVC very often (maybe too often) and they always send a confirmation email when you order and again when it’s shipped with tracking. They are a great company. Maybe it’s in your spam folder? Are you sure you spelled your email address correctly? (I spelled mine wrong once for a different website and wondered why I never received emails for my orders from them..)

      • Me too! Waaaaay too often (like 3 boxes came yesterday by UPS and still have one more in transit!). But I agree-I’d make sure everything was entered correctly. I immediately receive an email (and text) when I place an order, when it’s shipped, etc. but I think maybe you might have to sign up to receive emails from them. If you already did that (on their home page I think at the bottom) and still didn’t receive an email, I’d wonder if you have an account set up with them or if you just ordered as a guest? You could also chat, email or call them. I believe they have the best customer service of about anywhere! They have always handled any issues I may have had in the past. Very helpful!

        • I set up an account before purchasing, and was able to log in just now and see my order and an estimated arrival date. That’s great, but it really doesn’t sit right that they haven’t said one peep about the order or shipment. 🙁 Glad you ladies have had good experiences – it makes me feel a little better that maybe the email slipped through the cracks.

          • I’m sure puzzled then as to why you didn’t receive an email confirmation of your order. Double check your account settings for notifications and also be sure you have signed up to receive emails from them too. I still wonder if you chat with csr or email them if they can maybe quickly answer your question and be sure it doesn’t happen to you again? Good luck! Did you sign up for TILI box on auto delivery or as a one time shipment?

          • The email is an automated thing. I agree with the other poster that if it’s not in hour spam you should reach out to customer service they are very responsive and can figure it out for you.

        • Pam, I just did 1x delivery because I don’t want to risk it next time being items I don’t care for. However, now that I’ve visited QVC, my phone keeps putting them in ads, and now I have a Clairsonic on it’s way to me, too. 🤦

          • That clarisonic deal they have right now is great! I would get one too if I didn’t have one already.

          • I went ahead and put the boxes on auto delivery bc I ordered it during 4 easy pays. That way each box can be on easy pay too. But you can cancel anytime or even just skip a shipment if you want to. But I don’t think there’s much of a risk at this point in time of them selling out the first day or two they come out (like popsugar lol)! Welcome to my qvc world!😂😂. That’s exactly what I do too. Get on the website (actually I have the app downloaded on my phone) to order just one thing and wind up ordering 2-3 items!🤪

  2. Ooh! Thank you for the heads up, Liz! I’m definitely getting this box. The Briogeo creme alone is worth $24! 😊

    • That’s the reason I got it.

  3. Liz, you are so on top of all things subscription box. I watched yourMay 2017 presentation on Youtube about MSA Insiders and was so impressed with your management and presentation. Is there a link to apply for a job??!!! You rock lady! Who need requests for password resets with a world of sub boxes out here !!! I’m thinking and hoping they selll out before I get home to bank and credit cards. Where is my willpower? I’m going to be at super status (six) if I don’t pull in reins!!

  4. I bit. The $5 off isn’t much but it’s enough to cover the shipping that I’d normally hate to pay. That Briogeo doesn’t go on sale much if at all, from what I’ve seen, and I’ll be bummed when I run out of what I have. I’m happy to try another BrowGal item, IT Cosmetics for the first time, and a cleanser that hopefully won’t dry me out as bad as my current one.

    • I’ve never tried the self tanner that’s in the box. So I guess you like it then? What I’ve used in the past either would streak really bad or cause my knees and elbows to look kinda orange. Does this brand do anything like that or does it work well?

      • I’ve not used the tanner before. I was happy with the St. Tropez one (it was recommended by someone at Ulta, and then we found it at TJ Maxx for WAY cheaper). It’s a little smelly, but not nearly as bad as some I’ve used, and it goes on kind of greenish, so it’s easy to see any spots you missed. I think the big things that helped me are exfoliating well ahead of using it, and getting a mitt on Amazon. I think this one would be worth a shot!

        • Yes. I think I’ll get a mitt to apply it with for sure. If for no other reason-to save the palms of my hands!

        • I’ve used the tanner before through Birchbox I think. it was either that or Ipsy. In either case I really liked it. Didn’t stain my hands badly and faded really evenly.

          • Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to trying it it! I’m always so pale. Very fair complexion so I don’t tan very well. But trust me, my skin definitely sunburns well!! Ouch…

    • Sorry. Just realized you were talking about the hair product. Now that I’ve received my box and looking at the products. But. I’ve never used the hair product either. It smells great!

      • And I really recommend going easy on the hair product – a little goes a long way! It is really great and not too heavy.

        • I’m gonna try it this weekend. I’ve learned (the hard way!) to NOT try anything new during the week when getting ready to go to work!😂

        • Just an update: I tried the hair product this weekend and loved it!! Thnx again for the heads up on not using a lot though bc I’ve got a tendency to use way to much of everything! I really liked everything in this box! Can’t use the brow pencil bc mo matter how lightly I tried to apply it-it’s just too dark. But I have a family member that will love it!

  5. Do the QVC TILI boxes ever go on sale? Whenever Ive checked, it seems like they just keep selling them at the same price until they are out of stock.

    • I don’t think they sell them for less than $20. I’ve seen “as is” boxes for a lesser ant but I’m “assuming “ they are damaged or returns or whatever. I don’t want no part of that! Lol. I do know quite often QVC will have free shipping or 2-4 or more easy pays on everything! So the box amount would still be the same but you won’t have to pay it in full if you didn’t want to.

    • Not that I’ve seen. But-quite often they put everything on easy Pay. And they sometimes have free shipping. But if you signed up for the TILI Box when it’s on easy Pay-then EVERY box would still be on easy Pay until the shipment cycles are complete. I think the description for this one is a total of 5 shipments.

      • Thank you for the explanation. Admittedly, I dont look at the TILI boxes often, so I wasn’t sure what I had missed.

        • You’re very welcome. And sorry. Didn’t mean to reply twice. Unfortunately, I look at everything too much! I could start a website myself called my QVC addiction!😂

      • This box is on Easy Pay right now, if that helps anyone. $3.33 per month.

        • I just looked at my email and saw that!! That’s great!
          4+ Easy Pays on EVERYTHING (hurry, this won’t last!)
          I just got my box today!! I think I’ll love everything except the brow pencil-and that’s a shame bc I was really wanting to love it. But it’s too dark. Color is shown as medium brown. But it’s pretty dark. Even when I lightly apply it☹️

      • I think you mean autoship…easy pay doesn’t lock you into additional items, just splits up the one item into multiple payments. I’m a QVC frequent shopper, have their credit card, etc

        • I was assuming the TILI box was ordered on auto delivery. What I was explaining was based on that assumption (regarding the easy Pay). Sorry you misunderstood
          I also am a QVC “frequent flyer “! Lol

  6. So glad to see you’ve already shared this with your readers!!! I just checked and my box should be delivered by tomorrow! I’m excited for sure! I look forward to your review! Thanks again!!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I am excited to review this 🙂

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