Ipsy April 2018 Spoilers + Glam Bag Sneak Peek!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the April 2018 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for April!

For a limited time only, Ipsy is removing the waitlist to sign up for the Glam Bag!

Here are some of the items being sampled, and a sneak peek at the glam bag:

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

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  1. I want that Smashbox liquid lipstick more than I’ve wanted anythiny other spoiler, ever. That color is stunning.

  2. New Ipsy point rewards up.

    • Thanks!

  3. I think the top picture is for May. Because I asked about foundation and they said they aren’t having one for April, but they will for May.

    • I got the same answer I emailed to ask !

  4. Ok everyone I have figured out ho to get th survey via the app. Go to th app then to my account click billing then there is a grey area that says manage membership then go to imp one glam bag. I see you you can also change your membership to bi monthly but it looks like they still charge you 6$ even for the month you do not receive the ipsy so none the less a glam bag every other month is 12 $ . Hopes this helps everyone who wants the survey!

    • Improve not imp one wow seriously lol

      • I found the survey link!
        Go to: Account link at bottom of page. Then, choose Edit Account Settings.
        Next, you should see the page that says “Hello!” and has the words “Profile Membership Billing” below the avatar pic.
        Choose Membership, then choose Manage Membership.
        From this point, it has links to pause glambag, adjust frequency, or IMPROVE GLAMBAG PRODUCTS! It has a multi-choice question asking for biggest problem, such as receiving same products over and over, not receiving preferred colors, etc. Then, it shows a series of 30 items that will be available for the glambags over the next three months, and simply asks if each product is not for you or if you love it. The survey says they will attempt to put some of the products in future glambags, but no guarantees. So, fingers crossed! I hope this helps!!

        • That was very helpful, thanks! I was FINALLY able to take the survey!

        • does it work if you pay annually. if I cancel I’ve already paid them thru next January. this is my second year in a row receiving the ipsy glambag. and I don’t have access to the survey.

    • Not everyone has manage membership. There is no membership tab anywhere on my page. We see subscription instead. I can update beauty profile that’s it. I also cannot manage how often I get bags. If I want to skip a month I hit cancel subscription and it asks if I would like to skip a month instead. I wish I had survey option it is really not fair that not everyone has it by now considering they rolled it out months ago.

      • I did not have it till I went to unsub then I suddenly had the survey plus other options sorry forgot to post that part got ahead of myself 😊

      • I feel you, Lisa. I paid for a full year and mine says subscription, not membership. I am going on my 6th bag next month. I tried contacting Ipsy on this matter and I have yet to see my response. I shall let you know when I learn the answer if you like?

        • People have already emailed and were told it is random. I thought maybe it is for new members but my daughter just signed up for free glam bag and downloaded the app she does not have survey either .

  5. I love the bag and the brush!

  6. The bag is a little girly for me so thinking I may gift this as a birthday gift to my friends daughter. Hoping to get the foundation and mask. Also hoping for non of the lip products I won’t use any of them. March was my first bag and so far I’d use everything in the bag. Hoping I’m in love with all my bags.

  7. The brush is by moda/royal and langnickel. It’s either the m18 or m19

    • How do you know?

        • It’s the same handle I got in the Ipsy bag last month (although mine was purple-blue, it had the same grip). Definitely moda/royal brand.

    • I think it’s the glamour doll rose gold eye shadow brush

  8. The bag looks pretty! I hope I get the mask or foundation.

  9. Butterflies! I’m liking the bags this year a lot.

  10. This looks like it will be the BEST ipsy bag I’ve ever gotten! I’m very excited! The bag is absolutely perfect for me and almost all of the samples would be great to receive.

  11. Oooh I love the bag and pretty much every product possibility so far… definitely excited about the April bag now. I also loved loved loved the March bag.. even if I don’t personally color it in, I think it’s a fun little thing. I will likely give mine to my niece and let her personalize it. At this point, who needs another tiny bag? So the fact they made them more versatile, is a huge plus for me. I loved my March bag.. and love this April bag… I can’t see me leaving Ipsy anytime soon. Super happy 🙂

  12. okay, I was going to skip but it’s butterflies and I LOVE butterflies!!

    • Ha I thought exactly the same thing! I was going to cancel because I never get the “adventurous” makeup I asked for, it’s always neutrals, but that bag!!! I LOVE butterflies.

  13. Cute bag!

  14. I love the bag and the make up except foundation. I refuse to buy expensive make up. Ten dollars is most I will spend on foundation or any make up actually (except eye shadow pallete I will go up to $20) so a little sample won’t do me a lot of good as even if I love it I am guessing that brand is not $10 lol.

    • Naw, Marc Jacobs is pretty expensive. That said, if a swatch works nicely, save it for special occasions, or look for comparable formulae. Something that size would likely have at least a full week worth of medium-heavy usage.

  15. Signed up on the 11th for a bag for my daughter, and was still waitlisted. Should I cancel and do it again to remove the waitlist status, or just wait? When I signed up at the end of Feb for my bag I went on the waitlist too, but it was removed in time for me to get the march bag. I keep hearing about people being on it for months though.

    • Share on social media like facebook and they will remove you from the waitlist.

    • I emailed Ipsy care and explained the sub was for my daughter’s bday and if I would have known there was a waitlist I would have subbed earlier to get it in time. They removed the waitlist. I have had great customer service. And my daughter loves getting Ipsy each month. (So do I!)

  16. I like the bag, but Ipsy hasn’t been doing me any favors on colors lately.

    Supposedly my bag will show up tomorrow, but DHL is unreliable when it comes to delivery dates.

  17. Super cute bag!

  18. I think the bag is lovely, but that isn’t enough for my $10. It has been my intention to cancel, but I don’t know how. I can’t find a link. Do I need to email CS? I am loath to let ipsy go because I love the few items I have kept. 80+% of the items I receive I would never use. I give them all negative ratings but continue to receive similar stuff. I don’t think ipsy pays attention to the reviews. I get discouraged when I look at all of the items offered to subscribers in a given month and see a bunch of stuff I would have truly enjoyed.

    Literally, I can count on receiving these items each month:
    skincare (I make my own and don’t use commercially made skincare)
    a lip treatment (see above)
    desert-colored eyeshadow (ipsy must want me to look monochromatic)
    nude lippie (and not just nude ranges, but the same color repeatedly… and I don’t wear nude)

    I am not one of the few who has access to their bag survey. I have changed my profile completely two times. Does anyone have any suggestions? I received my March bag today. Utter disappointment. All of the items will be rehomed.

    • Hey there. To cancel your membership click through the following path:
      Account > Membership > Manage Membership > Help me cancel my membership.

      I think they send you a link that you then have to click to cancel.

      Sorry to hear that you’re not happy with them. 🙁

      • That was a very nice thing to do, Jenn! : )

      • Or if like me you don’t have manage membership which I am guessing you don’t because you dont have survey. Go under subscription and you should see cancel subscription. But I have managed to avoid skin by making sure I don’t have any skin care brands checked like Estee Lauder etc. I don’t have any skin concerns checked and said my age is 25 ( I am 44) I am giving Glossier a low rating even though lip gloss is OK Glossier is mainly a skin care brand. Also you can email and opt out of 2 categories . I opted out of exfoliators and moisturizers. In the yr I have been a member I have got skin care once.

        • They told me for feb that we can now opt out of 4!!

    • Same with me…..im giving them 2 months and if it don’t get better, I’m out. I’ve did the same as you and have been with ipsy for 4 years now, and changed profile, i dont have acess to survey either. Something happened a year and half ago and it went downhill. Not sure what or why it changed when it had been awesome for me for years.

      One of my final straw was getting the meteor scrub. It not only left scabs on my neck, arms, body, stained my skin, but also ruined my shower curtain and my bathtub, where it turned to tar and after finally getting the stain and globs off, it ATE away layers of my bathtub, so now I have to pay someone to come resurface it. Ipsy didn’t really seem to care. I’ve never had an issue like that in my life, and believe me, I have tried some crazy things and beauty whatnot recipies over my many years, but this was an experience I will NEVER forget.

      • I emailed customer service about the scrub and said it was unfair for them to send me an unusable product. They said they were sending a bonus product to make up for it, but I haven’t gotten anything :/

    • I feel the same way. I’ll be skipping or canceling. I’ve been subscribed since 2015 and this last year has been a miss on most of my bags. I changed my profile and as many of you; gave bad reviews on items that Ipsy keeps repeating (gold/bronze eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, eye brushes and mud masks)😡
      I sincerely don’t know how to work around that anymore. I asked for mostly skincare and hair items and usually get a combination of makeup and skincare. (Ispy will ALWAYS send you a lip item) I barely receive fragrance, nail polish or tools even I rated those high.
      I don’t feel I’m getting value anymore. They took off the survey and spoiler for next month (I wanted to skip March and no spoilers)
      Ipsy’s update on platform are horrible.

      • Yes….i just don’t know what’s going on….the same SHADE of eyeshadow (brown everytime even with other options) I’m 38 and changed my age to 27,might go even younger. I don’t want to cancel because their customer service is usually the best there is in sub box world…but I am donating (I don’t have any family , so I can’t pass stuff along unfourtnely) but I just don’t understand what’s going on there. I’ve emailed and I am okay with a bad month here and there and such but it is bad month after month. I just unchecked brands, I had like 9 or 10 checked and will try that.

        There is YouTube experiments and people are getting 3 bags with 3 different profiles and comparing for 6 months what they got…so far, it seems ipsy does not follow any profile and they even have 2 or more items in each bag when the profiles and everything are comepelety different….so it kinda makes me wonder if they don’t really pay attention like they used to, or their program stopped updating last year or something strange.

      • I just joined because of all the great reviews. Hoping I get good bags based on my Profile. I hate lipstick and don’t wear there them. But I’m ok with lip balm or lip scrub. And I had birch box in past and was disappointed in most my boxes so I was hoping to have better luck with ipsy. Hoping they send me masks or sheet masks every time as those are my favorite. I also love mascara (only received 2 in birchbox) was subbed for a year. So they can send me as many as they want. And I’m ok with brown or bronze eyeshadow because that’s all I wear. Crossing my fingers I have good luck because I subbed for the year. 😮

        • I hated birchbox and love ipsy! I think if you like more makeup and a few larger samples, ipsy wins.

        • That’s funny because I’ve only had birchbox 3 months and have received 3 Black mascara’s already…I guess it’s because i don’t want them lol.

    • I still have yet to receive my feb glam bag!! It got lost before it got to the border!! My replacement just finally get to the border! They have yet to send me a tracking number for my second replacement w bonus for trouble. Wonder which will come first.. the feb replacement #2 or march?!

    • I cancelled my Ipsy this month. Last month was it for me, the products inside were not worth $10 to me at all. I would never choose those items and willingly pay $10 for them at all. I have not subbed to Boxycharm for $21 a month. The products are well worth the addictional $11. I’ve grown tired of hoping I received at least one or a few of the nicer products Ipsy offers monthly. I usually end up with more junk than things I’ll use.

  19. In love w that bag!!
    And the Marc Jacobs foundation is fantastic! I got a deluxe sample and Im almost out.
    I AM buying the full size. It is worth every penny!
    Spoilers look great for April!

  20. Ugh, I was totally going to cancel after March’s dismal bag, but this is too tempting. I love the bag!

  21. Ooh, that bag is so pretty!

  22. The bag is so pretty!!

    Some of the spoilers look good, too. I wouldn’t mind the foundation, Ouai finishing cream, SAHI eyeshadow, Smashbox Cosmetics Always On Liquid Lipstick in Miss Conduct, or
    Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream. Any of the masks would be fine, too, but I am really on overload for those right now. 🙂

  23. I like the spoiled products so far, maybe have to resub?? But I’ll probably never get what I want out of the spoiler pics lol. What to do…what to do??

    • I’ve learned they send the best bags to new subscribers. (For that first month) I suggest finding an ipsy group and seeing if anyone has a free bag to give away. I’m in the process of building my mom the ultimate basket for Mother’s day and two of the ipsys for her were better than I’ve gotten in four years lol.

  24. So excited. The bag looks lovely for spring and I am not the biggest butterfly person either. I really hope I get a brush and a nice lip product this month. The foundation would be a bonus since I never splurge for that brand.

  25. Beautiful bag!! Can’t wait to get it! 😃😍😍😍😍

  26. I LOVE the butterflies bag! 🙂 Ipsy should definitely do more animal/wildlife themed bags!

    • Wow, good eye!

  27. The bag is so beautiful for April!!

  28. I reactivated for the bag. 🙂

  29. I really like the bag!
    I also really really still hope I get that Mudmasky product, as I was super disappointed with my bag for March. I told them in an email that I preferred skincare products so I hope they take that to heart and really listen.

  30. Pretty bag – I may reactivate! (Maybe they felt in the wallet that we didn’t feel the last few bags).

  31. Just when I thought of cancelling – I see this bag! Guess I am staying another month.

  32. I love the butterfly bag! Hope I get the Marc Jacobs foundation.

  33. I’m impressed that Marc Jacobs will be among the bags – but why did it have to be a foundation??? Shade matching is profoundly unlikely and if it doesn’t, it’s useless!

    • I have found that if the skin undertones match, at least, then too-light foundation can double as a concealer and too-dark can double for a contour (or be saved for summer tans.)

  34. I think I’m going to try this sub just because of the bag! Thanks Liz!!

  35. I love the bag, the brush kinda looks like a Tarte brush to me but I could be wrong…the spoilers aren’t so great to me but I hope I get a good mask and the retinal cream would be great as well 😊 fingers crossed 🤞

  36. The bag is cute, but I’m not feeling any of the spoilers honestly. I might skip.

  37. Love the bag!!!!

  38. I was going to cancel, but I guess I’ll do 1 more month for the bag anyways. I updated my preferences to no more eyeliners, after seeing that tiny Tarte eyeliner in the unboxing videos on Youtube…………

  39. The brush handle on the gold looks like the pattern on the Moda brushes, so that’s my guess

  40. Love the bag! spoilers are a bit meh.

  41. Pretty bag! Glad I reactivated my second subscription for April!

  42. Pretty bag! I’ll actually keep it instead of gifting it lke I do most bags. I had that Starlooks liner; it was just ok, and I used the stamp only a couple times on my wrist.

  43. Perfect bag for Spring. I love it!

  44. I love the bag!!! Yes, the brush is “Glamour Dolls Romantic Rose Blending Brush”. I had emailed CS about a problem and they gave me options for next month to pick. The brush was one of the options!

    • whoops, I didn’t even notice that gold brush in the top pic. Looks like you have the other brush info!

  45. The bag is adorable!!! So excited!

    Seeing my spoilers for this month, I was underwhelmed at first, but I am actually pretty happy with this month. Last month my whole bag was excellent, so overall this is my favorite subscription!! 🙂

  46. Butterflies! Love it!!!

  47. So cute!

  48. Oh my gosh, I hope I get the Marc Jacobs foundation 😍

  49. I love the bag!

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