Define & Shine Target Beauty Box – Available Now!

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There’s a bonus March Target Beauty Box! (Thanks, Marie, for the heads up!)

The Box: March Define & Shine Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

(FYI – shipping is free if you get it delivered to the store.)

The Products:

  • Jane Carter Curls To Go Un-Tangle Me- 2oz.
  • Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel- 2oz.
  • Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter- 2 oz.
  • TGIN Honey Hair Mask- 2oz.
  • Mielle Organic Detangling Co-Wash- 1oz.
  • Mielle Organix Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner- 1oz.
  • Jane Carter Coupon -$1 off one Jane Carter Hair Care item.
  • Mielle Organics Coupon – $2 off one Mielle Organics Hair Care item.

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have the entire box up for swap if anyone’s interested. I will swap just about anything.

  2. Just picked up my order from a Target store. Every single cap sans one was barely screwed on so all of them except that one leaked in the box. It was a mess. On the plus side, it smelled heavenly. I didn’t actually lose much product but I can’t figure out why all the lids are barely on there.

  3. How do I put the whole box on swap? I can’t find the pics of it on the swap site.

  4. Yaaay!!! Got one!! Not sure if they restocked or what, but I’m glad i get to try these…happy thoughts some work well!!!

  5. I spoke with customer service. They refunded the $5.99 shipping cost but said that this is not the monthly box that has free shipping. It is a bonus box that’s not supposed to be eligible for free shipping.

  6. I’m not sure why it’s showing up as sold out for some people (or if they restocked recently), but I was just able to order one shipped to store. Worth giving the website another try for anyone who really wanted this box!

    • Oh, they restocked. Interesting!

    • You’re right! It looks like they are back in stock!

    • Thanks! I was able to get one after missing out on Sunday. The website was acting all weird when I tried to order (tried to charge me shipping, then it tried to ship to a store that’s super far from me), but I just started over by removing it from my cart, then adding it back in, then everything worked okay. Whew!

      • Good thing, I checked this site. I was able to order one shipped to store (after a lot of messing around with the site- why would charge for shipping?). Hopefully it will be here by next week!

  7. I ordered 3 boxes (one each for my daughter, my son’s gf, and myself) before I even read what they contained. Though my hair tends to be frizzy, my daughters hair and the sons gf both have smooth straight hair. I tried to cancel the order but it was too late. I can’t decide if I should refuse order when they arrive or give the products a try for myself but I definitely don’t want 3. And I paid shipping 🤨

    • Did you look at the screen at all when ordering?.. Not sure how it was possible to miss.

      There are a lot of people on here who wanted that box, maybe someone will buy the extra boxes off you.

      • Yes I did look at the screen, but only to the point that I seen that it was hair products, and none I had ever heard of. But the boxes aren’t going to waste, I’m sure once returned to the store or put back in stock they will be available for purchase.

  8. They are all sold out. Says available in stores?? Does anyone know if this is true.

    • What a total surprise! I called both my local Target stores in Annapolis and Glen Burnie and gave the UPC code and they have these beauty boxes in their inventory. I will try to get a few today.

      • I didn’t even think to call but I’m in that same area. After they were listed as sold out but in stock I messaged them on the app, I didn’t get a response but when they showed back up on the website I was able to pick mine up in store today. They’re also supposedly available in the Bowie area as well.

  9. No… they are all sold out. I don’t think I’ve seen one sell out so fast. Didn’t see it last night, came in to work and they are GONE! Says available in stores, is that true?

    • I’ve never seen one in stores in Missouri.

  10. So pissed, They finally have a box with products made for kinky hair and I can’t purchase because it’s sold out already. That really sucks 🙁 I have to pass on pretty much all hair related boxes because they have products not meant for my type of hair. I tried and loved mielle organics already, really want to try camille rose natural for a few years now without purchasing full size. I wonder if they have a sample box on there own site.

    • I feel so bad for you, and this was the same feeling I had when I finally saw a box of products I could use. But another poster above (Sharon) was able to call her local target, gave them the UPC code, and was able to try and obtain one that way.

      It doesn’t hurt to give it a try, especially since this time they are shipping to store. Maybe some stores ,like Sharon’s, have them on hand.

      • Hey guys, thanks for your help! I actually checked the website again yesterday and today because it said temporarily out of stock, I thought it was an error but luckily it wasn’t, i checked today and they were in stock 😊 I purchased two boxes since 2 oz samples isn’t enough for my hair lol. Can’t wait!

    • Not sure if you will get follow up messages (I don’t for some reason here) but the box is restocked now. I’m excited because I’m native American and my hair breaks off at the ends super easy and is dry at the ends, or oily by my scalp. I dislike getting hair products in sub boxes, but ones like this once in a while is nice.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I ordered two can’t wait til I get it!

  11. …i’m feelin’ like this is personal, & there’s a story about an embittered employee back up in there, somewhere…mmm?

    • What do you mean?

    • Calling out the store because they routinely have expired products is not personal, it’s just calling out bad business and lack of consumer safety. Calling out the employees aren’t actually useful or help is not personal, it’s calling out bad customer service. Calling out the company because they treat their employees like poop, yeah maybe a little bit personal.

      But, I see MSA has deleted my first comment. I thought the point of this site was to share reviews/experience with products/companies etc but I guess not. so I won’t be visiting this site again.

      • The people you call in customer service are call center reps, so of course they aren’t subject matter experts, all they know is whatever scripts they were provided. I am not saying that’s a good thing, but that’s how it is with all big companies. Not sure what would be the point of getting all worked up about that, it’s just reality.

        And routinely expired products has not been my personal experience with Target – you’d be much more likely to encounter that in some mom-and-pop store.

        • I’m not sure why you’re referring to customer service call centers. I’ve never called into one, if I’ve had a concern with Target, I’ve gone directly into a store and talked to management. They’re useless.

          If you’ve never come across expired product in your store, you’re very lucky. Happens very often in mine.

      • Isn’t this the comment you left way down about 75 comments that ends with


        • Thank you Anna. When I loaded the thread this morning, my comment was not shown nor was there a “older comments” hyperlink. My apologies to Liz and the MSA team.

        • yes, that’s the comment i was answering to…and it DID sound “personal”!

          • As I said in your other comment, mentioning that a store has products that can be dangerous to the consumer because they are out of date is not personal, it’s being a decent human being. Mentioning that a store has employees that really aren’t useful isn’t personal, it’s discussing lack of customer service. I’ve witnessed both at my local store, I’ve called the manager’s attention to it, nothing was done. Complaining that a store values lackadaisical employees over employees that work hard and have been with the company for many years, yeah maybe personal, but it doesn’t take away from my other two points.

  12. Does anyone know if you can buy this in stores, it says it’s in stock in stores but I don’t know if that’s true.

    • No, you can not. At least not in the store my family member works in, so I would assume it is the same across the board.

    • I have never seen a beauty box in the store.

  13. Update- A really lovely CS person gave me a shipping refund. ( I hope).

    They have very nice CS people, and I think they’ll do the right thing. 🙂

  14. I’d never bought a Target box before, as I do not shop there. I have hair that’s gotten frizzy as I’ve gotten grays ( and keep them professionally colored, but they are still wiry underneath).
    I thought I MIGHT find one or two products which help but don’t make my head an oil slick.

    Placed my order right after I saw this brand new post with -0 comments and like an IDIOT, I was charged over $13.00 for 2 day shipping and my box has already shipped, according to the email I just now got.
    I had no idea what was ” normal vs abnormal” for Target shipping. So I got overcharged.

    It would really be helpful if SOMEONE would check things like shipping charges before the notice of the box is put out.
    I had no clue whatsoever that it was an error, and left to do things I needed to do.

    Obviously, $13.00 is not going to cause me any harm, but now I have a deep sense of ill will towards, and once again, will not be buying any of their boxes.

    This could have been prevented. Target should have checked what they were selling, and this should have been verified before it was posted here for people like me who didn’t know Target doesn’t charge that much shipping ordinarily.
    Just saying. 🙂

    Still and all, very glad for MSA and the many fun boxes I’ve found here. ( This isn’t one of them- ha).

    • Please take some accountability for yourself. I’m sure the $13 shipping fee was shown before you actually purchased the box. You decided to pay $13 in shipping fees on a $7 item. Your bad. That’s not MSA’s fault.

      • Oh, no, I didn’t mean it was MSA’s fault. I meat that Target should have checked out their own product listing, and the shipping before they posted it.

        And while I’m sure you mean well, there are some of us who cannot see numbers well at all. I had enlarged the page to the point that the total was cut off.
        I’m legally blind, so I was doing the best I could with the cropped page, plus I did not know what’s USUAL for Target shipping.

        I got free 2 day shipping in the end, so I’m happy, and again, never once meant any of my comments to be reflective of MSA.
        ALL on Target for putting the wrong shipping fee on the box.

        Compassion is a lovely quality.

      • It was all on Target. I didn’t say anything neg. about this site. I’m sorry if my post came across that way? The site didn’t check out what they put up for sale.

        I couldn’t see the shipping added due to visual impairments and the total being cut off the page when I enlarged it.

    • I would message Target to let them know. I got my March beauty box the other day and my eyeshadow palette was broken. I emailed them about it, and they’re refunding me the full amount of the box, which I totally didn’t expect. But their CS is generally helpful and nice.

      • I would get in touch with CS immediately. They’ll most likely refund the $13.00.

    • Contact Target they will probably refund the $13 and I agree with you MSA rarely posted the shipping cost for subscriptions on here.

      • They don’t post the shipping charge on anything else you’d buy at Target either. It’s up to YOU, the consumer, to find out what YOU are going to be charged…….

        • I couldn’t see the charge added because I had to enlarge my screen so to add my info and payment info.
          Legally blind, do the best I can with the subs I usually get– this was a new page and new website for me.

          Sorry for the lack of clarity. Like I said, I do the best I can.
          The other adult in the house had to do the chat with the CS person- I couldn’t see that part either.

  15. It won’t let me ship the box to my store I guess they don’t have these products at my local target.

  16. Dang..missed it

    • Same here. Living life got in the way. 😀 It’s cool though cause I already have a lot of these products, but at $7 I wouldn’t mind having more! Mielle Organics is by far one of my favorite hair care lines, and TGIN & Camille Rose aren’t too shabby either.

  17. I placed the two items in my cart and was about to ship to store, but after reading that some people spoke through chat with cs, I did the same. Before I placed the order, I was talking to an agent, and after confirming the shipping charge was in error, he refunded my shipping. I placed the order, and then he pulled it up after my purchase and refunded the shipping expense.

    I am so glad, as I bought two boxes (first time doing so), and I love trying products that seemed to be geared to benefitting my 4c hair texture. I love that Target did an entire box with products like these. This is the first time I have purchased a target box in over a year, and I bit the pullet and actually got two! So excited. Thanks Liz!

  18. Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered mine. Read about the charge for shipping so I had mine delivered to store – I’ve got 2 stores very close by. No problem for me to pick up my box.

    I’m caucasian and have spent a FORTUNE trying to tame my ridiculous, curly, frizzy hair. Gonna try out these products….$7 is a great way to do so.

  19. Nope, shipping just killed the deal. Target, thought you were better than that.

    • It’s just their website glitching, don’t read too much into it.

      They have a lot of programming issues with their site.

    • Agree. No since shipping charge.

    • I was promised by customer service that I would be refunded shipping and it was never done.. I communicated with them for a half hour on chat and she said it was done, just looked at my checking account and was billed the 13.77 beware,, I won’t deal with them again online..

  20. I had to change to my red card from my saved cards and then go back to my cart and through the checkout process again for it to drop off shipping charges. It didn’t take it off automatically like normal when I switch to my red card.

  21. I got on Chat right before I placed my order and was refunded the shipping charge directly after.

  22. Forgive my ignorance, but are these products suitable for Caucasian curly hair? I’ve never heard of any of these brands.

    • I am going to try them I figure that at least half the products are conditioners/mask and a curl gel so for $7 why not give it a go.

      • Yeah, I guess you are right. I just remember my experience with the Target “Total Hydration” box, where I was never able to try out the Curls leave-in conditioner because it wouldn’t come out of the bottle (and the bottle wasn’t squeezable), so I just hope these were made better.

      • I’m trying it too. My hair isn’t really that curly but def. frizzy (and wavy), and I feel like all of the shampoos and stuff I use just do nothing for my hair. I hear that these are the kinds of products that I should be trying, but am too cheap to test them out when I don’t know what I’m getting, so this is a great opportunity to see what might work.

    • Yes, they are suitable for curly, frizzy, coarse and/or wavy hair regardless of race. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info. I was wondering the same thing. My hair is wavy, not curly, thick but fine, and definitely frizzy. I’ve tried dozens of hair products and right now find Oribe and Christophe Robin work the best for me. But they are pricey!

  23. they wanted to charge me shipping too. I contacted them thru Chat but they didnt budge. I told them it was a deal breaker and i wouldnt make the purchse. Im bummed since i have curly hair. hope they fix it.

  24. I contacted customer service via chat and they agreed to refund the shipping charge. I placed the order with the shipping charge and just got an email that $5.99 was refunded, so contact customer service!

    • This is what worked for me too. The chat wasn’t available in the target app, so I had to logon through a browser to talk to someone. Thank you for the suggestion.

    • I got the shipping taken off talking to customer service on chat, they were very nice about it as well..

    • I did the same, they were took care of it manually.

      • They refunded the shipping fee for me also.

  25. I ordered two boxes. Got charged for shipping with one, but shipping dropped off with two, so it’s worth it to get two, especially since I have curly hair.

  26. This is a great deal. Ordered 2 and shipped to my local store for free. Thanks Liz!

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been needing some travel sizes of these products!!

  28. I would like to order a couple but shipping is not coming off for me.

    Other than that, I am so happy because they had cancelled my other two March boxes because of an address glitch and they just emailed me that since it was their fault I will be receiving them free. I was about to cancel my order, because I was annoyed by the glitch, but I am glad that I didn’t!

    • Oh, they’re FINALLY admitting it was their fault? Kudos to them.

      • It was only 1 day.

  29. I can’t find this box anywhere at the target sight . Wonder what I’m doing wrong

    • It’s there if search is for “shine and define”

    • The link goes directly to the beauty box. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks so much . It worked perfectly , plus no shipping charges with my target card

  30. I was able to purchase the shipping dropped off at review order stage when I chose Redcard for payment.

  31. Omg I’m excited! I have natural curly African American hair so this is perfect for me! Ordered two shipping to the store…I work right by Target so that’s not a problem for me.

  32. ladies, don’t forget to use your $3 coupon, from your other march box!

    • Mine wouldn’t work.

      • you have to spend $15…so, for this box, you’d have to purchase 3…

        …but, apparently, we are now sold out, anyways!

  33. I just ordered one and the shipping charge went away at the end. I used my red card. Also got my 5% discount so I paid a total of $7.05 for my box. Can’t wait to try all the hair stuff!

  34. oh, no…just hair stuff? just *curly* hair stuff?

    i got that “just hair stuff” bag from beauty brands a couple weeks back for $5.99, and it was chock-full of all kinds of things, for all kinds of hair!

    plus, shipping…unless you go to target and pick it up…?

    nononono…easy pass

    (that shipping charge may be the result of all those exploding eyeshadow catastrophes…what do y’all think?)

  35. It may be that they’re charging shipping to encourage you to hit a minimum purchase like a lot of other retailers do. They may have realized this in the time they’ve done their other boxes, but I do agree with the previous comment – it’s pretty bad PR to have the first box they’re doing this on be their first box for textured hair.

    • It’s not their first box for textured hair. They did one last year and the year before.

      My shipping cost adjusted to $0 once my red card was entered.

      • They want to charge me the 7 bucks plus over 5 bucks shipping total of over 13 bucks..

        • It got fixed through chat, shipping taken off

    • I ordered this box and did not take shipping off , wanted to charge me over13 bucks, it’s not worth that to me, samples for almost 14 bucks.. I went thru with order and

  36. I would but my nearest Target isn’t that close so not really worth it for this one thing without free shipping. Bummer as I love trying new products for my naturally curly hair

  37. For some reason it took shipping off. Yay.

  38. The shipping charge is probably an oversight. There’s was a shipping fiasco a while back. I wouldn’t order till they have it fixed.

    • Looking again, the box doesn’t show up in the Target search. Wonder if it’s supposed to be released tomorrow?

      • Just block the link through MSA. It will take you right to the box. No need to search.

        • *click the link. (Not block)

  39. Something for the curly girls? I ordered 2. Chose to pick up at the store.

  40. Shipped it to my nearest store and shipping charge dropped off. Hoping they won’t charge shipping in future boxes though.

  41. What? They do a beauty box targeted to textured hair and it’s the first one they charge shipping for?

    Screw Target. Have they ever charged shipping for any of their other boxes, baby, men’s grooming or otherwise?

    • Right.. won’t get my money.

    • Maybe they’re going to charge for all of them from here on out……

    • They have had this happen before, then fixed it. I’d hold off until its fixed.

      • Thank you. I’ll wait to see if its fixed rather than pay shipping. Ship to store is not an option for me, since it’s over an hour away.

    • Yes, it’s happened before as a glitch. If you connect with CS they will fix it. It’s not personal and certainly not worth stressing over.

  42. I did ship to store so I don’t have to pay the $5.99 to ship. Target is really changing the way they do things…I remember $5 boxes!

    I am happy to see this box. My 7 year old has curly hair and I’m always up for trying something that might work! Full-sized curl items tend to be quite expensive. It’s always great to try them first.

  43. Even with my Target card they tried to charge shipping. Guess I’ll just have it shipped to the store then. I wonder why Target is starting to charge shipping on the boxes?

    • Because they’re a horrible company that is QUICKLY going down hill.

      • Please

        • And thank you….??????

          • Quite a lot would need to happen for such a mammoth corporation as Target to “go down”.

          • I didn’t say “go down” as in they’re going out of business. I said go down HILL as in they’re all about the money and don’t care that they continuously have screw ups that they don’t take responsibility for such as taking in too many orders for not enough product, charing people shipping on something that is supposed to have free shipping, routinely putting expired product on the shelf, forcing employees that have been with the company for 10+ years out of their job because they don’t want to pay their wage and/or insurance costs. Allowing employees that tell guests “I don’t know” to a question or tell a guest that they won’t help with their phone because they don’t want to break a nail to keep their jobs. TRUST ME, I WISH TARGET WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

    • I’m guessing it’s a mistake.

    • Mine took the shipping off when I entered my Red card as payment.

  44. The shipping is almost as much as the box itself. Pass.

    • Exactly. There is no value after the shipping!

  45. It’s trying to charge me $5.99 in shipping. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Mee too. I even tried using my target card

    • Me too

    • The only option is shipping to the store for pick up for free

    • I shipped mine to the nearest store and the shipping was taken off.

  46. This makes me so happy! I’ve never seen them do a natural hair box! Love this!

    • The first box I ever bought from Target was for natural/curly/coily, and it was great! I’m looking forward to receiving this one because I’ve been wanting to try Camille Rose.

  47. Mine is $7.99 plus $5.99 shipping…

    • Same

    • My shipping charge dropped off after I chose RedCard payment during the checkout process.

      • Mine did not 😟

      • My shipping charge dropped off after I chose RedCard but during the last step, the shipping charge came back.

      • Mine too.

  48. Assuming they don’t cancel your order because they didn’t make enough product…..

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