4 New Target Beauty Boxes – Available In Stores Only!

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Target is offering four new $7 beauty boxes in stores only! Look for these in the beauty section – they are just putting them out today. And I recommend calling your store before making the trip just to make sure they have them!

Here are the boxes:

All the Masks – $7

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Mask
  • Que Bella Multi Mask Trio
  • Yes To Carrots and Kale Single Use Paper Mask
  • Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask
  • St. Ives Soothing Sheet Mask

Wakeup and Makeup – $7

  • Sonia Kashuk Brush Cleansing Wipes
  • e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush
  • e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Face Palette
  • Dove Dry Spray Invisible Sheer Fresh
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Coconut
  • COVERGIRL Peacock Flare Mascara 785 Extreme Black
  • Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

Be You(tiful) – $7

  • e.l.f. Gotta Glow Lip Tint in Perfect Pink
  • Simple Water Boost Micellar Makeup Remover Eye Pads
  • Nexxus Keraphix Shampoo
  • Nexxus Keraphix Conditioner
  • L’Oreal Pure Clay Cleanser – Detofixy and Brighten
  • OLLY Beauty Vitamin
  • Sinful Nail Color in Galac Sea or Wondermint
  • Honest Beauty Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream

Treat Yourself – $7

  • Bodycology Free & Lovely Coconut & Rose Body Butter
  • Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan Foaming Bath
  • ME!Bath Bath Bomb
  • Luxe by Mr. Bubble Bath Meltaway
  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia
  • Olay Regenerist Whips
  • Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser

What do you think of these in-store Target Beauty Boxes? Are you going to grab any? Want to see them reviewed?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The nearest Target is hours from me, so I guess they don’t want my business.

  2. It looks like these are not available at any of the Target stores in Minnesota:-(

    • Mine (in Shoreview) said their in stock date is April 8th. So, hopefully they’ll be in lots of MN stores then!

  3. All got all of them but the mask one at my local target, the wake-up, and makeup box is really great and you get the best bang for your buck, so if anyone wants to try just one I would get that one.

    • Did you find them at your local store?

      • Yes, my local Kentucky target.

        • What city in Kentucky?? I’m in Louisville

          • Second this – I’m in Louisville as well. I went to the St. Matthews Target last night with no luck. No signs of any display, but used that website later and saw that all the stores in the area had them ‘in stock’

          • Bowling Green, KY

          • Update: I found them in stores in IN- but maybe the area was a day behind in putting them out. They’re in a cardboard display- and they were untouched!

            I’m pleased with the purchase since I had a $5 gift card to use and only paid $2 for the wake up and makeup

        • Any chance you could pick up four boxes for me (two of Wake Up Make Up and two of Treat Yourself), and I can PayPal you the cost plus shipping? Please 🙂

          • I’ll go check today – but I can’t guarantee they’ll be there. They say they’re in stock at some other targets in the area – but idk if that means they haven’t put them out yet.

            If you want to email me at emily dot deep 1 at gmail dot com, we can communicate that way 🙂

  4. Hey all- I called two Target stores this morning. Neither one had a clue what I was asking. After reading these helpful posts, I did a seach on Brick Seek and did indeed see that they were in stock at my local Target. I proceeded to call, and again, she said they didn’t have them. I insisted and gave her the DPCI codes and low and behold, they were in the back warehouse. She also said they don’t sell them on the floor! WHAT??? Telling you all this so you know to investigage further. Without the DPCI codes, nobody would have known….. not even the beauty expert workers they hire. Wonder what the big mystery is?? According to the Target worker I spoke to, they will never hit the floor.

    • What are the codes so I can see if my Target has them

    • Thanks for this tip. I never heard of that website and was able to use this to check the stores near me and they say out of stock for them. I actually don’t think they’re out of stock it’s just that they don’t have them at all yet.

    • Thanks for the new tool Brick Seek. The one I called told me they wouldn’t be sold in stores. They probably have these confused with their regular subscription boxes.

    • I went to my local
      Target in Pa and the girl had no clue what they were but she was kind enough to look into it. She said that it looked like they would be put out on April 9th but she wasn’t 100% sure.

    • I live in Chicago and the Logan Square Target had them near all the makeup on an endcap.

  5. I was able to get one of each today in the far west Chicago suburbs. They only had two of each in stock. I had to ask the beauty concierge, who had no clue. I showed her this post, and she found them. They were in the warehouse. She bought three and brought the mask box out to sell.

    • I hope the Chicago stores in my area have them considering I don’t have a car.

    • I live in Chicago and the Logan Square Target had them near all the makeup on an endcap. There were at least 10 of each out. I bought a bunch.

  6. Hmm… so this is an interesting development and one I hope isn’t going to be a sign of things to come.
    Let me explain… I am and have become more and more so as time goes on, pro small business and brick and mortar stores. I know literally everyone seems to complain about going shopping to malls or stores now a days because we’ve all become incredibly dependent and to a degree spoiled by the convenience of online shopping- thanks in huge part to Amazon. And to be fair, I myself and my household does shop quite a bit via Amazon currently (due to the area we live at the time being).

    But it saddens me that Amazon has become very successful at taking over so much of our country and gives back truly so little. In fact, unless there is promotional value to them, they could care less about the jobs they take and either treat people so poorly, underpay and overwork, or even go automated to prevent hiring and saving on employment taxes and benefits. They are not an admirable, philanthropic company as they have some conned to believe they are, sadly. AND THEY DON’T PAY TAXES HERE FOR ALL THEY’VE PROFITED (BILLIONS! Look it up!) IN ADDITION TO THE CRAZY POSTAL DEAL THEY GET, while the rest of us pay crazy constantly increasing postage rates.

    Sorry to digress… but it matters if you realize the long game and how we are responsible for things and how they progress. We can’t be short sighted and impulsive if we want to preserve the things that matter… we have to see how the things we support directly affect things long term.

    Anyways, because we have come to rely on them and the predominantly online shopping model, people have become dependent on this, less socially interactive, more socially awkward and uncomfortable, and in many cases and my own to a degree, socially lazy. Not to mention all of the brick and mortar stores and small businesses who have had to shutter because they just cant compete with the China express that has become Amazon.
    Its really sad to go from town to town and see tons of vacated stores, shuttered malls, and little small business boutique shops that lets face it- seem over priced, now that we are mind set on thinking Amazon pricing is the standard and the best deal.
    But we are now SO used to and reliant on shopping online.

    Target, Walmart, every store has to compete and it’s not easy. Logistically, it requires a lot more on so many fronts that the everyday consumer doesn’t even think about. And these stores don’t get the old, antiquated and outdated postage deal that Beszos/Amazon scored a lonnngggg time ago, that just isn’t fair to the taxpayers, to other competing business and in general.

    If this Target Box model of having the box available only in stores happens, guess what’s going to end up being the result… certain groups of people are going to buy them up- and unfairly inflate the price for the rest of us who weren’t able to get them on time and sell them for more. Or they’ll break them up and sell off the pieces for profit. It will effectively ruin this box, because we’ve all seen the greedy tendencies of profiteers happen with other boxes. And it will ruin the fun.

    So for once, I think this is a case where I think this type of item is fine and better to be sold online only, where they can more easily and effectively control the inventory so we all have a fair shot at getting one.

  7. I went and mine did not have them. I wish they sold them online, I don’t know the next time I will be able to go in again.

    • You can go to the website brickseek dot com and enter these DCPI numbers under Target. If it says its in stock it usually is, but you have to go to the store and give the DCPI number to an employee and they can enter it and tell you if the store has it, if it’s on the floor or the showroom
      Wakeup and Makeup – DPCI: 037-07-1020
      Be YOU(tiful): DPCI: 037-07-1021
      All the Masks – DPCI: 037-07-1022
      Treat Yourself – DPCI: 037-07-1023

      This information is courtesy of Jennifer at subscription box ramblings dot com

      • I love you!

      • Oh, thank you, what an awesome tool!

        For some reason the only Target in NYC that currently has the boxes is in the Bronx – that’s a bit too much of a sacrifice to travel there for a little discount beauty, lol. 🙂

        I’ll check again next week.

      • Thank you! I was able to find out that they are not available yet using this website that you gave me!

  8. My target had no clue what this was even about the costumer service desk spoke to a manager and the beauty dept. Very frustrating. I wish they would say what stores were getting them and I don’t really think it’s fair if only a few select stores in a few select regions are getting them and others aren’t.

    • HI, if you look right above your comment I posted a way of checking to see what stores have it, thanks

  9. Hey Ladies, I’m in Los Angeles anyone find them here yet? I’ve called 3 stores near me no luck so far..

    • Hey I’m in NorCal and I used the Brickseek referenced above and it says my stores even in the Bay Area don’t have them. They probably don’t have them in yet

  10. I’ve called several Target stores in my area and no one has them. I’m in California, Bay Area. I’ll keep checking.

  11. So I definitely went and bought 3 of the 4 boxes! I couldn’t help myself and the full size items in the wake up and make up box were great! So happy with everything I purchased!!

    • Any chance you could pick up four boxes for me (two of Wake Up Make Up and two of Treat Yourself), and I can PayPal you the cost plus shipping? Please 🙂

  12. I’m in Las Vegas and the one Henderson location on St Rose has a stock date of 4/8 as well. I showed her the MSA thread and we looked it up. She said that there are three stores in the area that usually get stuff earlier than the other local stores. Thought that was interesting considering we have a warehouse here.

  13. Btw, guys, you might want to know, Walgreens will have a free beauty sample bag valued at
    $30 tomorrow through Saturday with any beauty purchase of $20 or over.

    Personally I think they inflate those values, but it’s free anyway, so who cares. 🙂

    I don’t think I’ll ever have to actually *buy* Amlactin thanks to all the samples I’ve gotten over time. 🙂

    • Thank you for letting us know! Is it available online and in store?

      • Google gave me this link for it:

        Fine print here: “Offer valid while supplies last on Walgreens.com. Limit 1 free sample bag per transaction, and per household. Online only. Samples may vary. The value is approximately $30. Valid only for Beauty Enthusiast members and must be signed in to qualify. Cart must contain $20 or more of eligible beauty and personal care products at time of checkout to redeem offer. Purchase requirement must be met in a single transaction, before taxes and shipping, after discounts, store credit and redemption dollars are applied. Beauty Enthusiast Sample Bag will be automatically added to cart once threshold is met. This offer does not apply to bulk orders, back-ordered items, and out of stock items. Not transferable and void where prohibited. Walgreens reserves the right to make changes to or terminate this offer at any time.”

        • Has anyone found this bag offer??

          • The Walgreens offer is only available on their website. You have to be a member of their makeup club. I read several reviews and few seemed please with what was actually in the bag. Apparently it’s not the stuff that is pictured. I decided to not get it.

        • I received my order today, and that Walgreens GWP turned out to be a total bust. Very low value, mostly just foil packets, and I think the travel sizes are all repeats of the previous GWP they had.

          I didn’t receive a single Amlactin which was the sole reason I placed that order in the first place!

          I won’t pay attention to those promotions in the future, they are outright lying about the $30 RV.

      • Oh, that I wouldn’t know. I only saw it online.

  14. I was totally not going to buy any more boxes until I used up some more stuff – but I do have a $5 giftcard burning a whole in my pocket and the wakeup n makeup one is tempting with all the full-sized products. I may have to get it!

  15. I live literally 1.5 miles from a Target, but I loathe shopping in-store so I’ll pass. Online only for me (even groceries!). 😅

  16. Closest Target is over an hour and by the time I get there more than likely they will be sold out that is why I loved being able to order online more fair of a chance getting 1 I am guessing the stores will not have a huge stock as the Target I go to is small.

  17. I am at my Target right now. I just spoke to the store manager. She has not heard about these boxes, but she is getting me the hair one. She has two of them, so I’m buying them both – one is for a friend, I’m not being greedy, I promise!! 😄 I will be doing an unboxing on my YouTube channel this afternoon. Just look for Ela Avar if you want to see it! 😁

  18. I called all six Targets in my area and none of them have even heard about these. However, my Target app does say there is a hair beauty box for $7.00 available at my store. I’m bored, so going to go check it out! It’s for curly hair, I think and that’s me, so it’ll be a definite win if I can get it!!

    • The box showing in the app is the Define & Shine MSA listed it if you search. It’s a good box I ordered it.

      • I got it as well and it is a REALLY GREAT box for 7 bucks!!!! I may get another!

        • I got two, one for me and one for a friend. She said she doesn’t want it, so I’m going use it in a giveaway on my YouTube channel. Works for me!! 😄😁

  19. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of what’s to come from Target. I love the ease of ordering online. Calling around and being forced to make a trip to the store to try to nab a box is stressful and not fun (for me). Maybe others enjoy the thrill of the chase, though! 🙂

  20. Every single target I spoke to all said none are available til April 8th. So I’m going to have them put on hold for me the day they are available which they said is an option. And they said their going to be put on display

    • Where are you? I walked into a busy neighborhood Chicago Target today 3/22 and they were all out on an endcap by makeup.

  21. Glad to hear they’re not actually out yet- I was kicking myself when I read about these last night after I had literally just gotten home from buying some hair stuff from Target. P.S. You can get some good deals on Tresemme and some other stuff- buy 3 get a $5 GC combines(!) with the buy $20 beauty/personal care get $5 GC plus there was a $2 coupon for Tresemme in the paper on Sunday and $1 coupon on Cartwheel. Pretty good.

  22. I would have liked these to be available online, too, but they must have figured out that shipping costs were adding up.

    So glad that I checked here before heading out to the store! I’ll mark 4/8 on the calendar, and cross my fingers, too!

    • I called my nearest target this morning to see if they were available there, and they were setting up the display at that very moment. I’d recommend calling your target if you’re wanting any of these since they are available at least where I live. An FYI to whoever may be reading this: there was a sign hanging in the beauty dept that said text “beauty” to target and receive a coupon for a $5 gift card with a purchase of $20 of beauty products. So I did that and bought 3 boxes $21 plus tax, then used the $5 gift card on the 4th box making it 2 bucks plus tax

      • Do you mind if I ask where you live? Just the city? So I can get a sense of regions? It sounds like many have called around and are being told “April”, so I’m curious where they are being set up now. Thanks in advance!

        • I don’t mind at all…I live in central Ohio, and my nearest target was broad street Reynoldsburg. Hope that helps 😊

          • Any chance you could pick up four boxes for me (two of Wake Up Make Up and two of Treat Yourself), and I can PayPal you the cost plus shipping? Please 🙂

  23. Called Chicago loop locations and they do not have them or a record of them existing. I call Target’s Corporate Offices this morning and got the same answer – they have no record of these boxes.

    • Great I’m from your area to I was going to do a trip tomorrow to get them there are more target stores around here.

    • I just went to the Logan Square Target today 3/22 and they were all out by the makeup on a small side shelf endcap…

  24. @Liz Can you reach out to Target and find out when they will actually be putting these out? I called a few stores and no one knew what I was talking about. And I ventured out to one store and they said these were coming out in April….

    • That’s what I heard too. April 8th.

  25. My store said the stock date is April 8th. Has anyone actually seen them on shelves?

    • And I should say that I live in Minnesota not too far from HQ and we ALWAYS have ample stock of Target boxes, so I’m sure they didn’t run out or just not stock them. They just don’t have them in yet.

      • I live in Minneapolis and they don’t know what I am talking about. I’ll have to hope the 4/8 is right and they don’t sell out before I can get my hands on them.

    • I got mine this morning in Blue Ash, OH. They had plenty.

      • Did they have all of them?

  26. Definitely call first. I’m outside of Philly in NJ and all stores in my area are out of stock.

    Really wish these were online. Honestly would have probably bought all 4. Super disappointed.

    • I’m with you, Marissa! Online is so much more convenient!

  27. Um these are AWESOME just got the wake up/ makeup and the be you(tiful) ones and they are stuffed! Lots of full sized products. Definitely worth it. I could them on their own display in my local store- the cashier seemed to know nothing about them… so I would go inside and check for yourself!

    • Where do you live?

  28. Just called local store they didn’t receive them and no one in the Charlotte region, shows having them. Booo How to the determine who gets the boxes?

    • Veronica, in trying to get my “welcome bag” for setting up my baby registry, I’ve found if you want something at Target in the Charlotte area, the smaller ones are usually best. Matthews, Stonecrest, and Blakeney were all out, had been out for months, had no idea if they’d ever get them back, and Wesley Chapel had them, and had been getting regular shipments of them. It’s no guarantee that this will be a similar situation, but if you are out near any of the smaller towns near Charlotte instead, you may have more luck. 🙂

    • Hey Veronica!

      I’m in Charlotte too 🙂

      If you see any boxes, or hear any info, will you let me know?

      (I’ll do the same – thanks!)

      • Joni and Veronica – I just got the Wakeup & Makeup and Treat Yourself boxes from the Matthews store! They had no clue what I was talking about, but the product #s provided in another comment greatly helped them know what I was talking about, they confirmed they’re in stock, and had to ask about three other people, but found some in the back. They said they’re not supposed to hit the floor until the week of the 8th, and they have no clue where to put them once the time comes, but are willing to sell them when asked. They just came in about 4am this morning, so it is on whatever pallet of stuff is brand new today. Good luck!

      • My post isn’t posting. Maybe I used a word that got flagged. 🙁

        Veronica and Joni –
        The Matthews store has them. You will need the product number from a previous comment, and someone who is willing to help. They just arrived today super early, and they will be in the back until the second week of April, but they’ll sell it to you if they’re able to find it in the back. They were able to for me – just took some time and a lot of being friendly. 🙂

  29. Eek u hope my Target carry them. I am going to try after work. Hoping they have the sheet mask one at least.

  30. I will contact probably all three of the Targets in my city, but the CS person will likely have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll ask for the beauty dep.

    • Yes yes yes…nobody ever knows anything!! Like the Whole Foods one they loooked at me like I was nuts!!!

  31. Seems they save the best for the store ! I love them all but they will be gone if they even ever had them. Bummer.

  32. Thanks a bunch…not. I am handicapped and bedridden. Talk about feeling left out!

    • I only shop on line too and I feel your frustration. 😞 I actually do a lot of my shopping thru Liz’s site. She keeps me up to date on everything. I wake up and start my day on here with tea. Hopefully they will include shipping for people like us.

    • I’m not bedridden but have never been able to drive due to poor vision from birth and Target is a 30 minute bus ride which is too far unless I’m really in the mood. Oh well.

    • If they are in the stores, why can’t you add them to your cart, and have them shipped to? You can have other items from the store ship to you? Why would this one be different?

      Or is this just one of Target’s little games? Like how they say they have the Starbucks beverages, you go there and they don’t know what you’re talking about. Or they have them in a weird section where no beverages are? And they’re sold out to boot.

  33. Are these sample sizes of full size products?

    • Well, the masks are going to be full size. The rest of the items are going to be a mix of full size and travel or deluxe sizes. Like all the e.l.f. items I am sure will be full.

    • Some will be full size items, like e.l.f. items and all the masks. The rest will likely be travel or deluxe sizes.

      • Sorry for the two posts, my phone crashed on the first one, so I didn’t think it went through.

        • Thank you!

    • I got one of each except for the one with masks. I liked the Wakeup and Makeup one the best as the Dove deodorant was full size, and the Elf brush and makeup seemed full size and very nice. Everything else seemed to me to be pretty much trial sizes but still very much worth $7 imo.

      • Where did you get yours? What city, state?

    • The mascara AND deodorant spray are both full-size – what a steal!

  34. I work in the Beauty dept at Target and my store doesn’t carry and my supervisor didn’t know about it😞

  35. I called my local target and they already spoils out earlier UGh 😑

  36. Great they actually seem like great boxes that I want. My store is under construction and everything is moved or gone. Doubt they’d ever get the boxes 🙁

  37. I hate in-store-only boxes. Have to hope your store gets them, you have to time it right and actually find them… Would love to buy a couple of these, but it will only work if they become available online later.

  38. Just called the local Target and they said “within two weeks.” Translation: not very likely I’ll get the opportunity to pick up any of them. ☹️

  39. My Target will probably not even stock them. This is hillbilly central. The “Treat Yourself” one looks nice. No point in calling them – whoever answers the phone will have no clue what I’m talking about even if they do have them.

    • Exactly 🙁

    • I can relate. I’m an hour away from the nearest one. It’s why I shop online since anything in this town is a limited amount and no variety of product.

  40. Well I know where I’m going tomorrow morning…

    I want them all !!

  41. Aw man. I’m totally gonna wind up buying all of them. 😂

  42. I’d like a mask stash!!

  43. If I were actually in a Target right this minute, I’d probably pick up all of them. But thankfully I have no plans to rush over there. You’re not getting me this time, Target.

  44. Of course I just shopped there last night.

  45. I’m honestly like “Target doesn’t close for an hour…” right now.

    • Same. But I feel like they’re probably already sold out ☹️

  46. So I actually have to leave my house to get this?? Who does that? Lol

    • My thoughts exactly. Lol. I was relieved I didn’t “need” any of them. It’s funny that I do most of my shopping at Target anyways but having to “rush” there unscheduled or worry about if they will even have them in stock is so unappealing to me. Guess I’m lazy…or spoiled…now.

      • I can’t remember the last time I I actually went to Target! When everything including detergent and toilet paper ships free with the Red Card, why tempt myself to go there?

    • So true…I love Target and I shop there quite often but I don’t like that I have to go to the store to get these. I would happily buy several online though.

      • I prefer to buy them online too it is more easy than going to store asking there and find out no body has any idea about them, last time i went to target asking for the hair collection beauty bix the girl working there had no idea until i show her target website saying the box selling in her store so she asked her manger and said yes we had two in the back one for you and one for me loool and she thanked me loool

  47. These look nice. I wish they’d do one more basic box and call it “Don’t Be Gross” and fill it with antiperspirant/deoderant, body wash, toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, and maybe a pack of tissues.

    • 😭

    • I’d buy that.

    • I’d buy one for each of my kids! S-O-L-D

  48. Nice but I’m sure my Target will sell out before I get there since it’s the only one in the area. I really would have liked the treat yourself box.

  49. Ah, too bad we are snowed in tomorrow here in NYC, but maybe I can still get some of these on Thursday.

    Now whether I actually need any of the items from these is another question. 😄

  50. Well, given that the roads here have iced over and there’s a GIANT SNOWSTORM heading our way tomorrow, I doubt anyone in my area will be at Target until Thursday! I guess I’ll just have to make a Target run then!

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