Yogi Surprise Past Boxes Sale

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Yogi Surprise is having a past boxes sale!

Use coupon code MYSPast to save $5 off your purchase!

Here are the available boxes:

Check out our Yogi Surprise reviews and our Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box reviews to get a better look at these past boxes!

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  1. Looks like they’re finally not available – or their new changes accidentally axed the page haha
    Either way now I’ll stop eyeing the two I wanted (I have no money atm – student)

  2. So my box arrived today (super fast shipping!). I have to say that I feel like the box has about $15 worth of stuff in it. There’s no way in heck I’d pay anywhere near what they charge for this box. It was a good way for me to try it out at a discounted rate but I wouldn’t pay more than $15ish for something like this again.

    • Which one did you get? I received the November 2017 box earlier this week and was very happy to get everything in it. I was a bit worried about the pattern of the infinity scarf, but I got a decent one that I will definitely be using. I agree that I would not pay $45 for it …

      • I got the november box too! Was your infinity scarf the same as what was pictured?

        • I believe it’s the one pictured (blue / brown ombré with textured blue). I saw some others somewhere else and wasn’t a big fan of those.

          • I was hoping for the red toned one that is in the review for that box, but I got the one pictured above. If anyone has it and prefers the blue, I’m open to swapping!

  3. Wow, everybody wants something good for nothing. I love yogi surprise and am a subscriber. When I saw this sale I gladly ordered the October box again, as I wanted another bottle of the Rutz, and the oil. Those 2 items alone, if bought separately, would cost me over $50 PLUS shipping, and I already know they are excellent quality, both of them. YS is clear to members that the $10 credit is for successfully inviting a friend to sign up for their subscription. Bummer that got used wrong, I mean it was a nice thought to share, but it was not their intentions. The person offering the referral code was hoping for several $10 credits to their account for getting people to buy, but they didn’t read carefully that they needed people to sign up for the sub. Yogi surprise is awesome. The error was a sad mistake. They are not scamming, they are a business with extremely high integrity, and one of the most responsive subs I have ever ordered.

  4. This is obviously a scam. The boxes offered were not even worth the $20.00 after the extra discount and now the company is putting on the “Oh, no! What a mistake! we’d lose so much money!” nonsense email. These antics are really the red flag for the end of the subscription box era.

    • You have a strange, paranoid view of things. Lol. Scamming people for $20-30 when subscribers paid full price for these? Um, ok.

    • I’m not sure what part you consider a scam? If you read the MSA reviews on the previous boxes they include a cost breakdown, and if you consider the free shipping and you enjoy the items it’s really a bargain. And people have paid full price or price with smaller discounts. I think it probably was an honest mistake on their part, $20 per box would be more than a 50% discount on the original price.

      • I don’t think she’s talking about the box. The referal code was to give each person $10 off and the referer was to get $10 off their next purchase. They said the company would go broke if the paid the referal codes to referee and refuse to abide by the second part.

  5. Where is the code of ten off? Why did you guys deleted it >?

    • They were removed because the code was only supposed to be for a subscription. The company emailed me that it cost them a major total loss and all codes had to become inactive. But alot of people still got the discount, because it was the companies error. They have now fixed it.

      • Do you know if they’re going to go through with the orders that did use the code or if they’re cancelling all the orders?

        • They honored the orders which were made, as far as I can tell.

          I think that they deserve respect for this, even when it wasn’t their intent and the use of the code was misconstrued. They would have been within their rights to either limit orders to ongoing subscribers, as was indicated on their ad, or to limit them to one per customer, especially when the coupon code was being used.

          And their customer service is as high quality as the products they curate!

          I hope that this misfire doesn’t put too much of a crimp in their bottom line.

          Namaste, Yogi Surprise!

  6. How is everyone getting more than ten off? I put the coupon code in and tried to buy 2 boxes, but it’s only taking 10 off….. help please!

    • I’m sure you buy one at a time…..no one is getting more than $10 off a box.

  7. Hi everyone,
    So I got an email regarding the code being only for subscriptions not the same boxes. I did ask them to please honer the ones who have used it since the purchase already completed. Hoping all who got the discount, that it stays honered.

    Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to reach out to you. It seems that there was a huge error on our side for the referral codes. Referral codes are only for the Monthly membership not the past box sale. 🙂

    In Gratitude,

    Kayla Morris

  8. Is this just for the surprise box for is the jewelry box on sale too? Love the jewelry one.

  9. Amanda’s coupon worked for me, thank you!

    I’m not a yoga person but I went through the MSA reviews just to see. I went in order June thru October and wasn’t interested in any of them…. Then I looked at November and YES! That one is for me. 🙂

  10. I just got 2 boxes for $20 each and am tempted to get 1 more. I’m so glad I decided against FFF and saved my $ for this!

  11. Thank you for posting, Melissa! Saved $10! Yay!

  12. Code worked. Thanks!

  13. Does this start a subscription or is it a one time purchase?

    • Shannon I just double checked my receipt and confirmation emails. It is a 1x purchase.

      • Under their ‘Place Order’ button, it does say that you’re activating a subscription…..so now I’m not so sure? I ordered a little over an hour ago and still have no confirmation email.

        • Hmm that’s different then when I ordered. I got my receipt emails before the receipt even showed up loading on the webpage. I would contact them for sure if you don’t get an email from them.

          • Strange for sure. I see that they debited my bank account for $20, so something definitely went through! lol. Thanks!

  14. Whoops! It says it’s a member exclusive! So does it sign us up for a subscription when we order? Or will it let me know that I don’t qualify to buy one of these?

    • No, go through the motions and you will see.

    • Nope, I don’t have an account and I didn’t even create one when I made the purchase and it looks like my order went through! 🙂

      Coupon code worked for me too btw!

  15. Thank you so much for the code! I really wanted the August box but $30 was too much. $20 was just right 🙂 thank you!!

    • Kc you are welcome 😁

  16. Thanks so much! I just ordered the July box and I Am thinking now about November.

  17. So excited 😀 Just purchased the July box, wanted that box since it came out!

  18. It worked for me! I got the October box for only $20. Thanks so much.

    • Oh that’s great. 😍

    • Thanks for the code! I LOVED the body oil and face spray in the October box so am excited to get two more bottles for only $20.

      • I shouldn’t have looked at this as I want to order that box and already ordered July….. help 😁

  19. The code worked for me, thanks! $20 shipped. Got the Nov box.

    • Yyeeesss…Im glad it works. I love discounts 😍

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