Subscriber Survey: What Item Are You Surprised Hasn’t Been in a Box Yet?

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Sunday Subscriber Survey time! This week’s subscription box question is:

What item are you surprised hasn’t been in a box yet?

For me, I’m surprised we haven’t seen these Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in a box yet:

I’ve seen them in so many magazines, and it seems like a fun twist on including a body scrub!

What item are you surprised hasn’t been in a box yet?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. frames, pillows,pillow cases, travel products,aroma therapy diffuser,gift cards

    • There was a beautiful silver frame in a PopSugar Must Have box, don’t remember which one

    • There was a diffuser in a FFF box about a year ago. It retailed for $45 and had absolutely no fragrance to it. I would also love good quality diffusers but they are much more expensive than candles.

      • That FFF diffuser was a joke!

  2. I’d like to see a beauty sub with each month full of coveted products from around the world, like some items from Brazil. Why is everyone’s hair so prefect? Share the secret? Specialty boutiques from Italy, France, Bangladesh, Seoul, Ireland. But not the mass produced stuff that you can buy worldwide. Kinda like Miss Jessie’s hair care. You’re not gonna find that in other countries (yet) on a wide scale. I’d love just very cultural beauty practices. Labels in the foreign language but with a card with translations. I wouldn’t be able to resist that. I’ve looked!!!

    • Supposedly that’s what Passport to Beauty was going to be. But it wasn’t. It was really more of a lifestyle sub, they doubled their price after the first box, and I don’t even know if the 2nd box even released. I don’t think so. Huge disappointment, especially after the hype.

  3. An aromatherapy bracelet or necklace.

    • I’ve received those in some of the natural beauty subs. I recently received an aromatherapy necklace from Orglamix. I know I’ve received two other pieces of aromatherapy jewelry, but I can’t quite remember which boxes they came from. My guesses would be either Terra Bella, Kloverbox. Indigo Beaux, Love Goodly, and/or Yuzen.

  4. Huda

    • Huda is in the upcoming Tribe box.

        • There was a review of the Tribe beauty box 14 posts above this one. 🙂

      • That same Lip Strobe in that shame shade has also been in Look Incredible and CC Beauty (might have been Cohorted). So now I have 3 in shade Ritzy.

  5. I would love to see a Micro Needle Roller , Mini Facial Toning Device, facial serum, wallet,
    flip flops. Please no more candles, trays, bags or vases.

    • Facial toning device or other skin care devices would be most welcome! Great suggestions Lisa !

    • These have all been in several boxes before except for the flip flops.

  6. Most of mine are dream items!

    -Lush products!
    -Royal Albert or another nice company teaand saucers. Maybe a tea set
    -I wish lalicious had its own sub box
    -Give me a plus sized pajama sub. Tops and bottoms. Cotton, flannel, all seasons. Ralph Lauren should do it!
    -Ugg of the month! Boots, slippers, socks, etc.

    Real metal jewelry. We get sterling sparingly. I would be thrilled with 10k gold! I know it’s pricier but they put the RV on plated jewelry at the same price point as gold.

    This ended up just being a wishlist!

    • I can guarantee that you will never see Lush in a sub unfortunately. I used to work for the company and they don’t discount (except for their day after Xmas sale on gifts), and don’t advertise.

    • Great Ideas! I really want the Lalicious sub box.

  7. I think I know why the scrub cubes aren’t in sub boxes. MOST of the boxes are filled in warehouses by people throwing one of each item in the box, maybe with some wrapping paper around it if we’re lucky.
    Those cubes are likely to be plain scrub granules by the time they reach most of us from the warehouses.

    I have received them in some K- beauty boxes shipped from the USA in the past, and they didn’t stay in cube form..

  8. REGULAR SHIPMENT ( Not the SE/ LE boxes which are in the $750 and up category) HIGH END BOX CATEGORY ONLY:

    1) Tiffany and Co. sterling silver necklace, earrings or bracelet ( The Return To Tiffany has some pieces below $200 retail- rings are more expensive).

    2) A Montblanc Meisterstück pen, either ballpoint or rollerball ( not the fountain pens). Retail around $450, probably much less at wholesale.

    3) Full sized CHANEL classic perfumes, DIOR lipsticks, YSL Touch Eclat concealer. Beautiful in every way.

    4) Designer tote or similar. ( Lancaster has some gorgeous colors in their Parisian retailers and the last time I was there, the prices were in the $300-$400 retail

    5) Crane Stationery products- Coupon for a box of personalized notecards or similar.

    6) GC for a super special bouquet of flowers from a premium delivery service. No charge due to customer on receipt ( not a percentage off coupon, IOW).

    I could go on forever, but this is a good start.


    1) Hand thrown signed made in the USA piece of pottery like a usable bowl or pitcher. Or a hand- lathed candlestick. Each in a classic design to fit all ( most) decor styles.

    2) One full sized product from at least one of the following companies ( not including dry shampoo or a facial mist, as they are usually the least expensive products in skin and hair care lines) ;
    Gloss Moderne

    3) More natural/ handmade items in general.

    4) I’m going to say it- Christmas ornaments made of a luxury material, such as sterling, crystal or maybe an exclusive Radko or same quality ornament. This could be in any quarterly box. Should be an option to opt out for a GC to Amazon or similar.

    5) Which reminds me- Amazon codes for Kindle downloads of best sellers/ new releases by popular best-selling authors would be a great little addition to almost any sub.

    6) GC for the full price of a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant for those who oppose cutting flowers.

    7) Items from some of the world’s countless museum shops. Most people don’t think about these, but there are fabulously pretty decorative items which are also very interesting and have, well, a world of history behind them.

    Looking at this list which includes some things I think are really nice additions to sub boxes, I’m seeing why my love for the genre is waning.

    • This is a fabulous list!

      • Thanks! I’m an old, but world- class shopper ( with a slightly skinny retirement portfolio because of it, LOL).



    • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! This is the best list EVER!

    • I LOVE your list, Mandy!

    • Yes yes think folks would sub knowing the quality

    • I agree with you on the museum gift shops – they have interesting and useful as well as beautiful items. A great place to shop for unique gifts!

  9. a zen garden

    • Check out the really pretty ones on Amazon for less than $15 with free Prime shipping. Probably can get one that’s totally your taste, as they are extremely varied now.

  10. Mrs Meyers clean day products
    Free three months of Spotify or Dropbox etc—not just workout videos online
    Aromatherapy diffuser <—second this
    pens and paper
    More hair ties. I have gotten a couple but I love getting new ones
    Magnetic dry erase board

  11. Magnetic Lashes!

    • YES YES YES!!!

    • That is a go for launch plan. Are you paying attention FFF? Magnetic lashes…

    • Absolutely! This is on the top of my list!

    • They are add-ons this month in the Spring FabFitFun box! Maybe that’s just the beginning.

  12. Cutesie accessories for a car or bike.

  13. I would like silk/satin bonnet, book ends, music/books downloads, scale, free streaming for 3-6-12 months, cash envelopes/wallet for budgeting, coupon case, cookbook stand, indoor herb garden, mixer beverages, and etc. I could go on and on, but … I also like the element of surprise!

    • A bonnet?! Whaaaat? Popsugar had book ends in one of their LE boxes.

  14. A hydrate spark!

    • Agree! I just bought one though — I couldn’t wait!

  15. I agree with everyone about toners, brush cleaners, candle accessories
    I love the door mat and spring bulb ideas!
    I also want to see eye makeup remover, pedicure items, lip scrubs, sunglasses/glass cases
    Surprised we haven’t gotten any trial offers for streaming services like Apple Music, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

  16. A nice pen.
    A great coin purse that is secure
    A Tiffany and company coupon for purchase

    • I would love a nice pen. The only pen I have received in a subscription box was the red pen from LLB and that one wasn’t pretty to me.

  17. A doormat!

    • A doormat would be great!

  18. Trinkets! We get lots of useful things in the lifestyle boxes like clothing, trays, etc but why not something that is just a pretty collectible for our desk/vanity? Those little pumpkins from Luxor were a hot ticket on swaps just because they’re cute and decorative but not something we had seen much of before.

    Also, a toothbrush holder lol. I keep waiting to get one since we’ve seen soap trays and other bathroom stuff but I’ve yet to get a pretty toothbrush holder!

  19. I wonder how I haven’t received a couple of nice tools or brushes. Had Birchbox and glossy for over one year previously, Sephora now, etc. I would love to receive a nice pair of tweezers for my brows, eyelash curler, brushes. I did actually get a great hairbrush from the Bianca jade quarterly box but would love some powder or shadow brushes. Maybe I need Ipsy?

    • I would recommend Ipsy. They send me brushes a lot and I got tweezers and a brush last month.

    • Boxycharm or ipsy sends brushes and tools way more than birchbox so you’d be better off with one of those 🙂

  20. Almost never: fricking toner!

    • yasssss Ive been hoping one of my K-beauty subs would send some but not yet since Aug anyway.

    • Agree!
      I’ve received toner in Goodebeing, Feeling Fab, Allure and I think in Beauty Fix and Birchbox a long time ago.
      But not often enough!

    • So much this. I would love to try some toners and boxes would be perfect for that. I love me some exfoliaters, but I have enough to last a while. Time for a toner.

    • I got a couple of toners in my beautique boxes. I loved that subscription.

  21. Sanfilippo wing eyeliner stamp. I wouldn’t mind if every box sent me one. They are my favorite thing ever.

    • Thanks for the tip – I hadn’t heard of that – going to get one now!

    • I hadn’t heard of this either! Definitely on my list now!

  22. Aromatherapy neck wrap
    Aromatherapy oils
    Spot treatment for zits

    • I get lots of aromatherapy oils in Goodebeing and treatments for pimples. They have a detailed beauty profile, maybe that’s why…

    • Oooh a neck wrap you can warm up!

  23. Snacks, condiments, beauty products from Trader Joe’s; and chocolates, too; they have so many kinds! And real wool socks. Maybe sizing would be a problem.

    • Trader Joe’s has the best seasonal stuff. I would LOVE wool socks.

  24. Brush cleaner, nail treatments instead of just polish, wax melts, latest-and-greatest brands (especially from Sephora’s box, i.e., Fenty), glittery eye liners and eye shadows, cool storage products, toners (seem to get a lot of cleansers, moisturizers and serums but not a lot of toners), cool matches when a candle is sent.

  25. Anything from Prai! They have amazing products and most of the profit goes to wildlife and animal shelters.

  26. I would like quarterly subscription service to send me a postcard or greeting card with well wishes on seed embedded paper.

    • I love those. If there was a monthly one we’d all be living with lush gardens

    • Yes! I recycle so many cards. This is a fab idea!

  27. 1) A make-up organizer (one of those acrylic ones).
    2) An agenda or notebook
    3) A nice tea towel
    4) More home items like matching placemats.
    5) A head massager (I get a lot of headaches and find them very useful)!
    6) A mini travel set that includes a mini hair straightner/curler

    • Some of these have been in sub boxes. Popsugar has sent tea towels and a set of matching placemats.

    • I would LOVE a makeup organizer!

      • Totally. I have one, but I need MORE!

    • The travel set sounds perfect! A mini straightener and mini curling iron!

  28. Definitely an aromatherapy diffuser!! And I second the earlier comment about not receiving foundations /concealers included in sub box. I realize that foundations may be more difficult due to the shade ranges, but even high end concealers only have four or five shades!

    • Both FFF and Luxor have sent oil diffusers.

  29. One of those twenty-dollar machines that lull you to sleep with the sound of ocean waves or crickets or breezes through ferns. I like those.

    • I would love to have one of these as well

  30. I would like to see upper end foundation samples to try where you can have an option to choose your shade. Also some silk pillowcases have not been around.

  31. Chocolate. Dark chocolate. White chocolate. Chocolate with peanut butter. Chocolate with almonds. Milk chocolate. Chocolate with sea salt. Chocolate with caramel.


  32. Not so much an item in a box, but an actual subscription box for hats. Berets, fedoras, wide brim, fascinators , BUT NOT ball caps.

  33. I haven’t seen for some reason that many concealers or foundations ! Maybe other people have but honestly I’ve had 1 sample size foundation and I would love to try concealers for the first time bc I’m just now getting into the makeup world a little bit. I’ve only had 13 box subscriptions and started since October 2017 . Maybe I’m just an unlucky one lol

    • I agree. I wish they would do a concealer because that would be easier than foundation. But I would love to try a luxe brand.

  34. I have been thinking of a lip brush. Now that FFF has a lip palette maybe the 90’s trend is back? We always get brushes for eyes and cheeks.
    Mini herb garden for the windowsill would be neat.
    Cosmetic holders
    I haven’t had a blanket since discovering boxes.
    Cool night lights
    The trendy salt lamps that you plug in.
    Blue light blocker glasses.

    • Herb garden!

  35. I’ve seen the rare non-black eyeliner and mascara offered in beauty box variations, bit not often and I’ve never received any. Black is too harsh for my complexion and style, I much prefer non-black mascara as often as possible.

  36. Cute coin purse, laundry care, luxe cleaning supplies.

    • Squix. Not sure what you consider “luxe” cleaning. I’ve gotten some regular, needed items and some specialized cleaning products, that aren’t harsh. Also, like the fact you can pick, swap and decide on frequency and cost

  37. Burt’s bee products! Beauty or home.

    • Allure had a lipstick from Burt’s bees but I haven’t seen much else from that brand.

      • Cool! They have a kids line of clothes and I saw at a store scented wax blocks for electric warmers

  38. A build your own terrarium.

    Natural hair lightening spray.

    A stadium seat cushion (🤣I don’t know if anyone else would want that!)

    • Also a sleep mask but I think there may be one in FFF this time!

    • Aster Market and Popsugar both had terrariums.

  39. Fenty Beauty. Not even a sample size in a box anywhere.

    • Haha, I almost commented on that too! I watched out for it, ready to sub to a box with it even (not one to try new fancy products…unless in a sub for the most part)

    • Oh yeah that’s a good one

    • I used points to get a Fenty lipstick mini at Sephora and I was surprised at how unimpressed I was by it. It was okay, but not great.

    • Fenty is a horrible brand. I have been unimpressed with every single thing I’ve tried. Definitely don’t waste your money.

  40. I haven’t seen, but sure would LOVE to (if there are some out there, I’d love to swap for one or several!) some of the unicorn/mermaid special effects/iridescent/holographic liquid lips/lip toppers. Lots of highlighters, but none of the sort of related liquid lips. Oh, except for four tiny pods of the Urban Decay versions, which I love. I also don’t remember seeing any glitter eyeshadows or eyeliner.

    • I’m intrigued. It works on rosacea. I’d love this.

  41. Another roll of toilet paper.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  42. A little desk fountain

    • Ooooh, what a cool idea! And/or one of those desktop Zen gardens with a few rocks and sand that you rake.

  43. Aromatherapy Diffuser.

    • Yes! I would happily sub to one with those! Especially if it comes with at least one less top ten essential oil (I have the top 20 ish already don’t need more – love the unusual/less heard of ones!)
      * I say this having 3 diffusers already, but easily find use for another 2 or 3 – and my house isn’t even that big, they just are awesome everywhere!

    • Orange Peel Box had a travel sized one in their December Box. I like it! I keep it on my desk at work 😀

      • The travel one is battery operated and requires no water because you apply the oil drops on the interchangeable pads👍🏻

  44. planter and spring bulbs. It would be a nice change from vases and dresser trays.

    • Ooo! I love this idea!

    • I was about to comment on this! Hanging or wall planters would also be great

  45. Thinking for FFF, I am often suprised at the stuff in add ons never being in past/future boxes – although I am sure it is to sell more of them there.
    Like an electric toothbrush, don’t think I’ve seen that but it would be oddly cool to have.
    Blankets, only seen them in lux/special edition but sooo many cover up type things (they need to slow it down on those!).
    With all the make up that gets in boxes I am always surprised there aren’t more cleansers too, it’s a pretty rare thing to see, but more so is brush cleaners!
    Can’t think of other things now, but there’s always stuff I go – wait I’ve never gotten THAT, how come sub boxes? lol I’m addicted >_< (although I only keep one or two at a time, due to product overload/overlap of not enough diversity in sub world 🙁 though pocket book is 😀 lol)
    Enough of my rambling though, those cubes are cute Liz but I think I would want to eat them!
    Makes me think of those awesome marshmallow cubes though..kept seeing them places and even reviewed by you once I think!

    • OMG those marshmallows! SO GOOD!

    • Popsugar had a portable electric toothbrush a while back. Don’t really see electric gadgets in FFF except I guess the diamond speaker in their LE summer box? Could do with a Lot less makeup from them!

  46. So many candles but no wick cutter.

    • Or candle snuffer!

  47. Jewelry cleaner

    • Much needed! great idea with all the jewelry!

      • Yes for all metals. Even plated ones.

  48. I haven’t gotten a razor in while– usually walmart and allure beauty thrills keeps me stocked. Not the most exciting thing, but it’s useful and doesn’t expire.

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