Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2018 Add-Ons Available Now for all Subscribers!

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The Spring 2018 Box of Style Add-Ons are now available for all subscribers! Here are the items available:

We also have full spoilers for the Spring 2018 2017 Box of Style!

The box includes:

  • Exclusive Rachel Zoe Collection Palm Print Duster, retail value: $150
  • Exclusive Bonnie Clyde The Hill Sunglasses, retail value: $64
  • Exclusive Lili Claspe Rope the Moon Lariat, retail value: $115
    • Members choose gold or silver
  • Kopari Coconut Rose Toner, retail value: $24
  • Kopari Lip Love, retail value: $12
  • Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Headwrap & Choker, retail value: $48

Here is a closer look at each item:

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code BOS20 to save $20 off an annual subscription!

Or, use coupon code LSTN to get LSTN Sound Co. wireless earbuds (value $130) FREE when you purchase your first box.

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  1. Ok guys! To follow up on the cancellation situation. I received two emails today, both assuring me I was cancelled and not charged for Spring. After emailing a few times they DID fix it. I wanted to be as fair as possible after voicing my concerns. I have certainly loved my run with BOS, and maybe we elll meet again. For now, I’m turning it over to all the beautiful ladies far more adventurous and glamorous than I xoxo

  2. I saw these items Feb 13 at a Rachel Zoe event and am looking forward to most of them. I probably won’t wear the duster, but wonder if my 20 yr old daughter might. The sunglasses are fantastic and I suspect she will steal those too. My daughter is very fair (like Rachel Zoe) and she would look spectacular in both. I didn’t get to try out the toner & lip cream, but I am interested. Someone asked if the toner was used as a make-up setting spray – and she seems to say she’d use it after applying make-up as well. The headwrap/choker is sparklier than the picture – more dressy than I anticipated.
    I did talk to another staff member about the late arrival of the winter box. No explanation was given, but it was clear that from their end it was a disaster that should not happen again. That same staff member is working on the summer box and is very excited about its contents ( That was the previous box that got me to subscribe). No hints were given and I’m very curious. . .

  3. Has anyone had issues even getting on the site? All of these cancellation horror stories made me nervous and I want to possibly cancel my sub after this box, but I can’t get anywhere on the Box Of Style site. Is it just me?

    • I was able to cancel after purchasing a box. What I would tell you is that it takes a bit – a week or two, and a little persistence. They are not as fast as Popsugar or FabFitFun, but you will be able to cancel before being charged for the next box.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Wow! These comments are exactly what I need before jumping into any box. Never got this box and wouldn’t now for sure. Thanks ladies for cluing me into what a scam this sub is.

  5. This box is so much fun and actually caused me to subscribe to BoS!

    Except they don’t want my subscription. I have tried subscribing 3x, each time getting an error message on the website, but it shows as pending (I have since received 3 cancellation emails).

    I do have to say, I have had a really great customer service experience with them. The first time I emailed, I got a response within a few hours, and was able to go back and forth with a real person, who was sending me screenshots of what the website *should* look like. But, after three tries, on different browsers/mobile, and your website STILL doesn’t work for me, I think that is the Sub Box Gods telling me that I don’t need to spend $100 on one box, and maybe I should give FFF another shot.

    [Box of Style, if you are lurking here, tell mgmt that whoever “James” is via customer service email is awesome and helpful and deserves a bonus]

    Also, I can’t wait for these to ship because I am FOR SURE finding myself a Golden Girl’s Palm Duster on eBay. *swoon*

  6. Ok I tried to get add ons….. three are listed… no earrings any longer? Is everything sold out?

  7. I sent a cancellation request last Friday, and I have had an email back yesterday saying that my subscription is cancelled and I will not be billed for the Spring box. I just checked my subscription on the BOS website, it is showing as “on hold”. There has been no charge against my credit card for the Spring box. So I think everything is good here.

    I have not had a problem getting a response when I have used the ’email us’ link at the bottom of the web page, usually I get a detailed response within a few days.

    The shipping notice for my Winter box, which I only ordered on 8 Jan, was only provided on Tuesday, but I accepted that with the vagaries of shipping to Australia – which so many companies seem to find so difficult. 🙂 we are not exactly a small country!!!!!

  8. I’m really disappointed to see all these issues with cancellation. I’ve subscribed twice and cancelled twice – never with an issue. I really like this latest box but now I’m afraid that if I resubscribe I’ll have a hassle getting out of it – not worth it!

    • You are welcome to buy mine if my cancellation didn’t go through. I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

  9. I have TWO accounts. I cancelled both about a week or two ago. i received a confirmation and a survey even. Just went over and payment is processing on one. And the other is still active. Grr
    Thanks, I just assumed I was good. My bad I guess. Gonna pop over to my cc and try to tell them to deny the pending charge. What is really really bad is that we got rid of all our credit cards in a bid to re-organize our finances and buy two new cars. The exception is one single card with a tiny credit line for my boxes, That’s it. I have FFF waiting to go thru next week. If this charge hits from BOS I will not be able to swing the add-ons which is so far the only reason i am subbing this season to them.
    I’ve always wondered why i haven’t subbed BOS til recently, and now i remember. Their cs sucks.

    • I canceled about a month ago and thought I’d make sure my account was inactive. Nope. It shows as active. I emailed them. Luckily, they have an old credit card on file. I have sinceclosed that one due to fraudulent charges.

    • It took them two months to cancel my subscription. It is such a shame they treat their customers like this. I have unsubscribed and resubscribed to other subscription boxes, but I will remember how terribly RZBOS handles cancellations (among other things) if I am ever tempted to resubscribe.

  10. I find this almost criminal. They ignore cancellation requests, charge us for merchandise we do not want, we can’t return it. I’m absolutely appalled Rachel Zoe is able to get away with these horrible business practices. It’s theft at this point. Cancellation request 4 ignored.

    • You should defiantly reach out to your credit card company and report the issue as soon as you see the charge go through. Your credit card company will then reach out to RZ BOS and give you a credit back on your card for the unauthorized charge. Your credit card company, or bank will be happy to assist you with your problem, it’s their job.

      Good luck. I hope you have a nice rest of your day. 🙂

  11. I am so glad I checked this today! I cancelled back in January, received the cancellation confirmation but surprise surprise, my account is ACTIVE today! Come on, RZBOS – this is absolutely ridiculous and sleeezy.

  12. Funny. This box looks awful . This looks like Lularoe not Rachel Zoe!!

  13. Thanks to reading all these comments, I logged into my RZ account to verify that it was canceled ( I canceled back in January). Sure enough, my sub was active. 10 hours until charge. I sent them an email confirmation of my cancellation, and called my credit card company. Credit card co. said they could freeze my card from charges, but couldn’t block the merchant or give me a contact number – only email. RZ should be listed #1 right now for sketchiest sub boxes. Buyer beware. You can’t rely on changing your cc number or blocking the merchant. They should be shut down for reactivating old subs without their permission. If you’re thinking of trying them – DON’T.

    • Thank god I saw this!! I cancelled in DECEMBER and this comment made me go back and look. Sure enough says I’m ‘active’. My email to cancel wasn’t a very happy one.

      • I cancelled via email and received a confirmation 8 days ago. But today when I log in, my account still says “active” with the next billing date of 5/2018. I usually get an email 3 days in advance of billing, so I do believe my account is not really “active” and it’s just a quirk of their website. Though if I do get billed, I’ll ask for a chargeback on my card.

  14. I am beyond livid!!! I cancelled both of my subscription in December; upon seeing this post, I decided to go check both accounts to make sure they were cancelled… NO! They are both showing as ACTIVE! And they are set to be charged in 10 hours!!! I emailed AGAIN. I do not want this box at all and I definitely do not want 2 of them!!! UGH!!!!!

    • Depending on your credit cards – AmEx did this for me – you can show proof that you emailed and requested cancellation – however many times you may have or just once – you can ask for the vendor to be blocked – drastically horrible customer service can only be tackled with drastic measures …… you should be livid!!! Good luck!!!

    • Same thing happened with me. I submitted cancellation request and now getting emails to customize my box. I thought I was cancelled in December. I dont love this Box enough to justify keeping. So annoyed with the poor customer service .

  15. I canceled too and received confirmation; but I’m very dismayed that it isn’t reflected on my account. It says “next payment due…”
    I do not trust this company, because you have to wait days for a response. They also make it difficult to cancel. They seem dishonest.

    • I canceled early this month and received an email confirmation of my cancellation. After reading this thread, I checked my account and it is still active and due to bill me in 6 hours!!! I’m so mad.

      • Did you get charged, or did everything turn out ok??

  16. Hi,

    I submitted a cancellation request in December during that whole debacle. I was assured that it had bene done, only to receive a Members email the other day and logged in to see that I was about to be billed in a few days. I quickly emailed back their “confirmation of cancellation” email and called them on it, and then received an official cancelation within an hour or two. Shady!!!

  17. I’ve been trying to get them to cancel my sub, no response. Since they seem to follow up on here rather quickly-please cancel my sub!! And everyone else’s cancellation request you’ve been ignoring. I can’t go from faux fur scarf thingies to a golden girls duster. I’m not that versatile. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your honesty and for keeping it real! Hope they cancel your sub. I totally agree!

    • This is why I can’t get myself to subscribe to RZ. I’ve heard they’re unresponsive to cancellation emails. Hope they cancel yours soon.

    • Beth – after 3 weeks of ignored emails asking for my sub to be cancelled and being ignored, I went to their FB page and posted my complaint there – it took less than an hour for someone to ask for my email – to get an email cancelling my sub with “apologies for the inconvenience” ……… will never buy from them again because you can’t get out from under without drastic measures…….

      • Ladies, thank you for validating my frustration! I don’t understand why they won’t acknowledge cancellation requests…it seems so shady. I see my payment is now pending for the golden girls box. F rating on BBB site. I think this is really turning into buyer beware. Ive always loved BOS but I’m basically giving all the stuff away now. It isn’t me. I’m not a California girl. I’m not a huge earring faux fur girl. It shouldn’t be this hard to break up

      • Thank you Judy! I will try it. Such a shame it has to come to this, I’m sure I would have re subbed at some point otherwise. I read some members still haven’t received the winter box! Craaaazy

      • To get my sub cancelled, I had to email them five times, the last time in half capital letters and in a very harsh manner. It was last week they finally cancelled the sub and I had been sending cancellation requests since the Dec 8.

    • LOL – this is totally the palm print in Blanche’s bedroom! How did I not see this before??? I belong on Mount Losenbaden.

      Thank you and good luck – I hope they listen to your request!

      • Isn’t is awful?? It’s like bad Florida Christmas with a hint of premature retirement.

        • hah! my bestie, one halloween dressed up as a retired florida tourist, this duster would have perfect! oh and I live in FL! ha! xx

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