Ipsy March 2018 Spoilers!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the March 2018 Ipsy thanks to Victoria!

Here are some of the items being sampled:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Still no pic of the March 2018 bag available?

    • Its on their site now, just log in

  2. There are many reasons I want more spoilers but main reason is I am so fed up with people sharing the March 2013 bag as possible March 2018 bag!!! I am debating just skipping this month I don’t like skin care or black eyeliner plus other spoilers the sponge and gold eye shadow. Without seeing a single thing I want not sure I want to take a chance.

    • I am the same way. Since my last package was delayed, they’re offering to let me choose at least one of my items.. I guess I’ll be taking a chance with this month’s bag.

  3. This website has been slack this month with Ipsy. We only got 4/6 of the spoilers and there’s only 2 more days and we still haven’t seen the glam bag??

    • I know I really wanna see that damn bag and the rest of the spoilers! I skipped last month now I feel like I should skip March as well! Makes me crazy

  4. I need spoilers!!

    • Me too! Shouldn’t there be something by now?

      • They should

    • Have there been more? It’s killing me!

      • There will also be Pink Pewter beauty sponge and Hikari cream shadow in Shine which is gold.

  5. FYI everyone! I just went into my account settings and I had a new option called: “Improve Glam bag products” and it took me through pictures of 29 products that will apparently be sampled in the next three months and I got to choose if I would like it or not! Obviously there’s no guarantee I will/won’t get the products I choose but who knows maybe it helps! For the record the products were really nice!

    • FYI – that is the Ipsy March glam bag from 2013.

      • Are you doing an updated Ipsy spoiler today?

        • Sorry, not sure what spoilers you are referring to. Please let me know!

          • Are you doing an updated Ipsy March 2018 spoiler today? I saw you updated 2 others today…

          • For months we always see the bag design… do you really not know what spoiler she is implying at this point?

  6. Shouldn’t we have more spoilers by now? I’m dying to get excited!

    • OMG. SAME! I’ve been refreshing the pages haha! Can’t wait to see the bag design.

    • They have not even shared all the spoilers out there. A few people who had issues with their bag were given a list to choose an item for March. Pink pewter beauty blender and a gold Hikari eye shadow are two more spoilers that were mentioned awhile ago.

      • Issues how? It’s now 2/22 and I STILL haven’t gotten my bag!

        • Mostly people who got the meteor body scrub. It wouldn’t wash off I guess so people had to scrub body raw.

    • I was literally about to comment the same thing! We have 6 days until March, I need all the spoilers! I do think there were a lot of issues with the Feb glam bag which is why the they haven’t had the chance to put them out yet. Hoping we can get more soon!

      • Issues how? It’s now 2/22 and I STILL haven’t gotten my bag!

        • you gotta contact ipsycare!! they have a 14 day policy!!

  7. I was supposed to receive the pink clay mask and trestique eyeliner but instead received a skin Iceland lip balm and a nyx eyeliner? I’ve only been subscribed since September but does this happen often?

    • You can email customer service, but I’m betting they probably ran out of the products you were supposed to get.

  8. I was so disappointed for February’s bag. I got ChapStick, prime masks and some other stuff……..not impressed at all. Very disappointed. I hope March is better or I might have to cancel.

    • That does suck. Mine was amazing. I got liquid lipstick (awesome), dry shampoo (I use dry shampoo), highlighter (beautiful soft shade), under eye concealer (works great) and black eyeliner that is smooth and crisp.

      Loved February GlamBag.

      I admit that March’s looks really stupid though

  9. I hope I get the Skyn Iceland product. I love them!!!!

  10. I wonder when we will be able to see the bag design spoiler…

    • It’s lavender with black anchors on it.

  11. If you got the silver glittery Marsk shadow this month, it is so beautiful! I’m so happy to finally get a cool shade. My favorite way to wear this is as a topper on the lid or just the center of the lid, and I use my finger to tap it on. There is no fallout this way, and it just gives a pretty hint of glitter or you can ramp it up by packing it on with your finger and even blend it out if you want it to look less glittery. If you blend it out, you see more of a cool almost blue grey. I can’t wait to try it on a wet brush!

  12. Folks who got estate purple highlighter…
    How is it? I’m still waiting , super skeptical.

    • Loved it

    • The estate highlighter was pretty and it was a big size too

  13. I like a few of the items shared for March Spoilers. I can’t wait to see more spoilers in the future.

    • Love my bag! Just got it today.

  14. Ok, so, just exactly how do you get Ipsy to send Glambags that actually match your profile? Subscribed for 3 years. Do my reviews but have been getting Glambags for someone else’s profile the last 6 months. Been keeping 1 item if that. Emailed Ipsy last month and got a polite response that doesn’t quite make sense… Basically apologizing and advising me to do exactly what I said I’ve been doing. Please let me know what you think of your February GB. I got my sneakpeek and I don’t know who’s profile they went by on this one again either. I don’t wear or use eyeshadow but Ipsy sends me EVERY EYESHADOW! I just don’t get it… They used to be pretty awesome!

    • Hey there! I was told you could tweet Ipsy Care and they could block an item (eyeshadow, in this case) for up to three months for you if you want.

      • Thank you Jessica. I don’t use twitter but I am aware of being able to opt out of items. I had emailed ipsycare a few months ago about a damaged product and discussed this with their rep. I opted out of lipstick. I hung onto that email. That way, I’m still talking to the same rep if I want. I’m told I can opt out of one other. So, I’m trying to decide on eyeliner or eyeshadow… Decisions. Decisions. Don’t get me wrong, 20 years ago, I would have flipped for the eyeshadow I’m getting in my February Glambag. It’s just that I do not have a need or desire for much makeup at all anymore. It’s just confusing that I’ve been with them for so long and it seems like the last 3 Glambags were for someone else… Considering we can see all of the months products, sometimes, I’m like, Oooohhhhh…. I get why I got that. Plus, sometimes, they do put “odd ball” stuff in your bag because they think you might like to try something new. Yes please! That’s part of it. But I already said please no more. Lol! It is what is. I still don’t think I’ll ever actually cancel. Everything in my February Glambag is already spoken for.

        • Oh, I totally know what you mean. I think I’m going to opt out of liquid lipstick. They keep sending it to me and I don’t have it checked off. Its one of those items I’ll never used because my lips are beyond chapped.

          Although, if I’m happy with at least 3 of the products and the bag is cute. I have no complaints (or less of it) haha.

    • Send them an email to customer service that says you do not ever want them to send you any eyeshadow. Or you can say don’t send any for 6 months or a year or whatever. They will fix this on your profile. I specifically had them make mine so that I do not receive any eyebrow products! I have so many from sub boxes literally I won’t need any for like 5 years! I don’t use it every day. So I haven’t received any more. But you have to make the email very specific and say do not send it ever.

    • It also goes by brands. For example, you don’t have eyeshadow marked, but maybe you have “Tarte” marked, and thats the eyeshadows they have to give out. I also found that the fewer things you have marked the better. Only 2-3 period.

    • I asked for no highlighter but got one. I didn’t ask nor want eyeliner either.

      I did try both and LOVE them.

    • Make sure you email them everytime you are disappointed!! Btw I just found out last month that you can block 4 items at a time! I switch some out before the 3 months are up! I do this when I look at the spoilers! But lipstick is not liquid lipstick and dry shampoo is a better choice than just hair products!

  15. Can you still email ipsy and pick an item?

    • Not anymore.

      I like all the items listed but the eyeliner…I opted out of eyeliner for six months…I kept getting black and it’s too stark for my taste now that I am older.

  16. I have been skipping months since November and I forgot this month. I’m glad I did!!
    I’m getting:
    Ofra Liquid Lipstick in ipsy Unzipped
    Beaute Basics in Sweet Taffy or Lavish (both colors are gorgeous)
    IBY BEAUTY Radiant Glow Highlighter in 24k Magic
    M.A.D. Skincare Spot On Targeted Skin Brightening Serum
    Naked Cosmetics Vanilla Crane Lip Scrub

    • How do you skip months?

      • In your mange account there is an option for skipping.

      • When you choose cancel subscription in your account it will ask if you would like to skip a month instead .

    • I would’ve loved your bag! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ I’m getting a purple highligher that I’ll never use, yet another brush that I opted out of them, and it’s purple too! I’ve been getting a few things here and there that I’ll never use as I’m putting together a little bag of these for my going to be 12 in May niece’s birthday and give it all to her.. She’ll be excited I think 😀

      • What a great Auntie you are. At 12 I would’ve been overjoyed to get anything make up.

  17. I really want that eyeliner. I am glad so many people dont want the black eyeliners, because I feel like I can never have enough. I even buy them on my own.
    The Nip + Fab looks interesting also.

    • The sample of that sex kitten eyeliner is so tiny and its terrible for the waterline. Doesn’t last at all and not very black.

      • Good to know, thanks!!

        • I actually really like it. It stays on so well I have trouble washing it all off . Its great for a smoky eye look because it has the smudger end. I use it in my bottom lashes for a smoky look but not on my water line though.

  18. None of these items are coming to me, but I’m very excited about my bag this month. I am receiving the Luxie brush and Pacifica palette. I am also getting a Hey Honey face/eye makeup remover, it cosmetics bye bye under eye, and a blush by Bang Beauty. I don’t know why I’m excited by the blush since I have recently received the same colors in other boxes… I guess I’m just happy to receive makeup and not skincare.

    • These are not coming to anyone until March….These are the March spoilers .

    • I LOVE the it bye bye undereye!!!! It is one of the greatest finds for me from subs. It’s meant for under the eyes, but I use it as a concealer and it does such a great job. I had to go and get a full-sized tube, although a tiny bit goes such a long way that I still have the tiny sample I received probably a year ago.

  19. ohhhh I so want SKYN ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream – I love that stuff!!!

    • I hope I get that too. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds awesome

  20. NO MORE BLACK CRAYON EYELINERS. ugh. please no more.

    plus tarte. i am going to have to remove them from my favorite brands list now after that foundation crap they pulled.

    • what foundation crap? I think I missed that drama.

  21. Someone from Reddit posted these spoilers TARTE COSMETICS Sex Kitten Eyeliner in Black -HIKARI COSMETICS Cream Pigment in Shine -PINK PEWTER Makeup Sponge -GLOSSIER Balm Dotcom in Coconut -SKYN ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream -NIP+FAB Glycolic scrub fix -MEG Good Night PM Masks (calming + moisturizing)
    I hope I get Hikari eye shadow as long as its not latte I have that color already.

  22. I will trade anything in my ipsy bag for the luxe shader/ blender brush.

  23. Another black eyeliner? Yeah…no.

    • I’m having trouble even giving black liners away. We all have too many of them!!!! Ugh!!

      • Please send them my way, I love a good black eyeliner 🙂

      • I actually do not have many black eyeliners!

      • I’ll take one!

    • Normally I’d say the same, have been opted out of liners for months, but this sample should have a cat on the cap ^_^ makes it mildly less intolerable

      • Only the liquid version has the cat on the cap. The pencil does not.

    • I peeked at my box, and I’m not getting an eyeliner in mine this month. You can always check your profile preferences and uncheck eyeliners. You will still probably get them, but not as often.

  24. I hated my Jan bag and of all the months they messed up Feb. The month of Love..I hope March will be better

  25. Gods, not another black eyeliner!!

    Geez, enough already!!

    • You can contact them via e-mail and opt out of receiving eyeliner for six months. I did that as I kept getting black and I like eyeliner, just not black…not on me.

  26. I’d love to try that cloud cream! Crossing my fingers for it! I have the Skyn lip fix and I love it! Would love to try another one of their products.

  27. All of these look great. Yeah, I have a black eyeliner surplus but my inner both is fine with it.☺

  28. I hope I get the skin cream!

  29. I really hope I get the TARTE COSMETICS Sex Kitten Eyeliner in Black. Black eyeliner is an everyday staple for me so I can always use more. But I probably won’t get it since Ipsy tends not to send me the high end brands. 🙁 I like the other spoilers too so far also. Would like to try the SKYN ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream too.

    • On your beauty preferences you should select that you shop at stores like Sephora, Nordstrom, and MAC, even if it’s not true – I’ve heard that makes you more likely to get higher end brands (but less likely to get full-sized products).

      • Nope, I do shop there and for the past year they have sent me junk each month. Lol. I’m starting to think it’s better not to put those places and they will try to entice you the other way. I am about to try it. I checked my points out last month, so they should come this month. If my next month bag isn’t better, I’m cancelling. I’ve been with ipsy for 4/5 years and never skipped a month, but for some reason it’s went downhill the past year or so. Even if you change your profile etc

      • Thanks for the tip Melissa. I guess it takes a lot of tweaking to get Ipsy bags that fit your taste. Hope you’re able to set your profile so that you get great Ipsy bags filled with the products you want.

  30. Love Ipsy.. they keep providing great items for the price. I will definitely keep this box. Love that they provide spoilers in advance and keep you updated throughout the ordering process.

  31. With my luck I get the black eyeliner. 🙅
    Dig the other spoilers (which, with my luck, I won’t get).

    • When you rate your bag, specifically say you dont want any more black eyeliner and are looking for a mask or a scrub (or whatever you want). They have generally listened to my feedback when I am specific and I almost always get the spoiler I want.

      • I’m not a newb at this. I always rate my bag and keep my profile updated.
        ..Thanks, though.

  32. Oh look, it’s a black eyeliner 🤨. I am interested in the Nip+Fab scrub

    • Right!?! How many black eyeliners, mascaras and red lipsticks do we need!

      • I can never have enough red lipsticks. Probably why I don’t get any.

        • Neither do I. I always up with some hideous nude and I hate nude lipstick!

  33. Nip & Fab products are so nice – affordable and very effective. Always happy to see their stuff!

    • I would like to receive that, too.

  34. Oooh. I want everything but the eyeliner. I am incapable of applying eyeliner so all these lovely pencils and pins are useless for me. It always look like I let my kids do my makeup when I try to wear eyeliner. 😂

    • Whoops. Pens not pins. It’s been a long Monday

    • I too have never been able to apply eyeliner

  35. I want that sheet mask!

    • You can have mine for the luxe shader/blending brush 😭

  36. Pleeeease stop with the black eyeliners! So many color choices our there and all they ever send are black ones. Ukkkk.

    • Purple, green, and blue!!! Oh, YES! Black… again.

  37. I’m hoping for that sheet mask!

  38. I would love to try the Skyn Iceland.

    • Me too

  39. Loving it! 😍

  40. Wow, already??

    And those already look easy better than Feb. 🙂

  41. I skipped February, but definitely be back for March. I know this spoilers are not guaranteed but I really like it so far.

  42. Skin care and black eyeliner might be time to skip a month . I will wait and see if any more make up heavy spoilers come out. Although I am opted out of exfoliators and moisturizer so I might be ok.

    • Seriously. If I get one more black liquid eyeliner….

  43. Okay… that impresses me more than the last few months haha.

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