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Galentine’s Day Deal – POPSUGAR Must Have Mystery Boxes!

POPSUGAR Must Have has created two exclusive Mystery Boxes for the MSA Galentine’s Day Party!

The Box: Girls Night In Box

The Cost: $45

The Products: A cozy night in with your besties can be the perfect cure for the cold-weather blues. Luxuriate in self-care at home with our Girls’ Night In box, which features previous products from recent and past Must Have boxes.

Spoiler alert! Each box will include a Jack + Lucy Pillow and Blanket Set ($49.99 retail value).

Each box includes $300+ worth of products. Staying in has never been more fun!

*Orders will ship within 7-10 business days via FedEx SmartPost. This is a one-time purchase box and will not autorenew. See FAQs for more details. All Girls’ Night In boxes contain the same assortment of products.

The Box: Girls Night Out Box

The Cost: $95

The Products: The Girls’ Night Out box is the kit you need to sparkle from head to toe. It features previous favorites from recent and past Must Have and Limited Edition boxes, so you can look your best all night long.

Spoiler alert! Each box will include a Tilo Twilight scarf ($98 retail value).

Each box includes $600+ worth of products to help you get ready for your night of glam.

*Orders will ship within 7-10 business days via FedEx SmartPost. This is a one-time purchase box and will not autorenew. See FAQs for more details. Girls’ Night Out boxes may contain different assortment of products. Different assortments are not guaranteed and duplicates will not be refunded.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (86)

  1. It would be awesome to have the GNI box include the shower gel, sugar scrub, pharmacy moist, and candle from December:) oh and the Feb sweet lotion, heart vase…..


  2. I’m holding out for a sale of the old stuff where you get to pick what you want! AHH! Can’t wait!

    • Really when is that?

  3. is anyone else having trouble purchasing GNI? it’s not letting my purchase go through; for sure there’s no issue with my card, but i reentered all the info, and i’m getting the same error. i’m thinking this is a sign to leave it be this time around…

    • I haven’t been able to complete the transaction. The box is in my cart…pop up notifications are allowed….but when I click ‘checkout’, nothing happens.

      I THINK that the box has sold out as when I went back to the page where you add the item – it has ‘enter email address’ to be notified if this comes back in stock..something like that.

      What I’m confused about is that when I placed my order and the item was ‘added’ to my cart, they were NOT out of stock. I guess if people checked out faster, then maybe we are hung up due to lack of inventory??

      Anyone regretting ordering one that might like your investment back, just message me or email me at [email protected]

  4. Odd question about that Tilo scarf…. 🙂 I bought two December boxes and both of my scarves were a blackened charcoal….. I had seen the one on Liz on the spoilers and now this girl —- both are a beautiful light grey which is much easier to pull off if grey is not your best color….. what color did most get???

    • mine looks exactly like the picture – light gray.

    • Mine is the light grey, just like the pics.

    • I got the charcoal grey. Did not dawn on me there were two different greys out there. The light grey as in above picture is much better. This further is disillusioning me from sub boxes….very disappointed with PSMH too. I hate it when they sub something without telling people. FFF is another one…. I was disappointed in the color of the poncho.

  5. Hmm, did everyone notice that the gni boxes will all be the same but the gno boxes may have different things in them? This could get interesting with reviews…

    • GNO contains some items from LE boxes. They probably don’t have as many of these items, thus variations. That being said, the fact that there are variations should have been in the first spoiler as some of these boxes will likely be far less desirable than others.

      • It is in the print below the spoiler. I didn’t notice it at first but it is there…

  6. GNI box has patchology eye gel mask. I’m glad I saw that, I can remove it from my fff add ons! Score!

    • Where do you see that?

      • MSA Instagram stories. They have a couple of spoilers for GNI and GNO

  7. How long will these be available?

  8. A year ago I would have bought these but now I know it will just be duplicates of things I already have and will go in my swap listings that I have worked hard to pare down. Not for me but I would still love to see what people get!

  9. I just bought the GNI. I was only a subscriber for two months before it went quarterly, so I’m hoping I get some good items I had missed out on. I like the pillow and blanket, and am hoping for some other relaxation items.

    • I picked up a GNI box as well. The blanket and pillow set sound just right at this time of year for curling on the couch, etc. Also seems like there’s less room for it to go wrong preference-wise. The GNO, while intriguing and will probably also have some great items seems like it could include a bunch of “miss” items that I’d rather not pay for regardless of the deal.

      Anyway, I’m super excited and hope everyone loves their box(es).

  10. I couldn’t resist and bought both! I have always been happy with Popsugar mystery boxes. Happy Galentines to all!

  11. I was kind of hoping they would have another boutique sale instead of mystery boxes to unload their old inventory. These mystery boxes are soooooo hit or miss.

    ughh…decisions, decisions…..

    • I was hoping for some kind of deal on the new quarterly boxes. I can’t justify the $75/quarter without at least a couple good spoilers, but was waiting to cancel until I checked for deals today. 🙁

  12. I was hoping to for a deal on the February box.

  13. I went for the GNI. I don’t know about the previous mystery boxes, but the GNI is a value of 300 and the night out is 600 – a typical box is 150 value, so it’s like getting a double box for the GNI, which seems like a terrific value to me.

  14. I wish I could afford the popsugar boxes but unfortunately they are not in my budget.

  15. I have been off PS since mysub ran out last year. There’s nothing I can’t live without. When I start feeling that temptation I look around at all the PS items I still have, still in their packaging and that calms me down, for a minute

  16. Just a heads up there is no mention of LE on the girls night in package so while I would assume they’ll throw in something from the last LE because they’ve been trying to sell it off there is no guarantee of that and it might be a bigger assortment of the past 5 months of boxes.

  17. Ooh yay! I love mystery boxes! Good luck everybody!

    • Oops, wrong post. 😝

  18. Broke down and got one of each. I rarely get subscription boxes so I treated myself today. 🙂

  19. I will not give in. I will not give in. And the lie detector says…That’s a lie. Just gave in and got the GNO. Popsugar don’t let me down!

    • Hahaha – that was so cute! 🙂

  20. Just ordered both! Excited since I haven’t subbed all year.

  21. Yay! I splurge and bought the $45 box. Can’t afford the new pricing so here’s to hoping it will be my last great box for a while. Thank you, MSA!

  22. Yes please

  23. Please please please have the kids seybert placemats from the nieman box in there!!!

    • Kim not kids!

  24. I can’t believe I just bought the GNI one. Dear PopSugar, please don’t let me down. I must be insane. I can’t get with the new $$ sub price so I’ll let this be my last dance with them.

    • I’m with you! Not in the budget but hoping this is a good last hurrah! Praying the farmacy moisturizer and sugar scrub tub are in there so I can justify my insanity to my husband!

      • I am telling myself it will be great! I really have enjoyed all their mystery boxes except for the *cough* *cough* THE ONE *cough* *cough* we all eviscerated. I felt bad because their CS ended up being so awesome about it.

      • Oooooh, eviscerated, I haven’t heard that word in a while, great usage! I love words. ;D

      • ohhhhh man if they had the sugar scrub in there, i would get it in a heartbeat! it’s so hard to justify because i got two of the boxes that included the blanket/pillow and sleep mask. but that sugar scrub has done amazing things for the dry winter skin on my arms and shoulders! i need more for sure!!

  25. @Liz

    Do you happen to know how many items will be in each box?

    • I don’t, but I’ll reach out and ask.

    • Update: there are over 12 items for Girls Night In and over 10 items for Girls Night Out!

      • 😍

      • That is actually more exciting. The people that are more about more is more can get the gni box and the ones that are more about quality over quantity can get the gno box. Assuming the gno box does have higher quality items in it of course.

      • Thanks so much! Bought one of each

  26. Totally bought the $45 one. I’ve been kinda trying to swap for that blanket set and I haven’t subbed since August so I’m hopeful I won’t get too many repeats.

    Here’s hoping!! 🙂

  27. If anyone wants to split, I would love the pillow and blanket.

    • Amy, I will split with you! I just ordered the GNI and already have the pillow and blanket but am interested in the other surprises.

      • Susan, would you mind sending your email address?

      • coloryourday

  28. Liz, do you have any information on the number of items in either box? Just wondering if they’re sending more items that are less value each, or a few items that have a very large value.

  29. Thanks MSA! I splurged and got both. I like the scarf and pillow/blanket set. 😊

  30. Please please please put the farmacy moisturizer in the GNI box!!!

    • Ooh, that would be awesome!!!

  31. Too expensive. I need more spoilers for that price.

    • agree! I know that swan drink holder just has to be “floating” around in PSMH warehouse or anything from the Nov box like the killer wire headband! I do know some love the mystery box surprises but def not for me!

  32. I got the girls night in box. I’m much more of a homebody than a going out person plus less expensive. Hope it has the sleep mask, kcups, snacks, and other goodies.

  33. Got the Girl’s Night In. I love the pillow/blanket set so having another set for car rides is perfect. Hoping for another tub of the sugar scrub.

  34. I’m staying strong and remember the 4th of July fingernail polish they sent me to make up for the 2 non-fall themed items and the missing item in my fall mystery box. I felt ripped off by popsugar the last time. Last time the spoiled item was most defently the best item in the box so if you wouldn’t pay the price for that item alone the box could be a disappointment.

  35. I went ahead and sprung for the GNI box. I gave away two sets to my mom and stepmom for Christmas, and they love them. Plus, my bf stole my sleep mask, so if there is one in this box, I’ll be happy. Hopefully they aren’t tricking us with the photo!

  36. I caved and got the girls night in. I’m not a subscriber, I’ve just gotten a couple of mystery boxes before so I figure, I probably won’t get a lot of duplicates. Thanks, MSA!

  37. If it was in my financial capabilities, I would probably get one of each. I can only really swing for a $25 box. I am sure they will be awesome, as I’m guessing it will be all new products to the mystery box game.

    • Huh? The mystery boxes always contain past items.

      • I think she probably meant newer items than the same stuff we saw recycled through various rounds of mystery boxes for about a year — swans, stowaway palettes, emoji napkins, etc…

      • Exactly what I meant! Last year, they used some of the same items in mystery boxes over the course of several months and multiple offerings.

  38. Why can’t I resist a Popsugar mystery box? 😂

  39. Sadly I probably have alot of the stuff in some of these and I also think the pillow and blanket very very far from my style. I git the Dec and the Jan and Feb so Im good and the other 100 box has a scarf that I already have and well I may of jumped on but never for 95 specially when you know most of the items are from the Limited womens box that they couldn’t sell for 60. They went up on the boxes but they shouldn’t do that with the mystery boxed or at least yet.

    • Except the Popsugar Women’s box had a value of $414, and this box is promising a value of $600+, so presumably it is better.

  40. I got the Girls Night In one because of the lower cost (less risk) and I’m more of an at-home person anyways….plus, I’d enjoy having a second set of the pillow and blanket. I’m tempted by the Night Out one but I already got 2 December boxes (plus May, June, July, August, 2 Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb etc…lol), 2 Winter LE’s and a fall LE so the spoilers and description isn’t really tempting me. Thanks for getting us these fun deals and surprises!

  41. Love the girls night in!

  42. Based on the burn out from last boxes and based on the past inventory, easy pass, especially for this price point.
    I have a feeling they still have warehouse full of swans, pineapple pins, stowaway palettes and wraps.
    P.S. I bough this scarf from ebay and it is absolutely gorgeous scarf.

    • Thank you for mentioning ebay! just looked it up and I can grab the scarf for way less that the cost of the box!

      • I got it for $15 and black tribe alive bag for $20. Love the scarf, but bag is awful, but at least I did not risk $100

  43. I got the girls nite in but I’m not paying $100 for the other one. They should have done the $25 ones since more people would buy them. I’m not spending $100 on items i have already gotten.

  44. I got one of each, itching to get a second one of each too!

  45. I was hoping for a more affordable price range as well.

  46. Girls night in so far…… THANK YOU!!! 🙂 I LOVE THIS SITE….!!

  47. Not in my price range unfortunately.

    • So tempted but I know the stock and was hoping for the usual $25 one. =(

      • Ditto. Oh well! I’m looking forward to seeing full spoilers though and hope everyone who picks one up enjoys it!

    • I thought the same thing.

    • my thoughts exactly

  48. Easy pass on price alone. I hope everyone who gets them enjoys!

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