February 2018 Target Beauty Box – Available Now!

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The February Target Beauty Box is available now! And this month, it is all Honest Beauty products:

The Box: February Target Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser- 1.0 fl.
    Removes dirt and makeup without over-drying skin
  • Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream- 0.17 fl.
    Contains chamomile and calendula to help calm and soothe
  • Everything Organic Facial Oil- 0.016 fl.
    Replenishes moisture-depleted skin for a supple, smooth and youthful look
  • Everything Primer Luminous Base- 0.33 fl.
    Hyaluronic acid combines with a botanical peptide to help skin look smooth and fine lines look less visible
  • Invisible Blurring Powder- 0.09 oz.
    A translucent loose powder that blends invisibly into a range of skin tones
  • Honest Beauty Coupon 
    $5 off Honest Beauty purchase of $20 or more at Target. See coupon for details. Expires 03/30/2018

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got one box, I had three in my cart but felt so uneasy because this seems like a lame box haha I know it’s mainly free since we pay 7$ for shipping and handling but it was just not as exciting as any of the past ones so I only got one instead. Bah I can’t believe it’s sold out wow, must have been really low on sponsorship this month.

  2. I’m not too excited about the sizes but I do like that it’s all one brand and basically a kit. I need to travel some and this will be great to have for just a quick trip. Overnight or weekend? I guess I’ll see when it gets here. I did look at the sizes before I bought it so I can’t complain.

  3. Oh I missed it. 😒

  4. I haven’t found a single product from Honest Beauty that I like. At best the eye cream is okay. Everything else I’ve tried from shampoo to feminine products have been awful. Not tempted by this at ALL!

    • I love the Magic Balm for lips or wherever. It’s smooth and soothing. I got it in a Beautyfix box last year.

  5. You know this is my first time not buying one in 2 years. At first it was in my cart then I checked later. I actually find this liberating!!!!!!

  6. Easy pass. Tiny samples and not enough samples. So many alternatives besides this brand, so expensive.

  7. Hope they restock I missed it and I’m a east coaster just too busy to buy it this morning.

  8. Curse of the west coast. By the time I am up the box is sold out!
    I would have been interested in trying it but the samples did seem very small.
    So an easy miss that I don’t regret.

    • I know, I got Target’s e-mail at 9:30am pst and the box was already sold out!

  9. I know to look out for the first Monday for Target Beauty Box but is there a certain time that’s best to look? It wasn’t even 9:30am and the box was already posted and gone (checked after midnight last night too just in case). Any one know of have an idea of the timing on the first Monday that the box(es) get dropped?

    • Not sure, but I got mine around 5am EDT.

    • 3:45 or so…i just happened to be up, & piddling around…

  10. I’m passing on this box. I loved the Boots box, last month, so I don’t mind a brand takeover. These items are just pretty tiny and I’m pretty well set on these types of products. (Although I wouldn’t mind trying the blurring powder)

    When they do these one brand boxes, they should do a 2nd “regular” box like they did for January! Happy for all that want to try the Honest products and snag this box!

  11. Out of stock already…

  12. Only one box? Come on Target…post the second one …please…. 😉

    And yes, as someone posted…those are teeny tiny samples.

  13. I appear to be going against the flow, but I like this box. I like that Target changed it up and put out a box of all one brand. It will give me a good idea of Honest Beauty as a whole. If I like 3 or 4 items, then I won’t hesitate to purchase other items from them. It I only like 1 or 2 items, I may not purchase from them in the future. And I estimate the retail value of the box to be $21.55, so it’s definitely worth it to me.

  14. I am a minority but I don’t like this brand. I remember we received balm from Beautyfix and it is so rancid that I had to throw it away. I used several product for baby and it was not that great. Baby body wash was too watery and with odd smell.
    Easy pass.

    • I thought it was just me…that balm was disgusting!!! It smelled rancid and was like putting lard on your skin. I don’t get it??

  15. Cool! I’ve wanted to try out this brand & this is an economical way to try some of their products.

  16. I heard not so good things about this brand. Plus I am not a Jessica Alba fan..haha I know shallow! 😀

    Happily waiting for my QVC Tili box 🙂

    • Same!! Easy pass for me.

  17. I love this brand. However, I bought a ton of skincare from Wake the Dead Scrubs online, so I’m good for skincare for a while, though I would definitely suggest this box to people. Makeup isn’t “flawless” if your skincare regime is flawed.

  18. Not too exciting for me, I noticed the prices were quite high for these products. Night sure I would repurchase at the cost. I use Sunday Riley Night Luna and for the 0,5 bottle it is about 53.00 same price as one of their products. I already know Luna is a great product.

  19. Not too keen on an entire beauty box with just one brand. I’m going to pass on this one. At least there were 2 great boxes last month to carry me through.

    • That’s sort of how I feel. I’m glad to come here, read comments, and not feel crazy for passing on it. I’m sure others will be psyched for it, so more for them 🙂

  20. Finally a Target beauty box that I’m actually interested in buying ! I’ve always wanted to give this brand a try 🙂

  21. Anyone have an extra $3 off coupon they aren’t using?

    • Those coupons are only good for a month. The ones from January boxes expired yesterday.

  22. I have been checking every day this month to see when the box would be available ! Was really hoping for something rather February themed -Valentines day theme with something cute some bright colors but since I’ve never tried any of the honest brand facial products I will purchase. But kinda disappointed this months box doesn’t really have a theme per se. But for seven dollars I’m still super excited to try the Honest products

    • It HAS a theme – an introduction to the products of Honest Beauty. Unlike every other box this month, the pink and red lemmings. Target had the guts to actually stand out.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s.
        Or any holiday theme, for that matter.

      • Dea and JuJu – I get it has a “theme” per se of the Honest brand products. I personally was looking for something a little more colorful but that is my opinion. I wasn’t necessarily meaning that the box should be Valentine’s Day theme just looking for something a little more colorful and fun. Just a personal preference. And like I stated I am happy to try the Honest brand of facial products since I have never tried at them before. I personally have purchased just about every month target beauty box because I think it is a great value to try different products I may have never seen or heard of before.

  23. 😍

  24. Thank you Liz!! I Got one.
    January box went too fast for me to order.
    I have been wanting to try the Honest Beauty line. Honest baby products are great!!

  25. This is a great box, but I just bought a load of natural skincare (several orders worth) from Wake the Dead Scrubs as well as other offers from other brands. I’m a skincare “junkie,” so while this is an awesome offer (seriously, jump on it!), I have a lot of cool skincare here and coming my way in four other orders, lol. Will check out the next box, though! 🙂

  26. Is there going to be another one for February that has make up?

  27. Any news on when there will be another baby box???!

  28. I’ve tried most of the Honest products already so I won’t be getting this, but I do love their cleanser and blurring powder.

  29. Easy pass! I loved both boxes last month

  30. Is this already sold out?!? When I click the links, it takes me to the page with Honest products listed, but no box option?? HALP!

    • Nevermind, I figured it out! Has to scroll down, it was in the list of products. Was expecting the link to pull up the actual beauty box page. 😄🙄

      • I got confused, too!

    • try going to the bottom of the page. that’s where I found the option to add to my cart

  31. I love the Target boxes. I always find a use for everything in them whether it be personal use or gifting to a relative or friend. I’ve discovered some amazing brands and new favorites through these boxes! I can’t wait for o receive this one!

  32. My first Target box in many months! I’d love to see them do more brand takeovers. Burt’s Bees, Acure, Nyx… I could get into that.

    • I hope this is what they start doing! They carry so many great brands. I LOVED the Boots box from January!

    • I love that idea! I actually really liked what they did for January… a takeover box, and a regular box full of random goodness. 🙂

  33. I actually already use some of this, so a great box! First one I’ve gotten in a long time.

  34. Nope, not for me. Retail of all the items are way too expensive and there are plenty of good products for half the price. Plus coupon last month didn’t work so not worth it if that happens again.

    • If a coupon doesn’t work for you, don’t just let it go, call customer service.

      Both coupons last month worked without a hitch for me.

  35. Anyone having a problem getting the page to load? It seems to be sold out already

    • Nah, it’s still there, just scroll down.

  36. If these items are good quality, then this is actually a very good box. The facial oil, the gel cleanser, the blurring powder are all items I will definitely use.

    I am just disappointed they are not doing a regular Target variety box this month. For one thing, I was hoping for a general beauty coupon, not a brand-specific one (even if it is more generous). Maybe they’ll still announce one, fingers crossed?..

    • And look at those prices, the facial oil is $55 an ounce! These are not some cheapie products we are getting.

  37. Was looking forward to this box but a bit boring so an easy pass.

  38. Yay! This is the first one I’ve liked enough to buy since April of last year.

  39. Nope, not for me, specially with the retail $ of the items. Last month’s coupon didn’t even work, so not risking it for this stuff!

  40. Blah for me. Pass.

  41. Those sound like TINY samples. Think I’ll pass.

  42. Was so excited for this box, but this month is boring and unfortunately an easy pass….

  43. I prefer to get a range of brands so I think I’ll pass this time.

  44. Not an exciting box, but for $7 why not. I have never of the brand they are promoting so fingers crossed.

    • It’s just that on their HonestBeauty website you can get a free trial discovery set that includes

      Shampoo + Body Wash
      Face + Body Lotion
      Multi-Surface Cleaner
      All Purpose Balm
      Hand Soap

      and all you pay is 5.99 shipping. Less money, more items though different…..

      • I am not seeing that on their site?..

        Also no search option.

        • There is a “free trial” option in the menu across the top of the website. But it says you have 7 days after the receipt of the trial to cancel before being automatically enrolled in their monthly beauty subscription.

  45. Maybe it is me, but this box is super boring. Not a purchase for me

    • Same here. Nothing exciting which is fine with me I need to save my money this month

    • It’s not exciting me either, but I really like trying new cleansers, so bought one.

      • I like that cleanser. If you end up not caring for it I found that it’s perfect for cleaning makeup brushes as well. 😊

    • It’s boring to me also. I couldn’t wait to see what was in today’s box. I wish they had two of them like last month.

  46. With most of these samples being super small I figured the value of this box would be pretty low. I couldn’t find it listed in the description either and I’m pretty sure they usually put the value somewhere on there, (Am I remembering that wrong?) so that only heightened my suspicion.
    To my surprise the items actually add up to 21.63 without the coupon. Not bad!
    I gotta say though, I still liked both of last months boxes better, so this is a reluctant pass for me. Still looks like a great box for anyone who isn’t on skincare overload though.

  47. Thanks for the heads up, Liz! I just bought one!

  48. Those sizes are puny and only 5 products. I kind of want to try the setting powder….I don’t know.

  49. I bought already! But I just thought this was an extra one like they did last month because it doesn’t say February beauty box . But I guess this is it which I don’t mind, I am excited for whatever I can get from them ♥️

    • I’m curious to see if a 2nd box will be out. I know they’ve done a “natural” and “beauty” box in the same month a while ago.

      • I was kind of hoping for a second box that had some variety rather than all one brand. I see that others like that, though, and that’s cool. My not buying it means more for them 🙂

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