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Breo Box Spring 2018 Spoiler + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the Spring 2018 Breo Box!

If you aren’t familiar with this subscription, Breo Box (regularly $139/quarter) is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box. Their box focuses on “health & fitness and everyday lifestyle essentials.” Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 6-9 essential products selected for the season.

Each Spring 2018 box will include:

Alien E10 Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case

What do you think of the first Breo Box Spring 2017 spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off your first box!

Check out our Breo Box reviews to see what you can expect!

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  1. Does anyone know whether they will release another spoiler before they bill?

  2. The 1st spoiler looks nice…. my husband and I really enjoyed the Winter box. And for sure this box too !

  3. I gave this box to my 15 yr old son for Christmas. He loved the first box! We even did the puzzle over Christmas vacation. He keeps asking me when his next box is coming. I know he will be thrilled with the ear buds. He uses the wood box to store/hide all his snacks so his younger brother doesn’t get into them.

  4. If you look on Amazon and read the reviews on the Misfit watch, they’re constantly saying that the crystal cracks. It’s unfortunate that Breo went with a watch that had so many known problems. Still absolutely loved the scale in the winter box, so still happy overall. These earbuds look pretty cool, and my husband can always use a back up pair for his AirPods. Fingers crossed that the rest of the spring box items are as useful as these.

    • Dang, I didn’t bother to read but like you I’m happy about the scale.
      Im hoping that there are better spoilers as Im already loving Breo over all

  5. Does anyone know when this Spring box mails out? Wondering if I’d get the earbuds before a long plane ride at end of March… Thanks!

    • I was wondering the same thing and just checked their website, which says the Spring box ships the second week in March. Hope that helps!

  6. These headphones look pretty dope! I never heard of this box until now but now I want one! If says it’s a ‘men box’ but looking at the previous boxes, I’d want most of the items for myself.
    I’m going to wait for more spoilers before pulling the trigger because of the price.

  7. I read the reviews on Facebook regarding the earbuds and they are not good 🙁 I decided to cancel the subscription for now and wait to see if they release anything that makes me feel wanting sign up again. It seems to be a 50/50 if they work so it would be hard to justify at this point.

    • I think I’m going to do the same.

    • I was looking for independent reviews as well and I’m wondering if you saw the correct Facebook review for these earbuds. There’s another knock off brand using alien in their title and I happened upon that one on FB and didn’t realize at first that it’s not for these same earbuds. Typing in the full correct name, including the E10, brings you to other reviews, including a video review from a techie guy that is really very good.

      • Hey! The one that I found was CKCOM Alien on FB and they have the same website as the link that MSA is using for these headphones so I think they are one and the same.

  8. I don’t love this spoiler but will probably stay enrolled for this box. Another spoiler would be great though.

    • Special Contact with Aliens?
      The price I saw for the link was $40. If there are 5-8 more items, seems like a pretty good value.

  9. I wonder if they would really stay in my ears. I was on the fence about keeping this box since it’s so spendy, but I think these would be worth it if they actually stay in during workouts!

  10. Claire, Im still getting used to it after been an Adidas user – so its been a shaky experience. I finally get a little bit of stability and Satan comes in and says ‘not today’. But its good to know that I can get it fixed.

  11. Oooooo. Those look great. I may have to break down and get this. I’d love to get a few more spoilers first though.

  12. Excited tonget these and looking forward to using them for a couple days before I inevitably lose one 😉

  13. if we sign up today, would this be our first box? I def do not want the winter box.

    • On the site it says that Spring would be the first box.

      • Great! thank you!

  14. I like that case. Looks fancy.

  15. Omg! I am definitely staying subscribed!! I LOVE Breo!!! I don’t even know I need something until I get my breo box and then it’s like, “how have I been living without this?!”

  16. OMG those earbuds alone combined with the discount for first time subbers are going to get me to sub for at least this box! My LG TonePro wireless headphones are wearing out and I was looking for new headphones and these would be perfect as well as nice and compact!

  17. It was the Misfit watch – I’m hoping I can get it fixed.

    • I also had problems with my misfit watch. Reach out to misfit, they are really responsive. They sent me a prepaid label to send in the watch and they sent me the new face within a week. Good luck!

      • thanks Em!! As soon as I get home, I am going to contact them -I’m getting used to the watch after the Addidas one, and I was super bummed to find it cracked, and at the gym of all places!!

    • I’m excited – I loved the winter box, which was my 1st, but I just discovered, like about an hour ago that glass on my watch cracked. 🙁

      **My comments got messed up**

      my misfit watched cracked today, hoping to get it fixed.

    • Agreed! Misfit customer service is very helpful. So happy with first watch we bought another one!

  18. This is pretty cool. Are they brown?

  19. WANT.

  20. I’m excited – I loved the winter box, which was my 1st, but I just discovered, like about an hour ago that glass on my watch cracked. 🙁

    • Abby, this is so strange! Reading through the comments I was shocked to see other subscribers reporting a cracked watch crystal. The same thing happened to me right after I received the Winter box, and it was inexplicable—I had worn the watch 4 times and on the 5th day I woke up to find the crystal badly cracked. I didn’t hit it against anything, drop it, or wear it for any kind of strenuous activity. I just wore it like a watch for less than a week. I contacted Breo Box (never received any response). I also contacted Misfit and received an immediate response and they provided me with instructions for returning the watch and sent me a new one, sealed and new in box as a replacement. I was very happy with Misfit’s handling of the situation. However, the fact that I am not the only person who received a defective watch is really surprising. Try working with Misfit, and hopefully you will be able to get this resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

      • Hi.
        It was pretty much the same for me – I haven’t worn a watch in a long time so I made it my thing to be very careful. Like you I wore it like normal – even to bed as it uses that time to monitor you.
        I was at the gym today and wanted to make sure I added my workout – and that’s when I saw it. The thing is – it’s cracked on the inside, that’s pretty strange – it still works but the crack? I can’t figure that out.
        But I will definitely take ypu and Claire’s advice and contact Misfit. Thanks so much!

        • Abby, they have a chat feature on the Misfit site. That’s how I contacted them and sent them a photo of the damaged crystal. The CS representative walked me through the process and provided me with the proper forms to fill out and a mailing label to send the watch back. It was about 2 weeks (or less) from the time I mailed the watch back until I received the replacement. Good luck!

          • Thanks Hun for the walkthrough. I’m looking to getting my new watch 💃💃💃

        • That makes me very nervous that Breo never responded. My goal in 2018 is to not deal with subscription boxes that don’t respond to the subscribers. There is just too many other boxes that will. And this box is not a cheap one either.

          • I understand Jeanette – as much as the box cost, Breo should be on the ball in dealing with customers.
            I’ll make my decision after another spoiler – but I do hope Breo reps are in the comments and hears us.
            This will be my 2nd box and I am a huge fan.
            I even used the box in my room decoration projects – it’s now a silver jewelry box.

          • For what it’s worth, Breo Box was very responsive when I contacted them. There were a few back and forth emails and all were answered timely. Not sure what avenue you used to contact them, but email worked well for me.

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