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$20 PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag – Available Now!

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The Pur Minerals Mystery Grab Bag is available now!

The best surprises are the ones we give ourselves! We took your feedback into consideration and have created another fabulous Mystery Bag! Each bag includes two or more HOT 2017 releases and one of Instagram’s all-time favorite highlight palettes! Overall, 6 full-size products – a $95 value for only $20!

The Box: PUR Minerals Mystery Grab Bag

The Cost: $20

The Products: Six full-size items

Good to know: Please note this item is not eligible for discounts or promotions. (UPDATE – we were able to get coupon code mascaratrifecta to work, though! Thanks, Nikki!)

FYI – These mystery grab bags are typically composed of older stock. Check out our reviews of previous mystery bags to see what you can expect.

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  1. Did anyone else realize that maybe the hint as to what was in the box was the actual graphic with all the products shown in purple glitter? LOL

    I called PUR to express my disappointment and got a refund of the grab bag. I’ll keep the other products I ordered. I’m glad they made it right though, otherwise I would have returned the other products and the grab bag and placed bad reviews on their website and Facebook page. I don’t know what they were thinking!

  2. That’s awful, I’m sorry you didn’t even get the mascaras! I hope you can reach out to them and get resolution. I tried one of the glosses and actually like it a lot, so I will use them and share with my granddaughters….but wow, what a surprise this one turned out to be !

  3. I purchased the Fall Mystery Grab Bag and was very pleased. All of the products matched the silhouettes. I assumed the same for this Mystery Grab Bag. It gave the impression that we would receive the Elevation Highlighter Palette, Eye Polish and 4 lip products. I was hoping it would be 4 nice lip glosses.

    I received the highlighter palette and 5 My Little Pony Glitter Lip Glosses. Very disappointed. I wasn’t expecting to receive 5 GLITTER lip glosses.

    I also received the mascara trio and 3 free samples. I like Pur Minerals and have not had any problems shopping their website. However, I do feel a little deceived by this offer.

  4. I also got 5 lip glosses and the highlight kit. I’m not mad about it. The glosses are nice and they have cute packaging… I didn’t need 5. But I’ll give some away.

    Does anyone know if any other makeup brands have these boxes with leftover product for a good price?

  5. Worst. Mystery. Box. Ever. I don’t care what age you are glitter lip gloss is ridiculous. I will never buy anything from Pur again. They knew what they were doing by literally FILLING these mystery boxes with glitter gloss…nobody in their right mind would buy this crap on purpose :-/

  6. My daughter bought 3 – one each for me, her and her sister for mother’s day presents. She just now called to tell me that we all got a lot of glitter lip gloss. Lots and lots of it.

    This was possibly the worst mystery box of all time. But….I do love my present from her regardless 🙂

    • First “Mystery Box” I have ever bought in my life and it will be the last. I will also never buy ANYTHING from PUR.

      I realize mystery boxes are a crap shoot but 5 out of 6 items being exactly the same product is ridiculous in my opinion.

      I sent a complaint to customer service…just to let them know how ticked off I am. I dont expect a response, cuz they didn’t promise anything other than the highlighter, BUT it did make me feel better! 😂

      Also…those positive reviews of the bag must have been planted, I feel taken advantaged of…and it’s my own fault. 😜

      Sorry to keep harping on the subject, but I’m new to this and it’s left a horrible taste in my mouth.

      • Agreed. Comment back if you get a response, interested to know.

  7. Horrible. Don’t waste your money.


    seriously some glitter powder and 5 glitter lip “toppers”? what the heck this is the very worst grab bag ever!! How dare they even show that picture indicating different shapes of products! I figured half of them I wouldn’t use but that I’d find half useable. This is not useable at all!! Is there anything anyone can do to fix our stupidity for being suckered into ordering this?

  9. This along with the naked palette from boxy…I will be dressing up as a unicorn for Halloween this year for sure 😂.

  10. 🌈🌈🌈Add me to the list! I also received all the ponies but Rainbow Dash. My almost 7 year old is very excited 😆. I’m not quite 40 yet so perhaps I can pull it off on top of all the matte lippies I get that look awful on me 🤗

  11. Unless you want 5 My Little Pony lip gloss toppers, don’t buy this. As someone that doesn’t wear glitter, this box was a bust for me. I guess the mystery box was the only way they could get rid of them.

    • Well I already ordered. I really hope I don’t get a bunch of glitter (the herpes of the arts and craft world). The gift that keeps on giving and you ain’t never getting rid of. LOL

      • When you get yours let me know what was in it. I got the elevation highlighter pallet and the 5 glosses so I’m wondering if anyone will get anything different. I was thinking of ordering one for a friend but if they are all the same then their isn’t a point.

        • Will do. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

        • Same thing

          • Well I received what everyone else received. 5 My Little Pony lip glosses. I have a 21yr old daughter that I don’t think she will wear these. Definitely leaving a crappy comment/review.

    • OMG!! Just received mine too! FIVE My little pony sparkly lip glosses! Hahahahaha what a joke! Learned my lesson – I guess I’ll give them to my 4 year old granddaughter. Sure can’t go by their “mystery box” graphic. Thank God for the mascara trio otherwise I would have paid $27 for the highlighter palette which I didn’t even want. UGH! I feel so stupid.

      • I haven’t even received mine yet and I am getting irritated. LOL. First I hate glitter and second I only wear lip balm. So 5 lip glosses will p*s* me off. I heard some people didn’t get their mascara trio or the free samples. I foresee a conversation with PUR in my future. Fingers crossed.

  12. Only buy if you like he My Little Pony movie. Everything in the bag was glitter lip gloss toppers except for the Elevation Highlighter palette. As a woman over 40, it was a huge waste of money for me.

    • I could just cry…I wanted this so much since I missed the last ones due to finances…5 Glitter Glosses!…never again… I don’t even know anyone who will use these. Btw I am 64! would think I would Know better.

      • Besides the disappointing products, I didn’t get the samples or the mascara trio!

        • That’s awful, I’m sorry you didn’t even get the mascaras! I hope you can reach out to them and get resolution. I tried one of the glosses and actually like it a lot, so I will use them and share with my granddaughters….but wow, what a surprise this one turned out to be !

  13. I couldn’t help myself, I really loved the highlighter palette I received recently, and if the picture is any indication, it’s a different one (the travel one with fan brush). If the pic’s silhouettes are right I think I know three of the items 😉. Plus the two samples and free mascara trio, sigh sorry hubby.

  14. Don’t need it but had to get it. With the mascara coupon code and samples it made the shipping not such a big deal. At least they use ups which is a bit safer also.

  15. Very tempted by this, but trying to have some restraint. Already on makeup overload. Great deal, though!

  16. If you go to their site sign up with your Facebook they will give you a 25% off coupon that works on this!

  17. If the products are anything like the past mystery bags, then it’s worth the $6.95 or so shipping cost to me. There were a lot of products I wanted to try but didn’t want to spend for a full-sized version and risk hating it.

    Thanks so much, MSA!

  18. Well I got one. It came with two free samples and I was able to grab a $15 mascara for free. There was also a $6.95 shipping and handling fee but for what all I am getting I’m not going to complain.

  19. I just bought it, shipping is 6 something but if it’s really a 95 dollar value plus I got 2 samples plus a free full size mascara with code mascaratrifecta makes it worth it to me.

    • Thanks for the code! Was able to use it for the 3 mascara samples!

  20. Sold Out 🙁

    • I was just able to purchase it’s 12pm est here

    • Still let’s me add to Cart. Try again, the site is a horror!

    • I just got it!

    • I was just able to purchase one. It didn’t say sold out!

    • Not sold out but dont use paypal!!!! I had to go back and redo, it emptied my cart twice. No issue when I switched to credit card. Im going to laugh when I get 3 of these…

  21. It is $6.95 minimum to ship. Changes the game for me.

    • same here. I was ready to purchase until it charged me shipping. My wallet and card are happy.

  22. I just ordered (at least I think I did, lol checkout looped a bit, gave a paypal error but when I checked email, said it went through) anyway…not impressed with highlight palette either but 6 full size products for $20 seems good value. Also, they added 2 extra samples and a $19 mascara trio to my order as a bonus! Again, checkout was a horror but I’ve received a confirmation with all these items listed. First time Pur customer -?we’ll see what I actually receive! Haha!

  23. Is their site usually this awful? Slow, freezing, and timing out.

  24. Why area there no reviews? Do you not receive this mystery bag to review it?

    • They lost me at “highlight palette”.

      • I was just about to post that exact comment! I hear you girl 😉

    • I believe you can look at comments of past announcements and people will come back and list what they received.

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