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Ipsy January 2018 SPOILERS Round #2

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have one more spoilers for the January 2018 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for January!

Here are some of the items being sampled:

ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – 1 oz



What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am able to review my January 2018 ipsy glam bag and I don’t have most of the items listed on round 1 nor 2. I only have the felt eyeliner.

  2. According to a poster on Reddit these are some February spoilers sent to them from Ipsy C.S.
    -HALEYS Foundation Primer
    -LUXIE BEAUTY Custom Designed Dual Ended Brush in 205, 239
    -MARSK Loose Eyeshadow in Foiled Again
    -BEAUTE BASICS Eyeshadow in Lavish c39
    -SAND & SKY Detoxify + Brighten Purifying Pink Clay Mask”
    So maybe I won’t skip February.

    • I want that brush! It would be a great purse brush!

  3. Now that they don’t let us pick an item I wish they’d at least release more spoilers A. so people could more easily decide if they want to keep the bag for the month and B. to keep the excitement going. AT least bring back the “Every user will get at least one of these products” thing, or at least show more exciting options to hype people up. Seeing these iffy makes me worry everything else being offered is going to be terrible.

  4. The hack is working for me! I’m getting:
    OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Cream (Yay, it’s the thing I was hoping for)
    The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (looks fun)
    Looks like a Ouai product, I think hair oil (love Ouai)
    DLS eyeshadow (ok sure)
    eyeliner? (meh)

    • What did you type? I can’t get the hack to work, I am curious if I am doing something wrong.

      • display: block !important; in phase two, then close the inspect window. You should get a box that offers to reveal your items. Click it and share to facebook. The facebook post should be a little picture that shows your items. I have my settings set so that only I see posts like that.

        • How do you read what you’re getting? When I post mine to facebook, it’s so small that I can’t read anything.

          • It’s a little detective work! I compare the tiny pic to the spoilers here and the “Shop the Glam Bag” page, plus sometimes something just pops out – like theBalm has a specific look, so I went to their site and found the item. The eyeliner I have no idea though! It may not even be an eyeliner, maybe it’s a brow pencil, I’m just guessing due to the odds since eyeliner is a frequent product.

    • The detective work of seeing my products early was almost more fun than actually receiving one of these ipsy bags anymore! From what I recognize I’m getting
      The Balm Mary Lou highlighter,
      The Real-Chemistry fresh start foaming cleanser, and the
      So Susan liquid Matte Lipstick.
      The others aren’t anywhere on the ‘shop the bag’ and I don’t recognize them so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for the last two.
      Definitely my last month with Ipsy. I don’t think I can handle getting one more ‘clearly for a more tan person than me’ nude liquid lipstick and yet ANOTHER black eyeliner.
      Especially when Allure is putting out such great spoilers. (That I don’t have to cross my fingers and pray that I’ll get.)

      • That Sunday Riley full size IS tempting! Yeah, I’m pretty sick of the nude lip/eye stuff and the black eyeliner, but Ipsy every once in a while really gets me spot on, so I stick around!

  5. does anyone order things from ipsy shopper. I got redirect link to the brand site and place 3 different in different time. only received one email said I did earn shopper cash. the other 2 order didn’t have any email for earning shopper cash. just wondering does anyone got same problem? I’m thinking if these 2 orders didn’t earn the shopper cash I had to return it. if I order things checkout in shopper site had no problem but redirect to other link it need to improve not knowing how they work for some items are not count to earn shopper cash. Does anyone had idea?

    • I had a similar issue with my ipsy shopper order! I would follow up with customer service, including screenshots of all of the orders and if possible a screenshot proving that a Shopper deal was advertised.

      Mine took about a month to resolve but I did get my cash back!…eventually.

  6. does anyone buy things from ipsy shopper? I had no idea how they work when you used their link to buy product. I got redirect to link to the store and place 3 orders but only received one email said I did earn their shopper cash. if I didn’t earn the shopper cash for other 2 orders I thinking to return it. anyone know about it?

    • I have bought many things from ipsy shopper and they add a soeacial everyday and it’s using a great buy iv got cash back on everything I get a check from the at the end if the month I think you have to have 10$ in cash back for them to send you a check but the check is legit I deposited it in my bank it was available a few days later.

  7. If you look at shop the glam bag you can see more things that will be in this months bag. There will be a So Susan lipstick which someone already mentioned, the new york eye shadow which was in the 3 month spot, looks like the coffee scrub might be featured again, those were only things that interested me so I can’t remember rest but you can look at shop glam bag under shopper on Ipsy app or page.

    • I just did the “hack” and the only way I could see my products was the tiny blurry pic that gets shared to facebook and the only 2 items I could clearly make out were the Kokie lippie and the Caviar CC cream (which is apparently a hair cream). I can make out something from theBalm (looks like a highlighter), some type of retractable liner, and a small blueish tube. Those last 3 items arent on the shop ipsy glam bag and I have no idea what they are (aside from theBalm because you cant mistake those samples lol. could be Mary Lou Manizer.)

      Not very excited for this month 🙁

  8. I got the dry shampoo in November so hopefully something a little more exciting will come out.

  9. I’m sorry to say but…. the bag is downright ugly

    • I agree

    • I agree too

    • Agree

  10. I love that dry shampoo – hope I get it but I never seem to get dry shampoos.

  11. I skipped last month, and I’m going to skip this month as well because these items are not exciting to me at all. The bag is also kind of ugly :/

    ipsy is getting lazy with their products… I think I will be cancelling my subscription and moving to boxycharm. even though it is more expensive, I know that I will use all of those items(or use most of them and gift the others that I do not like, while still getting my moneys worth)

  12. I’m not over the moon about any of the spoilers so far, but I do think this bag looks fun!

  13. I want the City Color because I will actually use it and I wanted to try it. The bag has sneaker look I guess because people want to get healthy for 2018. Cute.

  14. Why does making your ipsy come in every other month cost more??? I don’t get the options.

  15. I’m glad Ipsy has a skip option because after several years of a lot of beauty boxes I need a break from Ipsy for a few months. I don’t want to cancel I just don’t want to keep bags of items that I won’t use. I had no qualms about canceling Birchbox but Ipsy sends me nicer items.

    • My sentiments, exactly! I just paused ipsy for 3 months. January isn’t looking too hot to me. The bag is cute though. I cancelled birchbox in October. I rarely used what they sent me.

  16. The bag looks cute. I always wanted to try a cc cream

    • The CC cream is for your hair. It’s actually a REALLY nice product

      • I’m glad you said…i always thought a “cc” cream was for face

        • Normally, it is. Just not from this brand lol!!

  17. I’d never tried a contour kit till Boxycharm. I actually really like it, especially the orange color for dark circles.

    • Oops wrong thread.

  18. Where is round one spoilers?

    • Those are the first round spoilers the only second round is the shampoo.

  19. The bag is hideous. I want the eye cream.

    • I agree…that bag is all kinds of ugly. Nothing too exciting in the spoilers either.

  20. I thought it had something to do with age also but I have two profiles that are the opposite and my daughter has a profile and she’s 14. We have the opposite profile too but we get the same bag all the time all 5 products then we split the other bag because it’s usually complete opposite then the two we get.

  21. I’m sure some of the sportier people out there will appreciate how the bag looks like a shoe.

    Overall new year, new toy theme that starts every resolution period.

    I’ve never liked the non-vans/converse tennis shoe aesthetic but I really do appreciate the effort.

  22. I am glad I skipped this month. Even if I could choose an item there is nothing I would choose from that list. I already have the contour set and was afraid I would get it again which is main reason I skipped but I don’t like a single thing including the bag!

  23. I skipped 3 months then finally just cancelled.

  24. Really disappointed with what I’m seeing so far. December’s bag sucked for me and so did November’s. If this one is just as bad it will probably be time to cancel

  25. I don’t like Oribe products. My hair is very long thick and curly that sample lasts me 2 uses. I got that sample in Birchbox. That’s one of the reasons why I canceled Birchbox. I only got hair products. Which I hate getting as samples.

    • You can email ipsy and request to opt out of hair products 🙂

  26. I’m not so excited about this month but I’m excited to see what they give me bc what I did was if I have 2 of the almost the same thing like for me it was lipgloss, eyeshadow, brow pencils, and lotions . So I crossed all of those things off like anything lipstick, lipgloss wise and so I’m curious bc I crossed so much off what on earth will they give me. See if their personalization u pick helps or not☺️

    • I had been wondered the same thing. I’ve never gotten a brow product despite having two profiles with eyebrow makeup checked. I LOVE brow products, so I crossed nearly everything off my profile except for brow products and foundation products and it’s still yet to give me anything eyebrow related, and yet I’ve seen tons of people who got eyebrow products who didn’t even want them that I would have loved! Seems to me they give you the exact opposite of what you ask for!

      • You are exactly right, IMO. I was CONSTANTLY getting items I did not even slightly want. My best friends daughter is also subbed & it became SO predictable that everything I hoped for-she got. We are polar opposites-she is extremely fair skinned, blonde, almost white hair, blue eyes. I’m olive skinned, black hair, brown eyes. Every lip product I hoped to get-she would get. We both were going to receive the same brand of an eyeshadow but there were 2 color possibilities-She got the color I wanted. Luckily she has traded with me for a number of items but it happened so many months in a row (and I’m so serious every month I would say I bet she’ll get this, this n this & sure enough she would. That eyeshadow, I had called the color I wanted & said she would get it-sure enough lol) I went & changed my profile to match HER skin, hair & eyes & I also opened another account with features close to hers, but also used her age instead of mine. I’ve been getting so many things that I really want now. Not always EVERY item, but much more so than I did before. So strange.

        • Maybe it matters more about age then anything? I wonder!

          • Reviewing your products every month does wonders, FYI.

          • I assume the age matters – I dropped my age by about 15 years (45 to 29) and suddenly started getting products and colors I like. My personal experience is that if they think I am 45 I get a lot of skin care (meh), and if they think I am 29 I get purple eyeshadow and other fun makeup (yay). Just my own experience though, and I do review, too.

          • I thought age mattered also but I signed my 14year old daughter up for Her birthday and we have gotten the same bag for 3months we wanted different bags to trade and try more products but it didn’t work out that way. We will probably get the same bag this month. Funny thing is she has blonde thin hair I have thick brown hair she has oily skin mine is dry the only thing we have in common is we both have green eyes

          • I am not sure if the age matters. I am 28, with light brown hair, hazel eyes and light olive skin, and I get more bad products than good ones. I usually get the black liner, brown puky lipstick, green or brown glitter shadows, pale brow pencil, and primers. And I review every month and switch up my profile.But sometimes I get an Ofra lippie or Luxie brush which makes me happy, and I tell myself that ipsy is all about trying out new things, so I use all the products except the horrible brown lippie. I am going to change my age in Feb to 22 yrs and see what happens.

  27. Oh no. Not another Oribe product. I have curly hair and cannot use their products. Too heavy. Not fond of dry shampoo for curly hair either.
    I hope I get the eye cream, which means I won’t.

    • It’s the same one they sent in November. I’m personally really hoping for it!

  28. I never fine Ipsy spoilers exciting ( except for the bag ) Because I’m likely not to have a single one of them in my bag. Like the previous commentor just said I really wish we could pick one item so we would know for sure that we like one item in our bag.

    • Totally agree!

    • I have never got any of the spoilers that are shown either

  29. I really hope I get the dry shampoo! I’ve wanted to try that one forever!!!

  30. Skipping this month. Don’t really want or need any of these things.

  31. I really wish they hadn’t taken away our option to choose one item…. other subs have it…. it at least guarantees there’ll be one item in our bag that we’ll actually be looking forward to trying.

    • I agree!

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