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Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2017 Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

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Thanks, Luna and bunnee, for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Indie Beauty Expo!

The Box: Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2017 Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $125 + $12.95 shipping

The Products: “The collection features the 24 winning products from the IBE Best In Show 2017 Awards in full or deluxe samples sizes.”

Are you grabbing a box?

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  1. WOW! Just WOW! I am super impressed with this collection. I’ve subscribed to so many different boxes and have purchased just about every limited edition beauty box out there and I am still incredibly thrilled about this collection.
    One of the best boxes I have ever received and I’m not one for hyberbole. If I wasn’t already drowning in products, I would get another one. Hmmmm, I still might.
    The brands and products included are unique and most I have never used before so there will definitely be new experiences and new faces for sure.

  2. Mine was missing the hair product. 🙁 I emailed them, and hopefully they’ll send me one.

    But overall, I thought this was an awesome box, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  3. I just got my box and I am over the top in love. I think the value is almost $700 by my math trying to figure exchange rates and no sizes for a couple of things. Almost everything is new to me and generous if not full size. Most things are natural or organic though not all. There are only five things that I don’t think I want as they aren’t things I use.

    For Lynn: if natural smells can bother you, this isn’t the box for you probably. There is a brush holder, lipstick and nail polish etc but there is a lot of scented skin and body care, haircare, deodorant, perfume etc. I love the smell of the plum facial oil a lot which is a surprise to me but most things smell at least a bit and some are big smells, though I do like the smell of all but one.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for your feedback about the scents. This sounds like something I should pass on. There are some natural smells I can handle, but there are quite a few I can’t (flowers, woods,etc). Things like rose, lavender, patchouli…make it really hard to breath. Oh well – relieved and disappointed. I’ll have to live vicariously through everyone’s posts.
      Thanks again.

  4. Just got my tracking info for this. It weighs 7 lbs. Looking forward to it!

    Still available by the way.

    • I just received it! Omg, I’m in love!

      • For those of you who got your box, I held off buying at two different points. When this thread started, I had the concern that too many products would be fragranced for me (there are a very small number of natural, fruit-based fragrances I can handle). I can handle the fragrances in Origins ginseng day or night creams, Belief’s cream moisturizer, etc – but not most Caudalie products. If you have your box, can you tell me how many (roughly) products are perfume-y? Luna – I did look at the ingredient lists, but I’ve learned that fragrance or the many terms they use for fragrance doesn’t real tell me how powerful the scent is and how scent-laden the product is.

        Then a couple of days ago I was just about to purchase it, and I thought it almost all looked like skincare, with one tool (the brush holder) and one lip product. There was a foundation but I don’t wear primer or foundation. Then today I reread this thread and saw Dianac’s comment that she’d like it more if it had more skincare, so maybe I was inaccurate in thinking it seemed to be mostly skincare. I know I can see the products, but I think that having it in person might give a better sense. Those of you who ordered it or have it, does this seem to mostly skincare as opposed to makeup?

        I made it through two rounds of resisting buying this. I want to buy it because of the excitement of new products that are new and Indie, and it’s such a great value. But I don’t if most of these are things I’ll use. I don’t know if I want help being talked into buying this or being talked out of buying it. Is there a special 12 step program for people who don’t know if they’re coming to refrain or indulge?

        The fear of missing out is real.
        I hope those you who got this box are loving it.

  5. I am so excited about this box! The scientist in me created a spreadsheet and did the math last night. With a few unknowns I determined this box value to be $578 plus or minus $50! As confirmed above the value is greater than $600! Yay for new discoveries! Yay for indie beauty! And yay for MSA for providing us a forum to feed our addiction! And to Luna who truly should be on staff!

    I look forward to a review of this box!

    • Awww, thanks Dee! I just saw your comment, and I guess we could say I’m a MSA volunteer. 😉 haha

  6. If it had more skincare and less everything else, id bite.

  7. I too caved and purchased this box. I’m looking forward to the return to NYC. I didn’t get to attend 2017 but I’m definitely going this year. Anyone else in the area thinking about going?

    • I’m not in the immediate area, but I travel to NYC frequently and would LOVE to go!

  8. Opted for this over the NAP box. It’s a higher value and the brands are interesting.

    I’m most excited by the plum oil and brush rack!

    • What is the MAP box?

      • The NAP box is the Net-A-Porter box. 🙂

  9. I had to snag this box as soon as it was released. I would love to go to the expo since it’s in LA but unfortunately, I will be out of town for work that week! Sad, sad, sad!

    I also really like the fact that the brands are usually small businesses run by women and I like to support that entrepreneurial spirit.

    • Hi Karen! I just asked in the NAP post whether you were going to attend the IBE, and I just now saw your answer above. 🙂 Darn, too bad you’ll miss it. Hopefully next year & this box will tide you over until then. 🙂

  10. Are these samples or full size products? Do we know?

    • Based on the past boxes I’ve purchased, some will be full-sized & some will be deluxe samples. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to tell what the sizes are based on the pictures.

      • I may be wrong but it looks to me like the sizes are given if you click the link and scroll down.

        • Cool! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

    • Amanda, if you go online to their site, it has all the info including the sizes of each product.
      It looks like a really good selection

      • Hey guys! We actually noticed your questions and updated our website to be a bit more clear on the sample vs. full sized products. The collection has 19 full sized items and 5 deluxe sized items (which you can get more than one use out of). Total retail value is a bit over $600 and they are incredible brands. Not only has our team tested them, but so have our panel of 14 expert evaluators that includes beauty editors, buyers and industry professionals. We hope you enjoy this collection and our brands can’t wait to hear even more feedback on their products!

        • Ooooh, I’m even more excited for the box now! Thanks so much for sharing some more details on the box. 🙂

  11. I do like checking out Indie brands, but this is too expensive for me right now. Have these gone on sale before or do they usually sell out?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on sale before. For example, the Dallas box stayed up on their website until it sold out but the price never came down. It took a while for it sell out but I have a feeling the Best in Show box will sell out much faster.
      Of course, I’ve not been following the Indie box for more than a few months so others that have bought more of their boxes (Luna, for example) may know better than I.
      I’m not much help am I? LOL

      • I don’t think I’ll be much help either… haha… only because I have no idea how quickly last year’s Best Of box sold out since I didn’t really follow it after purchasing it the day it launched. ha! But, Christine is definitely correct with that the Dallas box took a while to sell out. I remember it launched sometime in the Summer when I was on my no-buy, and I was still able to pick it up in September (it was actually my 1st purchase after my no-buy ended. haha!).

  12. How many items are full size

  13. Skipping this box. I am going to actual Indie Beauty expo next week so hopefully I will get some product there.

    • Ooh please tell me more about these expos?!

      • Jennifer, this will be my first one. I am going thanks to Luna’s advice. I will definitely share the experience.

        • Do tell! Maybe even take some pics to share with us. I’m so bummed I won’t be in town to go. So jealous! I hope you have a fabulous time. Maybe your kids will be inspired by what they see.

    • I’m still jealous Svetlana. 😉 I can’t wait to hear all about your experience!

      • It definitely going to be unusual. My husband is out of town and I d not have babysitter so I had to bring my kids with me. Hopefully they will let me buy tickets for them there or since they are small they let them free. If they don’t let them, at least I get my bag. On positive note, I can use carpool lane with kids to get to LA faster 🙂

        • Hi Svetlana,

          IBE here! Thank you for all the positive feedback and we’re delighted that you plan to attend. Unfortunately all of our attendees must be 16 years of age or older to attend. We do understand the inconvenience to parents, but we try our best to make this clear on our ticketing page.

          Indie Beauty Expo, while intended for beauty lovers and trade professionals, is unfortunately not a very kid-friendly environment. It is a large-scale event space that is loud, full of tables (many with expensive and fragile products) and can easily be crowded. We cannot be responsible of any accident to your children and to the exhibitors at Indie Beauty Expo.

          We hope you don’t take this the wrong way! After all, we are a team of mainly women ourselves, some of whom are mothers. We just want your focus to be on the brands and founders!

          We look forward to welcoming you at the show 🙂

          Team IBE

        • Hey Svetlana, we’re so thrilled to have you join us at IBE for the first time! Many people tell us they didn’t know what to expect when coming to our expo for the first time but once they enter, it’s love at first sight! We’re not like ordinary trade shows and we truly care about providing a fun consumer shopping experience as well as B2B platform.

          As I was reading the comments I couldn’t help but notice you mentioning having to bring your kids. We absolutely love the little ones but unfortunately due to safety concerns and our many intricate exhibitor displays (much of which has glass and open containers on a yank-able tablecloth) we do not permit anyone under the age of 16 to attend, including the tiny tots in strollers. I’d hate for you to show up and be disappointed at the door so I hope it works out that you can snag a babysitter in time. If you purchased a VIP bag you can still come to pick it up, we’ve sold out—so definitely don’t miss out on those goodies! Fingers crossed we’ll see you there!

  14. My daughter saw this yesterday online and purchased two. One for me too. Yippee lol.

  15. Hi MSA,
    The new Net-A-Porter kit is available too! 🙂

    • Luna, I trust your judgment. Which do you think is a better buy? Net a Porter or the indie beauty box?

      • Hmmm, for me that’s a tough call, and I fear I won’t be any help (haha), but here goes… I really enjoy the brand discovery aspect of IBE’s box, and I think I would get far more use out of this box, because there will definitely be a few full-sized items in it (the Beneath Your Mask body scrub & Colleen Rothschild eye cream was in a prior box, and both were full-sized). Also, if I find that I really enjoyed a product it won’t be quite the hit to the wallet if I decide to purchase the full-size.

        However, I really like the luxe aspect of NAP’s box. These are products that I would *never* try unless it was in one of these types of boxes. Their’s is a great way for me to indulge in some luxe (and some ridiculuxe) skincare.

        While NAP’s box has a value of almost $400, I do remember that last year’s IBE box had a value of over $600, and I would guess this would be about the same. In prior MSA posts an IBE rep always commented, so hopefully one will comment with the value of this year’s box. 🙂

        To sum up… if I absolutely had to choose only one, I would choose IBE’s box because I feel these products are harder to come by in these types of boxes, and I feel like I could get the NAP products in one of the higher end GWPs from SpaceNK, Barney’s, Cult Beauty, etc.

        • FWIW Claudia, I 100% agree with Luna. I think as far as “bang for your buck”, the IBE wins hands-down. Plus, I think you get to try far more “new” items. And although I love NAP, I’ve been slightly disappointed with my last couple of purchases. Most of the time, the samples aren’t exactly “deluxe” and there’s just enough of each product to aggravate the crap outta me LOL.

          With the newest NAP kit, I’m trying to keep myself from impulse buying because I feel like I will just be disappointed. I truly don’t need more samples of anything. That being said, as soon as I saw the IBE was available, I bought it. I didn’t even read much about what was in it until AFTER I made the purchase (apparently, I have impulse control issues). I may not like everything in the box but I feel that those products will be much each easier to swap than MORE samples.

          Of course, all of that is just my humble opinion. Listen to your “inner sub box addict voice” and purchase the one you feel will bring you more joy.

        • Hi Luna,
          I know we’ve never met online before,so I hope it’s alright to ask you (or anybody else for that matter). This IBE box looks fabulous – but I’m allergic to most fragrances and I wonder if most of these Indie products have fragrance added.

          Does anyone who’s used any of these products know if most have fragrance added?

          • Hi Lynn,
            Gosh, I’m sorry, I’m not sure about which types of products would have any added fragrance (excluding the obvious, like the perfume). It may take a little bit of leg work, but maybe you could look into the ingredient lists of some of the products that are really catching your eye in the box to see if they may have any irritants to you. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help, but hopefully someone else can chime in. 🙂

        • I see your point. I bought the IBE best of beauty last year and I didn’t use everything (yet). I love to try new brands and I did discover a few items I really liked in last year’s box. Darn it, I’m going to need to purchase both. Totally ridiculous, I need an intervention!

      • Thanks for getting Luna’s opinion. I still could not decide so went ahead and purchased both. Now I need to save my $$$ for February deals per Karen G.

        • It’s a tough decision. I got both too. 😉

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