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Boxycharm Subscriber Alert – New Items in the Charm Shop! (1/25)

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Thanks, Mayra, for letting us know that Boxycharm has added new items to the Charm shop!

If you aren’t familiar, Charms are Boxycharm‘s reward point system for active subscribers:

You can earn Charms by reviewing products on our website that you have received (50 Charms each review), referring friends using your referral code (500 Charms each referral), and by remaining an active subscriber (250 Charms every month).

1000 Charms = $10

Here are the new and restocked Charm items in the shop:

What items are you going to grab?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does Boxycharm ship charm items with the monthly box or are those shipped separately?

  2. I thought I had seen a reply from Youssef himself here in the comments but now I don’t see it. I wanted to reply to him directly because he said he would reach out to his technical support team to fix the issue with the charms not applying correctly to our purchase. I just received yesterday that my order has shipped but no response about the $22 charged to my credit card. I should have only paid $4. Has anyone heard anything more from Youssef on this issue either here, on Facebook, etc? It seems so many people were unfairly overcharged

    • I would not trust them to make corrections after they already have your money. When I saw what was happening I did not complete the purchase, and I e-mailed CS. Of course, they never respond to customer inquiries, but I wanted an answer before giving them my credit card when their system was so obviously glitchy.

    • I’m also still waiting to hear back with the same issue. This is ridiculous!

      • I finally got an email today. They are refunding me $18. I believe it took a week for them to respond to my email. Now I have to monitor my credit card. It should not have to be so hard to order something, get a credit, get a response from customer service. Who has time for this kind of aggravation? Yeah boxycharm is a great value but they are starting to remind me of Glossybox and Look Fantastic which is not a good thing and I refuse to do business with those companies because they have similar problems

  3. Does anyone have a list of what still is actually available in the charm shop? If there is anything.

  4. Do they only add 5 items per product? Seriously! I go to check and everything I want is gone. I redeemed $40 because I saw the Gorge hair product was listed and only after I redeemed I see there is no add to cart button. This is so misleading! Remove the items that are sold out! It’s simple therefor there is no confusion. Now I’m stuck and don’t know how to get my points back.

    • Agreed!!!

  5. They should be refunding us. Still waiting( day 3) to heat back. Seems obvious it itnot intended for just 1 item coupon use, right. They should have fixed this error before unveiling the new items and having the same issue. This is from boxy help faq.

    Using Charm Rewards
    LAST UPDATE: OCT 2 2017 8:27AM
    Charm rewards must be used for the full amount in order to take full advantage of them. Unfortunately, if you do not use the full amount of the reward, you will lose the remaining value; they will not rollover. Therefore, we recommend getting your subtotal as close as possible to your reward value to take advantage of the full discount amount.

    For example:

    You redeem a $30 off coupon

    Your Charm Shop purchase is $21

    You will lose 900 Charms ($9)

    • Did anyone hear back from Boxycharm about issues with ordering items with charms points that were not correctly applied to the account? I selected the CoverFX item in the shade Blossom plus the clear bag with the moisturizer. I added a $20 credit plus free shipping yet I was charged $22 on my credit card. No word back from the 2 emails I sent.

      • I wrote to them last week and did not hear back. But I have written to them twice in the past before this about other issues, and I’ve never gotten a response from them for any of my issues. Has anyone ever gotten a response from Boxy support about anything, ever?

  6. I don’t know how they are charging some of us on our bank card. The Charm Shop is supposed to be for charm redemption only. They really need to take a look at Ipsy rewards. It’s an incredibly easy point system that works beautifully without math. 😸 No buying coupons and having to pay for shipping and waiting forever for customer service to correct mistakes. Ipsy customer service is excellent. Step up your game, Boxy!!!

  7. If it says you owe more than it should be they will charge your card, made that mistake yesterday! If you go to your account it should say something like rewards completed or rewards pending, if they’re pending there will be a code underneath it and if you haven’t already try copying and paste it into the coupon/code area…you should also have an email with the code. Earlier today I was able to use my charms and pay the $4 it didn’t cover. They had already sold out of a lot of things but hopefully you all can get it sorted out and at least get a little something you want. Good luck!

  8. Finally!! I get to order stuff with my charms, I’ll actually use.


    I ordered the coverFX – Blossom $18 and the Lang Brushes – $29.98.

    I redeemed charms for a $40 credit and other charms for a $4 free shipping credit.

    And they charged me $33.98.

    Their math is broken. I screenshotted and sent them an IM on their FB. That makes NO sense AT ALL.

    Gah, I guess it really was too good to true. LOL.

    • Its because the coupon has to cover the entire total of an item. It cant be for partial use or it will charge you for the entire thing.

      • UGH. Where does it say that is how it works? There is nothing when you’re shopping or checking out that says that. And that is incredibly sly. :/

        I really didn’t want to spend $33 in their store on top of what I already spend for my subscription.

        Now I’m annoyed.

      • Their math is STILL off though.

        My coupon was for $40. I had an additional one for free shipping.

        Which more than covers the cost of either item I had in my cart of $29.98 or $18.

        $29.98 + $18.00 is $47.98. So it apparently applied it to the cheapest item. Which is just ridiculous. And didn’t give me the free shipping I had the coupon for either.

        SMH so annoying.

    • I do t think that is right. This is from their help page. If they don’t fix this I’m out. This is the 3rd day waiting to hear back. I’m trying to stay hopeful.

      Using Charm Rewards
      LAST UPDATE: OCT 2 2017 8:27AM
      Charm rewards must be used for the full amount in order to take full advantage of them. Unfortunately, if you do not use the full amount of the reward, you will lose the remaining value; they will not rollover. Therefore, we recommend getting your subtotal as close as possible to your reward value to take advantage of the full discount amount.

      For example:

      You redeem a $30 off coupon

      Your Charm Shop purchase is $21

      You will lose 900 Charms ($9)

  9. If they ever fix their website, does anyone know if you can use charms to renew a subscription? Like, it allowed me to add a 3-month subscription to my cart, even though I’m a current member. Can I use my charms to pay for that?

    Still can’t add any of the rest of the items I want, since the add to cart buttons are all missing. It’s been hours. Anyone know if they are working on fixing this? I’m worried everything will be sold out by the time it is back up and running. 🙁

    • No, sadly charms cannot be used for the actual sub box payments.

    • I just shopped a minute ago and they were all there. Is trying a different browser an option?

    • You cant use charms for boxes and if the add button is missing its because they ran out of stock so it is no longer available.

  10. Can someone tell me why there is nothing to click to add things to my cart?? I have tried everything I can think and I’m getting no where!

    • If the item sold out they remove the add to cart button instead of removing the item from the cart, which is really annoying.

  11. I love you Boxy. I really do. I would hate to break up with you, but c’mon, FIX YOUR WEBSITE!!! It’s one of the worse I have ever seen. Way too many glitches and malfunctioning. This should be the new game plan: 1) keep a fresh and steady collection in your charm shop. 2). Make sure customers are able to access the site and to redeem charms. 3). Make yourself much easier to contact. A phone number and/or live chat would be awesome. Emails take forever!!! And please, fix the website.

    • Amen, sistah.

    • Amen. I love Boxycharm, but they really do need to work on these things.

  12. Also where on here do i go to review the products ive tried for 50 charms?

    • There is a “product review” section in the black box at the top of the web site

      • Im not seeing it i see box reviews coupons and forums but no product reviews am i missing a step somewhere. Its desktop version on my phone

        • it may be possible you need to actually get on the computer. But its in the second bar which is black, it says Boxycharm then it has click able links like “the box”, “earn charms” “charm room” and the next is “product reviews” which when you click shows the last three boxes you can review and past boxes which take you to a large list of items to review.

  13. I think those coverfx pencils are half price this week on Sephora weekly deals.

  14. How long does it take to get these items? I just cancelled my sub with them.

    • A little over a month. I placed an order Dec 12 and got my items two days ago.

      • Thanks for the info!!

        • No problem! I hope your order goes through because I believe you have to be an active member to be able to redeem.

  15. My reward certificates won’t work on the eye kit! 🙁

  16. My 20$ off coupon wouldn’t work on the eyeshadow brush set, but automatically applied when I put the makeup remover in my cart. Frustrating, but I’ll take it

    • I believe the coupon has to cover the entire price of the item. If it was the Omnia set which is 29$ then thats why it probably didn’t apply the coupon code.

  17. Yay – free Gorge spray!

    • The spray is nice and works but I would caution anyone with this company. It was a scam company! If you look at their FB page its full of complaints with them not canceling subscriptions or getting back to people. The worst experience I’ve ever had with a company.

    • Did you actually get it to work? I have been refreshing for hours, and I can’t get the “add to cart” buttons to show up.

      • If the “add to cart” button doesn’t show up the item is already gone. The button will appear for the items that are still available 🙂

  18. I am so happy boxycharm is finally listening to its customers and putting items people actually want on their charm shop!!

  19. I am trying to check out. I used charms to get 20 off and i picked 20 worth. it deducted the 20 then adds 4 for shipping but the total says 18. Anyone else?

    • I’m having the same problem. I have enough charms for the item plus free shipping. However, even after I select and add my charms (and it shows that it has subtracted those charms from my total), it is still trying to charge me full price for the item plus shipping. I’m afraid to hit the payment key and have it charge it to my credit card. What am I doing wrong??

      • Thats happening to me with the z palette what do we do???

        • I get the exact same thing. So frustrating!

          • I dont know what to do i.emailed boxy but it gone by the time they reply back.. any luck now?

      • Im having this same issue. It tells me they are taking 20 off but it never gets removed

    • I can’t even add to cart! WTH? Any advice

      • I’m having the same problem. There is no add to cart button! What the heck?

    • Same here….

  20. They added so much more!!!! I should have waited a day longer to spend all my charms! XD

  21. Can you only use your charm rewards for certain items ?

    • Hi Jamie!

      To answer your question, yes. Charmers may only use their earned charms (rewarded through loyalty and 50 per product review) in the charm shop. To buy something you apply your charms to rewards codes- like free shipping and 20$ off your next charm shop purchase and bam! A potentially free gift (depending on how much the item costs vs. codes used) from Boxy. ^_^

      • Im trying to use my 10 off for the z palette it was in the shop but it is still charging me full price an the code isnt working.. what is going on you think?

        • That’s y i asked it says the 20 is applied but its still shows i owe all of it.

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