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Robb Vices December 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have exclusive full spoilers for the December 2017 Robb Vices box just for MSA readers!

This box is perfect for New Year’s Eve and will include:

Robb Vices Reserve Sparkling Wine

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis Liqueur 

Georg Jensen Champagne Saber

What do you think of the spoilers? If you want this box, you have until December 15th to sign up and get this box as your first box.

Use code MSAVICELOVE to receive a bonus gift when you sign up for a 6- or 12-month subscription! (Robb Vices is $89.95 + shipping a box).

Check out all of our Robb Vices Reviews to learn more. (PS – November Robb Vices review coming soon!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (52)

  1. The sabre was the last straw. I don’t mind paying more when a box offers value. A sword to open Champagne is the epitome of uselessness.
    If you were going to throw it in as part of a larger box, fine, but not as the centerpiece of what you’re offering.
    Do you think that even the brattiest of millennials is going to be using this more than once, if that?
    Extremely poor judgment on the part of RV and it’s why I’m cancelling.

  2. I signed up for the December box to try out the service. Previous boxes looked interested and I thought it would be a good Christmas gift for my husband. It just arrived today and I am extremely disappointed. A champagne sabre? WTF am I supposed to do with that???? Completely useless! I have already cancelled my subscription and now I need to find another gift for my husband.

  3. I ditched after the Ferrari pencil-that-wasn’t-pencil. Too many useless items this year. Sigh. It had been a favorite box.

  4. I would love to hear the results of people using their champagne Sabre. The instructions recommend only using higher quality champagne for it to work correctly. Darn! I was hoping to practice on Korbel. I guess that won’t work. My husband was so anxious for the Dec box and is quite disappointed. We canceled.

  5. That is a Great box. Bebe likes to complain and make fun of people

  6. This is so disappointing, I was hoping RB would redeem themselves this month and give us a box with value and would speak to its broader customer base. But this is truly awful. I will be canceling.

  7. Fresh? I hardly feel it is “fresh” to call out MSA for promoting a new box from Robb Vices, whether by spoiler or review, without addressing the previous box which has NUMEROUS problems. It’s called prioritizing – address the major problems with the old box before promoting a new box, and I stand by my earlier post.

  8. Well, while i wouldnt love this box for myself, my husband is going to love it. He’s been wanting to saber champagne foreverrrrrr. So his face is going to make this totally worth it. 🙂

  9. Ugh…I wrote a comment last night, and it never posted. Trying again…

    Basically I have wanted this box for over a year, and tried to justify the cost to myself (and convince my husband). After seeing this, and hearing about the November issues, plus the whole Equinox Voucher mess, this box is on a “never buy list.”

    This box needs a major rethink before they continue. They’re losing people left and right.

    • So agree

  10. Wait…what??? That’s it?? Well there goes my high hopes for a Merry EFFIN Holiday Box…nothing like last year… I’m done…

    • Better than last year, my opinion. Better bubbly etc. I wouldn’t use the earbudany more than the saber, and the saber is more fun,

  11. I too have been wondering about MSA silence on the November box and the gift card debacle. They are still recommending purchase on their gift giving guide (mens’ boxes). Is it a case of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”?

  12. Thanks got this for my husband for Christmas. Completely useless gift. Thank god I used a coupon. Still super disappointed.

  13. I wish Robb Vices would have put more value into bringing us fancy alcohol. A yummy snack for the holidays would’ve been appreciated as well.

    I’ve been wanting this sub since they first came out and finally decided to splurge for the holidays. While I understand how champagne sabering is appealing, to place most of the value on an item that very few could/would use seems silly. And like many others, I’m confused why the saber doesn’t have protective covering.

    That being said, you can bet that many bottles will be chopped in my house. Going to saber the life out of anything sparkling.

    • You made my day…thank you..😂😂😂

  14. Disappointed…. I would rather have the smoking gun of the aviator sunglasses…. Bye bye, Robb Vices.

  15. What a crappy box. I’m DONE Robb Vices, you don’t value your customers and I’ve been subscribing since February. I lusted after this box for a year before I splurged… completely overpriced now and has been for months. I’m OUT!!!!!!

  16. Canceling when my sub is up
    It’s so frustrating that the boxes have been so meh when the months before I subbed they were so awesome.

  17. I used to covet this box.

    Not anymore. I read things out loud about this box to my husband and LOL’d hard.
    I’ll never convince him to sub for me as a gift with this craziness.

    (paused to read about issues)
    I had to go read about November insanity to realize this box is trashing their brand with even more bad choices of “vouchers.” They could do so much better.

  18. I guess I’m in the slim minority, but I’m excited about the saber. I’m going to use it EVERY Friday and get really good air it so when my kid graduates we can have a bitchin party! We are going to make this a family tradition for big events and really have fun. I would never have bought one myself, but I’m going to practice so much I can list it as a skill on my resumé! Mimosas weekly! 😁😉

    • Love it! I have a friend who sabers with a particular sword every New Year’s Eve. It’s tradition now.

      • I love it and I’m also excited to learn how to use it. It is definitely something I wouldn’t buy myself, but I will use it!

    • I would not have bought for myself but am anxious to give it a try. I also really like Georg Jensen designs.

  19. They are valuing their own wine at $39.99?! That’s very funny. They are quite humble, aren’t they? I would think that should have been a throw in for all the problems / issue with the certificate (gift card?) from the November box.
    I am glad that I don’t subscribe. I would’ve been very disappointed with this box.

    • They didn’t make the wine. $40 is not a lot for a decent bottle, and I googled the winemaker. He is well respected.

    • I was thinking the same thing!!! It’s quite comical that they put their own label on that bottle! I wonder what year it is? How long has RV been around anyways?? Lol I mean come on if they really had a reputable or should I say respected distiller make it wouldn’t they have just put the distillers label on it?

  20. Definitely cancelling. We’ve had this box since June and it’s steadily gone downhill pretty much every month. Are you kidding me? A knife to open champagne bottles. Who uses something like this? I read the instructions and it states to discard the first glass in case of glass shards. I usually drink decent champagne and I don’t want to waste any. I’m all for offering elaborate and unique products but a $200 champagne knife/opener is just ridiculous! And…last month with the coupons we’ll never use was disappointing too.

  21. @liz, I noticed you reviewed this Robb box right off the box, without so much as a mention of the November box before, where there were numerous problems, including RV subscribers being called frauds. I am getting the feeling you are trying to protect RB more than legitimate customers

    • This is just spoilers not a review of the Dec. box and it states the Nov. review is coming soon.

    • This is just a spoiler post, not a review.

    • I also would like to see a review and discussion of the major November issues and majority of gift cards *cough* “bad” experiences (except New York prime beef- they have been wonderful!!) But artstar I am starting at you. Literally staring at you without blinking, huge neon signs blaring at you!! Equinox or and the unusable $250 wallpaper counted in value gift card etc) issues. It’s borderline or blatantly falling outside the laws that protect consumers against gift card fraud. I honestly remember LLB getting called out and kicked off MSA for much less. I’m sorry, I love your blog but look forward to you addressing these issues.

      • *with*

      • I too have been concerned with MSA radio silence on November box. Is it a case of if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I guess I have expected an unbiased review based on the difficulties most have experienced. They are still recommending it in the gift guide. Given the recent problems etc, I wouldn’t be recommending

      • Sorry, Max, I’m working on the review and should have it posted soon. (In general, I’m super behind on a lot of reviews in part due to focusing on BTBF/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Cyber Week deals.) I’m really sorry and I’m trying to get caught up on everything asap!

    • The pictures have an MSA copyright on them, indicating they have and photographed these items(full items), so I guess I don’t understand why this isn’t a review??

      • That’s the MSA watermark we use on spoiler images that are given exclusively to us. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Because it’s pics of items and isn’t reviewed? Like…go look at reviews. You’ll see the difference between just pictures and what a review is. Actually,look at any other reviews. They aren’t just a picture?

      • LMFAO!!! I just don’t even understand that comment! Like wth are u even doing on here? Have u read anything at all on this site??? Do u know what site your even on?!?! 🤯

      • For an honest mistake that she made, this was flipping a switch for a return quip. Kind of mean.

      • Out of curiosity, what joy do you get from being mean to and bullying others on MSA? Ridiculing people serves no legitimate purpose, so it must satisfy some need on your part.

    • It’s not MSA’s job to continue discussion on various box issues. They do a good job at alerting readers of any previous problems. However, to dedicate posts about it would be both boring and detrimental to the blog.

      As others have mentioned, this is a spoiler. To accuse someone of protecting a company is pretty fresh. MSA seems to do a good job at reviewing variety of boxes without being too political about it.

  22. That’s all? I get that the retail value of the saber is 200 but I see that as more of a novelty item than anything. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘useful’ to have. This box is definitely on the chopping block for me. It’s too expensive to keep around for the few good boxes here and there and things seem to be going downhill rather than improving and them taking customer input into consideration. It’s for sure not a good follow up box with all the drama going on with the “gift cards” and retail value without them.

  23. I’m surprised this is the whole box. I think I’d be disappointed if I paid full price for the sub.

  24. That’s it? A knife and some booze?

  25. Sigh of relief. The FOMO was fierce before the reveal. Though I love champagne and sparklers and cassis, that sword would be useless. If I tried to use it, oops, sorry, that was your eye? I’ll stick to my Crate and Barrel champagne pliers.

    • The Sabre is blunt…but I’m still not going to use it 🤣

      • Hopefully that sabre is sharp enough to cut my leftover turkey sandwiches, because that’s the only thing I can see myself using it for. And yep, I’ve cancelled. I’m sure RV will eventually come out with a box that I’ll be really sorry for missing out on because every now and then they hit it out of the park and when they do, it’s awesome. But the bad to mediocre boxes (and money) you have to go through to get to those occasional great boxes just isn’t worth it.

      • I couldn’t have said it better Sammie! I waited a long time to subscribe and now feel like I’ve just thrown my money away for the last 6 months. I skipped November and am thankful. I feel for those of you that wanted art and got caught up in that mess. I’m done and it would take A LOT for them to earn my business back. I’m thankful I didn’t send this to the 40+ clients I was searching for a gift for.

  26. If you want to sign up to RV I strongly urge you to look over the forum and check the November box before committing!

  27. I just got my box. The Sabre is stainless steel and has an RV of $200
    The sparking wins says $$39.99
    The Cassis says $20-$30

    It’s an interesting box

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