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POPSUGAR Must Have – January Add-Ons Available Now!

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The POPSUGAR  Must Have Add-Ons for January are available now:

How It Works: 

Each month POPSUGAR Must Have will notify subscribers via email when Must Have Add-Ons (a selection of additional items) are available for purchase to add to your upcoming monthly Must Have box.

To Select Your Must Have Add-Ons:

1. Log-in to your Must Have account at:

2. Find the subscription that you would like to add products to and click the Customize button on that subscription.

3. Add the items you would like to have included with your next Must Have box. You may add additional items or make changes to your selections up until the 30th of the month. (For example, all Add-On updates to your February Box must be made by January 30th.)

4. Click Finish. Your Add-ons will be reflected on your subscription in your account. You will be billed for your Add-Ons on the first of the month.

Please note:  Must Have Add-Ons are only available for Must Have subscribers with current, active Must Have subscriptions.

What do you think of POPSUGAR Must Have Add-Ons? Are you going to get anything? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 on your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hey, just a heads up in case anyone ordered popsugar gift subscriptions. I love popsugar and it has become a go-to gift option for me, but they recently made some changes and we can’t do gifts the same way. I have sent numerous popsugar gifts over the past few years and when I clicked that little “one time purchase” box at check out it was automatically set to only send the number of boxes I ordered. However now the gift automatically renews each month, even if you checked that little one-time purchase box at check out. So, if you ordered any holiday gifts I do recommend you cancel the subscription once they have sent the number of boxes you want to gift. (I like popsugar really love the people I gifted this to, but can’t afford to send them boxes indefinitely.)
    I just wanted to post that in case you hadn’t noticed that change when sending gift subscriptions.
    Happy Holidays everyone.

  2. There’s been movement of my box out of Sparks, NV!! Yay!! Both my monthly box and extra gift box were shipped 12/13. My monthly box was shipped from NY and I received it 12/22. The gift box has been sitting in Sparks until 12/22 when it moved to CA. Tracking states it will make it to TX 12/28. Hopefully everyone gets their boxes, even if a little late.

    • Does anyone know if pop sugar has any plans to make this delivery fiasco right as they had a guarantee to deliver boxes by Christmas if ordered by 12/14? Does the guarantee mean anything or is it just words that the company says similar to “please contact customer service”?

      • I am heart broken. It is 1:33 p.m. central and the USPS truck has already delivered their items and I am seeing no movement on my Limited Edition Women’s box which I ordered December 11, well before the deadline to guarantee shipping. I am getting my email gift cards ready for other stores which are so impersonal to the people I had planned. I know it seems petty but I am really disappointed and when retail stores no offense fail in their promises I expect something to keep my customer satisfaction. Subscription boxes are no different. I really love my Popsugar but between this and the I don’t know what happened to the Box of Style this year in terms of delivery lesson learned.

  3. Ordered my December box on 12-10. It shipped on 12-13 from NY. I received it today and I’m in GA.

    • December box arrived today finally to east coast here too, FL – still waiting for Fall LE box…this has to have been longest shipping ordeal i’ve ever had with PSMH but i’m thankful I actually rec’d the box as it seems some ordered and got cancelled…

  4. So.. does PS have more than one distribution center? My regular monthly box was shipped from NY on 12/13 and should be here today, 12/21. Tracking indicates it went from NY to PA to VA to AR to TX. I also ordered a second box for a gift. It was also shipped on 12/13 but from CA and now it sits in Sparks, NV. It says it will be delivered 12/28 but who knows?? I guess I will be giving my box away for the gift and hope the other box shows up.

  5. I finally received my Neiman Marcus box todau (I preordered it). The exterior box was in perfect condition, however the pretty interior box was torn and falling apart. I can’t believe PS shipped a damaged box.😐

    • My box was the same 🙁


    Purchased on the 13th and received confirmations about shipping labels. Notice others having issues so I wrote to the company and received notice i will be getting a refund for the Must Have box. Suggest you never rely on this company for any of the items. Their growth has exceeded their capabilities. Much better service/products can be had else where.

  7. Was going to gift a 3-month but I guess it will have to be for a box other than PSMH

  8. Why No 3-6 month subscription?

  9. I thought it just me that couldn’t resubscribe with a 3 or 6 month subscription. That’s sad. I hope they bring it back.
    Sorry to hear of everyone’s trouble with the December box, mine came last week.

  10. Anyone else notice that the only option is monthly? No 3 or 6 month subscription??

    • I posted that a few comments down….. I went in to get a 3 month locked down and was quite surprised…. 🙁

    • Yes, I always do a few 3 month gift subscriptions. I’m not gifting PopSugar this year because they aren’t offering that option and no discount. I cancelled my regular subscription after being a charter subscriber. I’d rather wait and see what’s inside the box and see if they offer it for a discount first.

  11. Still waiting on 2 Happy Rebel boxes, PS-NM, and my Box of Style. Pretty ridiculous.

  12. I ordered 2 Dec boxes but haven’t received them yet. One has tracking info, the other does not. If there’s such a big issue with what seems like a “black hole” in Sparks, NV why can’t they avoid that route? I won’t be happy with a refund. I want my box!

    • Ditto. Mine went from the black hole in sparks to the black hole in Federal way. I’m so sad that I depended on this for Christmas gifts to others. Last year they were sooo good with getting them up here on time. Never again, unless they can ensure priority shipping.

      :’ (

  13. I am very fortunate with my mail. Sometimes it is several days later but in over 50 years of receiving and sending mail, personal and work, I have never lost a piece of mail. If PSMH is doing their job they could be on the phone to USPS and tell them to straighten out the Sparks, NV distribution center. I wish you luck in getting your packages before the holidays.

    • Well that’s the problem, it’s not a USPS facility in Sparks that’s causing the problem. The Sparks distribution center belongs to whatever cut-rate shipper PSMH uses. It’s not Fed Ex or UPS either. This is definitely a problem on PSMH’s end.

  14. Got a response from PSMH regarding the Sparks NV situation:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for following up regarding your tracking! We have been in constant communication with our shipper as well as USPS and we have been informed that there has been a delay in the scanning of packages and that is why you aren’t seeing movement with your tracking.

    We understand how frustrating this is and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will keep an eye on your tracking page and we will follow up with you shortly to ensure your package is delivered.

    Happy holidays!

    Ann P.

    I replied asking if they could get an update to us about whether these boxes will arrive before Christmas.

    • UGH. I got the exact same response. And I followed up with the same question: will I have the boxes (2 December boxes) by Christmas? This is my first time having any issues with PS shipping, but the timing is terrible. So yeah, January add-ons? I don’t think so.

      • Their reply to my follow up question did nothing to satisfy me at all:

        HI again Jennifer,

        Once again, We understand how frustrating this is and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will keep an eye on your tracking page and we will follow up with you shortly to ensure your package is delivered.

        Ann P.

        Umm… ok. Kinda vague there dear. Is the issue going to be resolved or not?

        • Ann P. must be on Xanax or some kind of happy pills! ask her to FEDEX some pills to all of us and perhaps we won’t care like her! xx

          • I think I love you pb.
            You made me giggle.

        • love you more + now I reallly need meds! my PSMH LE is in Atlanta, a place where I am not! i’m in sofla, no way it will come in time! UGH! also, they sent me wrong necklace in Dec box but I can live with that I think!

    • It moved! I just tracked it again and it’s now in Fishers IN! Still not with USPS, but hey, it’s getting close! Sparks is 2,586 miles away, Fishers is 642 and less than a 10hour drive. There’s hope!

      • I didn’t order this box but my FFF winter box was in transit from FedEx to USPS for 13 days, I’ve never had a smartpost package take over 14 business days before this month. I sort of really want the Dec Popsugar box though.

      • Mine 2 boxes have been stuck in Fishers since 12/18 with no movement. And this is after they were stuck on Sparks, NV for 6 days. Makes me sad 😞

      • Both of mine are now stuck in the apparent black hole of boxes that is Sparks, NV. I usually try to keep things in perspective with the ups and downs of sub box shipping. But I’m infuriated by their apparent lack of concern and transparency. Their latest response to me said: “We hope your boxes are still on their way to you.” Oh. You HOPE? OK. That instills confidence. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 3 years. That ends now.

    • I received this same exact response but my boxes showed up at my local post office last night and will be delivered today. They said waiting shipment in Sparks the whole time until the moment that the post office received them. You could feasibly receive them today also. Hope so 🙂

      • I ordered two December boxes. My Black Friday box shipped days before the subscription box and arrived in Sparks days before the sub box. Now the sub box is out for delivery and the Black Friday box has been scanned for transit and waiting to be accepted by USPS. Not understanding how my later shipped box will arrive before the box that shipped previously, but I am grateful that one is coming today! They all now appear to be leaving Sparks, NV at least.

      • Thank you, Susan! You’re giving me hope!

        • I really hope yours arrives today!!! Happy Holidays 😊

    • It’s like “Hey, loyal subscribers that have spent hundreds if not thousands with us over the years…you maybe sorta might possibly get your box by Christmas! but not really…..but hey! new subscribers check out our discounted deals and January add ons even though you didn’t receive December’s box yet whooo hoo xoxo love PSMH” …..I’m not bitter…oh wait, I totally AM! lol.

      I’ve emailed my feedback and I received the same generic unhelpful reply from Ann as well. Neither of mine are going to make it in time and one was ordered 11/30 and the other 12/8. If that’s not far enough in advance I don’t know what is…PSMH PLEASE FIX YOUR TERRIBLE SHIPPING!! I order stuff from Sephora and before I blink it seems to appear.

  15. I am still waiting for my LE box which was promised ‘before Christmas.” It, too, is stuck in Sparks NV and I am not very happy about it.

    I suspect Popsugar is going to get a lot of bad press about this if none of our boxes arrive before Christmas.

    I remember the first year Amazon was in business and they almost went out of business after they failed to deliver a large portion of Christmas orders before Christmas. Took a lot for them to get back on solid footing after that!

    • and now Amazon is pretty much taking over the online shipping world! still can’t believe they bought Whole Foods, was a brilliant move!

  16. My December PSMH box has been sitting in Sparks, NV since December 7th. I have emailed Popsugar three times regarding this issue and reported this dormant piece of mail to USPS since it did have a tracking number. Today I got an email from PS stating they were going to refund my account $29 since it appears I won’t be getting my Black Friday box. I did get my regular subscription December box that was shipped the day before and I received my Niemen box which was shipped on 12/7. Seems a little sketchy that this one box that was purchased at a 30% discount was not able to be delivered.

    The extra box was going to be used as Christmas gifts. Live and learn.

  17. Ah, has anyone else noticed that the only option to purchase from January on seems to be monthly….. no more 3 or 6 month options?? 🙁 I’ve decided PSMH is about the most fun you can have with a box for $40.00 a month…… whatever can’t be used personally can be swapped or gifted…. that’s pretty awesome!!! 🙂 ……….and after the painful 50$ HR burn, this seemed the logical place to go……………………………………………………… for the long term!!!!

    • Hahaha yepp suddenly the $50 boxes seem kind awesome after the HR misery box.

    • What was in the HR box? I almost bought it but now I think imm glad I didn’t.

    • what’s HR?!?

      • I think Happy Rebel?

        • Yes, Happy Rebel…. if you scroll down a ways, you will find a rather long thread about their black Friday mystery box FAIL!!!! …. 🙁

          • I was wondering as usually so many love HR! I stick with PSMH + RZBOS and that’s it! I did see a bath like winter box but missed totally missed the now infamous scandal!

          • Epic fail.

  18. Ugh I’m still waiting on my Neiman Marcus and December boxes to arrive.☹

    • Same here! I bought them as Christmas gifts and am afraid they won’t arrive in time 🙁

    • I’m still waiting on my Neiman Marcus, too. They sent it USPS, even though they said they would send it faster to make up for the delay…

      • Good to know I’m not alone. I’m hoping they get here before Christmas too. My December box was in Corpus on Friday then went back to Grapevine TX. Both boxes are supposed to arrive today but they both show as being in Grapevine TX ☹

        • It is amazing how much touring around Texas our packages do!

          • Yes it is LOL

    • You might want to start making some phone calls. My Winter LE box was supposedly shipped on 12/14, but has been sitting in Sparks, NV ever since. I called USPS out of concern and was informed that they have never received the box from PSMH at all. An email has been sent reminding them that I ordered well within the dates publicized for delivery by Christmas. They damn well better fix this issue.

      • Hey Jennifer, did they respond? The same thing is happening to me, with a hilarious estimated delivery date of today. Mine was sent out on 12/13 and was in transit in Sparks, NV as of this Sunday at 6:20.

        • I have three boxes stuck in Sparks, NV– two from Popsugar, another my replacement box from Dermstore for my lost BeautyFix box (that stopped tracking in from Sparks, NV). I am very nervous about these boxes because they stopped tracking after getting to Sparks on Thursday night. I emailed Popsugar but no reply yet.

          • I’ve been to Sparks, NV. I’m confident the the people I know there stole them. I wouldn’t put it past them, just saying…. lol…. But, it’s true.

        • Not yet. I only sent the email this afternoon though. At this point I doubt it’ll come by Christmas. I’ve had a few other PSMH boxes get lost in transit, and PSMH has always sent another as soon as I contacted them. This time that might not be sufficient though, as I was hoping to use several items as Christmas gifts. I’m especially concerned given how many other people seem to be having an issue with boxes stuck in Sparks NV.

        • I got my Black Friday ordered box on December 14th and the whole time the delivery date said December 6th… at least until the 13th when it miraculously went back in time and said December 5th!

      • My two boxes (LE & December) were also stuck in Sparks, NV since the 15th. They arrived at my post office last night and will be delivered today. Nothing was tracking until they were tendered to the post office last night so hopefully the same will happen with your box(es).

      • Probably the reason USPS knows nothing about it is because it’s being sent Parcel Select – literally the slowest parcel service there is. It’s sent via partner services until it reaches your city, where it’s transferred to USPS. So even though it has a USPS tracking number, they’re just receiving that info from the partner service. My limited box which took almost three weeks to arrive was postmarked by “Newgistics,” which I assume is the partner – it also went through Sparks, NV and Fishers, IN like many others here.

        I really don’t know how Popsugar ever thought that these would arrive by Christmas… USPS is very upfront about this shipping class taking forever on their website.

        • apparently one of these “partner services” are using horse + buggy as transportation! if Paul Revere was in charge, he would have never let this happen! 😂

    • I was so excited to see my 2 December boxes on my porch when I got home. But instead of one gold and one silver necklace I got 2 gold….and I much prefer silver (the gold one was a gift). Ugh. Just sent CS a note…hopefully I can get a replacement. At least it was the one for me so no late gift. What a bubble burster though…

      • Oh no! I only ordered the one gold box. I am really hoping it gets here soon AND that it is the right color! At first, I was just worried that it hasn’t arrived. Yikes! Fingers crossed that everyone gets their CORRECT boxes on time for the holidays! We ordered the NM boxes a looooong time ago, at least if you pre-ordered like I did.

      • I requested silver and got gold. Fortunately it’s a nice subtle gold, so I like it even through I would have liked the silver more.

        • same here – requested silver + rec’d gold!

      • If you would like to sell a December box, please email me at Hotrodsis @ iCloud . Com
        I ordered the December box, picked out the silver necklace, and now I’m told it’s solf out and I’m getting January. Not off to a good start with them.

      • I also requested silver and got gold. Maybe more people requested silver than they had? I’m bummed because I don’t like gold jewelry and I always seem to get the gold version in sub boxes. Too bad they finally gave us a choice product and it didn’t pan out :/

    • I just received my December box this morning. I hope you receive your boxes soon.

      Happy Holidays!

    • still waiting on August, December + Fall LE via Gilt voucher!

      • I’ve contacted gilt about my fall LE voucher never being sent, and they’re supposed to be “looking into it”. Have you heard anything from them?

        • no, I didn’t contact gilt, I did PSMH and got same reply as everyone else…the box is moving either from Indiana or Atlanta supposedly per USPS on 18th – did you get box yet? hope you did!

      • Just a Head’s up pb, but I just heard back from Gilt. They told me that popsugar had oversold vouchers for the limited edition fall box, so I would not be receiving one, and my money would be refunded. I am so pissed at Gilt and Popsugar, as I placed the order on 12/10, and wasn’t given any resolution until I reached out…twice. some of these items were meant for Christmas gifts, and now I’m scrambling:(

    • I’m still waiting for my December boxes as well. I’m super paranoid as they seem to be stuck in Sparks, NV, and that is where my November BeautyFix box was lost.

    • my 3 missing boxes have visited the same places/states y’all have mentioned and then some! chicago, atlanta and more! the mail seems to be worse this year than others but perhaps it’s just me! hopefully, we will all receive our boxes before xmas but I do not like this last minute ordeal!

    • update: my August box arrived today but December and Fall LE did NOT – tracking shows one left Atlanta on 18th + other left Indiana on 18th too! i’m on east coast in FL btw, these boxes have combined been in at least 9 different states thus far! then, RZBOS winter is not arriving until saturday, the 23rd! a big present bought for my DD on eBay was “forgotten” by seller but she finally shipped 2 day arriving on saturday as well – I going to need an elf to help me and a plan b for presents! christmas is exhausting esp with kids + santa coming, am I the only one stressed here?!? on happy note, I hope Liz and everyone has a Merry Christmas with or without PSMH! xx

  19. I like their ad ons, to me they are to expensive to ad on, just because i am cheap, and FFF has a better discount on ad ons

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