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New Subscription Box Alert: CosmoBox by Cosmopolitan + Spoilers!

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There’s a new subscription box from Cosmopolitan – CosmoBox! Plus, we have spoilers for the first box!

Feel the excitement!

The Cosmo editors are curating the best and new beauty, fashion and styling products JUST FOR YOU! Every Month, a box of great products to love lands at your front door with everything you need to be fun, fearless and female!

This is your opportunity to join the movement and get on the Cosmo train with this unique offering. It’s not just box, but a collection of goodies pulled together by your favorite editors who want to bring some of the pages of the magazine to life at your doorstep.

The Subscription Box: CosmoBox by Cosmopolitan

The Cost: $19.99 a box + $6 shipping

The Products: “Curated by the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine, this unique monthly subscription box brings you full-size quality goodies that compliment and empower your multidimensional lifestyle.”

Ships to: US

The theme for the first CosmoBox is Get Cozy and CosmoBox released the following spoilers:


Welcome to your COZY COSMOBOX! This month you’ll receive everything you need to snuggle up and get cozy with your Cosmopolitan magazine. Let us help you de-stress this holiday season with five unique goodies including the relaxing LAFCO classic candle and the French Lavender Box Flower Spongelle. Subscribe to Cosmo and chill in style!

  • Namastay in Bed Mug
  • Sleep Mask
  • Headbands or Bracelets? Anyone recognize those?

What do you think of the spoilers?

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What do you think of CosmoBox? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. I’m so glad I seen this. I seen the name and thought oh great another box I can’t say no to. I get too many boxes already and one every other month that o will keep no matter what. No way am I paying 20$ for this box or anoth 6$ to ship a box of crap I get crap samples from time to time so I have plenty you would think cosmo could do better

  2. I just opened my one and only box from Cosmo. I would of thought they would of added a magazine but nope. A card with info and a coupon for a deal on a subscription to the magazine. There are only the five items above. The Sponella smells amazing and the candle too, even though its 5oz. Pretty but small and the retail on it is $25 I guess. The eye mask is so cheap, I mean really really cheap. The headband is not my thing as well as the mug with says on it…Please God, make people stop with the words and says unless it’s a calendar or notebook. I swear I read that there could be coupons or something but I guess that would be to get the magazine. I do feel like I got a ok deal with the candle and Sponella but the other items were so lame honestly.I cancelled before I got the box. Gosh they really could of did something amazing, specially with the first box. I think they will have to lower the price or they will not get any customers.

    • Thank you so much for your post, Beth! What scent of the candle did you get?

  3. Yes please review this box! I’m actually interested in it. I remember reading cosmo all the time when I was a teen. This was my fave magazine. I love spongelles and the candle is nice. Theven coffee mug eh, it’s OK. But the other two items, I don’t care for it at all. I still think this might be a fun box. I do wish the shipping was free and it only cost the $19.99 if that were the case I’d of already subbed.

  4. Not a box that is tempting me or creating fomo. Too much money for too little. And you have to pay for shipping. Easy pass.

  5. My emails to [email protected] keep returning as undeliverable. I’m not going to risk without steep discount for the first month.

  6. Nope

  7. This won’t last long. The only customers they’ll get are those who are Cosmo readers AND completely new to lifestyle sub boxes. They might get the tweens who can get their mothers to sign them up for this.

  8. .

    • agree!!

  9. A $20 lifestyle box would be nice to try.. but.. not this one. It’s like they went down the checklist of most-swap-listed items: Mug, check. Headband, check. Candle, check. I can’t afford to spend a penny on a box that just duplicates other boxes. I just got the first Margot Elena box and was floored – stuffed full of luxe but practical and usable things – soaps and lotions and drawer liners and beautiful cards and lots more. I always find FFF and Popsugar to be very useful for the price. Which is partly why I don’t need a low-end version of the same. PS and FFF have perfected and cornered that niche, I think.

    • What is FFF? Thanks!!

      • Fab fit fun

  10. The headbands are the same ones that came in the birchbox Mask Matchmaker. Satva?

    • Looks like it.

  11. Liz, headbands are by Satva. I have a few from Birchbox. 🙂

  12. I’m reading their “Terms” section and I’m confused about something they stated:


    Services and Membership Description: The Service is designed to provide men with great products (“items”) selected by the team at Cosmopolitan Magazine, a Hearst Inc. publication, (each shipment of items, a “box”). Once you create an account, you will become a “Member.” For more details about the Service, please see”

    Provide MEN with great products….?

    For more details please see….?

    Am I missing something?

  13. Omg I just ordered this box in seconds because of the name. I almost said no when I seen the shipping but then I thought WHAT IF I MISS OUT! I ordered it and then here and started reading and then went right back and cancelled. Yes I will get one box but then I seen that my next billing was 1/1/18 which is a little over a week away and my first box would ship until the 20th. I hate 😡👿 when companies do that cr#p.
    I cancelled no problem though. Plus I’m nuts about candles. A $40 dollar value seems low right?

  14. I don’t know why but I have this aversion to paying for shipping. If the box was $25 instead of $19 plus $6 shipping, I would be fine with it. Oh well, I definitely don’t need another box but I’ll keep my eye on it.

    • Me too! 😂 I think it’s because a sub box that costs $25.99 with free shipping means the box value will be higher than a $19.99 box plus a $6 shipping fee. I’m glad I’m not the only one turned off by paying for shipping!

    • I’m the same way too! There’s nothing I hate more than paying shipping charges. Your product does not cost $19 if I’m paying $25 for it.

      And the whole “here’s a coupon for $8 off your order, oh and btw, shipping just happens to be $8”, it drives me up the wall! Just call it free shipping for flippin sakes, ya know? Ugh.

  15. No way would I ever pay them $6 to ship me this box.

  16. Thank you for the info! I’m always excited and interested to hear about new boxes.

  17. I don’t get the appeal of something like this. Why would I spend $25.00 for a mug and a candle. If I actually wanted that crap, I could go to a store and get exactly what I wanted for less than that.

    Are these boxes for people who are unable to ever go to a store because I just don’t understand why you would spend that money for a box like this.

    I love the beauty boxes because there is no way I could discover and test the stuff that comes in them but a mug? a candle? My refitting closet is filled with that kind of garbage 🙂

    • I completely agree.

  18. “: We do not accept returns on the shipped box nor on individual items contained in the box. If a box is damaged or destroyed, customer service will review the subscribers claim following their submission to the shipping carrier for the damaged package.

    The cost of shipping for the Member is not included when processing a return. Members will be responsible for the cost of shipping of each box which may fluctuate without warning. All items you receive through the Service will be shipped by a third-party carrier.”

    Uhhhhh shipping may fluctuate without warning? Eeep.

    • That’s a no go for me. How am I supposed to budget when they can’t even tell me what my box will cost?!?!

      • “When processing a return” are the key words there. In other words, it’ll be a flat rate to get it toyou, but you’ll pay full market rate for returns.

        • Oh ok. That makes sense but I’m not okay with paying to return things.

    • In my head, this is translated as “good luck on ever getting a customer-friendly response to a damaged item.”

      • I totally agree. I have never had a retailer say to take it up with the shipper when a package comes damaged. Never. They have all made restitution on their goods, even though the damage was not their fault.

    • It bothers me that if the entire box is damaged, OR if just individual items are damaged, they will “review the subscribers claim” after the subscriber makes a claim with the shipping carrier, and I assume you must also provide proof that you filed a claim with the carrier. They’ll review it? For legitimacy? Wonder how long that takes. Either false claims for damaged products are just way out of control, or they are simply business oriented service as opposed to customer centered service.

  19. I was excited when I saw it was from cosmo, but the items shown are not really what I would have expected. They are items you can get anywhere. I hope they step it up.

    • I agree, i was expecting more exciting items than a mug and headbands :/

    • Same. This does not look interesting to me. Which is kind of a relief. 🙃

  20. I have that same eye mask from

    The headbands I also have from Birchbox kits.

    You can get a similar mug at home goods

    Passing on this!

  21. Seems like Cosmo is trying to piggyback off of the success Allure has had. Well Cosmo, you have already failed it seems…judging by the comments pretty much everyone is saying “nah, Imma pass” on this. I don’t want it either. Nothing about this screams awesome to me.

  22. This just reminds me of FabFitFun box no offense. I’m not interested or excited for spoilers! I just got a mug in my FabFitFun box already and have spongelles , so this isn’t like omg I absolutely need this! Lol

  23. I think we MSA readers are a tough crowd to impress. I don’t need any of this because I’ve been a longtime lifestyle box subscriber, but it looks like a nice selection at reasonable price.

    • Yes! MSA has made me much more critical because now I know what a good box looks like. That’s
      not to say that anyone needs to be an expert to see that the Cosmo box is pure crap LOL!! You just need common sense to see that.

  24. plus 6.00 for shipping?? no.

    • Agreed! I might give this box a chance if it were $19.99, including shipping. Well, not this month, I don’t want anything in it. I hope it gets better, I look forward to more spoilers. Though I’m surprised this is what’s in the very first Cosmo box. You’d think it would be great, to entice people to subscribe. Take Margot Elena, their first box was incredible! I’m so happy I took a chance on it. If I subbed to Cosmo, and got this, I’d be bummed.

  25. Pass

  26. I’ve gotten the lafco candles as gifts before and those are very luxe candles. Everything else is very so so. If there was a coupon for the first box I would try it out. But I haven’t found one.

  27. “fun, fearless and female!”

    … I. Really? This sounds like a 90s marketing tactic. Buy CosmoBox because GIRL POWER!

    Good luck to them, though. I hope they last longer than Nylon box.

    • That’s been Cosmo’s motto forever. They didn’t come up with it for this box

  28. I was ready to subscribe but I don’t like what they wrote in FAQ about damaged items. It seems that they are not responsible for anything at all except they take your money. That’s for sure. 🙂

  29. If they want to be taken seriously as a legit $25 subscription box, they have to be better and more valuable than the many great $21 boxes out there…

    • ⬆THIS⬆

      There’s more value in an Ipsy Glam Bag or Sephora Play box… And they’re only $10. I was super excited to see a box by Cosmo, until I saw the contents. Thank goodness there are some, I’d have been really upset had I gotten this box!

      • spoilers*

  30. If it’s a monthly box, why does the theme photo say “Dec/Jan”? I’m confused.

  31. I hate paying for shipping but a first time box I might bite. A first coupon would be great too. I gave nylon a try and was definitely disappointed….But I cancelled that one after first box. But, I give props for cosmo giving spoilers especially after HR fail….

  32. I was so ready to buy until I saw those spoilers. Those are all things that I have a never ending supply of. Easy pass. Maybe the next box will be better.

  33. I think people would be more excited if they lost the really generic looking mug in favor of something else. It may not be original, but people don’t seem to be able to get enough spongelles or candles (the candle looks really nice btw, and assuming it is the smallest 6.2oz size, retails for $42).

    The mystery fabric strip thing (which I’m assuming is a slap bracelet :P) looks reversible, rather than there being 2 of them, and then the 5th item is the sleep mask. Until I know what that fabric rectangle really is though, the candle is the only thing I want from these spoilers (I don’t care about spongelles myself!).

    They call it beauty, fashion, and lifestyle themed — if they aren’t too heavy on the makeup and skincare (as this first box maybe suggests), this could be an amazing $26 lifestyle sub, and probably the only one that exists in this low price range!!

  34. ” new beauty, fashion and styling products JUST FOR YOU! ” There will be beauty just not in this box.

  35. Bla – Boring – Yet great for the price – I think I am going to sub because this box could easily get better and go up in price

  36. What are those? Slap bracelets?

  37. Are the eye mask, mug and whatever the other one is, part of the spoilers?

  38. Based on the post, I’m still unclear. Statement is a boy vague. Is this box trying to be a beauty and lifestyle or just strictly a lifestyle subscription.

    ***Also, I greatly value the MSA communities opinion; Best/most useful lifestyle subscription please??
    (Please reply to specific post so I’m notified. Ty greatly)

    • FabFitFun is rad!!!

      • Agreed…I love and use a lot of items that come in my FFF boxes.

    • I agree. FabFitFun is a great box. I appreciate the customer service and I love the add-ons. I’m glad I’m an annual subscriber because you get first access to the add-on’s. You also get to select between items they offer and you get to select the colors of your items. I hope that made sense. You can go through past reviews to get a better sense. The add-on’s are great. You get a huge discount and can basically shop for yourself and for gift-giving in one shot.

      I also love Popsugar. Not everyone does. It was my 1st subscription box and I always love the curation. I would definitely look through reviews to see if you’d enjoy what they offer.

      I really enjoy Rachel Zoe but it’s pricey. The boxes almost always go on sale (regularly $99 but up to $30 off). Annual subscription brings the cost down too.

      I hope you find your perfect box!

      • I agree with the other poster. I love fabfitfun. It’s my favorite box. I LOVE the add ons. I literally saved 85% during the winter add on period on my products. There is a forum where I have met several wonderful people. I also get boxycharm (which I like but it’s strictly beauty), glossybox( just canceled, due to the many variations) and ipsy. I just joined popsugar today so I can’t comment on it but it looks awesome and I’m excited for my first box. I just wish I could have gotten the December box!! I got the November Luxor box but won’t be getting that again. It’s a beauty lifestyle box that is luxe but there were several issues. It was a very nice box though.

  39. 3/4 items? meh….

    • The statement Cosmopolitan put out said 5.

  40. Same old same old

    • I don’t see anything remotely enticing.

  41. Atmre those headbands?

    • Are they bookmarks?

    • I think those are headbands because I have a headband with the same logo/tag on it.

      • Oh thanks!

  42. Nope

    • Not gonna lie, the magazine itself is way over the top and tells half/truths, a box from a magazine selling fantasy in no way would be my got to.

  43. I wish companies would learn the how to correctly use complement vs compliment.

    • Hahahaha yes!

    • And let’s not even get started on the 12-year-olds that write content for ipsy.

  44. This looks like an FFF overflow / leftovers box.

    • Yes! It’s hard to imagine that a company thinks it can break into such a competitive market by offering the same things other boxes already offer!

  45. Shipping is $6. I’m going to give it a try, happy to see no make up and I love lavender.

  46. Not impressed at all… Miss…

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