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Macy’s Beauty Box January 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the January Macy’s Beauty Box!

The theme for January is Kiss and Tell:

Fall in love with lip colors, fragrances & skin care perfect for date-night prep. Whether you’re keeping it natural or going glam, you’ll be ready for romance!

The January box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the January 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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  1. I received my first box this month and I feel like I received the leftovers from other subscription boxes. Two lipsticks and a perfume? No thanks. Very disappointed. It was too much to pay for what i received. i canceled.

  2. I just opened my box and it was also the November with the expired coupon. I called and she said the January box is going out and to keep the November’s for free. I am very happy because I love Macy’s .

  3. My box arrived today. I open it up, and it turns out they sent me the November box instead. Which I already received in November, of course. I called them and apparently they’re out of January boxes, so I wont be getting one. Not sure how they had November in stock to send me but couldn’t send the correct January one. Not that either was great. So glad I had already cancelled. On the bright side, I got another $10 coupon? Macy’s in general is so disorganized and their website is horrible, I’ve learned my lesson.

    • I know this doesn’t help you, but now that I know this is a possibility, I’d actually be happy if it happened to me! The November box was the only one I didn’t get, and I happen to like it better than the January one. Plus a $10 coupon that you can use twice would be just super awesome!

      • I was really excited to get to use another $10 dollar coupon, except it’s the same one they sent in November, so it’s already expired! Plus, if I want to get my money back on the box, they’re making me send it back. I agree it’s better than the January box, but I’m not willing to pay $15 plus tax for a box I already received.

        • Yeah, sending you an expired coupon was just bad form. Even if they ran out of January boxes, they can print more coupons at any time.

  4. I finally cancelled. Last straw was the Chanel hand cream I received in December didn’t even have enough in the tube to moisturize my hands once. Maybe Chanel’s fault and not Macy’s, but the entire thing was full of air, which made me so mad!

  5. Does anybody have the December bag they are willing to sell to me? I finally got off the waitlist a few days ago but my first box will be January and I LOVE the December bag. Not the contents, just the bag itself.

    • Sure, contact me at planetjul at optonline dot net.

  6. Yes!!!! This looks like their best box yet!!! Finally some real makeup lol

  7. I was taken off the waitlist on the 14th of December and just got notice I was charged for the January box. I was hoping I would get December too.

  8. This is my first Macy’s box and I am excited. I received a full size Ahava hand cream in my Fitfabfun box and I am excited to try this one. If that is the color of the Smashbox lipstick I will pass that along to my stepdaughter, not a fan of red.

    • Right!? The Ahava hand cream is probably my most favorite item I’ve received in a subscription box. So excited for more!!

  9. I just found out it’s too late to cancel this box. I really don’t want anything in it but the hand cream.

    • I would love it!!!

      • Contact me at chewsulin at Gmail. Maybe we can work something out

  10. I finally signed up, so this will be my first box. I’m one of the few that have liked the curation of all of their boxes so far, so I can’t wait to finally get it next month. 🙂

    • I’m such a Macy’s girl not sure why I hesitated to sign up all these months. Too much product, maybe. You are right, Luna. There have been several solid boxes. Oh, I just signed up… 🙂

      • I’m on product overload, but that’s never phased me. haha 🙂 I’ve been wanting to sign up since it launched, but I think it launched during my sub box break, and I was sticking to a little rule I implemented for myself that if I didn’t see any BF or holiday deals for boxes I wanted to (re)subscribe to, then I’d wait until their January boxes to sign up. I’ll stay subbed for a few months (most likely until May) until I go on my 6-month sub box hiatus again. 🙂 (my break keeps sub boxes exciting for me, and allows me time to work through some product. haha)

  11. I swear I keep this box for the makeup bags. Their bags are always so cute.

  12. This is their best box so far.

  13. That is a really effective hand cream!

  14. Normally, I wouldn’t like two lipsticks in one box, unless it’s a lip sub. But in this case, I think it’s nice that we get both a red and a nude, so everyone should be happy. I always try everything in every box, even if it’s not really “me,” but I’m honestly not a red lipstick lover so at least I get one color I know I’ll wear more than once. You never know though…once in a while I get a good red!

    • I am NEVER a red ever! BUT in my sephora box i recieved a makeup gorever REDDDD AS RED CAN GET COLOR & I WAS BLOWNNN AWAY!!! my husband now says , when we go out, hey wear that red lipstick again, it is my fave. Hr has NEVER EVER commented on my lip shades LOL. On that note..long story longer, Id never have tried a red ever had it not came in my box. So i was like omg maybe they do know what they are doing lol…noe im a box addict lol…i get ipsy, sephora, boxy and birch. On wait list for boxy. Now i want macys lol. Its so fun!

  15. I can’t wait to get this! 🙂

  16. I re-subbed. I love all but the Smashbox lip… but I’m not a Smashbox fan at all.

    The bag print is cute, and I think it’s smart that they are sending out a print suitable for Valentine’s Day a bit early. ( We just had the opposite convo re the calendar in a Jan PSMH box LOL).

  17. My issue with this box is their billing. They do not have a set date they bill and if you don’t have the money there because you don’t know what day they are going to bill you, they do not give you an opportunity to ‘correct’ the situation. You just miss out for the month. They have a schedule listed for when they would be billing for the rest of 2017 but they did not go by their own schedule and always tried billing up to a week before listed.

    • YEP!!!!!!

    • OMG YES!! I agree 100%

  18. I am on product overload and maybe once shop at Macy’s, online or in store. Great products, but nothing I don’t already have or products that are virtually the same/similar to those. Pass.

  19. I like the bag, although I think it would be even better for February/Valentine’s Day than for January.

    • I guess this bag would work for people who choose to show their loved ones affection all year round, not just on the one day that merchants try to guilt people into spending money. And for people who admire those who buck herd trends.

  20. Nice box, but I certainly want to get through some of my own product overload and then maybe reconsider. I’ve scaled back on subs now…. only a couple a month now. Perhaps at a different time, though 🙂 The drawback to this one, like Play! by Sephora, is that I’d never use the points for Play! or the money off for Macy’s. I have a lot of products I want to at least attempt to get through and with Christmas shopping this year, I’m a little tapped out. Perhaps more into the Spring, but I have my eyes on other subs, too! <3

  21. Not feeling this box at all! And for $5 more than Sephora I’m good. I subscribed and unsubscribed so I don’t think I’ll go back, they have off and on months. From what I saw there’s no waitlist either

    • Product overload for me

    • i had this sub for the first 3 months of it, then cancelled. If they’d give us the option to pay 10 without a coupon, or their current set up, I’d go back. I never used the coupon and rather not depend on having to do so, to feel I got a better value.

  22. I subbed then I cancelled but I am back this month and thankful that I am. This rocks for basically the same price as Sephora Play due to the $5. gift card each month.

    • That coupon and the free shipping on beauty no matter the dollar amount are the main reasons I chose to remain subscribed to this box over all others. And, well, the fact that Macy’s has so many beauty promotions at any given time.

      This month I used the coupon on a Clinique City Block mask & scrub I’ve been wanting to try and got a free 7-piece gift with $28 purchase (which in my case was a $23 purchase plus tax).

      • You don’t have to be a subscriber to get free shipping on beauty, though.

        • Oh, I didn’t say that one does. I just like having that discount. Especially since you can use the coupon twice, once online and once at a store.

          • You can?? Have you done this often? I can use the code online then use it in a store?

          • I’ve done it twice since I found out. Online you use the code on the front of the coupon, but at stores they scan the bar code on the back of the card.

          • Thanks for the tip!

          • Any time! 🙂

      • I’ve used my coupons every month so far. They always have several items for $10-$15 or less. Their free shipping is great, too. I’ve always received my items within 2 days.

    • Got mine last night and so impressed. The hand lotion is going to last forever. The Clinique lipstick is my lips but better. I don’t care for the Smashbox color so that is the only item going up for swap besides the bag, I just don’t use them.

  23. I love all of these products. If I wasn’t on product overload I would subscribe to this again.

  24. Too much body stuff. This doesn’t look like a well-rounded box to me, but I suppose it’s not bad.

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