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Ipsy January 2018 SPOILERS + Glam Bag Sneak Peek!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the January 2018 Ipsy + a look at the glam bag for January!

Here are some of the items being sampled, and a sneak peek at the glam bag:


What do you think of the spoilers and glam bag?

Ipsy is $10 a month. Check out my Ipsy reviews to see what you can expect with this subscription!

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  1. Boxycharm just had a Color Correcting Palette in their December box. I’ve noticed a lot of repeats with Ipsy following Boxy. I hope I dont get it, I didn’t want/ need it in my Boxy.

  2. I have found when i change my preferences each time then my items change sometimes i don’t get exactly what i want but i am always up for new things. 🙂

  3. I just signed up for Ipsy and am so excited to see my January box!

  4. I love this bag! I am easy to please when it comes to the bags though.

  5. Hoping for the OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème. I love all the other OLEHENRIKSEN stuff I’ve tried.

    • Same. I love them!

    • I love Olehenriksen products! I hope I get the eye cream or the Alterna Hair Product!

    • Me too!! I’m thinking for $10 I’m happy with most everything because I know someone in my circle of friends or family will use it

  6. Hey guys, I chose the lip hydrating cream with my points and i’m supposed to get it for my January bag but I really want to skip this month lol, will I still get the item I got with points or does it have to come with a bag? Thank you!

    • Your points will be refunded has to come with January bag. I skipped next month and it said any point rewards I redeemed would be refunded. So I am hoping they won’t have anything I want!!

      • Ugh that’s highly annoying but makes sense haha, thank you!

  7. I skipped January Ipsy. I don’t like anything in spoiler except lippie which is $6. I already have the contour pallette and because I gave City Color such a high review I am afraid they would send it again. This way I don’t have to worry about it and can take the $10 I am saving and buy an Ipsy offer lol.

    • How do you skip the month???

    • How do you skip a month? I am unable to find where to do this on there website?

      • You got to account on top screen then account settings then subscription. It will say cancel subscription but when you click on it will give you option to skip a month Instead!!

        • Thank you!!

  8. That bag reminds me of the 90s and I absolutely love it. I don’t even care what’s in the bag I just want the bag lol

  9. Omg I need to try the Ole Hendrickson eye cream and the -LUE BY JEAN SEO Balance – Hydrating & Calming Serum.
    I love Lue by Jean Seo Erase -cleansing exfoliating &brightening powder. Please please please. Hoping for skincare and no more brushes and eyeliners uugghhh

  10. I think Ipsy is fun and for $10/ month, I’m not complaining. I might cancel in ‘18, but unlike Birchbox, Sephora Play and Allure, i always receive something useful and fun. Since I enjoy makeup but am super choosey on my skincare, Ipsy suits me well. I love how makeup can transform and not just conceal. Every sub makeup box will send the trendy stuff like this year’s dreaded brown muddy liquid lipcolor or last year’s highlighter but that’s to be expected, this is driven by cosmetic company marketing. What’s cool is the discovery of new products, techniques, and rediscovering old standards in the process. Ipsy reminds me to have fun!

    • hi Liz! not sure if you saw my past comment but I actually have some products listed that will be in the bag next month!

    • My question is will they send these items to me if I didn’t check in the initial sign up that its something I’d use? Do they send you only items that fit what you selected?

      • There’s still a good possibility they will send you something that’s not on your profile. I’ve seen quite a few people get say lipstick when they don’t have it checked. Ipsy tries to introduce you to new products and things to get you outside your comfort zone along with things you like as well.

  11. I emailed ipsy customer care yesterday because I had a horrible experience with the Skinvolve Scrub and they graciously offered to let me pick something for next month. I thought I should share 🙂
    -SO SUSAN Liquid Matte Long-Wear Liquid Lipstick
    -SLMISSGLAM Tapered Highlight Brush lilac glitter handle
    -MUDMASKY Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask
    -CIATE LONDON Fierce Flicks
    -LUE BY JEAN SEO Balance – Hydrating & Calming Serum

    On another note did anyone have that burning freeing experience with the scrub? Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not ipsy’s fault and if anything they always are great with their customer service but I hope they never send it again.
    Anyways, hope it helps 🙂

    • Oh man I LOVE the mudmasky products! I have the facial detox purifying recovery mask and it’s my favorite mask ever! I hope I get the sleep repair one in January!

    • I have a few of the So Susan Liquid Mattes, and they are amazing. I hope I get a new colour in my ipsy!

      • OMG yes! If I get nothing else I would be fine! I LOVE So Susan Liquid Matte! In my top 5 for sure. 😍

    • Absolutely horrible experience!!! No warnong on the package!! I thought I was dying:(

  12. That’s so weird. My comment wasn’t posted

  13. So I placed a complaint after using the Skinvolve scrub for the first time yesterday and they emailed me back apologizing and offering me to pick one of the items for next month. These were my options and I thought I should share:
    Ciate Eyeliner-Fierce Flicks
    So Susa Liquid Matte Long-Wear Liquid Lipstick
    SLMISSGLAM Tapered Highlight Brush lilac glitter handle
    MUDMASKY Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask
    Lue By Jean Seo Balance- Hydrating and Calming Serum

    On another note. Did anyone also experience that ugly burning freezing sensation too? Don’t get me wrong, Ipsy is a great company with wonderful customer service and I don’t think they are liable for this, but I hope they never send out that product again. I felt tortured.

  14. This feels like it’s all repeats! From the pic, the bag looks just like that other grey mesh bag (but in new colors, with a new zipper pull) and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen all of these products except for the eye cream in bags before. The only one I’d be excited for is the contour palette, but that’s $7 RV, so I think I’m going to skip and just use the money to buy myself one.

    That said, I’ve definitely gotten the Fierce Flicks before and it’s my JAM, so I highly recommend it! It’s the best black eyeliner I’ve gotten through ipsy.

    • Agreed on the Fierce Flicks! One of my all-time favorite ipsy items.

    • See one of the reasons I skipped a month is because of the contour palette. I already have one from Ipsy offer . I rarely reach for it the highlighter has no shimmer it is just a matte white powder. First ingredient is talc . The bronzer is OK contour is too dark but even if I loved it I don’t need two. The only thing I want from list of spoilers is Kokie lippie and its $6. Someone even listed more spoilers in post and I don’t want those spoilers either!

  15. Eh. The previews are seriously making me consider skipping a month of Ipsy. I think the CC cream is the only thing I’d be actually excited for. I’d use the eyeliner eventually but I already have two open black felt tip eyeliners (which is the only type I use).

    • How do you skip a month???

    • Yes! How do you skip?

      • There is a skip a month option under your subscription preferences on the ipsy website and app. If you have trouble finding it, email ipsy customer service. They are super helpful!!

      • If you go under account then go under subscription you will see option cancel subscription but when you click on it says why don’t you skip a month instead? So you just choose that option bam done! I just did it

  16. the material of this bag reminds me of a powder pink one we received from ipsy last year…

  17. At first I didn’t really feel the bag, but the shoelaces and athletic look make me get it. I think it will make a fun bag to inspire workouts-put something used for workouts in it and have fun. I hope for more cooler shade items this winter too!

  18. I think the bag is super cute! Not excited for the products so far, but I will donate the unwanted products to my local women’s shelter, they’ll love it! I’ve got almost enough products for my christmas donation. Im going to donate all of my ipsy and boxycharm items from this month to hopefully make someones christmas a little brighter. I wish I would have saved more but I always end up swatching everything and then I can’t donate it 🙁

    • This is a good idea! Unused boxycharm and ipsy for stuffing stockers!

    • I LOVE this idea for women’s shelters! I think I will go through my stash I’ve been hoarding for swaps and if they are unopened I will donate like you and make this a habit. Great idea!

    • another option is to check with the guidance counselors at your local middle and high schools to find the homeless children in school. ( the need is especially great for Aunt Flo stuff.. I often use coupons to pick up an extra package for donation)

  19. Love the bag. I got my Ricky’s Cult Crushers box today Wow amazing!!!!

    • Do tell please! What did you get in your Ricky’s box this month?

      • A HUGE jar of body butter, a gorgeous non-sticky lip gloss, and three small “meh” items. Overall, an amazing value!!! This is my first Ricky’s box and I am in love.

        • Thanks Dea. I think I’m going to drop Birch this month as it has consistently been disappointing for me. Their brands, products and teeny tiny samples are so underwhelming.
          Ricky’s looks like a fun box to try instead and it has full size items in it.

          • Wasn’t last January’s bag that same honeycomb type pattern? Maybe this one isn’t but it looks very similar to me.
            I get the sporty type bag. After the holidays people join a gym or get into working off that holiday weight so yeah it would be cute to take your stuff to the gym. Still kind of ugly though

          • In my Dec. Rickys box there was a jar of body butter. A bright pink sparkly lip gloss. A teeny tiny eyeshadow sample. A foil packet sample of toothpaste. And a foil packet sample of glamglow. I was disappointed in the tiny little samples. And last months box wasnt great either. I cancelled.

          • April – I agree with you that the Dec Ricky’s box doesn’t look as impressive as some of their earlier boxes. I think it was the Sept box that included a mini flat-iron of all things! Wish I would have heard of them then; I would have loved to have rec’d that. That is the gamble we take with any sub, not every month is going to knock it out of the park and some will definitely be sub-par. I’ll probably wait to see what’s in the January box before I decide if I want to give them a try for a few months.

    • I’ve wanted to try them out, but how do you cancel this sub? Ease of cancellation usually makes it or breaks it for me, along with good cs.

  20. I like the bag, lol. Not sure what else other than the Ole Hendrickson eye cream oh please I want MORE SKINCARE. I could use some concealer or foundation. I am thinking of canceling ipsy and allure bb,for the new test tube beauty. Mostly skincare. I’m going to try the Korean mask box I’m excited I love skincare and masks. I’m tired of the black eyeliner and eyeshadow I won’t wear. They send you stuff you don’t have checked off so why bother asking us.

  21. I’m so not loving any of these. Black liner, Hair stuff I have. That lip color is not me. I have passed on November and December and now Jan. Im just cancelling. I not staying because I want to buy something with points.

  22. There are more possible spoilers. When I go to IPSY on my phone, it asks me to download the app. It shows a picture of the January bag and parts of five products:

    It bye bye under eye illuminator
    The balm Bahama mama (eyeshadow? Bronzer? Some neutral pressed powder)
    Naked powder (soft pink!)
    Katy? Lip thing? Light orangey
    purple tube with cap, possible letter C or G

    • Nevermind, not January bag. Similar, but normal pull no shoelaces and bag is lighter blue with circle holes. Probably a previous month then.

  23. The bag is hideous.

    • Lol, I agree, as far as my personal taste goes. The shoelace style pull is kind of cute though – I think is supposed to be a sporty look. I told myself I would pause for a month if I did not like the bag, so I think I am going to do that. I am sticking with Allure a couple more months than planned, so skipping a month or two of IPSY will help offset that. I really like IPSY, but I am a little overloaded on small items at the moment, too.

    • I love the bag. Lol

  24. I just took the plunge and canceled both ipsy and Sephora. Instead, I subscribed to Allure and to Ricky’s NYC, and already I’m happy with both boxes. The only FOMO I have is if some super-cute ipsy bag comes along – but then, dozens of people sell theirs on ebay, so I’m covered. Sephora wasn’t really a good fit for my personal preferences, and I dislike the direction the ipsy website and social media channels have taken over the past year. ipsy used to be so much fun for all age groups – now they’re talking and writing for middle schoolers whose aspirational role model must be Kylie Jenner, like, the deets are adorbs, you know? Count me out, ipsy.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Adult women do subscribe. I can’t stand reading anything on their website.

    • You nailed it, Dea. While i personally like Ipsy and find most products usable (especially since i have opted out of certain categories), their “platform” and “cutesy speak” really drives me nuts and I am *technically* a millennial (i am 30).

  25. I love how creative Ipsy gets with their bags. I can’t wait to see what they have coming this year. And I hope the February bag is better than the one last year.

  26. I really like this bag. I also loved the 80’s and this reminders me more of the 80’s than of Saved by the Bell…..I feel more of a Punky Bruster vibe. But after this month I am canceling, even with the survey it is still becoming a hit or miss and the bags tend to be my favorite item.

  27. I love how we are all so different in which bags we do or don’t like! Surprisingly, I like it! Very much hoping to get the ALTERNA HAIRCARE CAVIER CC Cream for hair 10-in-1 Correction Cream. Wish we could still request an item. I could really use this!

    • That stuff works awesome!!!

  28. Interesting bag! Very sporty… looks like it might be mesh? I’ll have to wait until I’m holding it to see if I like it or not, lol. I do like the faux shoelace zipper detail! (I feel like the last few months of bags have alllllll been about the zipper pull… Gudetama “meh”, October bat, November actual loop/strap)

    I feel like I got that Ciate eyeliner around this time last year? I definitely got it in a previous bag.

  29. Ooo I personally love the design of this bag. I like bright colors and fun designs. As for the products, the only thing interesting to me is the hair cream.

  30. Yeah, dizzy & vertigo inducing. Just from a short 1st look which is all I can handle right now that is probably the ugliest bag of the past 13 months I’ve been a subscriber.
    I went through the survey on my account to give my yes/no on 30 products possibly being offered in the next 3 months. Both the Ciate eye liner (look it’s BLACK…) & the City Color contour palette were “no thanks” for me. I’d love to have the Ole Henriksen I’ve been wanting to try that brand.
    We’ll see as the other spoilers roll out how many more of my yes/no list shows up.

    • Where is this survey? I want in!

      • I don’t think it’s on everyone’s account yet.

        • Oh, bummer – i’ll try to be patient 🙂

        • No it’s not availabe for everyone, like when they offered only some subscribers option to pick one for sure product then everyone started emailing to request (which I did and LOVED getting one item I knew I wanted, sad that is gone) kind of frustrating how some have options for bag items they prefer and some not with new questionnaire.

          • I must agree. All subscribers should be offered the same things. I continue to hear about this survey, but have no idea what it is about.

            As for the spoilers: I really like the bag. I like something fun every so often. I would LOVE to receive the Alterna hair cream. That alone would make the month worth it for me.

        • I would check your app again. I wasn’t able to see it before, but I can today. It’s under Account > Edit account settings > Membership tab > Improve Glam Bag Products.

          • I don’t have a membership tab under “edit account settings.”

  31. Just when I decided to cancel all my subs this new year because of product overload – I see this and I love everything 🙂 I need another New Year’s Resolution

  32. Please, no contour palette. I’d never use it. Everything else looks ok.

  33. I paused for January because I told myself I needed to stop taking bags just because the bag is cute (I’m on severe product AND bag overload) but this is making me want to un-pause. I love this design!

    • Amber,
      I could send you my bag. I have enough.

      • Amy, you’re being such an enabler! haha

        Thank you – but I need to exercise some self control!

  34. I think it’s time for me to cancel ipsy and figure out what I’m going to do with 4 years of glam bags. Glad I won’t have FOMO for January at least.

    • Make care packages for your local women’s shelter!

      • I just donated all my new cosmetics to our domestic violence shelter. They would love to have any of it!

  35. I’m loving this bag & the eye cream from Ole Henriksen! I’ve always wanted to try some of his skincare and this sounds like a brightening cream which I definitely need for my circles! Can’t wait now lol 😂

    • I use all Ole Henriksen Skincare and his stuff is amazing! I’m hoping to be getting this in my Ipsy bag!🖤🖤

  36. That bag is all kinds of fugly but I will take it if it contains that Ole eye cream!

    • Same here. 😀

  37. Ok the bag makes me dizzy….😐

    • Yep.

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