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FYI – Loot Crate December 2017 Shipping Delay

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Loot Crate Spoilers!

FYI – the December 2017 Loot Crate is delayed:

The theme for the December 2017 Loot Crate is Explore:

Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t find it standing still. Get out there and EXPLORE!


The December 2017 Loot Crate will include items from: Destiny 2, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and a mystery franchise!

Each box will include:

loot crate december 2017 destiny 2 shirt

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  1. I have to say I have been severely disappointed with loot crate as well as of late. My loot crate for November showed up relatively close to usual ship time but my loot wear for November showed up December 2, a day before they charged me for December’s crate and wear. Now here we are 19 days after being charged for December and neither had shipped and probably will not arrive til after I am charged for January. Do they think that I will eventually forget that they are a month behind and write off the extra month when I finally decide to switch to geek fuel?

  2. I Ordered from the vault November 27th. Still nothing! Almost a month later and still nothing! I sent several emails which took days to get a response when I did they just keep telling me if will be here before Christmas! That obviously will not be the case. Canceling my regular loot sub and wwe sub. Just over it with them.

  3. Loot Crate has had shipping issues for a really long time at this point as well as customer service and product issues. They really can’t be trusted.

  4. Loot Crate is a COMPLETE MESS right now, but I don’t think it would be appropriate for MSA to endorse (or not) any company. They have a lot of power in the sub box world. I think they’re doing the gracious thing by posting honest reviews, keeping subscribers aware of various situations that pop up, and allowing people to come to their own conclusions/ make their own decisions. The comments sections, forums, and user reviews on the site should give you enough information without the need for the Cadmans to go around denouncing whoever. Stay classy, Cadmans!

  5. I’m starting to get suspicious of all these shipping delays. And on the tail of a shipping increase announcement…

    • I’m seeing many similarities between Loot Crate and Nerd Block before they went out of business. They continued expanding rapidly, struggled getting their orders out, then shutdown opporations. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I can’t help but thinking that.

  6. I’ve noticed a lot of Loot Crate shipping delays (and upset people) over the past few months, which is why I haven’t ordered it. I do receive the World of Wizardry box for my daughter (mostly for her anyway lol) and haven’t had any problems with it until this month. I just got it yesterday and it should’ve been here a month ago. She asked me every single day if it was coming and would’ve been livid if it didn’t make it by Christmas since she is gifting a couple things to her friends. I don’t think they were prepared for the craziness of holiday orders…though they should’ve been after promoting 30% off sales for a month. It wasn’t very good timing on their part to send a “your box is going to be a month late” email followed one week later by a “we’re increasing our shipping rates”. I hope the increase means they’re going with a different method so that everyone’s boxes arrive on time. Dropping the ball (bulb?) on Christmas is a huge deal though and could cost them a lot of business.

  7. well i hope i get my son December loot crate in soon,because i know he is always in a look out for it,i haven’t received not yet….

  8. I can’t wait to tell my friends and family that their gifts I ordered on Thanksgiving won’t come in time for Christmas. 👿 Lovely.

    • Yep… My 8 year old looks forward to this present every year at Christmas….. This is a real bummer…. A added bonus to the boxes should be included….. This is a hassle to many people who ordered it as gifts….. Way to drop the ball…. Guess I will quit looking in my mailbox for it. 🙁


  10. I received mine a couple of days ago. I haven’t opened it yet, it’s a gift for my son. I’m in Oregon, not sure if that makes a difference…

  11. In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle: Surprise surprise surprise.

  12. I am so disgusted and annoyed with Loot Crate. I ordered the special edition Call of Duty WWII crate back when it was announced months ago! As of today, their site still promises delivery before Christmas day. When I emailed them about not receiving any shipping info, they still gave me that BS about it will be delivered before Dec. 25. I’ve only just today received a response with regards to shipping and guess what? It says “Label created”. I’m pretty certain I will NOT have this in time for Christmas. It was a gift for my son who is nuts for anything Call of Duty related. I am NEVER buying from Loot Crate again.

  13. It’s getting pretty ridiculous that they keep raising prices but can’t deliver on time. Maybe they need to go back to doing just one or two boxes instead of the multiples that they have now.

  14. I think this site should really stop reviewing lootcrate at this point, or at least stop posting all their promos. The fact that they ship late and cannot fulfill orders from the vault that were ordered over a month ago is crazy. The vault is all items they already have, so why the delay? I’m worried they are going to fold…

    • I totally agree. Posting all their sales and good reviews is like a recommendation, and at this point this company is SO bad that it’s just ridiculous. And raising their prices by $4 a month since September when they can’t even ship anywhere close to on time, when their customer service is so awful, when they don’t even release a spoiler for loot for her December so we know we aren’t going to be getting that box any time soon, among a lot of other issues! I think this site should stop promoting them as well.

    • I had been asking MSA to be more open about the issues with LootCrate for months, and finally gave up sometime in the fall.

      • I’ve posted negative comments about Loot Crate before, and they seem to disappear from this site. Gotta keep getting that advertising money.

        I’ll be shocked if Loot Crate survives until the end of next year.

  15. Wish that people would stop saying “we are sorry for any inconvenience this MAY cause”, and instead man up and say “We inconvenienced you – and we are sorry.” Of course, it would still be just words, easy to write and meaningless to them, but at least there would be an admission that they recognize they let the paying customer down. A girl can wish.

  16. Loot crate needs to partner with new vendors. Have they ever delivered a box on time?

    • I think it’s Loot Crate that is the problem, not their vendors. They’re probably gaining a poor accounts reputation now anyway with all their current suppliers, so being able to partner with new ones may not even be an option.

      • I agree. No one else has such consistent vendor issues – maybe they have cash flow issues that wind up creating the delay!

  17. I got notice that my black Friday order will not be shipping in time for Xmas. It included a bunch of Xmas gifts 🙁 make sure you post that loot crate orders that were ordered before December 5th and promised before Xmas will not be arriving as expected! I love the loot crate items but their shipping is really not up to par :'( a whole month and it won’t be here in time

    • I had the same problem and had them cancel my order, they stated in emails TWICE to me that it would make it to my by xmas, when it hadnt shipped by Monday I knew that wasnt the case and told them to cancel. So annoyed!

      • The same thing happened to me and I had them cancel the order. This is via email back and forth. Next thing I know, they send me the amount in STORE CREDIT! Talk about shady!! I just want my money back!

        • When I emailed them to cancel i didnt hear back – then i opened a dispute with paypal and they canceled it the next day, i suggest you dispute it through whatever you paid with as well.

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