Beautylish Mystery Bag Available Now!

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The 2018 Beautylish Lucky Mystery Bag is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Ann Marie & Cecilia!) The Lucky bag XL is sold out but the Lucky Bag is available for pre-order.

Based on the Japanese New Year tradition of fukubukuro, Lucky Bags are mystery bags full of our favorite beauty products. In creating this year’s Lucky Bags, we were inspired by the legend of the Seven Lucky Gods, who are said to grant luck and good fortune in the new year.

The Box: Beautylish Lucky Mystery Bag

The Cost: $75 + $7 shipping

Products: “Get $150+ worth of full‑sized goodies.”

Good to Know: Limit one per customer. All sales final. Lucky Bags ship on or before January 12, 2018.

Will you be grabbing a bag?

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  1. My regular bag (fair/light):

    Cover FX mattifying primer
    Cover FX enhancer drops in rose gold
    Nudestix in Haven
    Viseart Theory V Nuance palette
    The Ordinary caffeine solution
    Wayne Goss brush #15
    Obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar in indrid
    Jouer highlighter trio

    Overall, happy about the value, but am looking to trade most of it except the brush.

    • FYI Sephora beauty community has a swap group going. I would be interested int he Ordinary but all I have left to trade is my Smith & Cult polish in Dark Like Me. LMK if you are interested

  2. Got my regular box today! (Though I actually ended up paying $88 with tax since I’m in Texas.) Total value of $197. While it looks to be on the lower end, I really like the stuff I got.

    Natasha Denona 5 Palette in #13 $48
    The Ordinary Silicone Primer $5
    Wayne Goss Brush 15 $25
    Indie Lee Toner $32
    Jeffree Star Liquid Lip in Pumpkin Pie $18
    Becca Create Your Own Light Kit $69

    I’m surprised the Becca kit wasn’t worth more though. The Becca kit contains a full size Backlight Priming Filter, blush in Snap Dragon, Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, Skin Perfector Slimstick in Champagne Pop and Beach Tint in Fig.

    I was hesitant to order, but glad I did and think I’ll do it again next year too.

  3. I got the regular bag $75 ($88 after tax/shipping); the XL was sold out:

    Jouer Powder Highlighter Trio in Citrine, Rose Quartz & Topaz $39
    Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Bronzer in Siena $58
    Hylamide HA Blur $19
    Viseart Theory Palette in Nuance $45
    Nudestix Lip & Cheek Pencil in Entice $24
    Inglot Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow in 16 $17
    Wayne Goss Crease Brush 16 $30

    $232 Retail Value

    Full size products at 60% off…happy to try Hylamide, Viseart, Inglot & Wayne Goss products which I’ve never tried before. Some of these would make great gifts if I were willing to give them away.

    • NICE! I got Tilbury smoky eye palette, oribe dry texturizer,Goss #17 brush and a Sulawhoo face mask I liked.. Jeffree Star Uranus highlighter and a dark Smith & Cult I do not.

  4. I got my regular lucky bag today. And while I’m not disappointed, really, I’m a little bummed I didn’t get an eyeshadow palette (saw lots of ppl talk about palettes last year) or any lip products.

    BUT that’s part of the fun, it’s all a toss up.

    As for what I DID get, the list is as follows.

    Zpalette large
    Stila glitter and glow liquid eyeshadow in diamond dust.
    Jouer powder highlighter trio
    Sulwhasoo sheet mask x1
    Wayne goss brush #20
    Charlotte tilbury instant look in a palette
    Oribe wave and shine spray 2.1oz size

    Definitely a good value (think it added up to 216 iirc) and a great bit of fun. Might try to figure out where to trade a couple things with other ppl though.

    • AHHH Mine is arriving tomorrow. I know last year some people swapped items so keep your eyes peeled

    • My regular Lucky Bag:
      Wayne Goss #16 Brush 16 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush $30
      Natasha Denona Palette Color 4 $48
      Jouer Citrine, Topaz & Rose Quartz Powder Highlighter Trio $39
      Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit $40
      Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Pin Up Pink $34
      First Care Activating Mask, 1 sheet $12
      Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray $22

      Grand Total $225 for $75 (but two highlighter products….)

    • I didn’t get eyeshadow palette also. This was my first time getting this bag.
      I told my friend it must be the person that did our bag as she got same items. No blush, no sheet mask , no highlighter etc. So maybe she was having a bad day Who did your box??

  5. Has anyone’s bag shipped yet? I’m dying over here in anticipation.

    • I think they’re supposed to start shipping on 1/12. Or maybe it was by 1/12? I haven’t received any shipping notifications on mine yet. I can’t wait too! 🙂

  6. I think both sizes are sold out 🙁

    • Yes. I just checked again. Bummer!

  7. Please review this?!
    I bought the regular size bag, my very first, I’d still love to see it reviewed.

  8. Ordered one. Fingers crossed I get something exciting.

  9. Bummed that the dark-deep is sold out 😩😩😩

  10. It should be made absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR that this is a one time MYSTERY BAG and anyone who has the tendency to not enjoy the risk & gamble involved, or who might get annoyed or upset if/when someone else’s bag has better products or a higher value, THIS IS VERY MUCH LIKELY NOT THE RIGHT PURCHASE FOR YOU.

    Just a PSA, because a lot of the time there’s a “mystery Bag/box” there is always a bunch of people who are unhappy with what they received and decide to go online to complain to varying degrees. And it totally drags for the people who don’t want to hear the negativity when it was made clear that it was a gamble.


    The ONLY thing guaranteed is that there will be better bags and worse bags. Its a roll of the dice, so potential grumblers beware!


    • Agreed with this comment! I got mine last year, and repurchased this year – though I didn’t like all of the products in last year’s bag, at least I got to try them out and see if they work for me.

      Can’t wait to see what products I’m getting this time!! I quite enjoy the mystery! =D

    • Agree with ya Emme! Nils from Beautylish even addressed this issue in his 1st email that he sent out about the Lucky Bags.

      I think there are posters who aren’t being honest about their purchases, and who post negative comments simply to undermine and negate a happy experience others are having.

      It’s impossible to prove that you actually bought anything at all-so I personally dismiss a lot of critical posts.

      I hope MSA reviews the XL Lucky Bag if they get one. Last years XL was fab- (loved the Natasha D shadow) but am trying the regular for 1st time.

    • Last year I was able to swap one item with another person who got the bag. I forget where we found each other, but it worked out great!

    • Weird. why do you care how people respond over something THEY PAID FOR? If these bags were free your pSA would make sense, but they’re not so I dont see any problem with some venting or disappointment. People pretending like they love everything doesnt make me wanna get it either.

  11. I get one every year and haven’t been disappointed. You definitely get your money’s worth with brands that they carry. It’s a true mystery bag, but generally there are some similarities between each bag. Normally they don’t do complexion products, but this year they are asking for your skin tone. I doubt it is for foundation, but maybe bb cream, powder, or something along those lines.

    • They said there won’t be any foundation or concealer for sure!

      • If this is the case I’m just going to grab the fair-medium and hope I can swap any of the products that don’t compliment my skin tone!

  12. Last years extra large Lucky Bag was incredible, but this year I opted for the regular size. I’m still on product overload and am diligently working to reduce my stash, but I simply couldn’t resist!

  13. I wish I could get XL one but seems like it’s just for VIP of Beautylish.
    ( The ppl who spent over $1000 total this year could have extra early log in to purchase lucky bag)

    I can’t afford that much for make up😜
    So I play my role and scored Regular bag. And still I’m so per excited!!!!

  14. Can this be reviewed?

    • The beautylish lucky bag only comes out once a year. You can look up images of previous years bags to get an idea. I got one last year and received an $80 Wayne Goss 00 brush and I love it. Everything else was just a bonus 🙂

  15. I ordered one! I’ve never done it before but a lot of last years bags looked great. It’s definitely a huge buy in to not know but I’m giving it a try this year and if it sucks I’ll just mark it as a loss and not participate again next year.

    • I got one too! I got one last year and really enjoyed it, so I can’t wait to see what I get!

  16. I got one of the XL bags as soon as they drop for priority early access. I’m so excited regardless, but do kind of hope the big item isn’t the Natasha Denona huge palettes like last year only because I’ve used them and in no way are they worth over 200 dollars and there goes most of the value of the box. But I used my gift cards from the gift card event so for 350+ for 80 dollars for my actual money, I guess they could give me anything and I wouldn’t be in the right to complain.

    • Gift card event? Do tell!

    • Teá awesome comment! Your comment is the kind of fun that keeps me on this site, shopping for deals even though I already know I’ve got 4 boxes coming this month.

      I think that the beauty world is catching on to our wish for new kinder, more natural ingredients and that combined with the killer box deals getting 200% return on a purchase has us all hooked.

      As for the earlier negative comment, It’s just impossible to expect forum posters to read all the comments before they weigh in and ask questions already answered and complain about #firstworldproblems like not getting the mystery product your wished for.

      but honestly, Emme, if comments are getting you that upset you may be taking this a little too seriously. I have understood that writing in all caps is the equivalent of yelling in a conversation.

      I am not trying to make you feel bad, its just the negativity seem a bit overboard- imagine how how steep the leaning curve would be if this was the first month you had even learned what a subscription box or mystery box is.

      For thoses of us somewhat obsessed with checking MSA every day (or every hour??!!?) lets just let the newbies be newbies 🙂

  17. Any spoilers? Not sure I want to drop that cash before knowing anything. :/

    • There’s never any spoilers for this bag. It’s a true “mystery” bag. 🙂

    • I did see on Instagram that Viseart said they are “participating in this fun just like we did last year!” I did get the Bijoux Royale Viseart palette in my box last year. Of course there are no guarantees but I am pretty sure each box last year had a palette from one of the brands Beautylish carries- Viseart, Makeup Atelier, Natasha Denona, Charlotte Tilbury …

      • I thought I could stay out of the bag then the idea of (maybe) having a viseart palette sucks me in again. oh my wallet is hating me. I have gone quite hefty this year with my purchases. I really need to call this holiday shopping over and start saving my money again. But boys , I have been wanting to own one for ages. And guess what, I have never pulled enough triggers to get one myself during any Sephora VIB sales cuz its sooooooooo expensive even with 20%.

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