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Allure Beauty Box January 2018 Spoiler #2!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the second spoiler for January 2018 Allure Beauty Box exclusively for MSA readers!

The January 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick in Rosewood – 1 ml Value $8


Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum – FULL SIZE! Value $85

What do you think of the latest January spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the December Box. Here are the full December spoilers:

The box will include:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Omg this is one of my fave lip colors and brand. I got a mini with points and I love it! So happy be to be getting another. Its a perfect Everyday dust nuetral mauve. The formula is so comfy and not drying at all.

  2. Allure is one of my favorite subscriptions..great product in January’s box! Iv been subbing for 2 years,some months are better then others,but it always evens out:)

    • I agree! I’ve only been with Allure for about 6 months now and it’s my favorite box. I love the sizes of their items, the quality is always there even if it’s not something that I personally can use. Passing it along to my mom or a friend is still worth it to me.

  3. ALLURE is really bringing their A game in the past few months. Love their curation and products. 🙂
    Thrilled about the Sunday Riley and am a huge MUFE fan too.

    Mandy G.

  4. If you search the hashtag allurebeautybox on Instagram there’s a pic of just swatches. Maybe that’s a hint of what’s to come? Looks like the lipstick and serum could be one of the swatches and then there’s a blue, yellow, and greenish one! I’ll tag you in the pic 🙂 I really hope I get the December box. I just signed up a few days ago

  5. I’m still wondering if Allure will add another variation… So, everyone is thinking they’re getting a full size Sunday Riley… I’ll wait and see if a second variation pops up soon before subbing. I don’t trust allure after last time.

    • Yeah they did this to us last time. For all we know, 5 people will get the SR and other thousand will get a “variation.”

    • Liz said in the last post with the SR spoiler that she confirmed with allure that everyone will be getting the SR & it’ll be full sized for what it’s worth!

    • They only had variations for November of this year and they announced that one. I didn’t get the variation that I wanted in November so was disappointed, but they have not indicated there will be any for December.

      I actually like Allure because they don’t have endless variations every month like all the other beauty boxes. I don’t think Allure and Macy’s have enough subscribers to warrant variations at this point.

  6. Well, I had to do it! I have sampled a couple of Sunday Riley items and loved them. Getting very close to ditching Play as Allure seems to be offering much more for just a $5 difference

  7. Ugh just resubscribed! If I subscribe today is it too late to receive dec box?

    • No you should be fine. As long as you subscribe in December your first box will be December.

    • I just subbed and when I did it said that my first box would be December.

  8. Allure is killin’ it! Super stoked for both December and January!

  9. A FULL SIZE Sunday Riley? Seriously??? I had a small sample of this and LOVED it but just could not justify the $85. I am dying here…

    • Same! This box wasn’t even on my radar but subbing now 😇 I still have one use left in my Sunday Riley and now I don’t have to cry when I use the last of it. So excited 😆

  10. I can’t stand liquid lipstick, of any brand. Even the thought of dry lips makes me crazy *shudder* I’m a diehard lip smacker wearer, and I need a moisturizing lipstick. It seems like every box I’ve gotten has a least one liquid lip in it. Either I give them to my daughter to give to her friends or throw them in a box I plan to take to a local women’s shelter (with all the unused palettes). I do love Allure, it’s a box I plan to keep for a long time. Although I already need 10 more faces to use all the makeup and skin care products I have currently.

    • Ugh, me too. I’m on liquid lip overload. Even if I wore them, sub boxes send too many, in my opinion. I have dry lips to begin with, though, and CANNOT wear them.

      FWIW, I have found one and only one brand that I *can* wear — Julep, It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse. It had decided this would be my absolute last attempt at liquid lips, because no matter how many times I hear “oh, this one is light and not drying”, it was never true. But the Julep one actually is surprisingly light on my lips and does have a mousse texture that I love. Just a heads up for anyone who also hates liquid lips, but maybe wants to give it one last go.

      • I used to hate liquid lipstick too but after discovering Laneige overnight lip mask my “hate” became love. I use the lip mask every night and my lips never dry again and I comfortably use any liquid or solid lipsticks. I used to cannot use without chapstick and used every 10 min. No more after I started to use Laneige lip mask

    • You should sign up to get on the my subscription addiction swap website. You can search items that you like and follow them clicking a button, and list items you have you don’t want, and in your profile you can tell people what you are looking for and there is a swap Matchmaker button if you hit my swaps, then the green bar over your profile, click it and it will drop down and menu where you can click on Swap Matchmaker and it will show people who want something you have that have something you want so you can try to see if they want to swap with you and you only have to pay postage. It is very nice that you donate them though that’s what I did before I got on the swap website.

  11. I tried signing up, but it keeps telling me my address is wrong. I’ve entered it multiple times and tried switching browsers, but I get the same message 🙁 Has anyone else dealt with this?

    • I think it did that to me a while ago and it was the format that I wrote it out in. I thought it suggested another one. Try writing it differently, hope that works.

  12. I signed up for the BF deal with the rue la la box on 11/23/17 and have neither received nor heard anything at all. When I called them, the rep said nothing has been sent yet and he has no idea when the warehouse will send anything. They also changed the order date in my account from 11/23 to 12/5 for no known reason (I’m a first time subscriber). I’m starting to regret signing up at all and wish I heeded the rumors of their terrible customer service. Beautyfix and Birchbox never put me through this kind of grief!

    • I think changing the order date to 12/5 shows you were charged for your December box. I was subscribed to Allure back in August and September, and I remember that from my account. I just signed up again, because I really want to try Sunday Riley! I didn’t have any problems with my Allure subscription at all.

    • Hang in there, the first box took forEVER for me. Customer service wasn’t super helpful honestly. I got the next month’s box before I got the box for the month I signed up in. I signed up around the 20th of October and got November’s box on time and then after emailing and calling CS several times, finally saying “hey, I’ve been charged twice and only gotten one thing here, I want my box or a refund,” it went out by the end of that week.

      And yes, the change in order date just reflects the new month’s box order. It will do that every month. It only means you have been charged for this month’s box and it should be shipping soon-ish.

    • I have the same problem with Macy’s. It is one of the first ones I signed up for and I called twice to see when they would ever ship it and although all of my information I gave them was correct in the system they tried looking it up and said they could not find me as a customer and that there was no order number for me and that I was probably on a waiting list and it took a couple of months before I got my first box. It was a lot of skin care which is what I like so I kept it but whenever I have used their customer service I cannot understand the people because of their Foreign Accents and they are always unable to help me even though I can log into the website myself and see that I am signed up as a subscriber to the Box and that all of my personal information that they tried to look up is in their system correctly..

  13. Man, I really don’t need ANOTHER subscription, but I just signed up anyway. The December box is killer enough, but how can I resist a full-sized Sunday Riley?!? I’m only human.

  14. I just cancelled allure but it is coming back!

  15. OMG! I actually jumped up and down when I saw the Sunday Riley!!! LOL I am sooo excited! I already use good genes and the Luna oil. SO HAPPY! They don’t have to send another thing! I cannot even believe we are getting FULL SIZE! I recently had to cut down my 10 subscription boxes. I kept Allure, Boxy Charm, and New Beauty Test Tube. I made a great choice!!!!

    • Hello Dorothy,
      How do you like new beauty test tube? I’ve been wanting to try it but I’m still wondering if it is worth it. What kind of products do they send the most? Skin carw, hair care or makeup? I’ve been wanting a box with mostly hair care as my hair is a mess but cannot seem to find a good one.
      Thank you so much!

      • New beauty Test Tube is terrible , don’t waste your money on it!!

      • Ulta frequently has really good hair care sampler boxes. I just got one of the black Friday ones and love it. And it’s a great deal, around $ 7-10.

      • I think New Beauty Test Tube sends a really nice variety of skin/hair/body care & makeup. While I think they’re pretty good about sending a nice variety in each box, I think skin care products do take up the higher percentage of products in the box.

        For a haircare box, you might want to check out Shtrands. Upon signing up, you have to fill out a pretty detailed survey about your hair type, what products you’re currently using, what your hair goals are, what types of products you’re interested in receiving, etc. They’re very receptive in your requests, and after you’ve had some time to try the products they send you another survey to let them know how you liked them, plus if you’d like to receive those exact same products again or something different. When I first subscribed they offered a variety of hair care brands, but the 2nd time I subscribed earlier this year, it seemed they were mostly focusing on a Brazilian brand. But, I think if you tell them you’d like to try a different brand they’d honor that too. As mentioned before, their CS is great at listening to your requests. They’re a bi-monthly sub, so it gives you time to try the products, and MSA used to review them, so hopefully you can check them out to see if they might be a good fit for you. 🙂

  16. Love the MUFE brand! Looks like a beautiful color to pair with darker eye makeup. This is shaping up to be an incredible box.

  17. Allure , killing it lately!

  18. I’m excited to see that MUFE lipstick… the little mini kit from sephora with that in it has been in and out of my cart, so I guess it can stay out now!

  19. I’ve read all good reviews for this liquid lipstick. I hope I get the Rosewood…looks lovely. Not a fan of matte lippies, but psyched about trying this 😀

    • I generally like the colors I get in my boxes of the liquid lipsticks but they feel terrible on my lips. They drama lips out the second that I put them on and I have to go over it with an awesome brand of chapstick I found that is called water in lip and it is from Japan it is sheisido brand and has hyaluronic acid in it and is a thick balm that you do not have to reapply a lot.

  20. Wow, Allure is getting excellent quality of products. My girlfriend loves Make up Forever and swears by it. But Iv’e never tried it before. Now I can and if I like it, I’ll have to switch my product routine around. I’m excited to try now.

  21. I just signed up yesterday so does anyone know if I will be getting a December box or January?

    • I think December. I signed up yesterday too

    • I believe you will get the December box because two weeks after I signed up for a box I believe I got it two weeks after signing up and it was in the same month I’m pretty sure with a ruler. I am so sorry I talked about the CEO because I have been dying to get my hands on some of that and was going to do a face peel to get rid of some PIH marks and I’m so excited now because this should handle it. Thank God they’re sending the full size, they never spend like that.

      • This stupid voice text. I said that with Allure I got it two weeks after I ordered it all in the same month. And that I am so psyched that they are actually spending money to send us the full size CEO which is exactly what I want right now and cannot afford and usually the boxes are not worth as much. Looking forward to it in January. Happy about the highlighter and another item or two in December.

  22. I just signed up for the allure box yesterday so does anyone know if I’ll be getting the December or January box

    • Hi ladies. You get the box for the month you sign up. So you will all be getting the December box.
      From what I understand anyway. Lol.
      I signed up in November and I got November’s box I’ve already been charged for the December box so I expect it any day now.

      • When I have resubscribed they have several times sent the previous months box. So wouldn’t be surprised if us Dec. resubscribers end up also receiving the Nov. box.

  23. This is truly one of the best liquid lipstick formulas. It is like a comfort matte that is lightweight, transfer-proof and does not make the lips look dry.


  25. Goodbye, Sephora subscription!!! There is no comparison with Allure lately.

  26. I really like this lippie color and I’ve not tried anything from MUF yet so this is a great spoiler for me 😊 I’m in love with the Sunday Riley serum from my glossy le box and am so excited about getting a 2nd full sized one cuz this stuff is amazing! If you have not already tried it, you’re gonna love it! 💓 😍

  27. Love allure they’ve stepped up yet again!! 😮 I have had no problems with allure and I agree 100% nothing else matters as long as I get Sunday Riley which I’ve never tried but heard a lot about then I’m good!

    • I got a box of left overs in November. None of the stuff they originally offered.

      • So did I and I’m not happy about it.

  28. Love it!!!!

  29. Did anyone else do the Black Friday deal (3 for $40 plus last Thrills box) and get a pile of crap? My first one arrived today and it had a DHC cleanser, Estée Lauder mascara, douce eyeshadow single, a crease brush and Fresh eye cream ( that was actually nice). It seems like a lot of old stock. Definitely not the December box.

    • Sounds like the last November box variation MSA posted. If you subbed Black Friday, your first box probably is November. I’m a longer term subscriber and haven’t gotten my December box yet.

      • Thanks! I totally misses that variation. I feel better that it’s not super old. I can’t wait for January!

    • I did the deal but haven’t received anything yet. Did you get your Thrills box yet?

      • I as well. No email or shipping notice either. Kinda worried..

      • No Thrills box received yet for the Black Friday deal. I also purchased the most recent Thrills box and haven’t received it (or shipping notice).

      • I signed up for the deal and just received the November box 2 days ago. There was no shipping email or nothing, just showed up at my house..

    • I also did the BF deal with the Thrills box. No mention of the Thrills box yet, but I did receive a shipping notification on the 6th, and it’s scheduled to be delivered on the 11th.

    • Black Friday deal started with November box but there were problems with the stock. I got a cargo blush, a lip scrub ( great) a neck cream the honey morning serum the unicorn brush and a Barbie sized lipstick in a boring neutral frost. But I signed up for the champagne pop and morphe brush in the December box. I just wanted to make sure I was in early for December.
      I don’t like the unicorn brush from November. Too big for the eyes too small for the face. Too firm to really blend and doesn’t pick up a lot of color. It’s very pretty so I just layed it out on my vanity next to a candle. Lol.

    • Just heard back from CS since I got the same box and was told that was the Thrills Box. They said the above contents were the first of three boxes. The “November “ Box.

      • AND that the Thrills Box hasn’t been shipped yet but we’ll receive a notification when it does.

    • I just got my box today, and I got the exact same products. It definitely does seem like it was a mish-mash of other boxes, especially since no booklet was included. But, overall I really liked what they sent. The only things I’ll be gifting is the eyeshadow & brush, but that’s only because I don’t wear eye makeup other than mascara.

  30. The 1st spoiler is so awesome it doesn’t really matter if I like the rest or not. Lip color always goes to my niece. She’s going to love this!

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